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Yost Henry Bingaman 1782-1832

Yost Henry Bingaman
son of Frederick & Maria Christina (Hufnagle) Bingaman
Born Oct 17 1782
Died Nov 13 1832
Married July 31, 1804
Catherine Moyer
Born April 9 1786 
Died May 2 1857

Buried in Troxelville Union Cemetery

(at least 10 children, names cound on pg 243 Vol 1 of the Snyder County Annals)
Jacob  Bingaman 1806 – 1881
Catherine Bingaman 1808 – 1872
Frederick Bingaman 1810 – 1848
Rachel Bingaman 1811 – 1831
Yost Henry Bingaman 1812 – 1889
Daniel Bingaman 1814 – 1860
Mary Bingaman 1815 – 1864
Orlando (Roland) Bingaman 1818 – 1900
Hannah Bingaman 1818 – 
Harriet Bingaman 1818 – 1870
Washington Bingaman 1818 – 
Juliana Bingaman 1824 – 1887 M. Samuel Smith

Bet. 1812–1814
Capt. Ner Middleswarth's Co., War of 1812

U.S., War of 1812 Service Records, 1812-1815 about Henry Bingaman
Name: Henry Bingaman
Rank - Induction: PRIVATE
Rank - Discharge: PRIVATE
Roll Box: 17
Microfilm Publication: M602

Bet. 1810–1820
Ruscomb Manor, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA 

1830 Age: 48
Beaver, Union, Pennsylvania, USA 

1832  Age: 50
13 Nov Death
Adams, Snyder, Pennsylvania, USA 

The parents of Yost were Frederick BINGAMAN, b. 15 Jan 1755, d. 30 Oct
1845. He married Maria Christina HUFNAGLE on 6 Apr 1779. She was b. 3 May
1758, d. 12 Apr 1818. They too are buried in the Troxelville Union Cemetery.

Catherine married Engel Schrader within three years of the Nov. 13, 1832 death of her first husband, Yost Henry Bingaman.


In an autographic record in my possession, Frederick Bingaman tells us that in 1754 his father, Johan Jost Bingaman and wife, Juliana, whose maiden name was Ort, came from Germany "aus der Wetteran" to America. 

In Rupp's "Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants" I find the name of J. Jost Bingaman in a list of passengers who came over in ship Edinborough. James Russel, Master, from Rotterdam, and landed in Philadelphia Sept. 30, 1754. Those people came from the Palatinate and Wurtenburg, in southern Germany. Frederick Bingaman says "I was born in Istum, County Jan. 15, 1755" (I know of no such county). His father, Johan Jost, died in July 1755 Where his father died and is buried, and what became of his mother I do not know. 

At the time when the first U. S. census was taken in 1790, a Frederick Bingaman and family lived in Ruscomb Manor township, Berks Co. This Fred had then one son over 16 years old, two sons under 16 and two daughters. 

Frederick Bingaman who came to Snyder Co., says that on April 6, 1779 he married Maria Christina Hufnagle, who was born May 3, 1758. She was a daughter of Johan Christian Hufnagle and her mother's name was Maria Elizabeth. 

In the list of residents of Ruscomb twp., Berks Co., of the census of 1790 I find Christian Hufnagle and family of three sons over 16 years, two under 16, and two daughters. Again I find a Henry Swartz and family in this same township of Ruscomb. I will let the reader decide whether this Fred. Bingaman, of Ruscomb Twp., is the one who came from Berks Co. to Snyder County afterward and became the father of the large family by that name. 

That Frederick Bingaman, of Adams township, came here from Berks there is no doubt. Those who knew, said that he was a soldier in the American Revolution and fought in the battle on the Brandywine. 

He and his wife had 12 children, 6 sons and 6 daughters. How many of these children they brought with them to Snyder County, I do not know. He must have come after 1794, because we know that his son, Henry came with him and he was born in 1794. 

Fred Bingaman's wife died Apr. 12, 1818 and was buried on the 14th in the cemetery of St. Heinrich's Church, Rev. Gerhart officiating. The text of the funeral sermon was "Kom, Sterblicher, betrachte mich." 

