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John Witmer 1797 -

Heather's Paternal 4th great grandfather

John Witmer
son of (possibly) Samuel Witmer
Born abt 1797
Died Bef. 1870
Margaret Rebecca "Polly" Neitz
daughter of
Born abt 1810

Mary Witmer
John Edward Witmer 1840-1910 m. Eva Elizabeth Freed

John Married Polly Neitz
her name is given on her son John Edward Witmers death certificate.
Name John Witmer
Gender Male
Birth Place Pennsylvania
Spouse Polly Neitz
Child John Edward Witmer
John Witmer - True
Household Members
Name Age
John Edward Witmer
Polly Neitz

John Witmer

In the 1850 census her name is given as Rebecca.  Polly is a popular nickname for Rebecca.
In Snyder County Pioneers, We find these Neitz:

Abt 1838  - Daughter Mary is Born
Based on her age, 12, in the 1850 census.  Its worth noting that "next door" Jacob also has a daughter named Mary, age 14 in the 1850 census.  So tracking this Mary will be difficult! In 1860 Jacob's Mary is still living at home, but John's Mary is no longer listed with the family in the census.  She's definitely old enough to have been married in 1860.  To whom, I have no idea.

I found this find a grave entry in the Witmer Cemetery, but I think this is likely to be Jacob's daughter Mary, from the birthdate:

Longacre, Mary A.,  wife of Isaac, 
Born: Aug 24, 1836 Died: Nov 13, 1893

Information: Witmer's United Evangelical Church.
Reported by J. C. Shaffer and M. P. Arnold. 

1850 - Residence
John's occupation in 1850 is "Cooper"

Name: Edward Witmer
Age: 8
Birth Year: abt 1842
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1850: Chapman, Union, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Family Number: 224
Household Members: 
Name Age
John Witmer 50
Rebecka Witmer 40
Mary Witmer 12
Edward Witmer 8

above them on the same census page is the family still beside them 30 years later in 1880 - I think it's quite possible Jacob and John are brothers.

Name: Jacob Witmer
Age: 47
Birth Year: abt 1803
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1850: Chapman, Union, Pennsylvania, USA
Gender: Male
Family Number: 222
Household Members:
Name Age
Jacob Witmer 47
Maria Witmer 45
Samuel Witmer 25
Elithebeth Witmer 17
Mary Witmer 14

David Witmer 6

1860 - Residence
Name: Rebecca Whitmer
Age: 48
Birth Year: abt 1812
Gender: Female
Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Home in 1860: Chapman, Snyder, Pennsylvania
Post Office: Chapman
Family Number: 869
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
John C Whitmer 63
Rebecca Whitmer 48

Edward Whitmer 20

In 1870 & 1880 we find Rebecca in the spot between Jacob & John in the census.  In 1860 there is a spot labeled "unoccupied".  BUT look at the names....  in 1860, Jacob's wife is named Polly!  (in 1850 his wife is named Maria)  Rebecca is with her husband John, in the next family down.

1868 - Residence
Owner's Name: J Witmer
State: Pennsylvania
County: Union and Snyder
Town: Chapman; Port Trevorton

Year: 1868

Before 1870 - John Died
based on Rebecca being a widow in 1880, and the 1870 census showing "Margaret" (Rebecca) alone.

1870 - Residence

Since Jacob is beside John in the census in 1850, and Jacobs son David is still beside John's widow Rebecca in the census in 1880, I looked at the census pages for Jacob in 1870, trying to find Rebecca and or John.

I found the family of Isaac Witmer, age 53, farm laborer.  (Catharine, Harriet, Matilda)

And then I found:

John E. Witmer 29 His family is split between two pages:

Just as in 1880, there is a number between John & Jacob.  This time it reads Margaret, but the age is correct.  I am fairly certain this is Rebecca. 

Name: Margaret Witmer
Age in 1870: 56
Birth Year: abt 1814
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Dwelling Number: 73
Home in 1870: Union, Snyder, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Female
Occupation: Keeping House
Cannot Read: Y
Cannot Write: Y
Real Estate Value: 1000
Household Members:
Name Age
Margaret Witmer 56

1880 - Residence

Although not marked for Rebecca, her son is listed as cannot read, and cannot write.
It looks as though Rebecca was living with John Edwards family?  She has her own number in the record, but she's listed as "mother".  The entry below is also a Witmer.

