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Lucian 'Loosh' Hardine Sulouff 1876-1959

Heather's great great grandfather, paternal line

Lucian Hardine Sulouff
Died: Apr 22 1959
Married Nov 12 1899
Born: Jan 15 1879
Died: Sept 25 1939


Samuel Edward Sulouff 1900 – 1982
Cordella A Sulouff 1901 – 1983 m. Robley Hill William Raymond Sulouff 1903 – 1993 m. Dorothy Eister George Emery Sulouff 1904 – 1987 m. Elizabeth Jane Witmer Newton Mayon Sulouff 1907 – 1978 m. Dorothy Murray Esther Margaret Sulouff 1909 – m. George Marks Mary Christmas Sulouff 1910 – 1994 m. Arthur Neitz John Henry Sulouff 1913 – 1955 Melvin Franklin Sulouff 1915 – 1987

1876 Lucian Sulouff is born
Name: Lucian Sulouff
SSN: 179167387
Birth Date: 2 Nov 1876
Claim Date: 12 Sep 1956
Type of Claim: Life Claim
Notes: 11 Sep 1956: Name listed as LUCIAN SULOUFF
source - ss index

"Interestingly, my grandfather was named Lucian Hardine SULOUFF. He was
known as "Loosh." When he was born in 1876 his parents were living in
Cocolamus, Fayette Twp., Juniata Co. I have seen one or two gravestones
in Juniata Co. with the name Lucian inscribed and I often wondered why
that peculiar name was found in that location and only in that location.
I think you have explained it on the basis of a tradition that baby boys
were named after a favorite doctor named Lucian Banks. I have also seen
this forename spelled Lucien: I believe it was in the Niemonds Church
Cemetery. One of my dad's brothers named his son Carl Lucion Sulouff,
simply a variang spelling of the boy's grandfather's name. I find it
fascinating to speculate about the motivations for naming children and
to see how some names are passed along from one generation to another
and how deviations work themselves into the story." posted by Nelson Sulouff, in PAJUNIAT-L Archives 

1880 Residence
Name: L. H. Suloff
Age: 4
Birth Year: abt 1876
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1880: Fayette, Juniata, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Son
Marital Status: Single
Father's Name: J. E. Suloff
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Name: Hannah A. Suloff
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Household Members:
Name Age
J. E. Suloff 29
Hannah A. Suloff 25
L. H. Suloff 4
E. U. Suloff 1

1883 (abt) - Moved to Indiana
From the book The Sulouff & Suloff Family, by Nelson R. Sulouff,
page 54
Sometime after the birth of daughter Daisy in April 1883 and before the birth of son Irvin in October 1884, Ed & Hannah traveled to Eckhart, Indiana  with some intention of remaining there.  Ed was a carpenter skilled in the specialized work of barn building and it is believe that the promise of this type of work beckoned him westward. A piquant story has been preserved from that trip.  En-route to the train, Edmund and Hannah kindly helped another young couple take care of their restless children.  In gratitude, that couple gave Ed and Hannah a pen and pencil set to keep as a memento of the warm friendship that has sprung up between them on the train. Both couples knew that upon parting at their destination, they probably would never seen one another again.  That gold tipped pen and pencil set has been handed down, along with the touching story, via Edmund's oldest son Lucian and Lucian's son William, to William;s son, Rev. Nelson Sulouff (author of this account) who especially treasures the memory of a kindness performed by his great-grandparents, the comfort and joy they imparted as is symbolized by this honored gift from another couple on the train.  An inscription in faded ink on the lid of the box holding the pen reads "Oct 30 [or 20th?] 1872 John E. Sulouff & Wife from Frank H___hert Ind."  Someone used a ball point pen in an effort to improve the legibility of the year written on the box lid and apparently was unable to read correctly the faded original date.  The rather soft gold tip of he pen has the following inscription, "Eugene McGuire & Company New York 2"  It is believed Ed and Hannah took with them to Indiana only four children and that Sallie, then in her early teens, continued living in Cocolamus with her grandparents, Jacob & Lydia Sulouff.  Family tradition holds, if somewhat tenuously, that Irvin was their only child born in Indiana.  It is believe that the family moved back to Pennsylvania before the birth of Charles Clayton, who lived only one week.

It was probably the shift of railroad work from Juniata County to Mifflin County that led Ed (Family tradition says it was urging from his wife) to move his household to the Lewistown area.  Sometime after the death of Hannah in 1930, Edmund moved to live in Burnham with his youngest son, Edward.  Edmunds death came unexpectedly, resulting from an accident on an icy road of an automobile in which he was a passenger and for which is great-grandson Edward Stuck was driver.  Edmunds obituary reported 48 grandchildren, 52 great-grandchildren (of whom the present writer - Nelson R. Sulouff -  is one), and one great-great-grandchild.

