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Henry David Conrad 1827 -1893

I've found 7 or 8 Henry Conrads in this area, born before 1850.  I've attempted to sort them out here:

Henry David Conrad
son of
born 1827
died April 17 1893
Lydia Ann Sierre
daughter of George & Catharina Sierre
Birth January 13 1824
Death Sept 11 1881
Married 2nd in January 1883
Mary A. Showers
widow of Samuel Knisely
daughter of
Born abt 1844
Died March 28 1894

Catherine Conrad 1849 – 1924 M. Neimond
Jacob David Conrad 1853 – 1922 M. 
Hannah Amanda Conrad 1855 – 1930 M. John Edmund Sulouff
Margaret A. "Maggie" Conrad 1857 –1936  M. Fred Leister
Sarah N. Conrad 1860 – 1940 M. Peter Blystone
Joanna Conrad 1863-1942 –  M.  Adam Lauver

Lidia Siere is born, and baptized at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Jonestown, Lebanon, PA.  Parents are livsted as George Siere & Catharina.
(going by the death notice that she was "57 years, 7 months and 28 days" at her death, that would put her birthday at Januaury 14 1824.  Here is is given as January 13 - making me pretty certain that this is the correct Lidia.

Birth of Henry
the 1860 census tells us that his father was from Ohio, his mother from PA.

1840 - Age 13

1850 - Age 23 - Occupation - Miller
1850 United States Federal Census about Henry Conrad
Name: Henry Conrad
Age: 22
Birth Year: abt 1828
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1850: Upper Augusta, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Family Number: 10
Household Members:
Name Age
Daniel Glines 27
Hannah Glines 25
Susan Glines 5
Henry Conrad 22
Edward Frayer 12

Henry is listed with the occupation of Miller, as is the head of household, Daniel Glines.

1860 - Age: 33
Monroe, Juniata, Pennsylvania, United States

1862 - 
Enlisted April 13 1862
Civil War

Civil War
Company D, 2nd PA Art
Enlisted March 14 1864

August 18 1864
Shot in the left breast, then taken prisoner for about 50 days.

treated for injury, during civil war
In Richmond Va, September 27 1864
Excerpt from Pension File*

"The affiant has been shot in the left breast ball penetrating the sternum of left side of ....................................and was removed while a prisoner.  There had been ...... of the ... muscles of the left breast which has rendered the mechanical use of his left arm .......... disable condition and also interferes with respiration.
He cannot lift heavy or make any useful entreaties at labor without being fatigued and disable for some time afterwards.

He had a large scar over the sternum below the ....  which he says occured from a  scald when a child.  ......  of the .....  believe his statements and the wound is distinct and ...........

by deep ......................  which  ........."

1866 - Discharged
Civil War
Company D, 2nd PA Art
Enlisted March 14 1864

Discharged January 29 1866

1870 Age: 43
Monroe, Juniata, Pennsylvania, United States
Age: 40; Census Post Office: Richfield
Occupation - Post Fence Maker

1870 United States Federal Census about Hary Conrad
Name: Hary Conrad
Age in 1870: 40
Birth Year: abt 1830
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1870: Monroe, Juniata, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Female
Post Office: Richfield
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Hary Conrad 40
Lidia Conrad 35
Catharine Conrad 20
Jacob Conrad 18
Hannah Conrad 16
Margaret Conrad 17
Sarah Conrad 4
Joana Conrad 9

1873 - Son Jacob Burnt in Train Fire

Juniata Sentinel and Republican
(Mifflintown, Pennsylvania)
26 Nov 1873, Wed • First Edition
1874 - Dispute with Christian Benner

Juniata Sentinel and Republican
(Mifflintown, Pennsylvania)

22 Jul 1874, Wed • First Edition

HD Conrad elected Monroe Twp inspector 1 Mar 1876 Juniata Sentinel and Republican

1877 Age: 50
land of HD Conrad shown in the 1877 atlas for Juniata, Perry & Mifflin counties - Monroe County

October 26 1877
Filed for Invalid Pension
Received gun shot wound in chest in the civil war

1880 Age: 53
Monroe, Juniata, Pennsylvania, USA

Age: 54; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Self

1880 United States Federal Census about Henry D. Conrad
Name: Henry D. Conrad
Age: 54
Birth Year: abt 1826
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1880: Monroe, Juniata, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Lydia A. Conrad
Father's Birthplace: Ohio
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Neighbors: View others on page
Occupation: Laborer
Household Members:
Name Age
Henry D. Conrad 54
Lydia A. Conrad 56

1881 - Amendment to Pension File

Excerpt from Pension File:
State Of Pennsylvania
Juniata County SS

Personally appeared before me a justice of the peace in and for the aforesaid county of Juniata.  Henry D. Conrad, who being duly sworn says he is the person named claim for invalid pension no 243.806  He further says that he has been told that when a child, before his recollection, he was burned or rather scalded to the effect of which left a scar - not on the breast but below the breast, and depended emphatically declares that he never felt the slightest inconvenience or pain of any kind from the effects of said burn or scald, and from no injury to any of his limbs or muscles precious to his enlistment in the military service of the United States.