Name Rebecca Witmer
Age 65
Birth Date Abt 1815
Birthplace Pennsylvania
Home in 1880 Union, Snyder, Pennsylvania, USA
Dwelling Number 76
Race White
Gender Female
Relation to Head of House Self
Marital Status Widowed
Father's Birthplace Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace Pennsylvania

Occupation Keeping House

Name: D. G. Witmer
Age: 36
Birth Date: Abt 1844
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1880: Union, Snyder, Pennsylvania, USA
Dwelling Number: 77
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Fietta Witmer
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Occupation: Farmer
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
D. G. Witmer 36
Fietta Witmer 30
Richard Witmer 9

Ammon Witmer 8
(David G. Witmer was the son of Jacob & Maria Witmer - as seen in the 1850 census.  Possibly a nephew?)


I found this long, informative, entry on Find A Grave.  I think, considering the land grant in Port Trevorton and the locaiton of John & Jacob in Port Trevorton in 1850, that it is VERY possible that John Peter Witmer 1736-1793 is the grandfather of John Witmer born 1797. Scroll to the bottom to see:
"ix Samuel: Lived in Dundore, Union Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania. Children: Peter, John C., Solomon Elias (Saul), Henry, Jacob M., Elisabeth, Daniel, Isaac, David"


Birth: Sep. 19, 1736, Germany
Death: Jul. 3, 1793
Northumberland County
Pennsylvania, USA

Johann Peter Witmer was born Sep 19, 1736, and baptized Sep 21, 1736 in Hertbitzheim, current-day Germany. The baptism record listed his sponsors as, "Johannes Wampfler, master weaver, here, Peter Wurtz, Elisabetha Heck nee Schadlin at Neusaarwerden, Christina Margaretha, daughter of the late Philip Jacob Nieser of Saarbrucken." He died Jul 3, 1793 in Mahontongo Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania (now Union Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania), at the age of 56.

He married Maria Sallome Schuett/Schuttin on Oct 7, 1757 at St. Michael's and Zion KB Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Handschue, a noted Lutheran pastor. Witnesses were Christian Schneider and Jacob Christler. (Pennsylvania German Church Records, Vol 1, p 649) Maria was born Oct 24, 1740 in Upper Alsace, France (now Germany), perhaps the daughter of Jacob Schutt and wife Catharina, who were sponsors at the baptism of Peter and Sarah‘s son Joh. Peter in 1760. Maria died in Snyder County, Pennsylvania in 1800 about the age of 60.

Peter Witmer likely immigrated with his parents at the age of 11 on the bilander (a small, two-masted merchant ship) Vernon, commanded by Master Thomas Ricks, sailing from Rotterdam, Netherlands, then to Leith, Scotland, and arriving in the Philadelphia harbor on Aug 1, 1747. They settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

After marriage, Peter and Maria remained in Lancaster County. On Jun 8, 1759, a Peter Witmer was granted a warrant of survey for 50 acres of land there. By 1766, a Peter Witmer obtained 300 acres of land one mile above Port Trevorton, on the west side of the Susquehanna River in Snyder County. The land is still in the possession of descendants.

In 1773, a Peter Witmer lived in Manor Township, Lancaster County, and was taxed on 140 acres and personal property.

In 1773 or 1774, Peter loaded his family and possessions onto a flatboat at Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and went up the river to the present site of Dundore, in Union Township, Northumberland County, (present-day Snyder County), where he built his first cabin.

Peter Witmer was a soldier in the American Revolution. He served in the Pennsylvania Continental Line and in the Northumberland County, Pennsylvania Militia.

In Apr 1779, Peter Whitmer was a private in a company of the militia active as Rangers against the Indians on the frontier, commanded by Captain John Moll of Sunbury, Pennsylvania. (Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, Vol XXIII, p. 343) They were stationed at Fort Freeland near Turbetarile, Pennsylvania. His name "also appears with the rank of private on a muster roll of Capt. John Mull's Co., belonging to the 3d Batt'n of North'd County Militia, commanded by Col. Peter Hosterman in the actual service of the United States of America. Entered the 18th of April & discharged the 3d May, & entered again the 27th July & discharged the 9th Aug., 1779, (Revolutionary War), for Apr & July 1779. Roll dated: not dated. Remarks: 16 ds on duty." (Roll 798)

He served in the Company of Artillery commanded by Captain Lieutenant William Godfrey at Philadelphia in Jun, 1780. Peter Whitmer was listed as "matross." His name and rank appear on the roll of Lieutenant Benjamin Hoey's Company in Nov, 1780.

