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Peter Moser 1742-1829

Dan's maternal 5th Great Grandfather

 Peter Moser
son of Hans Michael Moser
Died June 1 1826
(Possibly Margaretha Lamp)
Daughter of

(as listed in his will)
Anna Maria Moser 1768- M. Jacob Geiger
John Moser 1770-1822 M. Hannah Weidner
Henry Moser 1770 -1841
 Hannah Moser 1773-1829 M. George Weidner 
  Catharine Moser 1775-1844 M. Daniel Pile
 Elizabeth Moser 1778-1878 M. Peter Yocum
 Peter Moser 1781-1859 M. Anna Barbara Steinbuch
 Anna  Moser 1787 m.  Adam Egolf
George Moser 1792-1864 M. Mary
 Jacob Moser
Margaret Moser M. Leonard Neiding
 Lydia  Moser M. George Bruner

1751 - Immigrated to America With his Parents
Name: Peter Moser
Arrival Year: 1751
Arrival Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Family Members: Child George; Child Peter; Child Barbara; Child Burkhard
Source Publication Code: 1830
Primary Immigrant: Moser, Hans Michael
Source Bibliography: EMIGRANT FILES. In Germanic Genealogist, nos. 9-12 (in one issue), (1977), pp. 172-209.

Page: 192

1768- Daughter Anna Maria Moser is born

1770 - Son John Moser Born

(John Moser married Hanna Weidner, and his sister Hannah Moser married David Weidner)

BIRTH 1770
DEATH 14 Sep 1822 Amityville, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA

BURIAL  Saint Gabriels Episcopal Church Cemetery  Douglassville, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA

1770 - Son Henry Moser Born
21 Feb 1770
Name: Henry Moser
Marriage Date: 11 Oct 1795
Marriage Place: New Hanover, Montgomery, Pennsylvania

Spouse's Name: Catharine Krieg

1773 Daughter Hannah Moser Born

Name: Hanna Moser
Event: Marriage
Marriage Date: 9 Oct 1796
Marriage Place: Berks Co., PA
Church: Misc. Records of Rev. Carl Friedrich Wildbahn
Role: Bride
Household Members:
Name Role
Hanna Moser Bride
Peter Moser Bride's Father
David Weidner Groom's Father

Georg Weidner Groom

"David Weidner, son of Adam of Oley Township, located in Amity Township prior to 1752, and settled on a farm now (1909) owned by Matthias Levengood, but which at that time was much more extensive, including the adjoining property now owned by Anthony Albright. On the Levengood farm was a private burial ground which since 1900 has been under cultivation. Here were buried David Weidner and wife, and some of their children and grandchildren. David Weidner was a farmer by occupation. He married Hannah Moser. In the federal census of 1790 he is recorded as the head of a family consisting of nine persons, as follows: father and mother, one son above sixteen years of age, and two sons below sixteen years of age and four daughters."  
Historical and Biographical Annals of Berks County, Pennsylvania embracing a Concise History of the County and a Genealogical and Biographical Record of Representative Families, compiled by Morton L. Montgomery; Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1909; page 565.

"However, Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, PA notes a George Weidner, second son of David Weidner of Amity m. Hanna Moser (step daughter of Peter) of Douglass Twp., Berks County, PA on Oct. 9, 1796. "  (I don't know why she is referenced as a step daughter - she is listed in Peters will as his daughter)

1775 - Daughter Catharine Moser is born
Birth  27 Nov 1775
Death 29 Oct 1844

Name: Daniel Peie
[Daniel Pile] 
Event: Marriage
Marriage Date: 27 Oct 1794
Marriage Place: Berks Co., PA
Church: St. Paul's Church, Amityville, PA
Role: Groom
Household Members:
Name Role
Catharine Moser Bride

