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The Zeller Line To Carl Sulouff

From page 399 of Armorial families of America, edited by Ernest Spofford.Spofford, Ernest

16x Christian Zeller
a lineal descendendant of the ancient and enobeled family of de Celia
(Zu, und von Zell, zu Riedau, bei Hohenzell)
seated in the parish of Rab, on the Pram, in Upper Austria
and knighted in the twelth century
settles at Sain Gallen adn in 1469, granted citizenship in Switzerland
-source: Armorial families of America, edited by Ernest Spofford

15x Great Stephan Zeller
Elected a member in 1519 of the great council of Zurich and at the beginningof the Reformation in 1523 
elected official censor to determine which pictures should be removed from the churches
In 1531 elected captain of the Swiss Confederates and served under the Duke Of Milan in his campaign
against Italy against the Duke, James de Medici.  Died in 1532
- source: Armorial families of America, edited by Ernest Spofford

14x Great Stephan Zeller
judge and member of the Great Council of Zurich, died in 1606
Source: Armorial families of America, edited by Ernest Spofford

13x Great Heinrich Zeller
Professor of the University:
Indimoderator, and pastor of the Cathedral of Zurich, died in 1645
Source: Armorial families of America, edited by Ernest Spofford

12x Great Hans Heinrich Zeller
born in Zurich in 1609
succeeded to his fathers activities
becamse professor of sacred theology at the University of Zurich, 
the same chair helf by Zwingli;
Died in 1672
Source: Armorial families of America, edited by Ernest Spofford

11x Great Hans Rudolf Zeller
Born in Zurich 1637
court preacher to th eCounts Palatine at Zweibrucken (Deux Ponts)
where he preached to large congregations of Hugenots.  Died in 1695

Source: Armorial families of America, edited by Ernest Spofford

Lady de Valois de Reni 1690-1749

Anna Marie Berigal 1690-1765

Anna Catherine Zeller

7x great Pvt. Peter Pontius 1747-1835
Anna Catherine Berger

6x great Margaret Elizabeth Pontius 1780-1860
Henry Brouse 1776 – 1854

Sarah Fertig 1807 – 1878

4x great Susanna Brouse

Mary Cordelia Smith 1850-1906

2xgreat Dora Edna GEISE (1879-1939)
Elizabeth Jane Witmer

Carl Lucion Sulouff




Found in 1977 Sept. issue of The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine...

Long has been accepted tradition has it that JACQUES ZELLER (CELLIERE, SELLAIRE) and his wife CLOTHILDE DE VALOIS were French Huguenots who resided for a time in the Palatinate but were in England in 1709. Members of this family soon migrated to America, arriving in New York on 14 JUN 1710. Since there is no record of Jacques having lived in America, he is presumed to have died either in England or during the voyage across the Atlantic.[1]From New York the Zellers were sent up the Hudson to Livingston Manor; New York Subsistence Lists for June 1710, show JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER with two adults but no children, and JOHANNES ZELLER with four adults. Two years later in September 1712, the Lists indicate that JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER had three adults and one child under ten years in his family, while JOHANNES ZELLER now had five adults in his family. Both men were on the list of volunteers for the Canadian Expedition of 1711: HANS HEINRICH ZELLER, Annsberg, and JOHANNES ZELLER (East Camp).[2]In 1713 these men moved to the Schoharie Valley of New York. The Simmendinger Register includes HANS HEINRICH ZOLLER and wife and three children, and JOHANNES ZOLLER, his wife ANNA CATHARINA, and two children.[3] Both families were of New Annsberg. Then, sometime between 1723 and 1730, the Zellers removed once again, this time to Pennsylvania where they settled near the junction of Mill Creek and Tulpehocken Creek between the present villages of Stouchsburg, Berks County, and Richland, Lebanon County.[4]

During the nearly 250 years that have passed since then, it is not surprising that tradition and fancy have colored and in some cases obscured facts pertaining to these early Zeller families. It is hoped here to clarify and correct some of these misconceptions. That JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER and JOHANN ZELLER were brothers is probable, but apparently cannot be proven from primary, original records available today. The proposal that JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER was the father of JOHANN ZELLER[5] seems implausible. JOHANN ZELLER and JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER are demonstrably of the same generation, and their children had corresponding ages.

That JOHANN was really JOHANN GEORGE ZELLER as suggested in one report[6] seems improbable; the custom of the time was to call a man by his second name when it was preceded by JOHANN, anglicized to JOHN. Certainly in church and courthouse records he was referred to only as JOHN, JOHANN or HANS. JOHN or JOHANN ZELLER, "son of Jacques and Clothilde de Valois Zeller" according to one account "was born in France 1686." [7]The first mention of him in documents is on the Third List at St. Catherine's in London, of Palatinates in England. Thereon he is stated on 2 JUN 1709 to be age 23, was single, a cooper and brewer, and of the Lutheran faith.[8]When he married is not known, but his wife's name was ANNA CATHARINA, according to the Simmendinger Register. The earliest record of him in Pennsylvania is a survey made 27 OCT 1730, of 125 acres "on a Branch of Tulpehocken Creek in Lancaster County," which, as HANS SELLER," he had purchased from James Logan.[9]He next took up 132 acres by a warrant dated 25 OCT 1734. This tract was surveyed the following 10 NOV, but he made no improvements upon it as required by the condition of the warrant.[10]In his Will, written in German and dated 3 SEP 1737, he gave his wife CATHARINE all his property for so long as she remained a widow, and directed that no division of it was to be made until his youngest child came of age. His son HENRY was to gather in the debts due the estate, but his mother was to pay the creditors. He nominated HENRY ZELLER, presumably his brother, MARTIN PARTOFF (BATTORFF) and CHRISTIAN WALBORN as executors. When the Will was translated 25 OCT 1737, after his death, JOHN HENRY ZELLER, WALBORN, and PARTOFF testified they were present at the signing. It was offered for probate at Philadelphia 12 JAN 1737/38.[11]JOHN ZELLERS widow CATHERINE lived on until 1749. Her death, or burial is noted in the records of Christ Lutheran Church, Tulpehocken as 14 JAN 1749 "Old Mrs. Zeller from Millbach, buried in the old church Cemetery."[12]On the following 10 MAR 1748/49, the heirs of JOHN ZELLER: JOHN HENRY ZELLER, DAVID ZELLER, both of Heidelberg, Lancaster County, TOBIAS BICKEL in right of his deceased wife MARGREDALIS, JOHN GEORGE RIETH and his wife CATHERINE ELIZABETH of Tulpehocken Township, and ANNA MARIA ZELLER, single woman of Heidelberg Township, released their rights in the 125 acre tract to PETER ZELLER of Heidelberg. On the following 21 MAR, HENRY, and DAVID ZELLER, TOBIAS BICKEL and the RIETHS acknowledged the deed to be their act before CONRAD WEISER. It was not until 13 JUL 1750, however, that ANNA MARIA ZELLER "being now of full age," came before WEISER to acknowledge her mark at the bottom of the deed.[13]