One member of the Daughters of the American Revolution who claimed Peter Witmer as her ancestor, and her membership number, was Mable Elsie Reid, 300852. Her application was verified by number 141544. She was descended through Sarah Witmer, Phiana Grove, and Roland J. Reid.

Three members of the Sons of the American Revolution who claimed Peter Witmer as their ancestor, and their membership numbers, were Arthur Charles Harris, 128285, Dale Bruce Mowry, 134818, and Larry Patrick Cornwell, 138085.

In 1785, Peter Witmer was one of the road supervisors of Penn Township. The 1790 census for Pennsylvania, Northumberland County (page 192) listes Peter Witmer and Peter Witmer, Jr. In 1791, he established a ferry across the river to the foot of Mahaney Mountain. He owned a saw mill, distillery, a large tract of land, and considerable personal property.

Peter Witmer's will was probated at Sunbury, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania on Aug 3, 1793. Its English translation, on file in the Northumberland County courthouse in Sunbury, Pennsylvania on pages 116-117, reads as follows:

"In the name of God Amen. Whereas it has pleased God to lay upon me Peter Witmer a Grievous Sickness, yet still as long as God pleases, I am of Good understanding and because all men must die, and the time of Death is uncertain, I esteem it necessary in some way to direct and put into effect what shall be done with my worldly Goods after my Death and after having in the first Place recommended my Soul unto the Hands of God and my Body to be Committed to the Earth in a Christian like manner:

"It is my Will first of all that my beloved wife Maria Sallome shall have all my Lands and Moveable Goods in her power and Possession during her life in Order to do therewith according to her pleasure, except my Clothes and gun which I give to my Son Peter in preference to the rest.

"Secondly; It is my Will and Testament after the death of my beloved wife that my herein chosen Executors or Administrators shall sell all my Lands and moveable Goods and everything I leave behind me according to their best judgment and for the best Price only reserving that my son-in-law John Thornton shall have that piece of my land on which he now lives which is about twenty acres yet in such a manner, viz, from the lower line along the River so far up as to take in the little Meadow which lies close above his Improvement for which he shall pay two Dollars per acre out of his Portion.

"And further, my Son Shall have the full time out of the saw Mill which I promised to him, but in case that Land should be sold before his time should be out they shall allow him what is reasonable for it; and afterwards when all is sold as above mentioned then the money arising from the Sale of all my Estate shall be distributed equally among my Children so that one shall be dealt with as the rest;

"Thirdly and lastly I choose my son Peter and my son-in-law John Motz my Executors or Administrators of this my Estate; and I hereby give and empower them to fulfill all the above mentioned Articles as if I my self had done it only reserving this that my Daughter Susanna's Legacy shall not come into the Hands of herself or husband but shall be put shall be put out to Interest for her Children untill they come of age; but should she bear no Children, then it shall be equally divided amongst my other Children.

"Finally, I ratify this my Last Will and Testament and mark it with my own hand and Seal before these witnesses. Peter Witmer John Meicum P. Hosterman

"Northumberland County --; Before me the subscriber Register for the county aforesd. Personally cometh Peter Hosterman & John Meicum the two Subscribing Witnesses to the within Will or Instrument of writing, who being duly Sworn, according to Law, did depose and say that they were personally present and did see Peter Witmer with his Own Hand Subscribe his name to the same, & heard him Acknowledge it as and for his last Will and Testament, and that they Subscribed their names as Witnesses at the same time, and that he was at the time of so doing of sound and disposing mind and memory as we Verily believe, In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand the 3rd day of August Ano. Dom. 1793. 

"Jno. Simpson Reqn. Northumberland County --; Personally appeared before me the Subscriber one of the Justices of the peace for the County aforesaid Jonathan Walker who being sworn according to Law deposeth and Saith that the above is a true Just full accurate correct and almost literal Translation of the above last Will and testament of Peter Witmer deceased and that the sense is in no part or place thereof altered and that the order of the words in the Translation is as near the original German as is consistent with a transserion out of one Language into the other and further this deponent Saith not. Jonathan. Walker, Sworn and Subscribed before me this 31st day of July 1793 Wm Cooke

"Be it remembered that on the third day of August in the year of our Lord 1793 the last Will and Testament of Peter Witmer deceased written in the German Language and duly proved and approved before me, of which the foregoing Record is a true Translation as on the Oath of Jonathan Walker Esquire it is ascertained, and Letters Testamentary issued in due and Common Form of Law to Peter Witmer and John Motz, Executors threin named, on the same Day. Witness my hand the same Day & Year J. Simpson Reqt."