Daniel Peie Groom

1778 - Daughter Elizabeth Moser is born
Elizabeth Moser married Peter Yocum

1787 - Daughter Anna Moser is born
Birth  11 Dec 1787
Death 22 Nov 1872
Henry Rhoads (grandfather) lived in New Hanover township, Montgomery county, where he was a farmer. He died many years ago. His wife was a Miss Hoffman, and died at the age of ninety years. They were buried at the Six Cornered church in New Hanover township.  Adam Egolf (maternal grandfather) lived in Pottsgrove. He was a prosperous farmer and shoemaker in his day, and lived retired many years before his death. He died aged eighty-six years, and his wife, Anna (Moser) Egolf, died at the age of eighty-seven. They are buried in the Pottstown cemetery. They had six children besides one who died in infancy: Aaron, John, Margaret, Rachel, Mary Ann, and Sarah, who is the only one living.
 Excerpt from Ellwood Roberts.  Biographical Annals of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Containing Genealogical Records of Representative Families, Including Many of the Early Settlers and Biographical Sketches of Prominent Citizens, Volume 2.  1904.  (Google eBook) at page 107. 

1792 Son George Moser Born
"Nathan L. Moser, farmer, P. O. Pine Summit, was born in Amity Township, Berks County September 4, 1833, fourth son of George and Mary (Ludwig) Moser. Nathan was brought up on the farm of his father, reared to agricultural pursuits, and continued on the homestead several years after he attained his majority, having charge of the farm. His father died in March, 1862, and he was one of the executors of the estate, remained one year after and settled up the estate, then went to Mahonoy City, where he was engaged in merchanising about two years, and the business proving unsatisfactory on account of the stoppage of the coal works, he sold out and came to Columbia County and purchased the farm he now owns, consisting of 155 acres, well improved, having good farm buildings and pleasantly situated. He was married to Ellen, daughter of Joseph Nagle and Sarah (Keifer). Mr. and Mrs. Moser have five sons and three daughters: Mahlon K., Wellington, George, Albin, John, Olivia, Anna, Virdilla. Mr. Moser is a Republican in politics and a member of the Lutheran Church." 

Excerpt from J. H. Battle. History of Columbia and Montour Counties, Pennsylvania.... Chicago: A. Warner & Co.,1887, pg. 531 (Pine Township).

The Will of George Moser of Amity, signed on May 25, 1861, verified with the Register of Wills on March 12, 1864, lists the following children: "... to my sons Solomon Moser, Joel Moser, William Moser, Nathan Moser and Cyrus Moser; and to my daughters Rebeca intermarried with William Steapleton, Harriet intermarried with Ephraim Klein, Maryann intermarried with William Kerper and Emily intermarried with Franklin J. Francis, to be equally divided to and among them: save that ... But as my said daughter Rebecca being deceased, her share is to be divided equally to and among her five children, to wit, Effinger Steapleton, George Steapleton, Franklin Steapleton, William Steapleton and Harriet Steapleton." 

1826 - Peter Moser Died
"Peter MOSER died in the said Township of Amity on or about the 1st day of June A.D. 1826, leaving a last Will and Testament, bearing date the 19th day of Dec. A.D. 1825, and shortly after duly proven before the Register of the said County of Berks"

Will Was Written in 1825 -

Distributions Enlarged 

1858 Probate:
Estate Petition of Jan 29, 1858
Filed, Montgomery Co., PA 
E.B. 13, p. 179
Executor:  Peter MOSER
To the Honorable the Judges of the Orphan's Court of Montgomery County: -The Petition of Peter MOSER surviving Executor and Trustee of the last Will and Testament of Peter MOSER the elder, late of Amity Township, Berks County, deceased,  Respectfully represents.That the said Peter MOSER died in the said Township of Amity on or about the 1st day of June A.D. 1826, leaving a last Will and Testament, bearing date the 19th day of Dec. A.D. 1825, and shortly after duly proven before the Register of the said County of Berks, he devised among other things as follows,viz: -