This record, therefore, provides an accurate list of the children of JOHN ZELLER and ANNA CATHARINA his wife. Issue of JOHN ZELLER by his wife ANNA CATHARINA:

1.     i. CATHERINE ELIZABETH ZELLER, born ca. 1714, probably in Schoharie; died between 1759 and 5 OCT 1787; married as his first wife before 1745, JOHN GEORGE RIETH, born 4 JUN 1714, in Schoharie; died testate in Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, 23 JUN 1791; buried at Reed's Church near Stouchsburg,[14] son of JOHANN LEONARD RIETH. Christ Lutheran Church records show three children baptized there: JOHN GEORGE RIETH at 5 weeks, Septuagesima, 1745; JOHN FREDERICK RIETH, 8 APR 1751, sponsors Frederic Weiser, Amalia Zoller; a 2nd JOHN FREDERICK RIETH, 19 DEC 1752. They were sponsors 4 FEB 1759, at the baptism by the Reverend Stoever of Catharina ELIZABETH ZERWE, daughter of JOHN ZERWE.[15] JOHN GEORGE RIETH'S Will, dated 5 OCT 1787, and accepted for probate 16 JUL 1791, named his then wife ANNA MARGARETHA, his sons PETER, FREDERICK, who was to be maintained as long as he lived, JOHN LEONARD and JONAS, and a daughter CATHERINE MINICH.[16]  How many of these children were by his first wife has not been established for this record.

2.     ii. MARGREDALIS ZELLER, born probably in Schoharie ca. 1715; buried at Christ Lutheran Church, Tulpehocken, 9 JUN 1748, as "Mrs. TOBIAS BOECKEL (BICKEL) who died in testate in Heidelberg Township, Berks County, between 14 JUN 1789, and 21 APR 1792, when his Will was accepted for probate.[17] The Reverend Stoever baptized three children: JOHN NICHOLAS BICKEL, 8 NOV 1741; JOHANNES BICKEL, 18 MAR 1744, and MARIA MARGARETHA BICKEL, 7 JUL 1746.[18]

3.     iii. JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER, born ca. 1716, probably in Schoharie; died in Heidelberg Township, Dauphin (now Lebanon County) prior to 15 JUN 1790, when his Administrators petitioned the Dauphin County Orphans Court for division of his lands; married before 1744, MARIA MARGARET RIETH, born ca. 1721; died ca. 1807,[19] Daughter of JOHANN LEONARD RIETH. He is presumed to have been of age when by a warrant dated 4 JUL 1737, he had surveyed 18.75 acres on a branch of Tulpehocken Creek adjoining the 132 acres laid out for his father in 1734. Because his father had failed to comply with conditions of the 1734 warrant which had "become utterly void," a new warrant dated 30 OCT 1741, was issed to "HENRY SELLER, son of said JOHN SELLER," in order that the 132 acres might be conveyed to him.[20]  Children baptized by the Rev. Stoever or in Millbach Reformed Church included: JOHN HENRY ZELLER, 26 MAR 1745, sponsors Johann Heinrich Zeller Sr., (great Uncle of the child) and wife, at which time Johann Heinrich Jr., the father of the child, was called a tailor; ANNA AMALIA ZELLER, 15 MAR 1747; TOBIAS ZELLER, 15 NOV 1761, sponsors David Zeller (Uncle of the child) and wife; a son unnamed, 23 APR 1764, sponsors Peter Zeller (Uncle of the child) and his wife.[21]  On 15 JUN 1790, JOHN ZELLER, the eldest son, and NICHOLAS KLOTZ, administrators of the estate of HENRY ZELLER late of Heidelberg Township, petitioned the Dauphin County Orphans Court for a jury to view their father's land in order to divide it among the heirs. On 17 JUN 1790, the jury reported that the 150.75 acres could not be divided without impairing the whole, and valued it at pds. 950. The heirs named in this record were the widow, MARY ZELLER, the eldest son JOHN, MARGARET ELIZABETH, wife of NICHOLAS KLOTZ, ELIZABETH, wife of MICHAEL SWENGEL, ANNA MARIA, wife of ANDREW BERGER, and HENRY, MICHAEL, FREDERICK, TOBIAS, and PETER ZELLER. The estate was not settled until 17 APR 1793, at which time the widow MARY ZELLER was still living.[22]

4.     iv. DAVID PETER ZELLER, born ca. 1722; died after 1782; married by the Rev. Stoever at Warwick, Lancaster County, 15 MAR 1748, MARIA CHRISTINA HOERNER,[23] who died after 1764. DAVID ZELLER, as he was always called, obtained a warrant for 100 acres on 13 OCT 1743,[24]  by which time he is assumed to have been of full age. He received a share of his father's estate, and by 1782 was rated in Heidelberg Township, Lancaster County, on 180 acres.[25]  Millbach Reformed and Christ Lutheran Church records show the baptisms of five children: JOHN ZELLER, 22 JAN 1750, sponsor MARGARET ZELLER wife of HENRY ZELLER (the child's Uncle); ANNA MARGARET ZELLER, 02 FEB 1752; JOHN HENRY ZELLER, 26 AUG 1753, sponsors JOHN HENRY ZELLER (the child's Uncle), and his wife ANNA MARGARET (sic); JOHN MARTIN ZELLER, 09 APR 1761; and DAVID ZELLER, 25 MAR 1764, sponsors PETER ZELLER (the child's Uncle) and wife HANNAH.[26]