The following is a transcription of the inventory and appraisal of Peter Witmer's property, filed with the will in Northumberland County:

"An Inventery of the Gods and Chatels of Petter Wittmer Letly Descd. Appraised by the Subscribers this 2d day of agust In the Yeare 1793

All items were appraised in pounds, shillings, and pence. All spelling is as shown.

"1 Red Cow 4 0 1, 1 Dito wheit feas 4 0 0, 2 black Hiffers 7 10 0, 1 Wheit Mear 10 0 0, 1 Brown Dito 10 10 0, 1 Blaugh Dobel tow 2 0 0, a Barsel of old Iron 1 5 0, 2 haws and one spreade and one Kroban how 0 12 -, 1 Iron hable & Cory Came 0 5 0, 3 Seiths 0 7 6, 1 old Sadle 0 10 0, 1 Dito 1 0 0, a Sett of Agers chisels & Drawing kneifs 1 5 0, one Sett of Coopers Drils 1 0 0, a Barrel of old Iron 0 2 6, one old wagen 5 0 0, one Log Chain 0 10 -, 2 Sets of heme & Dreses 0 12 6, 1 Seith & Cretle 0 4 6, 2 hand Saws 1 0 0, 2 plean Etz 0 6 0, for a subtotal of 52 00 0

"1 pease of Stillgerts 0 8 0, 1 ax 1 plow & hack 0 8 0, 2 Bleind Breidles & Bell Callers 0 9 0, 1 6 pleted Stove 5 0 0, 1 greind Stone 0 3 0, 2 Brass Coks 0 4 0, 4 Robs for a Sean 0 3 6, 1 flatt & pols & owrs 12 0 0, 2 Stills of utenstials 30 0 0, 14 old Barrels & S. Ridels 0 12 0, 6 Good Barrels 1 10 0, 3 Barels 0 11 0, 1 wind Mill 3 0 0, 9 Bags at 3 Shillings Eatch 1 7 0, 1 Btack for flax 0 4 0, 1 Cannow 0 7 6, 14 Hogs 7 5 0, a Barsel of old Iron 0 8 0, 1 Mall witges 0 3 6, 1 great goht 1 Body Dito 3 0 0, 1 Sfetid & 1 Body goht 1 5 0, 3 pease of Drawers 1 pear of preetches 1 10 0, 1 old Coht & Chaget 0 5 0, 1 Beible 1 5 -, 2 peare of Boohts 1 2 6, 1 Table 2 0 0, 1 Dito 0 17 0, 1 fether Bed and Bed Sted Coverled 2 Sheets 0 3 0, 1 Chalf Dito 2 Sheets 1 Boussler, Bed Sted 2 0 0, 1 Sett of Sheffing Instruments 0 3 9, 1 Lucking Class 0 15 0, 2 Iron boots 0 18 -, subtotal 129 07 9

"1 Brass 1 Teekeetel 0 10 0, 1 krcett Iron 0 4 0, 1 kittshen Dresser 1 10 0, 2 kaffe poots one half gallen 14 puter pleats 1 1 0, 5 glass Bottels 0 5 0, 2 puter Dishes 2 Dito of pleasts 0 15 0, 2 half Bushels 0 3 0, 1 Sett of Shafels & feine Tank 0 6 0, 3 Cadel Sticks 2 Smithing Irons 0 10 0, Candel Mools Loadels & patipans 0 8 0, 3 Steamers 0 1 6, 1 bog Spining while 0 6 0, 6 Chears and garn 1 14 0, a Barsel of Cooper Staff 0 7 6, 1 winniger gage and black beel 0 4 0, 2 hay forks 2 Tunk forks 2 Reaks 0 5 0, 2 wash Tubs 4 Buckels 3 old Barrels 0 10 0, 3 Sleads 1 hand Barow & Cuting Box 0 19 6, a Number of Bords at 4/6 per hundred, a quantity of wheat at 4/6 per Bushel, a quantity of Rey at 3/6 per Bushel, a quantity of hay at 6 0 0. Total was 144 pounds, 10 shillings, 9 pence.