1899 Lucian Married Dora Edna Geise
Married Nov 12 1899

The person responsible for the beginning of the SULOUFF family in Northumberland Co. was Lucian Hardin SULOUFF. He was born in Cocolamus, Juniata Co., and, following a heated argument with his father at, he left that area, trudged up the Susquehanna Trail and found work in Point Twp. There he married Dora Edna GEISE and they had ten children. All of their children married and seven of their children raised families in the area of Northumberland and Point Twp. Now, six generations later, the SULOUFF clan still thrives in Northumberland Co., steadily contributing their share to the burgeoning growth of the community.- Rev. Nelson R. Sulouff Born in Northumberland Co., retired in AZ 

Dora Geise
From Find A Grave Entry by Nelson Sulouff:
Dora was baptized in the German Reformed Church by Pastor William Haas as attested by two certificates, one of which is the decorated Taufshein typically used by Germans in the 18th and 19th Centuries. (In 2002 these certificates are in the possession of Dora's grandson, Nelson Sulouff, retired in Oro Valley AZ.) Subsequently, Dora's family became active in the newly formed Trinity Evangelical Lutheran congregation in Point Township, Northumberland Co. Her grandfather, Henry F. Geise, served as a trustee on the church council that organized this congregation in 1896 and he served on the building committee that completed and dedicated the new church structure in 1897. It was at Trinity that Dora was married to Lucian H. Sulouff by Pastor Chauncey R. Botsford. Dora continued as an active member of Trinity congregation throughout her life and, so far as is known, all of this couple's ten children were baptized at Trinity Lutheran, Point Township.

Dora was a typical Pennsylvania Dutch housewife, widely respected and admired for her patience in home-making under economically deprived conditions, for her successful raising of ten children and for her cooking skills that made sufficient meals out of severely limited supplies. For many years, while living at a mountain cabin a tenth of mile northeast of her ancestral Geise farm, it was a trek of about a quarter mile to the spring where all the family's water was obtained and it was over a mile long walk from home to the children's schoolhouse in Spruce Hollow. Of course the older children helped their mother, but it was largely Dora's patience and management that brought the family through hard times. Dora's short stature, well under 5 feet, was very conspicuous in comparison to her husband, who was over 6 feet tall.

Dora's obituary in the Sunbury paper reported that due to declining health she had been staying with her daughter, Esther Marks, in Northumberland for only a week before she died of an acute heart attack. 

According to her youngest daughter, Kate, Dora is remembered for her favorite saying, a Scriptural admonition by which she lived, viz., "Never let the sun go down upon your wrath." -Ephesians 4:26. 

1900 Son Samuel Sulouff is born
Samuel was first married to Susan Braumgardner. They had one son together, who died in infancy (21 days old).  In 1929,  29 year old Samuel ran away with 14 year old Helen Millheim. Helen was feared dead, and the local newspaper carried stories about her disappearance for many years after it occurred.  Samuel & Helen had 4 children together, under the aliases of Frank E. & Helen Sthoeman, but before the last daughter was born, Samuel had run off with a 16 year old girl.  Samuel was 37 at the time. He was then arrested in Colorado, and brought back to Kansas.  In 1941 Samuel is using the name Frank Sulouff.  He married Beatrice Roberts in february of 1941 in Garret Kansas. In 1965 Beatrice & Frank are in a car accident that kills Beatrice.  Frank lived to age 82 in 1982, and his daughter said she knew of her fathers history, but to her he was a great father, great farmer, and attended church regularly

Read more about Samuel, and the many  newspaper articles about him, here:

1900 Residence
Name: Lucian H Sulouff
Age: 23
Birth Date: Nov 1876
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1900: Point, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Son-in-law
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Dora E Sulouff
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Occupation: View on Image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Samuel B Geise 52
Mary C Geise 49
William H Geise 18
Harvey S Geise 14
Mary A Geise 12
Amon R Geise 7
Henry Geise 82
Lucian H Sulouff 23
Dora E Sulouff 21
  Sulouff 3/12
Harriet L Smith 34 (sister in law)

1901 - Daughter Cordella A Sulouff is born
Born August 4 1901, Cordelia married Robley Evans Hill (1906–1969) and they had 4 children: Robley Hill 1929–, Nevin Hill 1930–, Jeanette Louise Hill 1937–
Cordelia died in 1983 in Bristol, Bucks County PA

1903 - Son William Is Born
From the book The Sulouff & Suloff Family, by Nelson R. Sulouff, page 56:
"Hannah had some difficulty adjusting to the new-fangled cars when they came out.  Her grandson, William Sulouff, of Northumberland, tells the story that as he was driving Hannah home in a borrowed Hupmobile, after a visit with her son 'Loosh' in Northumberland, William thought he was entertaining his grandmother and everyone else in the car by "soaring" over the crests of the "roller-coasters" along present Route 35.  Suddenly, the cries from his passengers of "Wheee" and "Whoopeeee" stopped.  He discovered to his dismay that Hannah's nausea in the back seat had brought the fun to an abrupt halt and also caused William considerable regret during the time it took to clean the car and get it "aired out". 
Hannah in this story would be Hannah Amanda (Conrad) Geise, Dora's mother.

