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Bender Line to Heather Sulouff

John George Bender 1722-1788
Anna Maria

Elizabeth Connelly Kemmerer 1782 – 1854

Anna Nancy Bender 1795-1861

Jacob Sulouff 1818-1885
Lydia Burns

John Edmund Sulouff 1850-1935

Hannah Amanda Conrad

Lucian Hardine Sulouff 1876-1959
Edna Geise

George Emery Sulouff 1904-1987

Elizabeth Jane Witmer

Carl Lucion Sulouff


From Mark Painter -

Just wanted to say hello. I am the one who posted a lot of the information you came across. I posted it to share so anyone is welcome to it.  I have more on the Kamerer line there also. I also have been doing the Y-DNA study and it lead to a match between our Bender lines. Y-DNA is passed father to son down thru the generations to all males, so there is no mistaking that unless there is faulty genealogy.
I'm not sure what to make of the Georg Bender and Regina Kraemer marriage, I have the original and it states the same as the translation. The George Bender who lived in Mt Joy Twp., York now Adams County had a wife named Regima, but I also found a marriage that seems to show he married Regina Meir.
George Bender's father was a George Bender, but he never left the village as far as I can tell. One interesting fact about the ships lists, the people on board generally came from about a 20 square miles area, so you can tell whether they came from Baden, Alsace or the Rhineland, etc, and narrow the possibilities down.
I have a copy of the Bender-Painter book and it is a nice book, but the information on the early family is full of mistakes and many of the earliest families do not exist in the form they are presented. My research friend and I worked out all of the early Lancaster County Bender lines, all of the tax records, estate records, deeds, church records and anything else we could find including Y-DNA, the results are all posted on ancestry.
I'm glad to see someone is working on this line.

The master tree is "Wolffgang Bender of Kirchardt, Baden"

1. 5th ggf Peter Kemmerer b. abt 1740 in Germany, immigrated 1751.

(The following are all in Pennsylvania)

2. 4th ggm Elizabeth Kammerer b. abt 1770 m. in Lancaster(?) to John
Bender b. abt 1765. John and Elizabeth moved their family to then
Mifflin Co., now Juniata Co., about 1800 according to Flickinger Family
History held in Juniata Co. Historical Society library, Mifflintown PA,
which states John Bender brought a pear tree from Lancaster County about
the year 1800 which was planted in 1801 at the site of a log house built
by John and Sally Weimer "on the farm north of Limestone Ridge, later
known as the Bossart, Briggs, and William H. Groninger farm."

3. 3rd ggm Anna 'Nancy' Bender b. 18 Feb 1795 Manheim Twp., Lancaster
Co. (according to an extant German Taufshein) m. John Zulauf b. 4 Jan
1792 Newberry Twp., York Co. (according to an extant German Taufshein).
John Zulauf's father moved the family in 1802 from Newberry Twp., York
Co., to then Mifflin Co., now Juniata Co. John Zulauf followed his
father in changing the Zulauf surname to Sulouff. John built a two-story
log house which is still standing, uninhabited, next to the old Port
Royal Water Co. property east of Port Royal in now Milford Twp., now
Juniata Co. There he and Nancy raised their seven children born between
1818 and 1837..

Copied From

  Michael Bender Lancaster County to York/Adams County

Michael Bender purchased a gristmill in Manor Township, Lancaster County from his father who had purchased the property years before. Michael Bender Sr. sold the mill part to his son Michael and the other part of 98 acres to his son John. Michael later sold this gristmill and purchased another in Franklin Township, York, later Adams County. He and Michael Bender the son of Jacob Bender married to Catherine Schneider of the Benderville Benders are often mixed up, the deed below should help clear up the two Michael Benders of York later Adams County.

Leonhart Bender 1703 – 1779 of Lampeter Township, Lancaster Co., Pa

Wife: Maria Margaret Baer 1712 - 1771
Leonard 1730 – 1807 Susanna Farney, Catherine Loecsh
Michael 1734 – 1816 Maria Margaretha Taubenberg
Maria Margaret 1745 -  , w/o John Nicolas Mueller
Barbara abt. 1731 w/o George Michael Laubinger

  Michael Bender and Maria Marg. Taubenberg,
Johannes b. Mar. 4, 1760 m. Anna Maria Brandt and had Michael Bender b. 1793 m. July 27, 1817 to Elizab. Kluge.
Maria Marg. B. Dec. 6, 1762 d. Feb. 27
Johan Michael b. 17 July 1766.
Eva b. Apr. 5, 1769
George b. Feb. 10, 1771
Christian b. Nov. 4, 1778

  Deeds for Johan Michael Bender b. 17 July 1766 m. Elizabeth

Deed 13-416 Nov 16, 1825 This indenture made the 14th day of April 1802 Michael Bender of the borough of Lancaster, gentleman and Margaret his wife of the one part and Michael Bender, the younger, of Manor Township, miller, one of the sons of Michael Bender and Margaret his wife, of the other part, in consideration of 1250 pounds, all that certain grist mill and tract of land, situated in the Township of Manor beginning by the side of the mill race and lands granted to John Bender thence by the same lands south to a post in line of David Martin’s land, thence by Christian Hershey, Abraham Herr, across the mill dam or Conestoga Creek to a post on the corner of the land granted to John Bender thence down the east and south bank of the mill dam to the place of beginning containing 60 acres. Signed: Michael Bender, Margaret (X) Bender. Wit: Cas. Shaffner, Cas. Shaffner Jr.