5.     v. PETER ZELLER, born ca. 1728; died intestate before 17 JUL 1804[27]; married before 1754, HANNAH BASSLER, who was living 10 APR 1798. No partition of his father's estate could be made until he came of age, so that it was not until 10 MAR 1748/49, that his brothers and sisters released to him their rights in the 125 acres their father had owned. PETER ZELLER held this property until 10 APR 1798, when with his wife HANNAH he conveyed it to his son JOHN GEORGE ZELLER for pds. 900.[28]  Children baptized at Millbach Reformed Church were: ANNA MARGARET ZELLER, 16 SEP 1754; CATHERINE ELIZABETH ZELLER, 18 DEC 1757, sponsors DAVID ZELLER and wife; EVA ELIZABETH ZELLER, 29 AUG 1762, sponsors SIMON BASSLER and wife EVA MARIA; GEORGE ZELLER, 30 DEC 1770, sponsors HENRY ZELLER (the child's Uncle) and wife MARIA MARGARET.[29] 

6.     vi. ANNA (MARIA?) AMALIA ZELLER, born ca. 1729; died intestate in Heidelberg Township, Berks County, 1801; married at Christ Lutheran Church, 3 DEC 1751, FREDERICK WEISER, born 24 DEC 1728; died testate 15 NOV 1772, son of "JUSTICE" CONRAD WEISER.[30] In 1768, FREDERICK Weiser was rated on two mills and 300 acres in Heidelberg Township, Berks County. When he wrote his will in OCT 1773, he devised to his son JOHN WEISER the plantation and tanyard in Heidelberg which he had purchased from his brother BENJAMIN WEISER; to his son CONRAD WEISER the plantation where he lived which he had received from his father and brother SAMUEL WEISER; to his son PETER WEISER 300 acres in Northumberland County and an island in the Suquehanna River of about 50 acres. His daughters were: EVA, CATHERINE, HANNAH, MARY, and SARAH WEISER. None of the children were of full age, and at a Berks County Orphans Court session on 6 DEC 1773, JOHN WEISER, a son of FREDERICK, being over 14 years of age, appeared in court and chose 3. HENRY ZELLER of Heidelberg Township for his guardian. The Will was proved 9 DEC 1773.[31]

JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER, reported to have been born in France in 1684, and to have married ANNA MARIA BRIEGAL, daughter of JAMES BRIEGAL (VON BRUEGAL) of Holland,[32] came with his family to Pennsylvania from Schoharie probably about the same time as JOHANN ZELLER. Unlike JOHANN, he took up land, not in Heidelberg Township, but in what became Tulpehocken Township in the present Berks County, but was then Lancaster County. On 2 DEC 1738, he purchased from Casper Wister, the Philadelphia brass-button maker, 115 acres a branch of the Swatara Creek in Tulpehocken. Later he took up another 115 acres, adjoining the first tract, which were patented to him 10 OCT 1750.[33] Four years later on 3 AUG 1754, he had his Will drawn. He gave the plantation "whereon I now live" and all his moveable estate to his son JOHANN GEORGE ZELLER, he to pay pds. 250 for it to the other heirs. Out of this sum his sons JOHANN HEINRICH and JOHANN DAVID were each to have pds. 40, but JOHANN GEORGE was to care for them, "they being simple." The balance of pds. 170 was to be divided between the rest of his children: HARTMAN ZELLER, JOHN ZELLER, ANNA MARIA SALTZGEBER, BARBARALIS LEREW, CATHARINA PONTIUS and ANNA ELIZABETH BATTORF. He provided for his wife ANNA MARIA, and nominated his son JOHN and son-in-law LEONARD ANSPACH executors. The Will was accepted for probate 20 JAN 1756.[34]  ANNA MARIA ZELLER, widow of JOHANN HEINRICH, is reported to have survived him until 1765, but it was not until 1772 that any disposition of his property was made. On 28 DEC of that year JOHN ZELLER of Berks County, ANNA MARIA SALTZGEBER, widow of Lancaster County, JOHN PONTIUS of Berks County in right of his wife ANNA CATHERINE, LEONARD SCHWARTZ of Berks County in right of wife ANNA ELIZABETH, BARBARA LERU of (blank), and HARTMAN ZELLER of Frederick County, Maryland, for consideration of pds. 250 paid by JOHN GEORGE ZELLER, released and quitclaimed their rights in the 245 acres of which JOAHNN HEINRICH ZELLER had died seized.[35] 

Thus from his Will and the quit-claim deed, a list of the children of JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER can be firmly established. ISSUE OF JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER by his wife ANNA MARIA BRIEGAL:

1.     vii. HARTMAN ZELLER, born ca. 1711, was a sponsor at Christ Lutheran Church 25 SEP 1747, for Jacob Conterman's daughter Anna Barbara Conterman. A son JOHN PETER ZELLER was baptized at Trinity Reformed Church 15 MAY 1749. HARTMAN ZELLER was living "at Susquehanna" when three of his children communed 20 APR 1753, at Host Reformed Church: JOHANNES ZOLLER, CATHARINA ZOLLER, the eldest daughter, and BARBARA ELIZABETH ZOLLER, the 2nd daughter.[36]  In 1790 "Hardman Seller" was living in Washington County, Maryland (formed from Frederick in 1776), having 4 males over 16 years and one female in his family.[37]  #ii. A daughter, name unknown, who died before 1748; married as his first wife, LEONARD ANSPACH, named son-in-law in JOHANN HEINRICH's Will. LEONARD ANSPACH married second at Christ Lutheran Church, Tulpehocken, 15 NOV 1748, ANNA MARIA ETSBERGER, "orphan daughter of Jacob Etsberger." Their second child JOHN GEORGE ANSPACH, baptized 13 OCT 1751, was sponsored by JOHN GEORGE ZELLER and CATHERINE ANSPACH. Letters of Administration were granted to his widow ANNA MARIA on 28 FEB 1774.[38]