"Appraised by us the Subscribers the Day and year first above written T. Waterman Adam Fisher Sworn"

According to Northumberland County, Pennsylvania records (1811, No. 54, Peter Whitmer Deceased, May 3, 1811):

"The account of Peter Witmer [Whittmer is also used] surviving Executor of the last will and Testament of Peter Wittmer late of the township of Mahontongo in the County of Northumberland as well of all and singular the goods and Chattels Rights & Credits of said deceased as of his payments & disbursements thereout as follows viz (Letters granted August the 3rd 1793)

"The Accountant charges himself with the Amount of the Inventory & Appraisement of Testators goods & Chattels Rights and Credits filed in the Registers Office at Sunbury -- $385.43.

"He Also charges himself with this Amount of the Sale of a tract of land sold to Samuel Whittmer in May 1810 for the sum of 1100 pounds to be paid for May 1811 one half the remainder in yearly payments of seventy five pounds each Except the last which is one hundred pounds the next payment to be made on the 1st day of may 1812 -- $2933.33.

"He also charges himself with this sum to be received of John Thornton [a son-in-law] for 47 acres 118 perches of land bequeathed to him by testator at the rate of two Dollars per acre -- $95.47.

"Exhibited in the Registers Office at Sunbury this 3d day of May AD 1811 The Account I have examined do allow of and pass pr the Accountant being duly sworn thereto (signed Peter Witmer [Jr.]) Before John L. Finney Regr.

"Letters Granted August the 3d. 1793 [& sign is used for a symbol meaning etc.]

"The Accountant prays an allowance out of the - for the following payments disbursement to viz

"No 1 For Cash paid Register for Letters Testamentary & -- $3.20

"2nd For Cash paid Hugh Billas Attorney for advice concerning the Estate per certif. --- $3.00

"3rd For Cash paid fees in the Land office at Lancaster for drafts of Testators Lands & -- $2.50

"Accountant prays an allowance for the Amount of the Inventory & Appraisement of Testators goods & the whole being bequeathed to the widow during life and the Accountant never having received any part thereof -- $385.43

"Accountant also prays an allowance for one hundred and fifty days spent in travelling on horseback three times from the state of Ohio to this County & one from this County to Eastown on business of the Estate -- $150.00 [amount crossed out] [Easton was in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, where Samuel Witmer's property was located.]

"For cash paid Jacob Lechner for surveying a part of Testators land prect. -- $2.00

"For cash paid John Motz [a son-in-law] in full for land purchased of him by testator receipt or Decd. -- $25.67

"For cash paid Register for examining & Advertising this Account & Copy -- $3.50

"Attorney to present this Account to court for confirmation -- $2.00

"Clerk for Stating this Account -- $2.50

"Allowance to Accountant for time trouble and expense in and about the estate -- $100.00 [crossed out] -- $151.44

"For cash paid George A. Frick for writing Bonds & for the Estate -- $4.00

"To Do [ditto] paid Register for sixch, filing papers & -- $.40

"Balance in hands of Accountant to be distributed agreeable to the will consisting in part of bonds not due -- $2729.03 [crossed out] -- $2729.59. Total $3414.23

"Northumberland County I hereby Certify that on the 20th day of August A. D. 1811 this account was presented to and confirmed by the Orphans Court of said County. Witness my hand & Seal of office at Sunbury the 8th day of March A. d. 1813 For H. Billas Clk. Jn. Fietsworth"

Both Peter and Maria were buried in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery in Selinsgrove in Penn Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania. 

The children of Peter Witmer and Maria Sallome Schuett were:

i Joh. George, b. Apr 23, 1758, d. 1769
*ii Joh. Peter, b. Jan 11, 1760, bap. Sep 13, 1760, m. Mary Magdalene Overmyer on Dec 19, 1787, d. Nov 19, 1835
iii Anna Catharina, b. 11 Jul 1762, bap. Oct 1, 1762
iv Maria Salomana (Sarah), b. Sep 3, 1762, m. Peter Grove in 1781, d. 1844
v John Jacob, b. Feb 1764, d. 1778
vi Maria Magdalena, b. Apr 4, 1766, m. John Thornton on Nov 24, 1785, d. 1847
vii Anna Maria (Mary), b. Oct 9, 1767, m. 1st, John Motz; 2nd, -- Thomas, d. Mar 13, 1839
viii Maria Barbara, b. Jan 1769, m. Anthony Schneider, d. ca. 1789
ix Samuel, b. Apr 4, 1771, m. Sarah Coldren, d. Oct 4, 1829
x Margaretha, b. Dec 28, 1772, d. before 1793
xi Susanna, b. ca. 1775
xii John, b. Feb 8, 1778, m. Elisabeth Herrold, d. May 11, 1853

ii Joh. Peter: Moved to Reading Township, Perry County, Ohio. His biography published separately.

