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Henry Goehring Kurtz

Henry Gehring Kurtz
son of John William & Regina (Witman) Kurtz
Anna Keller
daughter of

Jeremiah Kartz
Martin L Kartz
Louisa C Kartz
Emanuel Kartz
Augustus Kartz
William B Kartz

Name: Henry G Kartz
[Henry G Kurtz] 
Age: 53
Birth Year: abt 1797
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1850: Pottsville North West Ward, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Family Number: 457
Household Members:
Name Age
Henry G Kartz 53
Sarah A Kartz 44
Jeremiah Kartz 16
Martin L Kartz 13
Louisa C Kartz 10
Emanuel Kartz 9
Augustus Kartz 7
William B Kartz 23


I cannot reconcile this story with the census records and proven genealogy:
John Nichols Kurtz came to Philadelphia from Halle University in Germany about 1745. When Mulenburg came to Pa. to look after the German Lutherans he found them scattered and without ministers, so he sent to Halle and asked for teachers. John Nichols Kurtz was one of those teachers. The school that Mulenburg founded in Philadelphia later became Mt. ariy Seminary.

Benjamin Kurtz, a descendent of John Nichols Kurtz, taught at Gettysburg, but he wanted to establish a different kind of school, so he came to Selinsgrove from his Missionary Institute, grew Susquehanna University. He was a bachelor and brought his sister to Selinsgrove to keep house for him. She became the wife of Scharf and the mother of Grandmother Lumbard.

There are Kurt's in Virginia. When my mother was young she used to visit them and I even remember her getting letters from Virginia. There are also some living in York County, Pa. The name is still famous in the Lutheran Church and I sometimes see it in our church paper.

Seamans Protection Certificate for a different Henry Kurtz, born about 3 years later than "our" Henry.  Not that the Sarah Kurtz here cannot be our Henry's wife, since the certificate is from 1819 and they did not marry until 1821
Henry Kurtz
Sarah Kurtz
abt 1802 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
29 Dec 1819 - Pennsylvania

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