2.     iii. ANNA MARIA ZELLER, born 29 DEC 1715, baptized 22 JAN 1716; died after 1776; married ca. 1728, ANDREAS SALTZGEBER, born 26 DEC 1708; died 1769, aged 61 years; buried with tombstone in Millbach Reformed Church Cemetery.[39]  He had arrived as a single man at Philadelphia on the ship William and Sarah by 18 SEP 1727. Seven years later on 6 NOV 1734, he obtained a warrant for 150 acres in Lancaster County which was laid out in Heidelberg Township between JOHANN ZELLER's original 125 acres and the 132 acres of his son HEINRICH ZELLER.[40]  A daughter ANNA MARIA SALTZGEBER was baptized 18 DEC 1743, at Christ Lutheran Church, sponsored by HENRY ZELLER, and his wife ANNA MARIA, the Grandparents. Other children included at least three sons: ANDREW, JOHN and HENRY SALTZGEBER, who were taxed in Heidelberg and later in Tulpehocken Township. ANNA MARIA (ZELLER) SALTZGEBER died after 24 NOV 1776, when she was sponsor at the birth of a Granddaughter, CATHERINE, daughter of MARTIN BATTORF and wife ANNE MARIE.[41]  iv. JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER, born ca. 1717; and died after 1754; described as "Simple" in his father's Will. v. JOHANN DAVID ZELLER, born ca. 1719; died after 1754; described as "Simple" in his father's Will.

3.     vi. BARBARA ELIZABETH ZELLER, born ca. 1720; died after 1760; married ca. 1738, JONAS LEREW (Lerue, LaRue, Le Rouche, Laroux.) baptized 24 JUN 1716; died intestate in Paxton Township, Lancaster County, 1 JAN 1760, son of Jonas Laroux.[42]  In 1742 his father granted him 60 acres on Tulpehocken Creek, and 150 acres to his brother George Lerew. In 1751 JONAS LERUE, JR. of Paxtang, and his wife BARBARA with GEORGE LERUE of E. Caln, Chester County, sold their tracts to Michael Copenhagen. On 4 MAY 1760, George Lerew conveyed to the widow Barbara and her minor children: HENRY, CATHERINE, FRANCIS, MARY, GEORGE, ELIZABETH, and MARGARET, 135 acres in Paxton Township which George had sold to his brother Jonas in 1753, but had made no deed before Jonas had died. Of the Lerew children, two were baptized at Trinity Reformed Church, Tulpehocken: JOHN GEORGE LERUE, JAN 1749, sponsor "J.G. ZOELLER;" ELIZABETH, sponsored by ANDREW SALTZGEBER and ELIZABETH FERRER, single.[43]

4.     vii. ANNA CATHRINA ZELLER, born ca. 1722; died after 8 DEC 1771; married by the Rev. Stoever 14 JAN 1743, JOHN PONTIUS, born ca. 1718; died after 1790 in Northumberland (now Union) County.[44]  He had arrived at Philadelphia on the Ship Glascow, qualifying 9 SEP 1738, aged 20.[45]  He settled in Tulpehocken Township where in 1768 he was rated on 100 acres of land. He appears to have removed to Buffalo Township, Northumberland County, after 1772, when he was a party to the division of his father-in-law's estate, and before 1778.[46]  Three children were baptized by Stoever: JOHANN HEINRICH PONTIUS, 1 APR 1744, sponsors Heinrich Zoeller and wife; JOHN PETER PONTIUS, 25 OCT 1747; JOHANNES PONTIUS, 18 AUG 1751. On Whitsunday, 1765, his sons ANDREAS, JOHN PETER, and JOHN NICHOLAS PONTIUS were communicants at Host Reformed Church, and at Christmas, 1769, JOHANNES, JOHN GEORGE, and ANNA MARIA PONTIUS, his sons and daughters, communed at the same Church.[47]

5.     viii. JOHANN ZELLER, born ca. 1723; died testate in Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, in 1805; married first by Rev. Stoever 28 DEC 1743, ANNA MARIA BECKER who was "Dead in Coffin" at the baptism 12 DEC 1745, of their son JOHN PETER ZELLER, born 6 DEC. Sponsors were Henry Zeller and Peter Becker.[48]  JOHANN ZELLER married second ca. 1746, MARIA CATHARINA LAUER who died before 1799. Children baptized at Christ Lutheran and Trinity Reformed Church, or by Stoever were: ANNA MARIA ZELLER, 8 MAY 1747; ANNA CATHARINA ZELLER, 23 APR 1753; MARGARET ZELLER, 3 FEB 1755; FRANTZ PAUL ZELLER, by Stoever 26 MAY 1751.[49]  JOHN ZELLER had his Will drawn 13 MAY 1799. No wife was mentioned. In it he named his eldest son PHILLIP and son FRANCIS who had already received his share in the plantation JOHANN had given him. The sons PHILLIP and PETER, and daughters ELIZABETH, wife of JOHN REITENAUER, CATHERINE, wife of PHILLIP ZEHRING, MARGARET, wife of VALENTINE SEILER, and the children of his deceased daughter MARY LEFEVER who had married DAVID LEFEBRE 5 NOV 1769, at Trinity Reformed Church, whom he named as JOHN, HENRY, GEORGE, CATHARINE and MARY LEFEVER, were to share equally in the estate. The Will was accepted for probate 23 DEC 1805.[50]

