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Joseph Scharf 1821-1863

Joseph Scharf
Born: 5/18 /1821
Died: 1863
Anna Elizabeth Kurtz
daughter of:
Born: Feb 14 1822
Died: Aug 2 1889

Sarah Ethel Scharf  1845 – 1924 m. Joseph Lumbard
Jeremiah B Scharf  1859 – 1926

The Scharf Brothers - sons of Joseph Scharf

1850 Census
Name: Joseph Scharp
[Joseph Scharf]
Age: 29
Birth Year: abt 1821
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1850: Penns, Union, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Family Number: 1015
Household Members:
Name Age
Joseph Scharp 29
Anna E Scharp 28
John Scharp 8
Sarah A Scharp 5
Maria C Sharp 2
William Sharp 1
John Sharp 72
Mary Jarret 15

1860 Census

Name: Joseph Scharff
Age in 1860: 38
Birth Year: abt 1822
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1860: Selinsgrove, Snyder, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Post Office: Selinsgrove
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Joseph Scharff 38
Ann Scharff 37
John Scharff 16
Sarah Scharff 14
Maria Scharff 12
William Scharff 10
George Scharff 8
Joseph Scharff 6
Jeremiah Scharff 6/12
Franklin Weirick 29
Jacob Baracks 56


He kept "the union house" hotel on the southwest corner of Market and Chestnut Streets with his father.  His father, John, had his clock shop on the south side of the hotel.
Joseph died not long before the battle of Gettysburg at a rather young age because of a spinal injury suffered in a fall.
The Snyder County Historical Society has a large wall map published at Lewisburg in 1858 which has sketches of various buildings in the county set around it's borders.  Among these is the Union House with the customary sign hanging plainly in front of it. The block of buildings was burned in the great fire which struck Selinsgrove in the last quarter of the century. 
Joseph Scharf and Ann Elizabeth Kurtz lived in Selinsgrove Pa. They had 7 children. One child according to my records was Sarah 1845-1924 who married Joseph A. Lombard June 19, 1866. The place and the Joseph Lombard name strongly suggest your Esther and my Sarah are the same person. There were no other Scharf's in Selinsgrove at that time period that I am aware of. I believe I have pictures of this family in addition to scads of information if you are interested.

Joseph was born in Pa to John Scharf and wife Anna Katherine about 1821. John Scharf emigrated from Zeiningen switzerland in 1817 to Philadelphia and ultimately to Selinsgrove where he made and repaired clocks. John was married twice and had at least 6 children. Sarah who married Jos Lombard was from his second wife. Johns parents were Johannes Scharf and Maria Kaufmann, complete lineage to Johannes Scharf 1607 were found in the canton records of Aargau Zeiningen town a few years ago
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