vi Maria Magdalena: As a widow, she moved to Summit County, Ohio in 1847. Children: John, son, George, daughter, daughter, Henry, Peter, Susan, and Samuel.

vii Anna Maria (Mary): Lived in Woodward, Center County, Pennsylvania. Children: John, Elisabeth, Jacob, George, James, Sara Salome, Susanna.

viii Maria Barbara: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Died after birth of first child John.

ix Samuel: Lived in Dundore, Union Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania. Children: Peter, John C., Solomon Elias (Saul), Henry, Jacob M., Elisabeth, Daniel, Isaac, David

xii John: Lived in Union Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania. Children: Jacob, Peter, Elisabeth, Sarah, Lydia, Molly, Frederick, Susan, George
Salem Lutheran Cemetery 
Snyder County
Pennsylvania, USA

Our Mitchell Line to Nina Lumbard

Heather's Paternal Line

Margaret Ellen McLaughlin
(Ellen was the widow of John Orem when she married John)

Albert C. Simms
Robert and Albert Simms were harness makers and saddlers and John Edwin Simms believed they learned their trade of the Mitchells.  Robert married Clara's sister.

Beulah Laverta Simms 1886-1968
We know from George's obit that Beulah first married a Heppard.  Beulah was George's second wife as well.

Joseph Lumbard 1911 – 1954
Nina Frances Ridge 1918 – 1990

Nina Lumbard
Carl Sulouff

Carl Sulouff
June Confer

Daniel Truckenmiller

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John Peter Keller I 1708-1803

Heather's 8th great paternal grandfather

John Peter Keller
Son of
Born abt 1708 in Switzerland
Died between 1791 & 1803
Anna Maria
Daughter of

Carl Andrew Keller 1750-1803 m. Barbara Judith Bigler
Johan Adam Keller
Mary Keller m. Edward Powell
Christina Keller M. Frederick Daughterman

Peter's will (included near the bottom of this post) mentions sons Andrew & Adam, with Andrew receiving the homestead.  It also mentions daughter Mary wife of Edward Powell, and daughter Christina, wife of Frederick Daughterman, deceased.  In addition, it lists grandchildren Mary, Jacob, Susanna, & Elizabeth Daughterman.

Occupation - Brass Founder & Rope Maker

Title : Pennsylvania Genealogies : Index of Surnames

Source Information North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2016.

1735 - Immigrated from Switzerland

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records, 1750-2014

Or is this record correct?
Name: John Peter Keller
Birth Year: abt 1713
Arrival Year: 1748
Arrival Place: Pennsylvania
Age: 35
Source Publication Code: 1804
Primary Immigrant: Keller, John Peter

Annotation: Taken from original manuscripts in the state archives. Names given throughout pages 1-677. Foreigners arriving in Pennsylvania named on pages 521-667. No. 3776, Kelker, supplements this.

  1. Media: Digital Book
    Abbrev: Pennsylvania Genealogies
    Title: Pennsylvania Genealogies Chiefly Scotch-Irish and German
    Author: Egle, William Henry, M. D., M. A.
    Publication: Clearfield
    Date: 27 Jun 2008
      Name: Ancestry
      Page: p. 341
    Quality: 3
    Date: 27 Jun 2008
    Text: Johann Peter KELLER, a native of Germany, emigrated to Amer ica prior to 1760, and settled in Lancaster county, Pennsyl vania where he died; his wife Anna Maria, b. in Germany, di ed in the town of Lancaster on 6 January 1782. They had tw o children b. in Germany:
    1. Carl Andrew, b. 14 July 1750
    2. Johann Adam

Daughter Mary Keller is Born
Abbrev: Peter Powell Family of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Title: Peter Powell Family of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Author: Stauffer, Romaine
Publication: 27 jun 2008
Date: 27 Jun 2008
Text: Edward Powell and Mary Kehler/Keller were married Jan. 5, 1 771 at St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, Pa. She was the daughter of German immigrant Peter and Anna Maria Kehler/Keller.

Between 1791 - 1803 - John Peter Keller died

His memorial stone says 1782, same as the record in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records, 1750-2014.  Note that on that record, the date of death has a question mark.  His will however, was written in 1791, and proved in 1803.  