6.     ix. JOHANN GEORGE ZELLER, born ca. 1725; died in Tulpehocken Township before 21 APR 1792; married at Millbach Reformed Church 6 FEB 1753, ANNA (MARIA) BARBARA HAAS, daughter of LUDWIG HAST of Muehlbach; born ca. 1731; died 30 JUL 1815, aged 84. The entry of her death at Christ Tulpehocken states she had 14 children, 65 grandchildren and 111 great grandchildren ![51]  Trinity Reformed Church records show the baptisms of seven of the children: ANNA MARIA ZELLER, 26 JUN 1754, sponsor Henry Zeller; ANDREW ZELLER, SEP 1755, sponsors ANDREW SALTZGEBER and ANNA MARIA the child's Aunt; ELIZABETH ZELLER, JUN 1757; MARGARET ELIZABETH ZELLER, 15 JUN 1758, sponsor MARGARET ELIZABETH HAAS; SUSANNA ZELLER, 15 JUN 1767, sponsors LEONARD SCHWARTZ and his wife ELIZABETH, the child's Aunt; JOHN ZELLER, 14 FEB 1768, at Christ Lutheran, sponsor JOHN PONTIUS; JACOB ZELLER, 25 JAN 1770; PETER ZELLER, 25 DEC 1771.[52]  GEORGE ZELLER's Will, written 26 JAN 1791, and accepted for probate 21 APR 1792,[53]  provided for his wife MARIA BARBARA, and that she was to have the use of his plantation in Tulpehocken until his son HENRY came of age. His son JOHN was to have the plantation of 135 acres for pds. 860, of which pds. 200 was to be his portion. His son ADAM was to have four tracts of land, 26 acres in all, with GEORGE's Mill in Tulpehocken for pds. 600, of which pds. 200 was to be his portion. The son HENRY was to have a plantation in Tulpehocken of 139 acres for pds. 970, of which pds. 200 was to be his portion. ANDREW, the eldest son, having already received pds. 200, was to have only pds. 5. JACOB, the youngest son, was to have pds. 200 when he came of age. Each of the daughters was also to receive pds. 200: ELIZABETH, wife of JOHN RIGEL, MARGARET ELIZABETH wife of JOHN KADERMAN; CATHARINA, wife of JOHN POTTDORF (BATTORF); SUSANNA, wife of JACOB SCHNEIDER; MARIA BARBARA ZELLER, and the heirs of his deceased daughter ANNA MARIA. His sons ANDREW and JOHN were executors.

7.     x. ANNA ELIZABETH ZELLER, born ca. 1725; died before 1803; married first ca. 1746, JOHN ADAM BATTORF of Tulpehocken who died ca. 1758, leaving issue seven children. Of these five were baptized at Christ Lutheran Church, Tulpehocken: MARTIN BATTORF, 1 NOV 1747, sponsor MARTIN BATTORF; JOHN PETER BATTORF, 26 DEC 1749, sponsor HENRY ZOELLER; ANDREW BATTORF, 3 JUL 1751, sponsor ANDREW SALTZGEBER; EVA ELIZABETH BATTORF, 8 APR 1753, sponsor JOHN PETER BATTORF; JOHN HENRY BATTORF, 1 JAN 1755, sponsor JOHN HENRY BATTORF; SIMON BATTORF, 14 NOV 1756.[54]  On 12 NOV 1758, ANNA ELIZABETH (ZELLER) BATTORF married second LEONARD SCHWARTZ of Bethel Township, Berks County. They came into the Berks County Orphans Court on 26 MAR 1759, and petitioned for guardians for the minor children of ADAM BATTORF, deceased: GEORGE now 11 years; MARTIN, aged 10; PETER, aged 9; ANDREW, aged 8; HENRY, aged 5; SIMON, aged 2; EVA ELIZABETH, about 6 years. MARTIN BATTORF and GEORGE ZELLER were appointed guardians for them.[55]  Children of LEONARD SCHWARTZ and his wife ANNA ELIZABETH, baptized at Trinity Reformed Church include: JOHN SCHWARTZ, 23 DEC 1759, sponsors JOHN ZELLER and his wife CATHERINE; HENRY LUDWIG SCHWARTZ, 7 JUN 1761, sponsors HENRY LUDWIG SCHWARTZ and wife MARIA ELIZABETH; ANNA MARIA SCHWARTZ, 14 DEC 1766, sponsors ANDREW SALTZGEBER and wife ANNA MARIA; BARBARA SCHWARTZ, baptized at Host Reformed Church 5 SEP 1762, was sponsored by GEORGE ZELLER.[56]  LEONARD SCHWARTZ'S Will, dated 26 JAN 1803 and accepted for probate 5 AUG 1803, names as his children LUDWIG SCHWARTZ, a deceased son; JOHN SCHWARTZ who left issue MAGDALENA, ANNA MARIA, CATHERINE, and JOHN SCHWARTZ; BARBARA, wife of JOHN LESHER JR., CATHERINE wife of ADAM REGEL, and ANNA MARIA wife of HENRY KRIM. No mention was made of a wife, or his BATTORF step children.[57] 

The proceeding records demonstrate that the respective children of JOHANN ZELLER ( died 1737) and of JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER ( died 1756) can be proven by primary records. Although there may have been other children dying prior to maturity---and probably were---these records specify six children of JOHANN and ten children of JOHANN HEINRICH living to maturity. Except for the unnamed daughter who married LEONARD ANSPACH, Stapleton's Memorials of the Huguenots in America correctly listed the children of JOHANN HEINRICH ( died 1756), but transposed the name of HARTMAN to MARTIN, and confused JOHN HEINRICH'S son JOHN with his presumed brother JOHANN who died in 1737. In the more recent account of the family in Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of Pennsylvania, only two of JOHANN'S children are listed, and seven of JOHANN HEINRICH'S. The Zeller Family History, published in 1949 by the Zeller Family Association, unfortunately has greatly confused the facts pertaining to the children of JOHANN and JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER. This history awarded JOHANN'S son 5. PETER ZELLER, of the present account, to JOHANN HEINRICH, inserted JOHANN'S son 3. JOHANN HEINRICH, who married MARIA MARGARET RIETH, in place of JOHANN HEINRICH who was simple, and awarded the children and wife of JOHANN'S son 4. DAVID PETER ZELLER to JOHANN DAVID, also simple, son of JOHANN HEINRICH, the immigrant. After dropping 2. MARGREDALIS ZELLER, who married TOBIAS BICKEL, from JOHANN'S list of children, this resulted in his being credited with only two of his six known children. And even crediting JOHANN with one NICKOLAS ZELLER of Lancaster, PA.---a man having no apparent connection with the Tulpehocken Zellers except his surname---would hardly compensate for this injustice. One concludes that tradition with its half-truths, and dependence on secondary sources are ever fickle informants. Hopefully this report will challenge Zeller descendants to further investigate, document, and compile details of the ancestry and descendants of JOHANN and JOHANN HEINRICH ZELLER of Tulpehocken......JOHN F. VALENTINE 

An addendum:  This is a copy of an email David Zellers forwarded to me concerning the 1949 Zeller Genealogy.  I have, once more, taken the liberty of reformatting the text

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[33] Recited in Berks County Deed Book B-2, pp. 84,; 28 DEC 1772, John Zeller and Leonard Anspach to Johann George Zeller. On 6 NOV 1734, one "Henry Seller" obtained a warrant for 200 acres in then Lancaster County, and on 21 DEC 1737, two more warrants for 150 acres each, also in Lancaster County. It has not been established for this record that these were taken out by Johann Heinrich Zeller. Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, XXIV, pp. 519, 521.

