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Our Scharf Line to Nina (Lumbard) Sulouff

Chart from the files of Howard Scharf
I know the scan is not good - It is large. I'm working on having it scanned properly so it's easier to share.  This is research from the cannons of Switzerland, sent to Howard here in America from a relative in Switzerland.

Joannes Scharph 1607 – 
Varena Jeckin 1609 – 

Adamus Scharph 1637 – 
Emma Wunderlin 1635 – 

Johannes Scharph 1678 – 
Magdalena Borina 1677 – 

Ambrosius Scharph 1720 – 
Magdalena Haserlin 1722 – 

Johannes Scharph 1747 – 
Maria Kaufmann 1749 – 1822

John Scharf 1778 -1859 
Anna Katharina Wonfiedler 1779-

Anna Elizabeth Kurtz

Sarah Ethel Scharf

Beulah Laverta Simms 1886-1968

Nina Frances Ridge 1918 – 1990

Nina Lumbard
Carl Sulouff

Carl Sulouff
June Confer

Daniel Truckenmiller

The Lumbard/Scharf 30th Anniversary Photo, Labeled

The children of Joseph Scharf who are not my direct line ancestors are all over on my Not Heather's Genealogy blog.  I try to keep just my direct ancestors on this blog, side lines go over here:\
If you go to Joseph's Page here:
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I recently had the pleasure of spending an entire day with Howard Scharf.
He has comprehensive files on the Scharf line, and allowed me to copy and make notes. I'm in the process of uploading everything I accumulated that day.  If you have inquiries, or additions, not only would I love to hear from you ( htruck@gmail.com ) but I know Howard would love to hear from you as well.  He is not online, but you can reach him by snail mail. 
Howard Scharf
9 Church St
Candor NY, 13743

Letter on the back of the chart above

The above photo is transcribed below:

Scharf Family Record

Copied from Old Bible


*John Scharf, (Helen‘s great grandfather) was born in the County of Aurour
in Switzerland on the 12th day of·December, A.D., 1778.

*His son, Joseph Scharf, (Helen's grandfather) was born in the County of Columbia, (Pennsylvania) on the 14th day of May, A.D. 1821, in the town of Danville.

Ann Elizabeth, Joseph‘s wife, was born at Easton (Pennsylvania) on the 14th day of February, A.D. 1822.

John Q., first son to Joseph and Ann Elizabeth born in Selinsgrove, November 23, 1847.

Sara Ethel, first daughter, born in Selinsgrove, May 14, 1845.

*Maria Catherine (Helen's mother) second daughter and third child of Joseph
and Ann Elizabeth Scharf was born in Selinsgrove, November 23, 1847.

William Penn Scharf, second son, born in Selinsgrove, July 20, 1849.

George Washington Scharf, third son, born in Selinsgrove February 24, 1852.

Joseph, fourth son, born in Selinsgrove, September 9, 1854.

Jeremiah B., fifth son and last child, born in Selinsgrove December 20, 1859.


John Scharf, January 19, 1859, aged 80 years, 1 month, 7 days. ("Grandfather and father are both buried in the old Lutheran grave yard.")

Joseph Scharf, April 25th, 1863, aged 41 years, 11 mo., 9 days.

Ann Elizabeth Scharf (who lived in old homestead at corner of Water and Snyder Streets) died there August 2d, 1889, aged 68 years, 5 mo., 16 days.

*-Maria Catherine Scharf died at Mt. Airy, Philadelphia Nov. 27, 1900 aged
53 years 4 days. Buried in Ivy Hill Cemetery, Mt. Airy, PA at Shurs Lane House

John Q. Scharf died in Selinsgrove on the Isle of Q. in October, 1907

William Penn Scharf died in the old homestead where he lived, March 15, 1918.

Sarah Ethel Scharf Lumbard died 1923 in private hospital at Selinsgrove.

George Washington Scharf died at his home in Candor, N.Y.July 19, 1927 aged 75 years.

Joseph Scharf died in Richmond, West Virginia, where he lived, in May 1931.

Jeremiah Scharf died at Cumberland, Maryland, in May 1926.

Zondervan Pub. Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. (James H. McConkey Man of God" by
Louise H. McGraw.

Received from Scharf Bentz Northrup Line

Joseph Scharf married Ann Elizabeth Kurtz, February 9th, 1842, Rev. Samuel Norton of Northumberland officiating Minister.
Sarah (Aunt Sally) Ethel Scharf married to Joseph A. Lumbard, June 19, 1866 by Rev.
J.P. Shundel of Middleburg.

Maria Catherine Scharf married to Philip Henry Bentz June 6 1869 by
Rev. Peter Born of Selinsgrove.  

John Q. Scharf married to May Hoffmann.

William Penn Scharf married to Lydia Ann Hammer at Wrightsville, Penna., February 26, 1891.

George Washington Scharf married to

Joseph Scharf married to Katherine, of Sunbury.

Jeremiah B. Scharf married to Francis of Ellersbie, Maryland

Received from Scharf Bentz Northrup Line

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