William was born October 28 1903. He married Dorothy M. Eister (1908-1977). They had 4 children - Vernetta Sulouff 1928–, Nelson R Sulouff 1929–, Donna Jean Sulouff 1932–, Ernest W Sulouff 1936–.
William died in 1993 and is buried in Mt Pleasant Mills Pa.
Name William R. Sulouff
SSN 172-30-6210
Born 28 Oct 1903 Died 23 Mar 1993 State (Year) SSN issued Pennsylvania - 1954-195
1904 Son George Emery Sulouff is born
married Elizabeth Jane Witmer
George Emery Sulouff is my great grandfather, read more about him here:
1907 son Newton Mayon Sulouff is born
Newtwon Mayon Sulouff Born May 2 1907 Married Dorothy Murray abt 1933. In 1940 they are living in Point Twp Northumberland County, and have two children, Theodore & Roy. Newton died in 1978.
1909 Daughter Esther Margaret Sulouff is born
Esther Margaret Sulouff was born January 12 1909. She married George Milton Marks, and they had at least four children - George, Melvin, Donald & Louise. The 1940 census tells us that she lived on 434 Wallace St, Northumberland Pa, and that she completed her 2nd year of high school.  In 1930 her and her husband live with her in laws.  Esther died November 11 2001, age 92.
Name: Esther M (sulouff) Marks
Age at Death: 92
Birth Date: Abt 1909
Death Date: abt 2001
Death Place: Sunbury PA
Publication or Record Date: 20 Nov 2001
Publication or Record Place: United States
URL: http://obits.rootsweb.ancestry... 

1910 Residence
Name: Lucian H Sulouff
Age in 1910: 33
Birth Year: 1877
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1910: Point, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Head
[Self (Head)] 
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Dora E Sulouff
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Lucian H Sulouff 33
Dora E Sulouff 31
Samuel E Sulouff 10
Cordella A Sulouff 8
William R Sulouff 6
Emery G Sulouff 4
Newton M Sulouff 2
Esther M Sulouff 1 2/12

1910 Residence
Name: Lucian H Sulouff
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
State: PA
Age: 33
Color: W
Enumeration District: 0093
Visit: 0055
County: Northumberland
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
Relation Name Age Birth Place
Wife Dora E 31 Pennsylvania
Son Samuel E 10 Pennsylvania
Daughter Cordilla A 08 Pennsylvania
Son William R 06 Pennsylvania
Son Emery G 04 Pennsylvania
Son Newton M 02 Pennsylvania
Daughter Esther M NR Pennsylvania

1910 Daughter Mary Christmas Sulouff was born
Mary Christmas Sulouff was born on Christmas day, December 25 1910.  She married Arthur Neitz. They lived in New Jersey. In 1940, Mary's younger brother Melvin, listed as a poultry man, lived with them. Mary died September 11 1994.  

1913 - son John Henry Sulouff is born
John Henry Sulouff was born February 21 1913.  In March 1930 there's an article in the newspaper about him being missing in the woods, but I could find no follow up explaining his return.  He did obviously return. He married Celia Ethel Baily.  They had two sons, James Stephen  Sulouff & John Robin Sulouff, both died young    John Henry Sulouff served in World War II.  He was a ssgt.  He died December 15 1955, in a car accident.

1915 - Son Melvin Franklin Sulouff Born
Melvin Franklin Sulouff was born October 29 1915. He went to New jersey with his sister Mary (Sulouff) Neitz in 1940, where his occupation was given as "poultry man". He married Esther Moyer, and they had at least one child, Patty Sulouff.  Melvin died April 12 1987, in Northumberland County PA.

Esther (Moyer) & Melvin Sulouff

Esther (Moyer), Patty, & Melvin Sulouff

1920 Residence
Name: Lucek H Sulouff
[Lucih H Sulouff] 
[Lu?? H Sulouff] 
Age: 43
Birth Year: abt 1877
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1920: Point, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Dorah E Sulouff
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home Owned: Own
Able to Read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Lucek H Sulouff 43
Dorah E Sulouff 40
Emery G Sulouff 14
Newton M Sulouff 12
Esther M Sulouff 10
Mary C Sulouff 9
John H Sulouff 6
Melvin F Sulouff 5

1929 - Son Samuel Disappears
Believed to have run off with a 14 year old girl

The "Rest of the story":

1930 - Son John Disappears

1939 - Dora Edna (Geise) Sulouff died
Name Mrs Dora Sulouff
Spouse L H Sulouff
Father Samuel Geise
Mother Mary C Smith
Birth 15 Jan 1879 - Port Twp North'd

Death 25 Sep 1939 - North'd, Northumberland - Age: 60

1959 - Lucian Died

Buried Riverview Cemetery, Northumberland Pa


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