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p. 752 Biographies from Historical and Biographical Annals by Morton Montgomery

George M. Zeller the popular proprietor of the well-known "American House," at Stouchburg, Marion township is a representative of one of Berks county's oldest and most honored families. Mr. Zeller was born Sept. 30, 1863, in Marion township, son of Reily W. and Rebecca (Troutman) Zeller.
Between 1733 and 1751 here landed (qualified) at Philadelphia three emigrants of the name of Zoller, and between 1740 and 1767 a number of Zellers and Zollers are there recorded. But the Tulpehocken Zellers have for their ancestor John Henry Zeller (sometimes Zoeller), who came from Schohaire, N.Y., as the following account from the Rev. Mr. Stapleton's "memorials of the Huguenots in America: shows:

"Among the Huguenots exiles were several branches of the ancient Sellaire or Cellier family of France. The name is met with among the refugees to England and America prior to the Revocation (1685), and even in faraway Cape Colony, where a descendant, General Cellier, became famous as a Boer leader in the Transvaal war. One branch retired to the Palatinate about the period of the Revocation. Of this family was Jean Henri Sellaire, who, with his family, followed the great exodus of Palatinates to London in 1708. In 1709 he came to New York with the Palatinates, where his name and that of his son John as 'Zeller' appears among the settlers of Livingston Manor in 1710. About 1727 he came overland through the trackless wilderness to Tulpehocken, locating near the present town of Sheridan, where he established a considerable estate and where he died at a very advanced age in 1756. His house, a massive stone edifice, erected with a view to protect the family and neighbors in case of an attach from the Indians, is still standing." This house, now an historical relic of the section, and known as "Zeller's Indian Fort," was erected in 1745, on the banks of the mill creek and, as stated, was used for a fort. But the author of the paragraph quoted was not quite accurate when he called it a "massive stone edifice." The walls are massive enough, but the building could hardly be called an edifice. He also erected the first meeting place of these early Schohaire settlers for worship, defense and mutual conference. He died in January, 1756, and his will, made Aug. 3, 1754, was probated Jan. 20, 1756. This will shows a wife, Anna Maria, and children: John George (who obtained the homestead), John Henry, John David, Hartman (The Rev. Mr. Stapleton gives this name as Martin), John, Anna, Maria Saltztius, Barbara (or Barbaralis) Lerew, Catharine Pontius and Anna Elizabeth Battorf. The executors are shown as his son John and son-in-law Leonard Anspach, accordingly there must have been another daughter.

