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Johan Mathias Bruch 1709-1797

Heather's 7th great grandfather, Paternal Line

Johan Mathias Bruch
son of
Born 12 February 1709 Palantine, Germany
Died 28 May 1797 Northampton, PA
Anna Barbara Catherine Freyermuth
daughter of
Born September 
Died September 

Michael Bruch 1745 -  m. Maria Elizabeth Mumbauer
Johannes Bruch 1752 – 

Time Line:

1709 - Matthias Born
14 Feb
Palatinate, Germany or Rhineland, Preussen, Germany

1736 - Arrival
1 Sep
Age: 27
Name: Johan Mathias Bruch, Ship: HARLE Captain: RALPH HARLE Place: ROTTERDAM Date: SEPT. 1, 1736

Ships passenger list is below, under research.

"I have come across 3 various potential origins for Johann Mathias Bruch. 1. Dusseldorf, as mentioned in a follow up posting on the ISTG Vol 4 Ship Harle webpage. (above) 2. Rubenstein, Saarland which my family has always believed, and which I have heard rumored is mentioned in the LDS archives 3. Leistadt, Rheinland-Pfalz (on the east of, and close to, the Saarland), documented in the book "Matthias Bruch; His Life and Times" by John-Richard Cedric Pugh Of the three, #3 seems to me to be the best documented and the most plausible, but as usual, nothing is certain. There were two Johann Mathias Bruch documented as having been baptized at about the same time: one in Dusseldorf as being baptized in the Catholic Church and one in Leistad documented as having been baptized in a protestant (Evangelical Lutheran?) church's Kirchenbuch (Church Record). The Johann Mathias Bruch in PA was definitely Protestant. And on the Harle were many people documented from Leistad - emigrants often travelled in groups from the same town. And Johann Bruch documentation in Leistad records end shortly before his documentation begins in the future US."

1736 - Residence
Age: 27
Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA

Name: Johan Mathias Bruch
State: PA
County: Philadelphia County
Township: Philadelphia
Year: 1736

Database: PA Early Census Index

1742 Sponsors for Baptism of Johann Anton Riesser
Congregation of Williams Township, Church Records
Page Child Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
Page 6 Johann Anton Riesser Oct 10,1742 Bap 10/17/1742 Peter Riesser and w. Anna Margaretha Matheus Bruch and W. Anna Barbara

1744 - Marriage to Anna Barbara
Age: 35
Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States
I think this is incorrect, since they appeared in the Williams TWP Church records as sponsors 2 years prior 

1757 - Daughter Susanna Catherine Bruch Baptized
Tohicken Reformed Records Page 87
Parents - Mathia Bruch & Anna Barbara
Child - Susanna Catherine
Born  September 5
Baptized October  1757

Witnesses - Jacob Best & Wife

Name: Matthias Bruch
Description: Father
Event: Baptism

Church: Records of Tohickon Union Reformed Church, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1744-1801

1767 Sponsors for Baptism of Jacob Rieser
Page 86 Jacob Rieser Sept 12, 1767 Oct 16, 1767 Adam Rieser and his wife Margaretha Matthew Brug and his wife Barbara

1773 Sponsors for Baptism of Elizabeth Miller
Congregation of Williams Township, Church Records
Page Child Born Baptized Parents Sponsors
Page 23 Elisabeth Miller May 22, 1773 May 31, 1773 Henrich and w. Susanna Margareth Mathias Bruch and W. Anna Barbara

1776 Sponsors for Baptism of Elizabeth Herzel

page 96 Elizabeth Herzel Oct 6, 1776 Nov 17, 1776 Christian Herzel and Ann Maria Mattias Burch et Anna Barbara ejus exor

1781 - Residence
Age: 72
Williams, Northampton, Pennsylvania

1784 - Godparents for Anna Barbara Lattig
Some of the First Settlers of The Forks of the Delaware and Their Descendants
Mathias & Anna Barbara Bruch, uxor ejus
Godparents for Anna Barbara 26 March 1784 Eodem die.
Daughter of Peter Lattig & Elisabetha

