Heather's Paternal Lines

I have not done too much work on this side of the family yet..  I'll be adding to it over the next few weeks, now that I can clearly see where my gaps are.

Parents of Heather Truckenmiller:
Carl Sulouff & June Confer

DNA - Gedmatch - A772390  (Heather's kit)

Bender Berger Bingaman Bauman/Bowman Brouse Bruch Burns
Conrad Fertig Follin Freed Geise Gregson Houser
Huffnagle Hurst Kurtz  Lang Linderborn Lumbard Moyer
Ort Pontius Ridge Scharf Sierre Simms Smith
Snyder Spahr Stoner Sulouff Witmer Zellers

Carl Sulouff & Nina Lumbard

Great Grandparents:
George Emery Sulouff & Elizabeth Jane Witmer
Joseph Lumbard & Nina Ridge

Great, Great Grandparents
Lucian Harding Sulouff & Dora Geise
Edward F. Witmer &. Annie Celeste Houser
George Meade Lumbard & Beauluh Laverta Simms
William Andrew Ridge & Ethel Mae Linderborn

(3x) Great, Great, Great Grandparents
John Edmund Sulouff & Hannah Conrad
Samuel Brouse Geise & Mary Cordelia Smith
John Edward Witmer & Eve Elizabeth Freed
William Henry Houser & Sarah Jane Snyder
Joseph Lumbard & Sarah Scharf
Andrew Ridge & Sun Su Say
Philip Linderborn & Amanda Getz Smith

(4x) Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents
Jacob Sulouff & Lydia Burns
Henry David Conrad & Lidia Ann Siere
Henry Geise & Susanna Brouse
Samuel Smith & Julianna Bingaman
Jacob Freed & Maud (?)
George Henry Houser & Anna Moyer
Josiah Lumbard & Mary Ann Stoner
Joseph Scharf & Anna Elizabeth Kurtz
Henry Lindeborn & Elizabeth Lang

(5x) Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents
John Sulouff & Anna Nancy Bender
John Scharf & Anna Katherina Wonfiedler
*Henry Kurtz & Sarah Bauman
Christian Smith & Mary Gregson
Samuel Geise & Hannah Bowman
Yost Henry Bingaman & Catherine Moyer
Henry Brouse & Sarah Fertig

*oral family histories & the records do not agree - so I cannot be certain- but I believe Henry Kurtz & Sarah Bauman are the parents of the wife of Joseph Scharf - especially because the Bauman name is carried down through the generations as a middle name.

(6x) Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents
*Johannes Sulouff & Anna Margaretha Spahr
Johannes Scharph 1747 – & Maria Kaufmann 1749 – 1822
John BenderElizabeth Connelly Kemmerer
Jacob Bowman & Susanna Catherine Bruch
Frederick  Bingaman & Maria Christina Huffnagle
Henry Brouse & Margaret Elizabeth Pontious
Adam Fertig
Heinrich Geise

(7x) Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents
Ambrosius Scharph 1720 & Magdalena Haserlin 1722 –
John George Bender & Anna Maria
John Yost Bingaman & Anna Julianna Ort
John Christian Huffnagle & Maria Elisabeth
John Mathias Bruch & Anna Barbara Freyermuth

Adam Brouse & Catherine Rotharmal
 Pvt. Peter Pontius 1747-1835 & Anna Catherine Berger

(8x) Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents
Hans Adam Brauss & Anna Catherine Kuch
Johannes Scharph 1678 – & Magdalena Borina 1677 –
Henry Berger & Anna Rosina Fohrer

8x great  grandparents
Johannes Pontius  & Anna Catherine Zeller
Adamus Scharph 1637 – & Emma Wunderlin 1635 – 

9x great Grandaprents
 Henry Zeller 1684-1756 & Anna Marie Berigal 1690-1765

10x great  Grandparents
Jacques de Sellaire & Lady de Valois de Reni 1690-1749

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