It appears that some of the descendants of John Henry Zeller removed to Heidelberg in Lancaster (now Lebanon) county, where the proprietary and State tax lists of Lancaster county for 1779 show David Zeller (110 acres), Henry Zeller (100 acres), Peter Zeller (100 acres), and Michael Zeller (40-acres). The first three of these are also shown for 1771. In case of the Old townships it must not be forgotten that where mentioned by the Rev. Mr. Stoever and other early preachers they did not always have definite boundaries. Heidelberg, for instance, extended rather indefinitely westward and perhaps through what is now Lebanon county. Tulpehocken and Heidelberg seem also to have overtapped in some places.
The following memoranda undoubtedly refer to some of the children of John Henry Zeller, the emigrant:
John G. Zoeller and Hartman Zoeller are shown by Rupp as members between 1735 and 1755, of the Tulpehocken Reformed Church, formerly known locally as Leinbach's Church, situated in the pike between Stouchburg and Myerstown. Hans Heinrich Zeller and Johannes Zeller are mentioned by Rupp as among those, above twenty-one years of age, who passed the winter of 1710 and the summer of 1711 in Livingston Manor, N. Y., and who appear to have settled in Schoharie, N. Y., and from that place to have removed to Tulpehocken in 1723 or later.
From the Rev. John Casper Stoever's record of Baptisms and Marriages is obtained the following information:
Marriages: Jan. 14, 1743, John Pontius and Anna Catharine Zoeller, of Tulpehocken; Dec. 28, 1743, John Zoeller and Maria Becker, of Tulpehocken; Oct. 5, 1772, Michael Zoeller and Cathrine Dillman, of Heidelberg.
With regard to the descendants of John Pontius and wife Anna Catharine Zoeller, Rev. Mr. Stapleton in his "Memorials of the Huguenots" has the following account: "In 1738 John Pontius arrived and located in Tulpehocken. He was born in Alsace (France), in 1718. In 1743 he married Anna Catharine, a daughter of John Zeller (should be John Henry Zeller as he correctly states in an article in Notes and Queries by Dr. William E. Egle, Annual Volume, 1898). He had a considerable family and his sons were great pioneers. They were John Henry, born in 1744; John Peter, born in 1747; John, born in 1751; Andrew; Nicholas; George; and Frederick. Several were among the first settlers in Buffalo Valley in (now) Union county, and many of the next generation were of the first in Ohio and Illinois."
Baptismal Records: John Henry Zeller, Jr., tailor, of Tulpehocken-John Henry, born March 5, 1745; sponsors, John Henry Zeller, Sr. and wife on March 26, 1745; John Zoeller, Jr., of Tulpehocken, Frantz Paul, born April 8, 1751.
There are shown as having acted as sponsors: In 1730, Henry Zeller and wife in family of Michael Schauer (now Shower), of Heidelberg; in 1744, John Henry Zoeller and wife in family of John Pontius, of Swatara; in 1745, John Henry Zeller, Sr., and wife in family of John Henry Zeller, Jr., of Tulpehocken; in 1746, John Nicholas Zeller and wife in family of John Peter Wissenandt, of "Moden Creek" (supposed to be Muddy Creek in Lancaster county).
From the Proprietary and State Tax lists of Berks county for the years 1767, 1768, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1784, and 1785 is obtained Zeller information as follows: As of Tulpehocken-Hans Zoeller for 1767 and 1768, with 100 acres; John Zeller for 1779 and 1780, no land; George Zeller (also Zoller) for all years, with 100 to 375 acres; Peter Zoller (single) for 1768; Andrew Zeller for 1779 and subsequent years, with 133 to 140 acres; Francis (or France) Zeller for 1779 and subsequent years with 167 acres; Peter Zeller (Albert's estate of 150 acres) for 1784. In 1784 the number of persons for George Zeller is given as nine, for Francis, ten and for Andrew, six. None are shown for Peter. As of Reading, Nich's Zeller, laborer, for 1779. As of Cumru, Nich's Zeller for 1780 and 1781.
Johannes Zeller, of Tulpehocken township, evidently son of John Henry, the emigrant settler, made his will May 13, 1795, and it was probated Dec. 234, 1805, the witnesses being Christian Lower and Johan Dieffenbach, and the executors Frnacis (Frantz) Paul Zeller and Valentine Sailes. Johannes Zeller's children were: Francis, mentioned below; Peter; Elizabeth, who married John Reitenour; Catharine, who married Philip Zehring; Margaret, who married Valentine Seiler; and Mary, Mrs. Lefever, who had four children, John, Henry, George and Catherine. Johannes Zeller, the father of this family, built the house now on the Weaver farm in Marion township, which is in a substantial condition and likely to last many years. On the east gable the following inscription appears: "Wan Ich einmahl starben Musta," and another inscription reads: "Hannes Zeller, Kattarina Zellerin, 1772."
At Mifflinburg, Union Co., Pa., in the old part of the cemetery just south of the town, lie buried Peter Zellers, born in 1745, in Tulpehocken township, Berks county who dies in 1817; and Catharine Zellers (wife of Peter), born in 1742, who died in 1808, daughter of Jacob Wilhelm. (This Peter Zellers was probably the son of John Zeller.)
Frantz Paul (Francis) Zeller, son of Johannes, and great-great-grandfather of George M., was born April 8, 1751, and died Oct. 5, 1821, aged seventy years, five months, twenty-seven days, and his wife, Elizabeth, who was born Dec. 16, 1762, died April 23, 1819 aged fifty-six years, four months, six days. Both were buried in the ole graveyard at the Reformed Church in Tulpehocken, across the line of Berks in Lebanon county. Frantz Paul Zeller was a sergeant on the roll of John Lesher's company during the Revolutionary war, and in the same company was one Andrew Zeller, a fifer, who it is believed was Frantz Paul's brother. Michael Zeller, a private of Capt. Peter Dechert's company in 1776, was also a brother. [N. B. Neither Andrew nor Michael are mentioned above in list of Frantz Paul Zellers brothers and sisters.] Frantz Paul Zeller owned the old house built by his father in 1772, a stone, pebble-dashed, weatherboarded structure, with a wall two feet thick and plaster between the stones as hard as steel. The farm during his generation consisted of 154 acres, and he it was who erected the present barn. In his will, which he made June 12, 1820, he said that he was old and weak in body. It is singed "Frantz Zeller," was witnessed by Adam Sheetz and Jacob Becker, and was probated Oct. 24, 1821. His children were: Jacob (was bequested the plantation), Catherine, John, Benjamin, Peter, Elizabeth (m. Christian Hantz), Daniel, Valentine, Anna Maria (m. Frederick Kuster), Jonathan, Henry, and David.
Jacob Zeller, grandfather of Reily W., and great-grandfather of George M., was born June 8, 1790, and died April 4, 1872, aged eighty-one years, nine months, twenty-six days, and was buried at the Tulpehocken Reformed Church. He owned the original homestead, and was a farmer all of his life. Mr. Zeller married Susanna Trautman, who was born March 23, 1791, and died Dec. 12, 1842, in her fifty-second year. The children born to them were: Lydia, m. to Peter Walborn; Elizabeth, m. to Isaac Weigly; Jonathan; Catherine, m. to Eli Gehret; Lavina, m. to David Dundore; Jacob m. to Caroline Kilmer; and John, born in 1833, who died in 1888, m. to Beckie Schell.
Jonathan Zeller, grandfather of George M., was born July 10, 1815, and died Jan. 12, 1894, in his seventy-ninth year. He was a farmer by occupation, owned the homestead in Marion township, which he cultivated for many years, and was well-known in the community for his public spirit. He was buried at the Tulpehocken Reformed Church, of which he was a member. Mr. Zeller was married to Catherine Wilhelm, born Feb. 27, 1817, died Feb. 12, 1901, aged near eighty-four years. Their children were as follows: Reily W.; Elizabeth m. (first) Henry Kachel, deceased, and (second) George Foos, deceased, and whose son is Dr. Charles S. Foos, superintendent of Reading public schools; and Mary m. Dr. Frank J. Kantner, of Reading.
