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Robert James Confer 1913-1971

Robert James Confer 1913-1971
aka "Bob the farmer"
Freda Francis Aikey 1925-2005

Local farmers organize to benefit Evangelical Community Hospital 
Dance Hall Road – East Chillisquaque Township – Northumberland County
June 1952
From left:  Earl Walters, Charles Mathias, Charles Bergenstock, unidentified, Bob Confer and others.

1920 Census
Name: Robert J Confer
Age: 6
Birth Year: abt 1914
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1920: Gearhart, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Son
Marital Status: Single
Father's Name: Jacob W Confer
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's name: Fancis M Confer
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
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Household Members:
Name Age
Jacob W Confer 43
Fancis M Confer 40
Louisa L Confer 14
Ellsworth R Confer 11
Walter W Confer 9
Robert J Confer 6
Roland J Confer 3
Harold L Confer 0

1930 Census

Name: Robert J Confer
Birth Year: abt 1915
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1930: Anthony, Lycoming, Pennsylvania
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Relation to Head of House: Lodger
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Household Members:
Name Age
Lloyd M Cohick 42
Sarah E Cohick 25
Clair R Cohick 8
Kathrine A Cohick 6
Clavin F Cohick 4 4/12
William Cohick 72
Robert J Confer 15

An arial view of the farm, before the house was torn down and the new house was built. Below, Bob is building the new house - 

June, Bob, Unknown

Bob died in an accident at Philco Ford.  

Death Certificate - 
 Mother Frances M. Forney
Father Jacob W. Confer
Wife Freda Frances Aikey
Cause of death - "cessation of bodily functions due to electrocution"

Notes from June (Confer) Lewis:
These are misc notes my mom had written down years ago.  I'm typing the dates as they are written here, but probably do have better dates already in my gedcom.  "Daddy" would be my grandfather, Robert James Confer, usually referred to as Bob or Bob The Farmer.
Father- Jacob Wellington Confer
Mother- Francis Marion Forney
(these would be my great grandparents)
Jacob from Jerseytown and Strawberry Ridge Area.  Franci from Danville - worked in big  hotel in Danville by Riverside Bridge.
Louise Lucinda 1904?
Ellsworth Raelson 1907?  AKA - "Joe"
Walter Wellington 1910? AKA "Spike"
Robert James 1913- 1971 AKA "Bob"
Jacob Rawlen 1916 AKA "Jack"
Harold Larue January 1919 AKA "Pete"
Uncle Spike, Uncle Jack (Screechy). Uncle Joe all drove truck.  
Uncle Pete - MOS in service for cooking and baking and  medic After service- railroad, carpenter, (Milton and Lewisburg Schools, Shamokin Dam PP&L), Bethlehem Steel and wire rope in williamsport, retired from Milton Manufacturing
Daddy custom farming for T.P. Hiland, John Koch, ? Shipman, ? Columbia.  logging and lumbering, state highway, Philco (Zenith)
Daddy (Bob) and Uncle Spike has bad cases of the flu in the 1920's, bedridden for some time,almost died, Daddy developed mastoid behind ear, hadit removed, scar.
Grandpap (Jacob) was married twice.  First time for about six weeks,  wife would not leave home so divorced her.
Grampap (Jacob) had one sister - Laura, married a karns, had two children, one died after falling off a wagon onto a pitchfork, other names Carlton Karns, possibly still living - then she married a Parks, no children.  Laura lost her hand or arm somehow.  Grampap had three brothers - George, Charles, Monty
Daddy's   (Bob's) sister Louise was married three times.  George Zigler, George Heddings, George Reichenbach.  No Children.
Bruce Beaver was a friend of Daddy's (Bob).  Went to hunting camp, owned Sharp's (Hasselhoff) farm.
Uncle Pete  (Harold Larue) had his picture taken with John Wayne in New Guinea while inthe service.

Notes from Mary (Confer) Shaffer:
My Father lived at home with Parent`s , Got married and stayed there to care for his sick Mother. After hed Death my parents moved to Dewart Pa. and Farmed a farm along the river rasing tomatoes and potatoes. They then moved to A red brick house on the Montandon side of covered bridge and did custom farming. Uncle Pete and Aunt Mary Louise lived with us for a while after returning from service.We then moved across the covered to the other side and lived in the red brick house back the lane on left side.(Most recent owner was Homer and Beverly Snyder) Dad did farming for Oakley Simington and O.P.Van Kerk. He then bought house in Milton R.D. where he lived until his death. He farmed this farm and worked at Faylor Lime and Stone Winfield Pa. for a while and helped build the road between Norry and Danville doing dinamite work to clear the mountian away for road. Thenwent to work for Philco Ford Watsontown Pa. Where he was Electricuted on job. Grandpa Jacob lived with us until a few months berore his passing in the nursing home.

Misc Notes from Freda F. (Aikey) Confer:
"Brother came back from the war and had nowhere to live so he lived with us."

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  1. I think Bob's brother Charles may be my grandfather my name is Charles Leonard confer||| from Santa Cruz cal