Friday, January 25, 2013

Our Kurtz Line through Nina Lumbard

This paper was in the files of Howard Scharf.  I'm posting it here, but I'm not sure it's accurate - I'm having trouble making any progress on this line.

This oral history, written down by Howard, I cannot verify.  I have more information on it here:
John Nichols Kurtz came to Philadelphia from Halle University in Germany about 1745. When Mulenburg came to Pa. to look after the German Lutherans he found them scattered and without ministers, so he sent to Halle and asked for teachers. John Nichols Kurtz was one of those teachers. The school that Mulenburg founded in Philadelphia later became Mt. ariy Seminary.

Benjamin Kurtz, a descendent of John Nichols Kurtz, taught at Gettysburg, but he wanted to establish a different kind of school, so he came to Selinsgrove from his Missionary Institute, grew Susquehanna University. He was a bachelor and brought his sister to Selinsgrove to keep house for him. She became the wife of Scharf and the mother of Grandmother Lumbard.  (As near as I can tell, we are descended not from John Nicholas Kurtz sister, but from his brother.  His younger brother John William also came to America and worked with John Nicholas.  From what I can tell, John William is the father of Henry Goehering, and this is our line.)

There are Kurtz's in Virginia. When my mother was young she used to visit them and I even remember her getting letters from Virginia. There are also some living in York County, Pa. The name is still famous in the Lutheran Church and I sometimes see it in our church paper.


Johann George Kurtz
Anna Katharina Bender

Rev. Johann Willhelm Kurtz
Regina Witman

John William Kurtz
Anna Maria Keller

Henry Goehring Kurtz
Sarah Bauman

Ann Elizabeth Kurtz
Joseph D. Scharf

Sarah Scharf

Joseph A. Lumbard


Nina Ridge

Nina Lumbard
Carl Sulouff


Daniel Ward Truckenmiller

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Source Information North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000 [database on-line].
Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2016.

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