"Item 7th.  I do order that the remainder and residue of my personal estate, I bequeath to my twelve children or to their heirs, namely, of my sons, John,Henry, Peter, Jacob, and George, viz - of my daughters, Anna Maria intermarried with Jacob GEIGER, Catharine intermarried with Daniel PILE, Hannah inter-married formerly with George WEIDNER, both deceased, Margaret intermarried with Leonard NEIDING, Elizabeth intermarried with Peter YOCUM, Anna inter-married with Adam EGOLF, Lydia intermarried with George PRUNER in share and share alike, to be paid to them as soon as it can be collected after my death or to their surviving heirs, except the shares of my daughters Catharine, Elizabeth,Lydia and Margaret to be left in the hands of my Executors to be put out on interest if they can put it out where they know it to be safe, the interest to be paid yearly to my four daughters, namely Catharine, Elizabeth, Lydia and Margaret, but my Executors are not compelled to put it out unless they know itto be safe, and if my four daughters should by sickness or otherwise come to want, in that case they are to have what my Executors think their wants require from their principal and their shares after their death, if any left, to be paid to their heirs in share and share alike together with interest if any there should be, or provided that my Executors should see proper to take over-plus money that may come to my four daughters shares, namely Catharine, Elizabeth, Lydia and Margaret, to lay it out in land or Real estate for the benefit of said daughters for them to have the products off of such property during their lives separately, he shall be at liberty so to do; and after their or either of their deaths such property or estates to be left to their heirs share and share alike"and of his said will appointed your petitioner and Henry MOSER, Executors to whom letters testamentary were in due form of law committed by the Register of said County of Berks, which will your Petitioner prays may be taken as a part of this his petition.

 ---That the said Henry MOSER died on or about the first day of June A. D. 1841 leaving your Petitioner the surviving Executor and Trustee under said will  

 -That in pursuance of the power vested in them by said will the said Executors did on the tenth day of April A. D. 1830 lay out or invest in Real Estate, a part of the share of the said Elizabeth in said Estate, that the Real estate in which the same was invested as aforesaid was conveyed to them in fee simple by Deed from John LIEBENGUTH and wife, Joseph LIEBENGUTH, Peter LIEBENGUTH,Jacob BICKEL and Mary his wife, and Ludwig BICKEL and Catharine his wife,dated the 10th day of April A. D.1830 and Recorded in said County of Montgomeryin Deed Book No. 4b, p.289 Vc.

-and is as follows, viz -All that certain message, tenement and Eight lots of Ground situate in the Borough of Pottstown, Montgomery County aforesaid and being contiguous and adjoining each other and bounded by Chestnut Street and Walnut Street, contain-ing each Sixty feet in front and three hundred feet in depth and marked and numbered in the Plan of said Borough No. 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, and 78  

 -In Trust, nevertheless for the sole and separate use of Elizabeth YOCUM, wife of Peter YOCUM, during her life, and after her decease for the use of her heirs and assigns forever, agreeably to the provisions of the last Will and Testamentof Peter MOSER the elder, as proved in the Register's Office at Reading in Berks County and with liberty to the said Henry MOSER and Peter MOSER or the survivor of them in fulfilling the Trust of said will to sell the whole or any part of the above mentioned lots and apply the proceeds to the use of the said Elizabeth YOCUM, or to invest in land or secure the money in any othe rway as the said Henry and Peter or the survivor of them may think expedient -as by reference to said Deed will more fully and at large appear and which Deed your Petitioner prays may be taken as a part of this Petition

 ---Your Petitioner further represents that the said Peter MOSER as surviving Executor of the said Peter MOSER the elder deceased and trustee of the said Elizabeth YOCUM did on the 20th day of January A.D. 1854, execute and deliver to Jacob HILBERT of the Borough of Pottstown a Deed in fee simple for the above mentioned and described premises.  Which Deed was on the 21st day of February A.D. 1854 duly recorded in the Recorder's Office at Norristown in Deed Book No. 90 page 92 Vc. and which your Petitioner prays may be taken as a part of this Petition

 -  That the said Sale and Conveyance to the said Jacob HILBERT was bone fide and the consideration money paid or secured by him for the said premises, was the full value thereof, and was in all respects a fair and advantageous sale to the said Trust estate and was such a sale as the said court would have ordered and decreed to be made as it would have been and is to the interest and advantage of all those interested in the same.Your Petitioner further represents, that the said Jacob HILBERT after the said Conveyance was made to him as aforesaid sold off and conveyed portions of said premises, to wit, - To Jonas SMITH by Deed dated April 30th, 1855 and Recorded in Deed Book No. 98, page 179 VC. and also to John C. SMITH and Henry SHOUGHTER [?], by Deed dated April 9th, 1855 and Recorded in Deed Book No. 97,page 367 Vc. both of which Deeds are made a part of this Petition  