1785 Sponsors for Baptism of Susanna Muller
Congregation of Williams Township, Church Records
Page Child Born Baptized Parents Sponsors

Page 33 Susanna Muller Aug 14, 1785 Nov 6, 1785 Johann Muller and Barbara Mattheus Brug and Barbara

1797 - Death
28 May
Age: 88
Northampton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States
Age: 88

May 30, 1797, buried in Williams Township, Mattias Bruch Aged 88 Years 3 months and 16 days

30 Apr
Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania

Age: 88

Name: Mathias Bruch
Birth Date: abt 1709
Event Type: Burial
Death Date: abt 1797
Age at Death: 88
Burial Date: 30 Apr 1797
Burial Place: Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA
Denomination: United Church of Christ

Organization Name: First United Church of Christ Easton


Rotterdam, Netherlands via Cowes, England to Philadelphia 1 September 1736

Ship: Harle, of London.Ralph Harle, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes. At the Court house of Philadelphia, 1 Sept. 1736, one hundred fifty one Foreigners from the Palatinate and other places, who, with their families, making in all three hundred eighty-eight persons were imported here and qualified.
1 Frans Hackert
2 Johannes Van Laaschet
3 Johannes Petrus Van Laaschet
4 Christian Van Laaschet
5 Johannes Kirkt
6 Johan Philip Wick
7 Johan Philip Wergonner
Abraham Tegast
9 Johannes Hannewald
10 Johannes Lorentz
11 Abraham Tirgartz
12 Jacob Kemlie
13 Johan Valentine Fokt
14 Johan Mathias Fokt
15 Johan Daniel Braunn
16 Johan Michael Crowel
17 George Nicolas Sysloof
18 Johan Baltzer Sysloof
19 Johannes Schnieder
20 Johannes Zacharias
21 Nicolas Melchior
22 Baltzer Stephanns
23 Johan Lutwig Wyker
24 Johan Henrich Brunner
25 Abraham Appler
26 Johan Jorig Basil
27 Ludwig Camerer
28 Johannes Michael Weygall
29 Laborious Merschottz
30 Christian Schricak
31 Conrad Frankberger
32 Johannes Brosinger
33 Daniel Meyer
34 Johannes Rossman
35 Johannes Hess
36 Christof Windematt
37 Yorig Sysloof
38 Wilhelm Hetterling
39 Daniel Nargar
40 Johan Peter Nagar
41 Nicolas Traber
42 Michael Dom
43 Johan Christopher Treber
44 Carl Kern
45 Nicolas Rebell
46 Johan Jorig Jaky
47 Jacob Amandus
48 Andreas Yokam
49 Leonhart Cranbach
50 Emcent Shadlin
51 Jacob Hofstedler
52 Jacob Eyser
53 Johannes Rubell
54 Friedrick Bregell
55 Jacob Jeyser
56 Aaron Cook
57 Friedrick Minhart
58 Rudolph Hackmann
59 Jacob Fellman
60 Jacob Sonday
61 Cornelius Weygandt
62 Abraham Snider
63 Nicolas Lang
64 Adam Boher
65 Ludwig Lay
66 Christian Erb
67 Johan Jorig Wintermont
68 Peter Heironimous
69 Peter Rentsh
70 Hans Melchior Byer
71 Andreas Nargang
72 Johannes Butler
73 Clemens Stout Ceeker
74 Mathias Speck
75 Derrick Mart
76 Hans Jacob Woyl
77 Johan Wilhelm Speck
78 Peter Stoutbecker
79 Henrich Garhart
80 Andreas Brimm
81 Johan Jacob Tonaspeck
82 Andreas Haillman
83 Johan Mathias Bruch
84 Hans Peter Fegelin
85 Hans Jorig Mien
86 Paulus Brunner
87 Johan Jorig Vanbott
88 Johannes Jorig Shirtler
89 Johannes Conrad Grim
90 Christian Landes
91 Michael Linder
92 Thomas Hummel
93 Andreas Gross
94 Johan Adam Shans
95 Leongart Yeager
96 Zacharias Sekler
97 Johan Valentine Schere
98 Peter Roop
99 Michael Noll
100 Isaac Adolph Delb
101 Johan Jacob Christler
102 Johannes Mayer
103 Nicolas Anger
104 Casper Meyer
105 Lutwig Meyer
106 Casper Stelling
107 Christian Stukly
108 Johan Jacob Nuss
109 Dewalt Beyer
110 Hans Conrats Bab
111 Johannes Brunb
112 Matthias Dick
113 Henrich Wolgamot
114 Abraham Wolgamot
115 Joseph Wolgamot
116 Jorig Adam Warner
117 Christian Suder
118 Johannes Gerber
119 Jonadan Heger
120 Matthias Reser
121 Jacob Cuntz122 Jacob Hollinger
123 Jacob Ledtreman
124 Jacob Kochnour
125 Herman Crott
126 Johan Philip Mentz
127 Henrich Wydebach
128 Casper Coppersmidt
129 Johannes Frandeberger
130 Andreas Frank
131 Adam Vampull
132 Johan Peter Vampull
133 Hans Jorig Hantwerg
134 Johannes Fuchs
135 Godfriedt Grill
136 Johannes Rotroke
137 Johan Jacob Paalt
138 Johan Jacob Zyderman
139 Nicolas Post
140 Henrich Dubbs
141 Andreas Cratz
142 Jacob Libhart
143 Valentine Noy
144 Johan Adam Honanschell
145 Jorig Mich Freidrich
146 Johan Albrecht Sigle
147 Johan Peter Marstiller
148 Johan Jorig Lonarb
149 Christopher Rudolph


