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Johan Sebastian Truckenmiller 1715-1795

In 2012 Dan and I went on a hunt to locate this stone - which is in the back yard of a ranch style home, a few feet from their swingset.  It is very difficult to read, and yet it is still an impressive stone.

Johann Sebastian Truckenmiller
son of
Born August 1 1715
Died  1795
Married abt. 1740
Catherine Schambach
daughter of 
Speculation: "Sebastian was the husband of Catherine Schambach
daughter of Adolph Schambach & Anna Dorothea"
Born 1718
Died 1793

Elisabeth, Wife of Jacob Wetzel,
Margaret wife of Peter Klock, 
Catherine wife of Jochn Wetzel, 
 Eva wife of Peter Rothenberger

Ship John, Pink, & William
Constable Tymperton
"After leaving Rotterdam in the late spring or early summer of 1732, they passed first through Dover, England, and arrived in Philadelphia on October 17, 1732, Many of their shipmates had died at sea of illness and starvation, including the Vosselmann baby, Eva Elizabeth. It is noted that this ship apparently was delayed at sea, for it was the last of the ten immigrant ships to arrive in Philadelphia that fall. "
From The Brobst Family History

"The journey took and unprecedented 17 weeks to philadelphia, arriving 19 Oct 1732. The hardships endured are but briefly mentioned in the newspaper account of the ship's arrival in Philadelphia. What is unusual about the journey was the taking over of the ship by the passengers dissatisfied with the conditions, deaths by starvation and the length of the voyage. As a result of these conditions, 44 passengers died."
From the Rotter Family HIstory

There is an article somewhere (I should have it in my files!) about a problem aboard ship, and speculation on why Sebastian Truckenmiller is refereed to as "captain" Truckenmiller.  I'll add it when I find it.  A cousin speculates that perhaps after the voyage Sebastian may have spent a bit of time in jail for his part in the ships problems on the journey, he thinks there is too much time between when he arrives, and when he serves out his indenture.  (Note to self - find record of indenture)

signed as "Bastian Trookmuller" (top right)
This is a photocopy of the Oath of Allegiance signed by the adult male passengers of the Pink "John and William", Oct 17 1732.

Land Warrant

1771, Sebastian Appointed to
The General Committee of Observation & Inspection

The Will Of Sebastian Truckenmiller

Sebastian's Will, Written in German

 Original documents can be found at the County of Northampton Register of Wills Northampton County Government Center 669 Washington Street Easton Pennsylvania 18042-7485 number 1681. Actually there are two Wills in the Registers Office, one the original and one a copy. The copy was made, along with other Wills of that time, when the originals became faded. Will is written in German and contains Sebastian's signature. The Probate portion, including the Inventory, was written in English. Some portions could not be read due to the handwriting, so marked with A? for each word. Some portions could not be read because scotch tape was used to hold the Will together and with age obscured the writing, so marked with B? The Inventory was written in 'two columns on one page, the term "bring it over" marks the top of the second column. Amounts are recorded in pounds, shillings, pence. There are 12 pence to the shilling and 20 shillings to the pound. 

I choose to use the name Truckenmiller in both the Will and Probate however the Will uses the name Truckemiller. The two Truckenmiller signatures, Sebastian and Jacob, in the Will and Probate were not clear enough to differentiate between Truckenmiller and Truckemiller 
Will was written Oct. 21, 1793 
Sebastian died Feb. 01, 1795 
Inventory was performed Feb. 3, 1795 
will was probated Feb. 26, 1795 
Exhibited Aug. 24, 1795 
Settlement took place Mar. 12, 1801. 

As true inventory, of all goods, credits, and all effects, whatsoever, belonging to the Estate of Sebastian Truckenmiller, of Upper Milford Township County of Northampton, and State of Pennsylvania, Deceased: A? by the subscribers Michael Keinert and Rudolph Lorosch, this 3rd day of February Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and ninety five B? 
cash money 
1n pounds wittl interest in A? 
in pounds payable in termins A?, A? and bedsteads 
a Bible in folio 
a quantity of books 3 A? chest 
2 cows 
2 stove 
a SWlne 
3 chair 
a fire chair 
a craft and hand saw a broad ax and ctlisel press A?, and A? A? 
a broad ax, auger 
a spinning wheel 
a grubbing hoe 
a shock hay 
-2 hay fork 
a pitch fork and mattlock for wedge and iron 
a A? 
a pantry 
a wardrobe 
2 table and chairs 2 chisel and hammer a small cask 
for hogshead 
for barrel and small cask A? and pail 
a frying pan and other goods for iron pots 
a churn and other goods a iron pot 
3 pewter tankard for 5 pewter dish 16 pewter plates 