 ---Your Petitioner further represents that it is the opinion of Counsel learned in the Law, that the Title so made as aforesaid to the said Jacob HILBET for said premises is not perfect and complete and that the same is not a good and merchantable one in as much as it appears by the terms of the said will and deed to said Executors and Trustees, that if the said Executors should think proper as they did as aforesaid to invest the share of said Elizabeth in said testators estate, in land, that then and in that case the products of said land should go to the said Elizabeth during life and after her death such property or estate remaining, to be left to the heirs share and share alike, so that the heirs of the said Elizabeth might upon certain contingencies take the said Real estate into their possession in fee simple after the decease of the said Elizabeth, and in order to remedy said defect as well as any other that theremay be in said title this application is now made to your honors.

 -Your Petitioner therefore prays said court that as the said sale and conveyance was made to the said Jacob HILBERT without the leave of said court and as the same was such a sale as the said court might have authorized, you Petitioner now prays said Court to approve, ratify and confirm the said sale and conveyance made to the said Jacob HILBERT as aforesaid, as also to all those to whom portions of said premises have since been sold and conveyed as aforesaid with the same effect as if such decree had preceded such sale or sales., Conveyance or Conveyances, to them, and that the titles made or to be made for said premises or portions thereof shall be good and complete titles in fee simple, and to make such other or further order and decree in the premises as the said Court shall think proper.  
And he will pray -
Signed: Peter MOSER
Montour County,

Peter MOSER the Petitioner above named, being duly sworn according to Law says that the above Petition and the matters therein stated are true and correct to the best of his knowledge and belief.  

Sworn and Subscribed before me one of the associate Judges of Montour County, this twenty-sixth day of January A.D.1858

Signed:  Joseph DEAN                 Statement signed:  Peter MOSER

Montgomery Watchman, Advertisement as ordered by the Montgomery County Orphans Court, Feb 26, 1858 

NOTICE - February 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd, 1858
Montgomery Watchman, Montgomery, County SS
At a special Orphans' Court held at Norristown in and for said county, in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the 29th day of January, A.D., 1858, before the Hon. Daniel M. SMYSER, President and his Associate Judges of the same Court, the petition of Peter MOSER, surviving Executor and Trustee of the last will and testament of Peter MOSER, late of Berks County, deceased was presented, praying the Court to approve, ratify, and confirm a certain sale and conveyance heretofore made to Jacob HILBERT, as also to all those to whom part one of the premises, hereinafter mentioned have since been sold and conveyed, to have the same effect as is such decree had preceded such sale,  or sales, conveyance or conveyances, to them and that titles made or to be made for said premises or portions thereof, shall be good and complete titles in fee simple, said premises being all that certain message, tenement and eight lots of ground situated in the Borough of Pottstown Montgomery County aforesaid and being contiguous and adjoining each other, and bounded by Chestnut Street and Walnut Street, containing each 60 feet in front and 300 feet in depth and marked and numbered in the plan of the said Borough, Nos. 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, and 78.Where upon, the Court upon hearing said petition read and duly considering the same on motion of James BOYD, Esq, attorney for the petitioners, grant a rule on all the parties in interest, to show cause why the prayer of the petitioner should not be granted, returnable on the 1st day of March next, A.D. 1858 at 10o'clock, a. m.   All persons interested in the above matter, will please take notice of the above, and appear at the said Court, in the Borough of Norristown,on the said 1st day of March, 1858, at 10 o'clock a.m. to show cause, if any they have, why the prayer of the above petition should not be granted ... by the Court..................E. B. MOORE, Clerk of O.C. A.J. ASHENFELTER, being duly affirmed according to law, doth depose and saythat he is the publisher of the "Montgomery Watchman" a newspaper published weekly in the Borough of Norristown in said County of Montgomery in the stateof Pennsylvania and that the annexed notice in the matter  of the rule upon theparties in interest in the Estate of Peter MOSER, late of Berks County deceasedwas published in said newspaper weekly for four successive weeks to wit, on the2nd, 9th, 16th and 13rd day of February A.D. 1858.Signed A.J. ASHENFELTER

