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George Henry Houser 1825-1887

George Henry Houser
Son of Jacob & Sarah Ann (Bush) Houser
Born Jan 1 1825
Died Nov 1 1887
Anna Moyer
daughter of Peter & Elizabeth (?) Moyer
Born 15 May 1826
Died 1907

Catherine 1850 - 1927 M. William Mull
Sarah Elizabeth 1852- M. Henry Wise
Charles 10 May 1855-
William Henry Houser 1860-1923 M. Sarah Jane Snyder
Anna Louisa Houser 1864- m. John Neitz

1825 - George Henry Houser is born

1826 - Anna Moyer is born
Parents: Peter & Elizabeth De Koneller (Druckenmiller?) Moyer
(See her death certificate for parents names)

1850 - Census

1860 - Age 36
Name: George Houser
Age in 1860: 30
Birth Year: abt 1830
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1860: Chapman, Snyder, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Post Office: Chapman
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
George Houser 30
Anna Houser 28
Catharine Houser 10
Elizabeth Houser 8
William Houser 4/12

1863 - Daughter Anna Louisa Married John W. Neitz

1869 - Daughter Catherine Married William G. Mull

1870 - Age 46

Name: George Houser
Age in 1870: 46
Birth Year: abt 1824
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1870: Chapman, Snyder, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Post Office: Mckees 1/2 Falls
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
George Houser 46
Ann Houser 44
Elizabeth Houser 18
William Houser 10
Louisa Houser 6

1880 - Age 56

Name: George Houser
Age: 55
Birth Year: abt 1825
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1880: Chapman, Snyder, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Ann Houser
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Neighbors: View others on page
Occupation: Laborer
Household Members:
Name Age
George Houser 55
Ann Houser 54
William Houser 20
Louisa Houser 16

1881 - Son Willam Henry Houser married Sarah Jane Snyder

1887  George Died

After 1901, Before 1907
I found this photo on
Since George is not pictured, I think we can assume it was taken after 1887, and of course before Anna died in 1907.  After analyzing the labels, I know it was taken after 1901 - Jennie Rebecca (Houser) Ernest was born in 1901.  She looks to be 2 or 3 in this photo, so possibly the photo was taken in 1903.

I do not know who labeled it, but the labels are as follows
 (top right to left, followed by bottom right to left)

1.Uncle Tom Houser, 2.Great Aunt Louisa Houser, 3.Great Grandmother Houser, 4.Aunt Lizzie (Houser) Campbell Baker 5.Great Aunt Catherine Houser 6.Isaac Campbell

7.Grandmother Houser, 8.Jennie Rebecca Ernst, 9.Heintzelman kids?, 10.William Houser, 11. Mary & George Campbell, 12. Aunt Sarah Houser M.....

#1 Tom Houser is the son of William Henry & Susan (Snyder) Houser.  He is the grandson of George & Anna (Moyer) Houser.  His sister Lizzie is #4.

#2 Louisa Houser, daughter of George & Anna, wife of John W. Neitz.  Her and John have 7 children born before Anna's death, none of them, nor her husband, are pictured here.

#3.  Anna (Moyer) Houser 1826-1907.  (My 4th great grandmother)

#4 Lizzie Ernestine Houser is the grandughter of Anna (Moyer) Houser.  Her father is William Henry Houser, who married Sarah Snyder.  Lizzie first married Isaac Campbell, shown here #6.  After Isaac died in 1915.  In 1917 Lizzie remarried to Isaiah Baker.

#5 - Catherine (Houser) Mull, 1850-1927, daughter of George & Anna,  had 2 boys before 1887 when George died, & 2 more boys before 1891. John E. b 1881, Frank P. Born 1884, William A. Born 1888 & Calvin E. born 1891.  None of her children appear in this photo.  Her husband is also not present, and we find him in the census in 1910, after Anna died.

#6 Isaac Campbell, husband of Anna's grandaughter Lizzie Ernestine Houser, #4 

#7. "Grandmother Houser". Sarah Jane Snyder, wife of William Henry Houser, making her the daughter in law of George & Anna Houser. (This is my 3rd great grandmother)

#8 Jennie Rebecca Ernest.  I had first thought that was 3 children, but it is Jennie Rebecca Houser, daughter of William Henry Houser, grandaughter of Anna.  She married Oscar Sterling Ernest. (her older sister Annie Celeste House is my 2nd great grandmother)

#9 "The Heintzleman Kids"  I can come up with no guess or theory on this.  None of the Houser daughters married a Heintzleman.  

#10 William Houser.  William Walter Houser 1845-1942.  Grandson of George & Anna.  Son of William Henry Houser & Sarah Snyder #7.  (his older sister Annie Celeste House is my 2nd great grandmother)

#11 Mary & George Campbell, great grandchildren of George & Anna, daughter and son of  #4 & #6 - Isaac Campbell & Lizzie Ernestine

#12 "Aunt Sarah Houser Newman"  Susan Alvesta Houser, grandaughter of George & Anna, daughter of William Henry Houser & Sarah Snyder #7.  (her older sister Annie Celeste House is my 2nd great grandmother)

1907 - Anna Died

St John's United Breatheran Cemetery, Port Trevorton, Snyder County PA


About Catherine Houser & William Mull:
 Lived in Freeburg next door farm neighbors of John & Catharine Mull.
Death certificate for their son William Jr gives the following information:
NAME: William Arthur Mull
SPOUSE: Susan Mull
MOTHER: Catharine Houser
FATHER: William Arthur Mull
William Served with CO K 102 PA Volunteers in the Civil War
Father's name is John Mull. Mother is unknown. John Mull, born 7 Apr 1834, his brother documents says the mother name was  Margaret Ruckert. The brothers had joining farms in Freeburg, PA They both have the same father, John Mull

About Anna Louisa Houser & John W. Neitz
Sometime after 1900 they went to Ohio.  They are both buried there, and are found in the census there in 1910 and 1920.  Address: 1153 Marcy St, Akron Ohio. (out of curiosity I checked the directory and found no Housers there. )


  1. My 3rd great grandparents were George and Ann Houser, parents of Sarah Houser (b. 1851) who married Henry Wise (b. 1832) of Northumberland, pa. Do you have any additional info ? The birth dates match for George and Ann but not the names. Would be grateful. Thanks.

    1. I added a bunch today - not sure if it will help you or not! I'm still working on some of the information right now. It took me half the day to sort out the labels on that family photo. :-)