Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lumbard 30th Anniversary Photo

I've spent a lot of time looking at this photo, and I think I disagree with #15.  Maria Scharf Bentz would only be 49, younger than Sarah and Joseph to her left.  Mary Ann (Stoner) Duck - Joseph's mother - would be 69.  I think the woman here looks more like 69 than 49, and I think that she would definitely be in attendance, that she is not pictured seems too odd, to me.

 1. Miles Potter age 31
2. Keller R. Lumbard age 2months
3. George Lumbard age 22
4. Laura Keller Lumbard Age 21
5. Sarah McLain age 3
6. Delbert McLain age 35
7. James Scharf age 6months
8. Lydia Hammer Scharf age 40
9. Ella Duck age 36
10. Edd Duck age 34
11. Harry Duck age 41
12. Lucy Lumbard Potter age 29
13. Joseph A. Lumbard age 52
15. Maria Scharf Bentz age 49
16. Maude Lumbard age 25 (Bausum)
17. Della Duck age 39
18. Maude Duck age 13
19. Ethel Lumbard age 17 (Smith)
20. Annie Lumbard McLain age 27
21. Joe Potter age 4
22. Roy Duck age 7
23. Ralph Scharf age 3
24. Alfred McLain age 9months
25. Elizabeth Scharf age 2
26. Hazel Duck age 9

This is published in the newspaper 3 years later, for their 33rd anniversary

Photos Cut from the above group shot, for close ups:

Edd Duck

Ella Duck

Joseph A. Lumbard & Sarah (Scharf) Lumbard

George Meade Lumbard holding son Keller, with wife Anna Laura (Keller) Lumbard
& Joseph A. Lumbard in front

Lydia (Hammer) Scharf holding James Scharf, with Mariah (Scharf) Bentz in front

Maude Lumbard

Miles & Lucy (Lumbard) Potter

Delbert McLain holding daughter Sarah

Harry & Della Duck

Harry Duck

Alfred & Annie (Lumbard) McLain & Elizabeth Scharf

Ethel Lumbard

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