Rev. Johann Wilhelm Kurtz 1732-1799

Heather's 7th Great Paternal Grandfather

Rev. Johann Wilhelm  Kurtz
Rev. John William Kurtz
son of  Johann Georg & Anna Katharina (Bender) Kurtz
Born June 3 1732 in Germany
Died May 27 1799 in Pa
Regina Wittman
Daughter of  Christian and Rosina Barbara Wittman
Born 1738
Died 1812 in PA

(Church records indicate they had 10 children - See 1812, Regina's Death)
Susanna Kurtz m. Peter Spyker

1732 - Johann Wilhelm Kurtz was Born

Reverend Johann Wilhelm Kurtz was born on 3 February 1732 at Hessen, Germany. He was the son of Johann Georg Kurtz and Anna Katharina Bender. Reverend Johann Wilhelm Kurtz married Regina Wittman, daughter of Christian Wittman and Rosina Barbara (?), on 1 November 1759 at Jonestown, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Reverend Johann Wilhelm Kurtz died on 27 May 1799 at Jonestown, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at age 67. He was buried after 27 May 1799 at Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Jonestown, Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Inscription: Pastor Zion's Lutheran 1787 - 1792.

Bio posted on Ancestry.com - 
Sailed from Rotterdam on the ship Neptune in charge of Capt. Ware, and arrived in Philadelphia, Sept. 30, 1754. Taught at a free school in York in 1756. Also supplied the pulpit there and was an assistant of Rev Heinrich Melchoir Muhlenberg. Well versed in Latin and Hebrew. In 1758 was assigned to Tohickon where he seems to have remained until 1760. He married November 1, 1759, Regina Witman. October 20, 1760 he was examined by the Ministerium. He was ordained at Lancaster, PA, in May, 1761, and became the adjunct of his brother, Johann Nicholaus in the Tulpehocken parish at Stouchsberg. In 1761 he accepted a call to Earlington (New Holland) and Conestoga, Lancaster County, where he remained until 1769. From 1763 to 1764 he took charge of the parish at Stouchsberg and Bernville. He was pastor at Strasburg, Lancaster County from 1775 to 1779; in 1762 he was pastor at Nordkiel; in 1780 he seems to have been without a congregation, but in 1781 he settled at Lebanon and served there until 1794.when he took up his residence at Jonestown.

In the book about Johann Wilhelms brother Johann Nicholaus Kurtz, this photo is shown as the birthplace of his brother.  I am at this time assuming it would also be the house that Wilhelm was born in as well.

Home In Germany
As shared on Ancestry.com  - 
Lutzellinden, Germany
Looking at the left side of the street, the last house on the left, with light brown timbers and a car parked in front, was the Kurtz family home at the time Johann Wilhelm Kurtz lived. The house appears to be in two parts with a courtyard between. The picture was sent to me by a gentleman who lives near Lutzellinden and has a hobby of researching the descendants of people who emigrated to America from Lutzellinden. -posted by Laurie Kurtz Visher

1754 - Immigrated to America

Name: John William Kurtz

Arrival Year: 1754
Arrival Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Source Publication Code: 7820
Primary Immigrant: Kurtz, John William
Rupps  Page: 333

1759 - Wilhelm Married Regina Wittman
November 1 1759, Jonestown, Lancaster County PA

Regina was also baptized and confirmed on Nov. 1 1759 - see the record under her death in 1812.

The Moravian Connection - by Laurie Kurz Visher

Many years ago, my uncle, Eugene A. Kurtz (1923-2006), told me that the Kurtz family was descended from Moravian followers of Jan Hus, who was burned at the stake in 1415 because he spoke out against the Catholic Church years before Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli. After Hus was martyred, many of his followers, including our Kurtz ancestors, were also burned at the stake and their survivors had their property confiscated and fled for their lives.

