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Huffnagle Line to Heather Sulouff

Johan Christian Hufnagle 1728-1793
Maria Elisabeth

Maria Christina Hufnagle 1758 - 
Frederick  Bingaman 1755-1845

Catherine Moyer 1786-1857

Julianna Bingaman

Mary Cordelia Smith 1850-1906

Dora Geise

Elizabeth Jane Witmer

Carl Lucion Sulouff


Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s about Johan Christian Hufnagle
Name: Johan Christian Hufnagle
Year: 1753
Place: Pennsylvania
Family Members: Relative Johan Christian
Source Publication Code: 4779.3
Primary Immigrant: Hufnagle, Frantz Henrich
Annotation: Date and port of arrival or date and place of naturalization.
Source Bibliography: LIVENGOOD, CANDY. "The 1786 Tax List for Hempfield Twp., South District, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania." In The Lost Palatine, no. 27 (1985), pp. 13-14, 14A.
Page: 14
1753 Edinburg (1)

[List 199 B, C] Edinburg
Captain: James Russel
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Portsmouth
Arrival: Philadelphia, 14 Sep 1753

John Christian & Frantz Heinrich came to America together. I have seen reference that Frantz was Christians uncle, but I have seen no proof, or records to indicate where this idea came from.

More on Frantz Huffnagle:

HUGNAGEL, FRANTZ Berks County, Pennsylvania
February 23, 1793 - March 8, 1793.
To John, son of Christian HUFNAGEL deceased, all wearing apparel and £20.
His brothers and sisters shall share equally the remainder of estate,
except carpenter tools to Frederick BINGEMAN.
Exr: Frederick BINGEMAN.
Wits: Frederick HUNTER and Daniel WENTZEL.

July 25, 1787 - August 27, 1787.
Non-cupative will.
All personal estate to be divided in four shares among brothers and sisters and the share of land left by his father should come to his mother Catharine HUFFNAGLE during life.
Exr: Daniel MESSERSCHMIDT of Reading.
Wits: Frederick HUNTER, Daniel BARTOLET and Frantz HUFFNAGEL.

January 10, 1783 - March 4, 1783. B - 71.
Provides for wife Mary.
To son Daniel, 1/2 of my land and plantation.
And the other 1/2 thereof to my son Frederick.
To daughter. Catarina £500, to be paid by sons.
Exrs to Rent out plantation until sons come of age.
If any or all of my children should die underage, I give the share of such children to John son of Balser GEEHR.
And in case none of them die I give him £50, when of age.
Exrs: friends Balser GEEHR and Nicholas HUNTER.
Wit: Frantz HUFFNAGEL, Jacob FRY.
(Mary the widow married Engle SHRADER).

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