  Deed 18-633 April 4, 1821 Between Michael Bender of the Township of Franklin in the County of York in the State of Pennsylvania, yeoman, and his wife Elizabeth of the one part, and Jacob Brenner of the Township of manor in the County of Lancaster, miller of the other part, for $7000.00 paid by Jacob Brenner, all that certain grist mill and tract lying in the township of Manor, beginning at a post on the side of the mill race and a corner of lands of John Bender by David Martin, Christian Martin by lands of Abraham Herr to a post on the corner of John Bender’s land by the south bank of the mill dam or Little Conestoga to the place of beginning, containing 31 acres, part of a tract patented to Henry Brinkly, same land John Kennedy and his wife on 1 March 1774 sold to Michael Bender the elder by deed AA-322, Michael Bender and Margaret his wife on 14 April 1802 conveyed unto Michael Bender the younger, party hereto, two small pieces of land and the residue of 58 acres and a half containing together 60 acres Deed book 13-416. In witness whereof the said parties to these presents their hands and seals have hereunto interchangeably set the day and year first above written. Michael Bender, Margaret Bender in German. Witnesses: D. Moore, E.C. Reigart.

Cemetery: St. John's (Franklin) Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Franklin Twp., York County, PA corner of  Franklin Church Rd. and Clearview Rd., Franklin Twp., York Co., PA:

Catharine, wife of Lewis BENDER, died July 3, 1879, aged 73 yrs 1 mo 15 ds

Lewis BENDER, died June 21, 1867, aged 66 yrs 22 ds

Michael BENDER, died Apr. 8, 1850, aged 83 yrs 8 mos 22 ds


The article below is NOT our direct line, but I'm placing it here so I can reference it as I work on our line, to help keep these men straight.


Vee L. Housman January 5, 1991

Over the past number of years in my research of the Bender family,
I continue to find evidence of the ongoing debate as to which Michael
Bender was the son of Jacob Bender and Catharine (Schneider).

For a number of years it seemed to be the general consensus of
opinion that he was
Michael, born July 16, 1766, died Apr. 8, 1850, married Elizabeth, born
Apr. 7, 1773,
died July 25, 1838, and buried in Franklin Church Cemetery, Carrol1
Township, near
Dillsburg, York County, Pennsylvania. They apparently had the following
Michael, Lewis (born Oct. 29, 1800, and married Catherine Hershey),
Christian (married
Elizabeth), Mary (married Henry Bitter), David and Henry. Also cited is
Michael's will
(Will Book T page 304) dated Jan. 12, 1849, probated Apr. 22, 1850,
Carroll Twp., York

I had no reason to doubt that information until on April 15, 1985,
I was able to view a copy of the church records of Bender's Church, near
Biglerville, Butler Township
(Menallen Twp. in the earlier years), Adams County. I had excitedly
copied all the entries relating to the Benders and when I returned home
I sat down and grouped the families together according to what I found
in the church records.

During the years which showed the Bender baptisms (1786-1829), the
entries during
the earlier years painted almost a complete picture of those children of
Jacob and Catharine (Schneider) whose children were baptized in the
church; specifically, the children of (John) Henry and Catharine; John
and Catharine (Schnerr); and Michael and Susanna (Schmoyer). And the
importance to Michael's eventual identity was in the names, in most
cases, of the sponsors at the baptism of his children. All entries that
I found regarding Michael and Susanna follow:

Johannes of Michael Benter and Susana, b. April 5, 1788, Sponsors: His

Elias of Michael Benter and Susana, b. September 27, 1789, bapt. January
17, 1790,
sponsors: Heinrich Benter and Chatarina [Michael's brother]

Samuel of Michael Bender and Susanna, b. June 21, (1791) [sic],
Sponsors: Jacob
Miehl and Elisabetha [Michael's sister]

Jacob of Michael Bender and Susanna, b. October 10, 1794, bapt. April
26, 1795,
Sponsors: Conrad Bender and Margaretha [Michael's brother?]