For over 40 years I have searched for information to verify this story, and finally I have found it. Regina Witman (1783-1812) who married Johann Wilhelm Kurtz (1732-1799) was the daughter of Christopher Witman, whose ancestors spelled their name variously as Widman, Weidman, and Weidemann. They are said to have fled from persecution in Zurich to the Palatine area of Germany, and thence to Pennsylvania. Johann Hus’ followers were ethnic Germans living in Moravia and Bohemia, and they rallied around Hus at the University of Prague. Some fled to Saxony, some to Zurich or Bern, some to Hungary, and some to Strasbourg. Zurich and Bern later became centers of intense persecution for Moravians, Baptists, Anabaptists and Mennonites, many of whom were the ancestors of the “Pennsylvania Dutch.” Members of these groups fled from Moravia to Zurich and Bern, and then back to Moravia, as the waves of persecution ebbed and flowed in the 1400's.

Much of this information is from Historic Background and Annals of the Swiss and German Settlers of Southeastern Pennsylvania by Henry Frank Eschleman, Parts of it are also referenced in Martyr’s Mirror by Thielemam J. Van Bracht, and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs by John Foxe. There is specific information about Christopher Witman’s father, Mathias Martin Weidman, and his grandfather, Isaak Weideman, who fled from Zurich to Baden, in a book called Markham 1793-1900, by the Markham, Ontario Historical Society. However, one of the descendants doing research on FamilySearch.org disagrees with the name of Isaak Weideman and says this should be Peter Weideman. All of these sources are available on the internet. Since I have not yet been able to trace Christopher Witman’s ancestors with any certainty, I am hopeful that someone later will do this. These ancestors deserve to be named and remembered, to live on in our records, and to be blessed in our memory.

1764 - Residing in his brothers house
Taken from the book Life of Johann Nicolaus Kurtz, with notes on his brother, Johann Wilhelm Kurtz (1925), page 28 - 

1766 - Son Wilhelm Kurtz is born
Wilhelm Lebrecht Kurtz was Heather's 6th great grandfather.  He married Anna Maria Keller.  Read more about them here: http://heathersgen.blogspot.com/2017/06/william-kurtz-1766-1816.html

Christening records prove Wilhelms parents are Wilhelm & Regina.

Revolutionary War Service
According to burial records, he served with Capt. Kerns Co. 1st Bn as a private.
There is no mention of his service in any of the biographies I have read.

1786 - Served as Pastor at St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Maytown Pa
The History of the St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Maytown, Lancaster Co., Pa., 1765-1904

1798 - DaughterSusanna Kurtz Was Born
She married George Peter Spyker
BIRTH 16 Jul 1798 Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA
DEATH 30 Mar 1855 Brookville, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, USA
BURIAL  Saint Johns Cemetery Windy Hill  Stanton, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, USA

1799 - Johann Wilhelm Kurtz Died
Name: John William Kurtz
Birth Date: 3 Feb 1732
Death Date: 27 May 1799
Cemetery: Zion Lutheran Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Jonestown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Has Bio?: N
Spouse: Regina Kurtz
Children: Susanna Spyker

"Life of Johann Nicolaus Kurtz, with notes on his brother, Johann Wilhelm Kurtz (1925)," p. 47.

1812 - Regina Died

This is the entry on her find a grave site:
Regina was buried at the Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery.

My first visit to the church was in February, 1998, to find the graves of Johann (John) and Regina Kurtz. After searching for a cemetery at the church, in vain, I finally met a local historian who explained that the church expanded in 1963 - right on top of the then church cemetery. It was a controversial expansion but the graves there, and I don't know any other than John and Regina, were moved a couple hundred yards away, two blocks, to the main cemetery.

When they went to disinter the remains they were astonished to find no remains other than discolored soil. Still, they moved the soil/remains along with the gravestones to the new site. Apparently by 1963 Regina did not have a stone but from "Life of Johann Nicolaus Kurtz, with notes on his brother, Johann Wilhelm Kurtz (1925)," p. 47. it is noted that on her stone was "Kinder 10." (Margaret A. Cruikshank, edited by Benjamin Kurtz Miller"

The church record reads as follows: 

Regina Kurtz geboren im Jahr 1738 den 3 April in Falkner Schwam. Ihr Eltern waren Chr. Witman und dessen Ehefrau, Rosina Barbara, Getauft, Confirmit & 1759 den 1 sten Nov trat Sie in die Ehe mit Ev. J. Wilhelm Kurz. Kinder 10. Wittwen stand, gelebt 13 Jahr und 3 Tage. Krankheit Auszehrung. Gestorben den 30 sten May 1812, alt 74 J. 1 m. w 21 T. Berd. In Jonestown, June 1, 1812.