Sworn and Subscribed before me
this 22nd day of July 1881
Henry D. Conrad
and I certify that I have no interest in the above claim
William Burn JP

William Burn JP

September 11
First wife, Lydia, died.

Her obituary appeared in the Old Mennonite publication Herald of Truth.

CONRAD - Sept. 11th, in Juniata Co., Pa., of consumption, Lydia, wife of Henry Conrad, aged 57 years, 7 months and 28 days. Buried at Neimand Church. Services by Thomas Graybill, Elias Landes and Penrose Brown. Text, Isaiah 38:1. 

January 21st 1883
Married 2nd wife, Mary

Excerpt from Pension:
"That I am the minister of the ?gasfoel? and united in Holy Bonds of Matrimony. Henry D. Conrad and Mary A. Showers on the 21st day of January AD 1884 at the house of Michael Folkroad in Walker  township Juniata County and Sate of Pa as a minister in the German baptist faith and further believe the claimant to be dependent on her daily labor for her support as she owns no property whatsoever for a few household goods."

Source - pension file
"Affadavit of minister who performed the ceremony of marriage and witnessed soldier & death of 1st wife"

Pension File Excerpt
Mary states that she has not been married before, but that Henry had been married before.  Also gived her maiden name - Mary A. Showers.
(but she was in fact married before, with 2 daughters)

Henry died April 17 1893
Age 66

Adams Cemetery, Juniata County PA
Juniata Sentinel and Republican
(Mifflintown, Pennsylvania)
7 Feb 1894, Wed • First Edition

March 28 1894
Mary (Showers) Conrad died at the home of her daughter in Harrisburg Pa.
Affiant is Sallie A. Capples.

Sarah Elizabeth Knisely married George Washington Cupples.
Sarah was the daughter of Mary Showers & Samuel Knisely

So even though Henry's pension states that Mary was not married before - she was.

"That said Affiant is the daughter of Mary A. Conrad, widow of Henry D Conrad, late of Co "D" 151st regt Pa Vols and Battery "D" Pa ..... .... , who drew a pension, at the Pittsburgh agency at the rate of $8.00 per a month, under certf. No 253.465 that her said Mother when living frew a pension at the same agency of a rate of $8.00 oer month under Certf. No 388.958 affiant further says that her mother Mary A. Conrad took sick at her (the affiants) home on Fulron St, Harrisburg Pa, and died there March 28 1894, and when she died she left no money or other valuable thing, no property real or personal with which to defray her funeral expenses.  That the husband of Affiant payed all the funeral expenses and affiant makes this statement for the purpose of received "

The signature is Sallie A. Capples - but I do not know who this is?  Was Mary possibly married before, even though the earlier page from the pension file states she was not?

*In September of 2014 Kyle Clark shared a copy of Henry's pension file with me.  :-)

Hannah's obituary in 1930 lists three sisters:
Mrs Sarah Blystone of Mifflin
Mrs Frederick (Margaret) Leister of McAlisterville
Mrs Joanna Lauver of Sunbury

Son Jacob's Obit:

Mary Showers married first Samuel Knisely.  They had at least two daughters, Anna & Sallie.


I found this record in the Gettysburg Theological Seminary, where Henry & Lidia's children were baptized. I had hoped this was Henry David - but alas, it cannot be.  Wilhelm & Rebecca also had a daughter Anna, who married Peter Good.  In 1870 this Henry can be found in Illinois with her family.  We know "our" Henry was married with children in PA in 1870.

1870 United States Federal Census about Henry Conrad
Name: Henry Conrad
Age in 1870: 43
Birth Year: abt 1827
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1870: Dwight, Livingston, Illinois
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Dwight
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Peter Good 45
Anna Good 39
Lizzie Good 18
Aaron Good 16
Solomon Good 15
Henry Good 13
Emma Good 11
Rebecca Good 8
Alice Good 1
Henry Conrad 43

There are at least 3 Henry Conrads in this general area around the same age.  Many researchers have our Henry confused with Henry Gerome Conrad - but they are in two different census in 1860 & 1870, both with their own wives and children, clearly different men.

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