Reily W. Zeller, father of George M., was born Feb. 17, 1843, in Marion township, and from his youth until 1893 was engaged in agricultural pursuits. In that year he removed to his dwelling at Stouchsburg, and since that time has lived retired. In 1897, however, he returned to the farm, which he operated for a period of three years. Again disposing of his farming property, Mr. Zeller returned to Stouchsburg, and since that time has live retired from active pursuits. He was the owner of sixty-five acres of land, a part of the original homestead, which he sold to Lewis Webber in 1903, Mr. Webber also owning the old Zeller stand. Mr. Zeller is a Democrat in politics, was school director for six years, four years of which were present in the capacity of treasurer of the board, and has been a delegate to numerous county conventions. With his family he attends the Tulpehocken Church, of which he is a deacon.
In 1864 Mr. Zeller was married to Rebecca Troutman, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah (Leiss) Troutman, and three children were born to this marriage: George M.; Wilson B., of Reading; and Mary, m. to Charles H. Spangler.
George M. Zeller, was reared upon his father's farm, and worked for his parents until he was twenty years old, at which time he went to learn cigar making under James Zerbe, at Stouchsburg, where in 1893 he engaged in the manufacture of cigars. He continued in this business until 1897, also conducting a cigar store, disposing of his products to local houses. Mr. Zeller then engaged in packing cigars for George Druber, a cigar manufacturer at Stouchsburg, until the fall of 1900, when at public sale, he p8urchased the property of the "American House," at Stouchsburg, from the Isaac L. Moyer estate, and this he has conducted with much success to the present time. This famous hostelry which was established many years ago by Mr. Moyer, has been greatly remodeled by Mr. Zeller, who now has one of the finest stands in the county. The hotel contains twenty rooms, has one of the best tables to be found in Berks, and has the liberal patronage of the raveling trade between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Mr. Zeller is one of the best-known and most popular men in his township, and also has a large acquaintance in the southern and western portions of Berks county. In addition to his hotel and store building he owned a comfortable residence at Stouchsburg, and he has been prominently identified with the progress and development of his section. He keeps a fine span of horses, is a great fisherman, is one of the crack shots of the Keystone Gun Club, of Lebanon, Pa., where he won medals for marksmanship for five consecutive years, having a record of fifteen straight birds. He has a very valuable bird dog. Mr. Zeller was the pitcher of the star Marion base ball club that held the amateur championship of the county in the early nineties. In politics Mr. Zeller is a stanch Democrat, and takes an active interest in his party's success, having never missed an election since attaining his majority. Fraternally he is connected with Washington Camp No. 237, P. O. S. of A., Stouchsburg; Reading Encampment No. 1, and the Commonwealth Casualty Company of Philadelphia. Mr. Zeller and his family are members of Tulpehocken Reformed Church of Marion township, to which he give his liberal support.
On Sept. 26, 1885, Mr. Zeller was married to Lizzie J. Bright, daughter of Aaron Bright (see sketch else-where). To this union has been born one son, Harry Bright Zeller, born on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1886, at Stouchsburg. He graduated from the township schools, and later attended the Lebanon Business College and the Elmer Deck School of Shorthand and Typewriting, at Reading.
Wilson B. Zeller, son of Reily W. and brother of George M., was born in Marion township Oct. 1, 1865. His education was obtained in the public schools, in Palatinate College, Myerstown, and in the Keystone State Normal School at Kutztown. He taught three terms at the Zeller school in Marion, and two terms in the Moyer school in the same township. He learned the duties pertaining to a farmer's life at home, and he gave his assistance to his father until he was twenty-one years old. He then entered the general store of his father-in-law, Isaac L. Moyer, a merchant at Stouchsburg. There he continued for nine years. In January, 1898, he was appointed a clerk in the Recorder's office at Reading, and there he gave satisfactory service under Recorders Reeser and Bressler. In 1904 he became traveling salesman for S. M. Hess & Bros., manufacturers of fertilizers at Philadelphia, and he now represents that firm in twenty-four counties in Pennsylvania. He possesses the happy faculty of making friends.
In 1885 Mr. Zeller was married to Ada A. Moyer, eldest daughter of the late Isaac L. Moyer, of Marion township. They resided in Stouchsburg until their removal to Reading in April, 1901. Three children have been born to them: (1) Robert M., born May 27, 1887, graduated from the Reading high school in 1905, with highest distinction. He taught the same school in Marion township in 1905-06 that his father had taught, and is now on the editorial staff of the Reading Eagle, (2) Edna M. (3) Sarah R., born March 20, 1893, died July 12, 1902. Mr. Zeller and his family are members of St. Mark's Reformed Church, Reading. During the residence in Stouchsburg Mr. Zeller was connected with the Union Sunday-school for ten years, being superintendent for seven. Socially he is a member of Golden Rule Lodge, No. 159, I. O. O. F., of Womelsdorf; Washington Camp, No. 237, P. O. S. of A., Stouchsburg, of which he is a past officer, and was district president of District No. 3, for one term. He also belongs to the T. P. A. In his political faith he is a strong Democrat, and of great influence in his party. For eleven years he filled the office of school director in Marion township, for nine years, being secretary of the board. He was a frequent delegate to county conventions under the old system. In June, 1909, he received the nomination for the office of recorder of deeds of Berks county, after a hard fight.
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William F. Zellers, of No. 1720 Centre avenue, Reading, who was employed in the smelting department of the Carpenter Steel Works, was born in Ontelaunee township, Berks Co., Pa., son of John and Catherine (Kraemer) Zellers.
John Zellers was born in Bern township, Berks county, but has spent his whole life in Ontelaunee township, where he owns a valuable farm, situated along Maiden Creek. He has been a prominent man in his day, serving as town supervisor on the Democratic ticket, and is known as a hardworking, industrious man. In religious belief he is Reformed. Mr. Zellers married Catherine Kraemer, who died in 1903, at the age of sixty-seven years. To them were born eight children, as follows: Emma, m. to Levi Haas, of Reading; John, m. to Kate Randsong; Charles, a hotel clerk, m. to Sally Martin; Catherine, m. to Abraham Fox; William F.; Ida, m. to William Kemmerer, ex-recorder of deeds of Berks county; Ellen, m. to Hiram Hottenstein, deceased; and Edward, at home, m. to Nora Burkhard.
William F. Zellers was educated in the schools of his native vicinity, and until twenty-one years of age lived on the home farm, after which he engaged at butchering with his brother. In 1890 he became engaged with Carpenter Steel Works, and for a term of fifteen years he was a smelter of crucible steel, this being one of the most expert departments of the works, as the quality of the steel for the crucibles depends entirely upon the skill of the smelter.
Mr. Zellers was married to Annie Brockway, daughter of Llewellyn Brockway, of Hyde Park, Pa., and they have one child, Herbert, who is attending high school. Mr. And Mrs. Zellers are members of the Reformed Church. Fraternally he is connected with the Knights of Malta and the I. O. R. M. In political matters Mr. Zellers is independent.

Biographies from Historical and Biographical Annals by Morton Montgomery

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