Rev John William Kurtz is almost universally known simply as William Kurtz The writer himself did not know that his full name was John William until he accidentally came .across the absolute proof of the fact. Being a younger brother of Nicholas Kurtz he often went by the name of 111 "The younger Kurtz". 

He came to America at the request of his older brother and with the approval of Dr Francke Не taught school at York in 1756 and also supplied the pulpit of that congregation In 1757.  He was employed by HM Mühlenberg as his assistant.  In 1758 he was assigned to Tohickon Here he seems to have remained until 1760.  October 20 of that year upon the urgent request of several congregations in Heidelberg Berks and Lebanon most probably who desired him to become their pastor he was examined by the ministerium. No license is mentioned. Presumably however that was granted although possibly it was not as it was resolved to ordain him.  The ordination took place at Lancaster in May 1761 and he became the adjunct of his brother in the Tulpehocken parish. 

In 1763 Hе accepted a call to Earlingtown New Holland and Conestoga The location of this latter point is uncertain It might be intended for Robeson or Allegheny where there were Lutheran congregations at the time which for many years were connected with New Holland But it might also be Bergstrass or even Morgantown Churchtown or Centre Church where the Lutherans certainly held services if they did not have regularly organized congregations.   In this field he remained until 1779.  Possibly too as suggested by the Halle Reports Vol l p 232 during the last few years he again assisted Mühlenberg at New Hanover In 1780 he seems to have been without congregations.  In 1781 he settled at Lebanon serving it and congregations west of it  Hill Church and Bindnagel's most probably until 1794.   Rev Snyder pastor at Hummelstown says he also served that congregation 1781 1795 Schierenbeck who is probably nearer correct makes it 1781.  1799 He probably also served the Sand Hill Church about three miles south of Hummelstown during the greater part of this time as well as Jonestown which was the Swatara Church transferred to the town in 1765.   Не also was pastor of St Jacob's about two miles west of Pinegrove from the time of its organization until 1795.  In 1794 he took up his residence at Jonestown where he died May 27 1799 . Не is buried there.

 He was unusually well versed in the ancient languages. It is stated that at his examination he was directed to turn to the third chapter of First Corinthians and render it in Latin which he did without hesitation.  He was then directed to read two Psalms in Hebrew.  This he did rendering them fluently and correctly in Latin.  The Swedish Provost then examined him in regard to some doctrinal points also in Latin.  All these he answered clearly and satisfactorily in the same language.  It was thereupon agreed that he should be ordained at the next convention of the ministerium. 

 Notwithstanding all this he does not seem to have been very successful as a pastor and his later years were embittered by the knowledge that he was not wanted by some of his congregations.  This may possibly have been owing to the fact that he obtained his early training in the almost cloistered solitude of the orphans home and not among the people in the everyday walks of life.

A History of The Lutheran Church in New Hanover, Montgomery County, Penna Pages 111-113

According to the Familienbuch, church records, in Lutzellinden, it was the custom in that town for all the boys to be named Johann and all the girls to be named Anna, and everyone was given a middle name to differentiate them. The last name was spelled sometimes Kurz and sometimes Kurtz because people back then were not consistent in how they spelled names.

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Valentine Gramlich (Cromley) 1730-1809

Heather's 6th great Maternal Grandfather

Valentine Gromlich
Son of
Born 1730 in Wuertenberg Germany
Died 1809 in Northampton County Pa
Daughter of
Born 1735

Paul Gramlich-

Susanna Elizabeth Gramlich 1761 - 1834 m. Christian Baucher
Maria Margaretha 1766-
Daniel Gramlich 1769-
Anna Maria Gramlich 1772-
Christian Gramlich

1730 - Valentine is born
date from his burial record
Born in Wuertenberg Germany

1735 - Catharine Shumacher is Born
Information is taken from her find a grave entry, no source given
Birth: 1735
Heilbronner Landkreis
Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Death: 1809
Northampton County
Pennsylvania, USA

She was the daughter of Johannes Jacob Paul Schumacher and his wife,Anna Maria. She was married to Valentine Gramlich about 1752 . They had 8 children,4 sons & 4 daughters.