Daniel of Michael Bender and Susanna, b. June 4, 1798, bapt. August 19,
Sponsors: John Quickel and Elisabeth

Rahel [sic], of Michael Bender and wife Susanna Schmoyer, b. November 4,
1802, bapt.
February 19, 1804, Sponsor: Elisabeth Bender [Wife of either brother
Jacob or brother

Over the many years of my research, I found in the East Berlin
cemetery in Hamilton Twp., Adams County, the grave of Michael Bender.
The inscription reads, died Nov. 15, 1835, 70 years [year of birth
1765]. In the same cemetery is a stone which reads, Sophia wife of
Michael Bender, born Jan. 6, 1771, died Feb. 24, 1852, 81 years, 1
month, 18 days. It is possible that either Susanna and Sophia are one
and the same, or that Sophia is his second wife. Probably his second

When I documented the tombstone information, I noted specifically
the location of one grave to the next, and the next graves to the
immediate left of Sophia's are those of Jacob and Elizabeth Bender
(Michael's brother) and then several of Michael's children including
Daniel Bender and wife Mary and their children. I believe that Daniel is
Michael's son even though the birth date on the stone, Nov. 9, 1795,
doesn't correspond with the church records, June 4, 1798. Another item
which may be a clue is that in the East Berlin Holy Trinity Lutheran
Church christening records, it lists the parents of the child Samuel
Bender, as Daniel and Susanna, vice Mary. I believe that it may have
been a "slip of the pen," (meaning Susanna, Daniel's mother, was listed
rather than Mary, Daniel's wife). Of course, Daniel could have been
married twice.

In addition to the above, I found that the abstract of Michael's
will shows Michael of Hamilton Twp., will dated Nov. 8, 1835, registered
Nov. 30, 1835. It names his wife Sophia, son Daniel, son Jacob, daughter
Sophia (wife of Jacob Shenk/Sheark(?)), daughter Sara (deceased),
grandchildren (sons of Sara), Irarel, Isaac, William and (Michael's)
daughter Susanna. (Note: Regarding deceased daughter Sara. In East
Berlin Cemetery is Sarah's stone. When I read it, I found it to be a bit
unusual. It read, "Sarah Bender, wife of George Young, died Oct. 20,
1834, 40 years, 2 months, 2 days." Her will, however, is under the name
of Sarah Bender. Will of Sarah Bender of Hamilton Twp., dated May 24,
1834, lists son Isreal, son Isaac, son William, brother Jacob Bender and
witnesses, Michael Bender and George Brown. Probated Nov. 25, 1834.)

I have other bits and pieces of my opinions regarding the
controversial subject of the "real" Michael Bender, but I believe that
the information that another Bender researcher provided me in 1988
weighs heavier with the "Family of Bender" than anything that I could do
with all of my pages of conjecture. She provided me with copies of two
letters she had received from the eminent Dr. Charles H. Glatfelter,
then director of the Adams County Historical Society.

In 1985 he wrote her, "I must tell you that when I attempted about
a year or two ago to make some sense of the first several generations of
the Jacob Bender family in our area, the evidence led me to the
conclusion that the Michael Bender who was the son of Jacob and
Catharine has disappeared from our sight and is not the Michael who died
in Carroll Township, York County, in 1850." He then names the children
of that Michael and his wife Elizabeth of Carroll Twp., and continues.
"On the basis of entries in the Bender's church register, I have
concluded that Jacob's Michael was married to Susanna Schmoyer and had
the following children: .. ." He then lists the children as I have above
with the exception of his additions of Magdalena (born 1796) and Susanna
(born 1801).

In another letter to her in 1986 he wrote, "I began my own little
investigation into the Benders believing that Michael, son of Jacob of
Menallen, left the home place and wound up across the line in York
County. Finding the Bender's church book forced me to abandon this
belief. Nothing that I have found since has changed my mind on that
subject in the least."

If you can't believe who the "real" Michael Bender is from the
details provided by a "foreigner" living in Youngstown, New York, on the
border of Canada (who is a
descendant of Jacob Bender and Catharine Schneider), then, at least,
listen to the man who "wrote the book" on the history of Adams County!

It still leaves, however, an important unanswered question. Who is
Michael Bender,
buried in Franklin Church Cemetery, Carroll Twp., York County, not all
that far from
Menallen Twp., Adams County? And who were his parents? He is most
assuredly just as
important to the Bender family as any other member.

I for one would appreciate anyone's thoughts on his ancestry.

PS as of Aug. 15, 1997. I believe I have figured out who the parents
were of that Michael Bender (of Caroll Twp.). I believe they were
Johann Michael and Maria Margaretha (Taubenberg) of Manor Twp.,
Lancaster Co. Johann Michael's parents were Hans Leonard and Maria
Margaretha (Baer).

Vee L. Housman
3642 Creek Road 
Youngstown, New York 14174
email: (as of Aug. 15, 1997)

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