Find a Grave Entry:

Birth: 1708, Switzerland
Death: 1782
Lancaster County
Pennsylvania, USA

John Peter Keller I immigrated from Switzerland in about 1748. Although he was probably buried in Lancaster County, PA, a memorial stone was placed in Harrisburg Cemetery where many members of his family are buried, including John Peter Keller II, III, IV and V. 

Memorial Stone:



"CHARLES B KELLER recorder of deed_s for Lancaster county lives in an elegant suburban home built on land that has been in the possession of the Keller family for generations land that was secured from the Penns by Mr Keller s greatgrandfather At first this tract comprised but five acres but Mr Keller acquired more land until he held eighty six acres The founder of the Keller family in America was Johann Peter Keller a native of Germany who came to these shores prior to 1760 settling in Lancaster county where he died, His wife Anna Maria born in Germany died in Lancaster Jan 6 1782 Two of their children Carl Andrew and Johann Adam were born in Germany,

 Carl A Keller son of Johann Peter married Barbara Judith Bigler and from this couple Charles B Keller is descended.

 John Andrew Keller son of Carl A and father of Charles B married Harriet Trissler and both passed their lives in Lancaster He died in 1856 They had the following children Samuel Benjamin Schaeffer Villiam Augustus Clara John Adam Lizzie Kate Harriet Maria Ella Emanuel and Charles B Charles B Keller was born Oct 20 1853 next door to the courthouse in East King street where his father then lived He was graduated from the Boys High School in 1868 with valedictory honors and graduated from Muhlenberg College in 1873 After being associated with his brother Villiam A in the manufacture of paper boxes in Philadelphia for a year Mr Keller became principal of the Strasburgr schools in 1874 remaining there ten years and raising the standard of the schools to a high grade During his stay in that town he graduated hundreds of young people and is held in grateful memory in that community In 1884 Mr Keller became engaged in the coal and lumber business at Ephrata where he remained ten years He was early identified with the Independent Telephone company an organization that gave to the people of Lancaster a much lower priced and far more satisfactory telephone service became superintendent of that company in July 1898 and by his energy and push brought the business to the very fore front in a brief period Mr Keller was elected recorder of deeds for Lancaster county Nov 6 1900 and on the first day of the following year entered upon the responsible duties of that position and his ability and integrity give every promise of a most successful and satisfactory administration of its affairs by the present incumbent On Sept 19 1884 Mr Keller was married to Miss Harriet Leche laughter of Lieut David H Leche 2d Pennsylvania Cavalry and this union has been blessed by the birth of three children Frederick Rowe who is now attending Franklin and Marshall College and Harriet and Helen Leche both at school Mr Keller is prominent in all the affairs of the city is a member of Grace Church and is an intelligent and conscientious gentleman Socially he belongs to the Masons the Elks and the Lodge of Perfection 

JOHN ADAM KELLER brother of Charles B was born Oct 29 1840 on the site of the Bank building in Center Square Lancaster obtained his education in the local school and completing that course of study went into the Fellanbaum Foundry where he spent two years three years he worked with NCF Scheer then connected himself with the Pennsylvania Railway Company being brakeman and extra conductor for five years At the end of that time entered the service of his country enlisting as a member of what afterward became the 17th PVI the close of his military experiences Mr Keller engaged in the truck business on the Lititz turnpike Five years later he sold out this business to partner Adam R Keller and opened a stand on East King street in which he was for four years He was then employed by DS Bursk In 1886 he became a clerk in the establishment of Walter A Heinitsh where he since remained Mr Keller married Miss Anna daughter of Patrick Carrigan of Philadelphia and they own occupy one of the handsomest modern dwellings East King street opposite the Lancaster prison Mr Keller is not only a great lover of flowers but is also a most successful floriculturist following the occupation however purely for pleasure The flower beds about his home are always the attractive in the city Vhen the park the Lancaster county prison was thrown open to public it was Mr Keller who suggested the big pond and superintended its construction." 