Various spellings of this surname include:
Gramlich,Grammlich, Gramlick and Grambling 

1749 - Arrived In America
Emigrated from Duchy of Wurttemberg, Germany.Landed at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania aboard ship "Patience" on September 19, 1749.Settled, lived, and died in Weisenberg Township, Northampton (now Lehigh) County, Pennsylvania.

1752 - Possibly Married Anna Catharine Shumacher
Unsourced - Anna Catherine Shumacher married Valentine Gromlich in 1752.
Although this is unsourced, we do know from the childrens  baptismal records that the mothers name is Catharine.  And the Shumacher family is found in the same church records as Valentine & Catharine.

1761- Daughter Susanna Elizabeth Gromlich is Born
Susanna Elisabeth Braucher (wife of Christian Braucher) is the daughter of Valentin Grammlich and Anna Maria Catharina Schumacher.
In "The Record Book of Daniel Schumacher 1754-1773", published by PictonPress, Camden, Maine, page110: Child/Baptismal Day: The 23rd of August (1761), Susanna Elisabeth,4 weeks old in Weisenberg (Twp,Northampton Co, PA). Father, Mother: Valentin Grammlich, Catharina. Sponsors: Paul Schumacher,Susanna Elizabeth Schumachern his sister-in-law [?] both married. (True copy.) Carole Crumley Paprocki

1765 - Naturalization
Name: Valentine Gramlich
Sacrament Date: 8 Sep 1765
Court Date: Sep 1765
Naturalization Record Type: Juror
Residence Place: Weisenberg, Northampton, Philadelphia, USA
Title: Naturalizations of Foreign Protestants in the American and West Indian Colonies. The following certificales for this Colony have not been entered into the Entry Book.] C. O. 5 . 1276.

1766 - Daughter Maria Margaretha Born
Name: Valentin Grammlich
Gender: Male
Denomination: Lutheran
Organization Name: Personal Register of the Rev. Daniel Schumacher
Spouse: Catharina Grammlich
Child: Maria Margaretha Grammlich

1769 - Son Daniel Gromlich Is Born
Baptized September 16 1769

1777 - Oath Of Allegience To Revolutionary Army
Oath of Allegience to Revolutionary Army on 9/12/1777.
Verified & accepted by D.A.R., National Number 264-516, Elizabeth Francis Graham, Lancaster, Ohio & Amy Lee (Cromley) Nicherson, No. 225-810, Circleville, Ohio.
(SAR application located at bottom of post, under research)

1781 - Residence
Pennsylvania, Tax and Exoneration, 1768-1801
Name Valentine Gramlich
Year 1781
Town or Ward Weisenburg
County Northampton
Archive Rollname 331

1809 - Valentine Died
His Will, in German, is recorded at Easton, PA. Book No. 2, pg. 342, signed 10/08/1793, and filed 06/03/1809.
Administration papers on his wife's Estate were filed in 1809 with Christian Braucher as Administrator. 
Name: Valentine Gramlich
Birth Date: 1730
Birth Place: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Death Date: 1809
Death Place: Northampton County, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Cemetery: Ziegels Union Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Breinigsville, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Has Bio?: N
Spouse: Maria Catharina Gramlich
1772 - Daughter Anna Maria Gromlich is Born
Baptised at Weisenberg Church. Born May 28 1772, baptised June 14 1772.  Parents Valentin & Catharina Gramlich, sponsors Johann Adam Klein and Anna Maria.


'Pioneer period and Pioneer people of Fairfield County, Ohio.'  Columbus, Ohio: F.J. Heer Printing Co., 1991.  In this source on page 289 it talks about Valentin Gramlich (Crumley) of Weissenberg township, Northampton County and his children. 

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