Father Bingaman died in Adams township Oct. 30, 1845, aged 90 yrs., 11 months and 9 days, and is buried in St. Henry's cemetery. He must have had a second wife, since he calls Maria C. Hufnagle his "first" wife. Of this large family of children, of which at least nine lived after 1818, I know only one, namely: 

Henry Bingaman born 1794 and died 1861. Henry married Christina Moyer, born 1797. Her son, Jacob, says she was born in Northumberland County. It would be interesting to know just where she was born. She may have been born in Snyder County for all that, since Snyder County was a part of Northumberland County in 1797. Henry was a soldier of the war of 1812. This data I have from "Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys "Vol. II p. 1582. Henry Bingaman had the following children: Yost; John Frederick, married to Susan Partch; Isabelle, married to Jacob Neidich; Christiana, married to Elias R. Swartz (see Swartz family) , Jacob, married Catherine Fetterolf, (see Fetterolf family) ; Elizabeth, married Abraham Hufnagle; Gutelda, married William Swengel; Mary Ann, married William Wagner; Amanda married Henry Middleswarth, of Kansas. 

Of these children I know none bin Jacob and Christiana. Jacob Bingaman was born 1826 and died 1897, was born one mile east of Troxelville on the farm now (1918) owned by his son, John Fred Bingaman, which farm was his father Henry's while he lived. Jacob tilled the same land until a few years before he died, when John F. Bingaman, the present owner bought it. Dec. 23, 1852 Jacob Bingaman, married Catherine Fetterolf, daughter of Peter Fetterolf and grand daughter of Henry Swartz. 

Jacob and Catherine Bingaman had the following children: Elizabeth born 1856 married Ner M. Middleswarth whose children are, John S., Prudie E., Charles J., Sarah C., William; (2) D. Jacob Bingaman born 1869, married Alice A. Middleswarth who have children: Verdie G., married Fùltz; Jacob C., Charles E., Cottie, Hazel, Merrill and Lucinda. (3) Savilla Christina born 1863, married 1880 to Dr. J. C. Shuman, has two children, Mabel Patti, married Daniel Thomas. Mabel has three children, Robert C., Marjorie A. and Lester G. ; Cottie Pruella Shuman, born March 30, 1886. (4) Anna C., born 1865 and died 1883. (5) John Frederick Bingaman born 1868 and married Fanny Berge. (6) Ida C., born 1870 married to Mr. Walter. 

(Source: Snyder County Annals, Vol. 1, Compiled by Geo. W, Wagenseller, A. M., Litt. M. Assisted by Miss Clara R. Winey; Published by The Middleburgh Post, Middleburgh, Pa., 1919.)

Children of Catherine MOYER and Yost Heinrich BINGAMAN are:
   i. Frederick BINGAMAN was born BEF 1806, and died BET 26 JUN 1848 AND 3 AUG 1848. He married Susanna HOFF ABT 1828 in Ruscomb Manor Twp., Berks Co., PA. She was born ABT 1805.
   ii. Jacob BINGAMAN was born 6 OCT 1806 in Pennsylvania, and died 7 AUG 1881. He married Mary SWARTZ \ SCHWARTZ. She was born 18 DEC 1817, and died 27 AUG 1891.
   iii. Catherine BINGAMAN was born 25 JUN 1808 in Berks Co., PA, and died 29 MAR 1872. She married John "Tanner" MOYER BEF DEC 1835. He was born 10 FEB 1802 in Northumberland Co. (now Snyder Co.), PA, and died 19 JUN 1885.
   iv. Rachel BINGAMAN was born BEF 1811, and died ABT NOV 1831. She married Jacob HOCH. He was born 1803.
2.  v. Yost Henry BINGAMAN was born 25 FEB 1812, and died 24 OCT 1889. He married Hannah HOCH. She was born 28 MAR 1813, and died 14 DEC 1889.
   vi. Daniel BINGAMAN was born ABT 1813, and died BET MAY 1861 AND MAR 1865. He married Margaret ?????. She was born ABT 1812, and died BEF MAY 1861. He married Susan REARICH 26 MAY 1861. She was born 22 JUN 1825 in Pennsylvania, and died 11 JAN 1877.
   vii. Mary (Maria) BINGAMAN was born 1815, and died 1864. She married Jacob HOCH AFT 1831. He was born 1803.
   viii. Orlando (Roland) BINGAMAN was born ABT 1817, and died BEF 1 JAN 1891. He married Elizabeth OLEY \ ALEY. She was born JAN 1825 in Pennsylvania.
   ix. Harriet B. BINGAMAN was born ABT 1819 in Pennsylvania. She married Frederick SWARTZ BEF AUG 1858. He was born JUN 1817 in Pennsylvania.
   x. Washington BINGAMAN was born AFT DEC 1818, and died BEF APR 1849. He married Catharine SMITH. She was born ABT 1828.
   xi. Juliann (Julia) BINGAMAN was born 1824, and died 1887. She married Samuel SMITH 25 MAR 1845. He was born 1820, and died 1887.
   xii. Hanna BINGAMAN was born 10 MAR 1826, and died 25 JAN 1833.