Biographical Annals of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 


Notes and Queries, Historical, Biographical and Genealogical, Relating Chiefly to Interior Pennsylvania, Volume 2
"KELLER JOHN PETER son of Charles Andrew Keller and Judith Barbara Bigler was born at Lancaster Penna September 28 1776.  His ancestor belonged to one of the oldest families in Switzerland and emigrated to America in 1735. John Peter learned the trade of a brass founder coming to Harrisburg in 1796 In 1801. he established himself in business as brass founder and ropemaker which proved successful and afterwards in general merchandising. He was a member of the borough council almost continuously from 1810 to 1824 and was quite prominent and influential in the public affairs of his day. He was identified with nearly all the early enterprises of the town such as the Harrisburg Bridge Company Harrisburg and Middletown Turnpike Company and at his death was the last survivor of the original board of directors of the Harrisburg Bank. He was a gentleman of thrift industry and indomitable energy upright honored and respected by his fellow citizens. He was no less decided and influential as a Christian being one of the founders of the Lutheran Church in Harrisburg He died at Harrisburg on the 1st of October 1859 in the 84th year of his age. Mr Keller was twice married His first wife was Catharine Schaeffer  daughter of Rev Frederick Schaeffer DD of Lancaster b Nov 6 1774 d Dec 19 1842 and by whom he had the following children Frederick George Rev Emanuel Eliza in James R Boyd Maria m Lewis L Plitt Catharine 1n James Gilliard John Peter Sophia m Thomas Montgomery William Frederick George Benjamin Peter Charles and Charles Andrew His second wife was Mrs Rachel Cochran widow of William Cochran formerly sheriff of the county who survived him thirteen years " 


Peter Keller of the borough of Lancaster...
situate on the east side of Queen St in Borough of Lancaster...
my son Andrew Keller...  said son Andrew (dwelling house and all the grounds)for the sum of four hundred pounds in specei of gold or silver coin..
Daughter Mary, wife of Edward Powell, the sum of fifty pounds...
Son Adam the sum of one hundred and sixteen pounds and thirteen shillings and four pence...
Grandaughter Mary Daughterman (one of the daughters of my deceased daughter Christina late wife of Frederick Daughterman) sum of twenty nine pounds three shillings and four pence..
Grandson Jacob Daughterman (a son of my said deceaded daughter Christina) sum of twenty nine pounds three shillings and four pence..
Grandaughter Susanna Daughterman one of the daugthers of my said deceased daughter Christina sum of twenty nine pounds three shillings and four pence..
Grandaughter Elizabeth Daughter man youngers daughte rof my said deceased daughter christina sum of twenty nine pounds three shillings and four pence..

I have hereto set my hand and seal the twenty second day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety one.  Peter Kehler
Will was proved November 8th 1803


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    John MILLER to Peter KEHLER, 1805, Lancaster Borough, Lanca ster County, Pennsylvania File contributed for use in USGen Web Archives by Romaine Stauffer.

    Quit C laim, Lancaster County Deed Book R-3-79; p. 79
    Written: 15 January 1805
    Recorded: 18 January 1805

    "John Miller to Peter Kehler...To all people to whom thes e presents shall come John Miller sole Executor of the las t Will and Testament of Peter Kehler late of the Borough o f Lancaster in the County of Lancaster and State of Pennsyl vania, Brassfounder deceased...."


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      Abbrev: Biographical and Genealogical Sketches from Central Pennsylvania
      Title: Biographical and Genealogical Sketches from Central Pennsyl vania Excerpted From Chronicles of Central Pennsylvania
      Author: Godcharles, Frederic A
      Publication: Volume IV: Personal and Family Histories
      New York
      Date: 29 Jan 2010
        Name: Ancestry

      Page: p. 502
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      Date: 29 Jan 2010
      Text: ...J. Frederick SENER married (first) Kate J. HAMILTON, nat ive of the county, and d/o Peter Hamilton. She was a descen dant of the early Andrew Hamilton, who laid out much of thi s city. There was one child of this marriage, Charles M, wh o died in his twelfth year.

      J. Frederick Sener married (second) in April of 1868, Eliza beth KELLER, native of Lancaster, and a descendant of earl y settlers in this part of the State. Her great-great-grand father, Johann Peter Keller, was a native of Germany, who c ame to the United States before 1760. He married Anna Maria , also a native of Germany, who died in Lancaster on Januar y 6, 1782, and they were the parents of two children:
      1. Carl Andrew, and
      2. Johann Adam, both born in Germany

      The former was b. on July 14, 1750, and died in 1805, marri ed Barbara BIGLER, who was born on August 9, 1755, and die d in 1831. They were the parents of ten children. The secon d of the children, Adam, who was born on September 28, 1776 , first member of Elizabeth (Keller) Sener's paternal lin e to be born in this country, married Elizabeth SCHAEFFER , b. in 1786, and they were the parents of a family of thir teen childfren. Second in the family was John Andrew Keller , father of Elizabeth (Keller) Sener. He married Hariett TR ESSLER, and they spent their entire lives in Lancaster.