 Matthias  Bruch; His Life and Times” by John-Richard Cedric Prugh

1. Mattheus Bruch b. 1670 in vicintitty of Katzweiler, moved to Leistadt– abt 1716 m. Anna Catharina Freiermuth (Footnote 1) Matheus died sometime between 1708 and 1716
2. Johann  Matthias  Bruch b. 1708 in Leistadt; d. 1797 in Williams Township PA, m. abt 1741 in PA to Anna Barbara (Riesser?) b. 1714 – d. 1794 (footnote 1)
3. Their son: Michael Bruch 1745 - ? m. Maria Elizabeth ? (footnote 3)
4. Their son: Johann Georg Bruch 1773-1846 m. Anna Barbara Rebscher 1780-1838,
His book does not go into further generations

Others have posited a lineage with slight variations at items 3 & 4 per his email below

1. Does not speak re earlier generations
2. Johann  Matthias  Bruch 1709-1797 m. Anna Barbara ?,
3. Their son: John Geo Bruch 1746-1829 m. Anna Catherine ? (footnote 3)
4. Their son: John Geo Bruch II 1773-1846 m. Anna Barbara Rebsher 1780-1838,
5. Their son: Geo Bruch 1812-1886 m. Sophia McEnterfer
6. Their son: William Bruch 1847 m. Mary Jane Sellers
7. Their son: Emro Clinton Bruch m. Jessie Hyatt, w 5 children.

My footnotes:
All ibids in the footnotes refer to the book “ Matthias  Bruch; His Life and Times” by John-Richard Cedric Prugh

Footnote 1: John Richard Cedric Prugh lists Anna Catharina Freiermuth as Johanne Mattthias’s mother and lists his wife as Anna Barbara (possibly Reisser) instead of how Cathryn lists his wife. In addition, he list Mathias’s birth date as 1708.

Footnote 2: John Richard Cedric Prugh lists Maria Elizabeth as Michael’s wife (ibid. p.38 ) instead of Maria Elisabeth Mumbauer per Cathryn

Footnote 3: John Richard Cedric Prugh refers to this John George often being confused with his cousin of the same name, ibid. p. 42

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