8. Frederick BINGAMAN was born 15 JAN 1755 in Berks Co., PA, and died 30 OCT 1845 in Adams Twp., Union Co. (now Snyder Co.), PA. He was buried in Troxelville, Adams Twp., Snyder Co., PA.
9. Maria Christianna HUFFNAGLE was born 3 MAY 1758, and died 12 APR 1818 in Adams Twp., Snyder Co., PA. She was buried 14 APR 1818 in Troxelville, Adams Twp., Snyder Co., PA.
Children of Maria Christianna HUFFNAGLE and Frederick BINGAMAN are:
   i. Christian BINGAMAN was born 6 JAN 1780 in Berks Co., PA, and died 10 MAY 1847. He married Elizabeth ????? 27 OCT 1806 in Schwarzwald Reformed Church, Exeter Twp., Berks Co., PA. She was born ABT 1786, and died NOV 1881.
4.  ii. Yost Heinrich BINGAMAN was born 18 OCT 1782 in Berks Co., PA, and died 13 NOV 1832. He married Catherine MOYER. She was born 9 APR 1786 in Snyder Co., PA, and died 2 MAY 1857.
   iii. John BINGAMAN was born 26 DEC 1784 in Berks Co., PA, and died 7 JAN 1788 in Berks Co., PA.
   iv. Elizabetha BINGAMAN was born 10 APR 1787 in Berks Co., PA, and died 19 JAN 1788 in Berks Co., PA.
   v. Hannah BINGAMAN was born 10 FEB 1789 in Berks Co., PA, and died 3 DEC 1869. She married Christian HUFFNAGLE 11 FEB 1811. He was born 1 MAY 1787 in Snyder Co., PA, and died 25 JUL 1826.
   vi. Juliana (or Julianna) BINGAMAN was born 9 NOV 1790 in Ruscomb Manor Twp., Berks Co., PA, and died 7 OCT 1852 in Union Co., PA. She married Henry RIEGEL. He was born 1789.
   vii. John BINGAMAN was born 14 OCT 1792 in Berks Co., PA, and died 10 AUG 1874 in Beaver Twp., Snyder Co., PA. He married Hannah GRIMM 7 MAY 1814. She was born 7 FEB 1792, and died 25 MAR 1864. He married Elizabeth ????? BEF 7 APR 1865. She was born 28 AUG 1806, and died 13 SEP 1890.
   viii. Henry BINGMAN was born 4 AUG 1794 in Berks Co., PA, and died 18 SEP 1861. He married Christina MOYER. She was born 14 SEP 1797 in Northumberland Co. (now Snyder Co.), PA, and died 1 FEB 1866.
   ix. Peter BINGMAN was born 21 OCT 1795 OR 23 NOV 1795, and died 1 FEB 1877 in Snyder Co., PA. He married Catherine ????? BEF 1847. She was born 28 MAR 1796 in Snyder Co., PA, and died 14 JAN 1847. He married Susanna HOFF AFT 1848. She was born ABT 1805.
   x. Catherine BINGAMAN was born 31 JAN 1798 in Berks Co., PA, and died 29 JUL 1886 in Centre Twp., Snyder Co., PA. She married John RIEGLE ABT 1819 in Union Co., PA. He was born 11 MAY 1796 in Berks Co., PA, and died ABT 1868 in Centre Twp., Snyder Co., PA.
   xi. Maria Elizabeth BINGAMAN was born 11 MAR 1800 in Snyder Co., PA, and died 24 MAR 1856. She married George SWARTZ. He was born 13 NOV 1795, and died 7 FEB 1873.
   xii. (Daughter #6) BINGAMAN.


  1. I am related through Jacob, son of Yost Henry, and grndson of Frederick. I lived in Germany and recently visited Fußgönheim, Germany....hometown of Johann Jost Bingman, Frederick's father. Village is thousand yrs old, but still small. I found Bingeman graves there. I have photos and more info if anyone interested.

    1. Damien,

      My name is David Cole and I live in Lancaster County PA. Recently I have been trying to help my wife find more information about her family history and have stumbled upon this page. She too is related through Jacob Bingaman I have come to find out. It would have gone Johan - Frederick - Yost Henry - Jacob - William Henry - George Washington Bingaman - Stewart Bingaman - Virginia Bingaman who married Ruben Swords who were my wife's grandparents. It is very interesting that the Bingaman's settled in the Union County PA area so long ago and my wife still has family there now. I am sure my wife would be very interested in what information you may have, if you would be inclined to share. Thank you.