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Jacob Bauman 1752 – 1829


Jacob Bauman
Born: Feb 1 1752 in Germany
Died: Mar 16 1829 in Pennyslvania
Susanna Catharine Bruch 
Born: Feb. 3, 1758
Died: Dec. 2, 1827

Jacob Baumann, Jr 1777 – 1859
Samuel Bowman 1779 – 1856
John Bowman 1780 – 1859
Elizabeth Bauman 1782 – 1829
Susanna Bowman 1787 – 1865
Maria Baumann 1788 – 1846 m. Clark
Catherine Bowman 1790 – 1804
Sarah "Sally" Bowman 1795 – 1884 m. Peter Renninger
Henry Baumann 1798 – 1860
George Bowman 1808 – 1866

Time Line:

Born in Germany

1793  - Age 41
Daughter Hannah was baptized at Himmel's Church in Washington Twp. Nor. Co.

1797 - Age 45
On 24 Jan 1797 Jacob Bauman, farmer of Mahanoy Twp. Nor, Co. Pa. purchased 164 acres of land from William Reaser of Bethel Twp. Dauphin Co. He paid 75 pounds. Witnesses were John Bickel and Louis Kreider. The tract was named "Friendship". It had originally been warranted on 01 Mar 1774 to Jacob Albert. It was "over the Blue Mountains on a a branch of Mahantonga Creek" and it abuted the lands of Jacob Stauch and John Herter. The deed was recorded 28 Feb 1811.

1800 - Age 48
1800 Census Jacob Bauman Northumberland Co. Pa. 703 10301-42110

1805 - Age 53
In 1805 when Conrad Weiser, descendant of the first Conrad Weiser, died, his son, Frederick, was appointed executor of his will and Jacob Bauman gave bond with Peter Weiser. In 1800 Jacob Bauman was a witness to the will of John Harter, a neighbor.

1811 - Age 59
 Jacob Bauman,Senior, warranted, surveyed and patented land in Upper Mahanoy Twp. Nor. Co. Pa. Warranted 30 Oct 1810. 160 acres/ Surveyed 26 Dec 1810 and 157 acres and 69 perches were patented to Jacob Bauman on 20 May 1811. The tract was called "Wheatfield". Warrant #1234 

1817 - Age 65
About 1817 several of Jacob's children and their families went to Stark Co. Ohio. Jacob, Jr., Samuel, Jacob Clark and Peter Rettinger bought land there and stayed. John Bauman, John Clark and Samuel Geise went to Ohio but later returned to Pennsylvania. A Jacob Bauman was on the tax list of Stark Co. Ohio in 1810.

1829 - Age 77

 02 Jan 1829
He wrote his will, which was proved 30 Mar 1829.
 Abraham Trautman and Jacob Trautman were witnesses.
 His sons, John and Henry, and his son-in-law Peter Rettinger were appointed executors. John renounced his right to serve by signing with an X. 
The will was written in German.

Noorthumberland CO. PA.
January 1, 1829

IN THE NAME OF GOD, Amen. 1, Jacob Bauman of Upper Mahony Township,
Northumberland County, in the State of Pennsylvania, am weak and sick,
but still retain my memory and reason, but when I contemplated the uncertainty of life
and the certainity of death, I concluded I would make my Last Will and Testament
as follows, viz:

In the first place, I commit my soul into the hands of my God, who gave it and
my body to the earth, which I wish to have buried in a Christian manner.
And as regards my worldly possessions which God has been pleased to give me,
I bequeath as follows:
I give and grant unto my son Henry,
the plantation upon which I now reside which contains
one hundred and thirty-one (13I) and ninety-eight (98) rods,
with allowances with all that is thereon erected and building and the
two young horses,
one cow,
one heifer that is with calf,
the two calfs,
one new chest,
one bed and bedstead,
he can take his choice;
the rifle,
two sheep,
he can take his choice;
the grain, all that is in the ground at the time of my death,
the above-named property shall all be his for four hundred and sixty
dollars and sixty-eight cents ($460.68), for which I have made a deed.
He shall pay on the first of April next, one hundred dollars, and from three years after
the same date, he shall pay forty dollars and after that, every year on the same
date, pay forty dollars, until all is paid, the above-named property and deed I
keep in my possession, as long as I live. N.B.
The use of the house and farming utensils he shall also have three years after my death,
after which it shall come into the hands of my executors.
Secondly, the land that I do not sell, my Executors shall sell and give a deed
for it for the highest that they can get and as regards my movable property,
I give my children,
Elizabeth, the widow of Mathias Herter,
Susanna, wife of Jacob Clark,
Polly, wife of John Clark,
Hannah, the wife of Samuel Geise,
Sally the wife of Peter Rettinger or to the children of the above-named persons,
it may be delt out equally and out of my property shall my funeral,
a tombstone for me and for my wife be paid. N.B. And if one or the
other charges yearle wages, it shall be deducted from their inheritance.

And finally I appoint my two sons, John and Henry,
and my son-in-law Peter Rettinger
as the executors of this my last will and testament.,
which is made by me and I declare this to be my last will and testament.

Subscribed with my own hand and seal on the second day of January, one thousand
eight hundred and twenty-nine

Jacob Bauman (seal)

The history of DeKalb County, Indiana says that Jacob BAUMAN came to America from Germany in 1772 and that he fought in the American Revolution. There is no known proof which would substantiate this information. An old letter indicates that he was not a citizen at the time of the Revolution so it unlikely that he fought in that war (Source: Mary Ellen BOWMAN) 

A Jacob Bauman with this household composition was listed in Dauphin Co. Pa. and in Montgomery Co. Pa.The Dauphin Co. Baumans were still there in 1800 after "our" Jacob had moved to Nor. Co. The one listed on Page 159 of the census index in Montgomery Co. Is a likely candidate for "our' Jacob Bauman for the following reasons:

1. A Jacob Bauman, son of Jacob and Susanna, was baptized at the New Hanover Church Phila. (Later became Montgomery Co. ) Pa. in 1777. The date corresponds with the birth date of "our" Jacob's son. Grandparents were Jacob And Susannah Bauman.

2. A Jacob Bauman was taxed in New Hanover Twp in 1782.

3. A birth record for Susanna Bruch was found at the Tohican Reformed Church in Bucks Co. Pa. 04 Sep 1757 daughter of Mathias Bruch and Anna Barbara.
This is relatively close to New Hanover Twp. This varies by 6 months from the date on her tombstone, but it is close enough to be considerd "our" Susannah.

4. A death record for Anna Catherine Bruch was recorded at New Hanover Church 23 Sep. 1784. She died at age 80 years, 19days.

5 The grandmother recorded at the birth of Jacob Bauman in 1777 may be the Susannah LEFFINGER (Lessinger, Leisinger) that family tradition gives as a name of Jacob's wife.

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