Last Will of Sebastian Truckenmiller 
In the name of God! Amen. I Sebastian Truckenmiller of Upper Milford Township, County of Northampton in the State of Pennsylvania at present I am blessed by the Lord with a high age but good and perfect thinking and a sane mind on this day which is the 21st day in October in the year of the Lord 1793. Herewith I write and publish my last Will and testament in the following manner: 
First, I commend my soul into the hands of our savior Jesus Christ, and my body may be buried in a Christian way and order according to the directions of my - herein - named executors. And I dispose of my worldly possessions with which the Lord has blessed me in this world as follows. Firstly, it is my w~sh and will that my eldest son George Truckenmiller shall have no advantage toward the other children, but all my other sons shall receive an equal part. And it is my will that my son- also George Truckenmiller, my son Valentine Truckenmiller, and my son Sebastian Truckenmiller, my son Jacob Truckenmiller - each of them shall receive 15 pounds in good gold or silver currency. And when this amount is subtracted from my remaining possessions, then it is my will that whatever is left is to .be divided into equal parts 
- to my son George or his legal heirs, 
- one part to my son Valentine or his legal heirs 
- one part to my daughter Elisabeth who is married to Jacob 
Wetzel, or her legal heirs 
- one part to my daughter Margaretha who is marri.ed to Peter Klock, or her legal heirs 
- one part to my daughter Catharia who is married to Johannes Wetzel, or her legal heirs 
- one part to my daughter Eva who is married to Peter Rotllenberger, or her legal heirs 
- an equal part to my son Sebastian or his legal heirs 
- one part to my son Jacob or his legal heirs 
And furthermore it is my will that after my death the above mentioned 15 pounds which my sons should receive are taken out against my daughters. But it is my will that none of my children can demand any interest for his part from the remainder of my possessions. This is valid From the eldest to the youngest. 
And starting again with the eldest child - it is my will that all my effects and books are not to be sold in a public sale (auction?) but should - as well as possible - be divided among my children. And furthermore it is my will that my son George Truckenmiller shall reside In the place which I bought for him, he shall reside there as long as he lives and then it shall be willed to his legal heirs. Furthermore, I appoint as my executors my dear son Jacob Truckenmiller and my friend David Strauss and give them Power of Attorney. 
After my death my estate is to be divided among my children in the above said manner and I herewith declare my will and Testament lawful As proof of that do I, the said Sebastian Truckenmiller - in presence of the witnesses called by me sign my last Will and Testament on the day and year as above mentioned 

(sign) Sebastian Truckenmiller 
Sealed and declared by the said Sebastian Truckenmiller as his last Will and Testament, In my presence. 
Jacob Bortz Frederick Frederick 

Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Sebastian Truckenmiller deceased Exhibited 24th August 1795 
The account of Jacob Truckenmiller and David Strauss executors of the last Will and Testament of Sebastian Truckenmiller, late of Upper Milford township in the County of Northampton. Yeoman deceased as well of all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits which were of the said deceased at the time of his death and which come into the hands and possession of the said accountants and their several payments and disbursements made out of the same A? 
The said accountants charge themselves with all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits of which were of the said deed specified and contained in an inventory and appraisement thereof exhibited into and remaining in the Registers Office and amounting to 829 pounds, 17 shillings, 9 pence 
item - The said accountants crave allowance several payments and disbursements made out #By cash for John Arndt case Reg. 
for letters A? 
#By A? The Register for examing filing this acct. copy and seal #By A? for stating the same 
for their of the same 

: 18: 9 7: 6 2: 8: 9 
By allowance to the accts. commissions #By A? on Recording 829 pounds, 
17 shillings, 9 pence A? 
#By A? on paying 2 pounds, 7 shillings, 9 pence A? 

Balance in the hands of the accts. 
0: 2: 7 41:12:7 44: 1:4 785:16:5 829:17:9 
On the 24 th day of August anno domini 1795 before me the subscriber one of the Justice of the Peace in and for the county of Northampton, came the within named Michael Keinert Rudolph Larosh X upon A? A? A? A? A? A? A? affirmation to declare and say that they appraised all things as it was brought before them to the best of their understanding 
Sworn before me the B? 

Northampton County on the 26th day of February in the year of our Lord 1795 before me John Arndt Register for the Probate of wills in the foresaid county personally came Jacob Bortz and Frederick Frederick the witness to the within written last Will and Testament of Sebastian Truckenmi11er deceased who being duly sworn did respectively depose and say ttlat they were present and did see and hear the said testator sign seal publish and declare the same as and for his last Will and Testament, and that at the doing thereof he the said testator was of sound mind memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge and belief and also that they these deponents subscribed their respective name and mark to the same as witnesses in the presence and at the request of the said testator and in the presence of each other witness my hand John Arndt Register 

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