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Parents of Daniel Ward Truckenmiller:
Charles F. Truckenmiller & Patsy A. Smith


Arney Aunkst Betz Dieffenbacher Dills Dunkelberger
Fetterolf Fox Fredericks Hagerman Hamma Junker LaBar Long
McKean Mauser Ritter Rothermal Smith Snyder Starr Stofflet
Thorne Troxell Weidman Zweyer

Material Lines through Patsy Ann Smith:


Lloyd William Smith & Marian Lucille Smith

Great Grandparents

Benjamin Franklin Smith & Susan Bertha Snyder
Howard Mahlon Smith & Margaret Bessie Aunkst

(2x)Great Great Grandparents

David Smith & Ellen Dieffenbacher
John Snyder & Mary Jane Ritter
Charles Smith & Sarah Ann Hagerman
John McKean Aunkst & Alice Arney

(3x) Great, Great, Great Grandparents

John Schmidt & Hannah Stofflet
Benjamin Dieffenbacher & Maria Sophia Troxel
Zebedee Ritter & Anna Fox
Mahlon Hagerman & Catherine Weidman
David Aunkst & Esther McKean
Elias Arney & Susan Fetterolf

(4x) Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents

Unknown Parents of John Schmidt
John Stofflet & Eva Catherine Troxell
Philip Dieffenbacher & Rosina Mauser
Jonathan Troxell & Elisabeth
Unknown Parents of Jacob Snyder
Unknown Parents of Elgiah
Samuel Ritter & Christiana Starr
Unknown Parents of Anna Fox
Joshua Hagerman & Susanna Dills
John Weidman & Sarah Zeisloft
Daniel Aunkst & Mary Zweyer
John McKean & Mary Hart
Unknown Parents of Elias Arney
Johannes Peter Fetterolf & Maria Dunkelberger

(5x) Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents

Conrad Dieffenbacher & Catherine Betz
Lorentz Troxell & Christina Reichard
Martin Ritter & Barbara Fredericks
Francis Hagerman & Abigail Thorne
Daniel Weidman & Anna Margaret Labar
John Michael Stofflet & Margaretha Elizabetha Engelbach
Nicholas Troxel m. Catherine Reeder
Joseph Hagerman & Eleanor Waldron
Henry Dills & Hannah
Johannes Peter Fetterolf & Anna Maria Rothermal
Johan Daniel Angst m. Magdalena Fischer
Joseph Zweyer m. Catharine Scharg

(6x) Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents

William Dills & Rachel

Peter Troxell married Anna Maria Hunsecker
Johan Daniel Angst m. Maria Dorthea Junker
Abraham LaBar m. Anna Maria Long
Johannes Traschel & Anna Maria Unknown
Hans George Zweyer married Julianna

(7x) Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents
Peter Trachsel married Juliana Catharina Trauthager 
*Jacob Trachsel married Margaret Brengel (7th on one line, 8th on another)
Johan Conrad Junker m Maria Margaretha Matthes
John Michael Long M. Maria Barbara LaBar

(8x) Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents

*Jacob Trachsel married Margaret Brengel 
(7th on one line, 8th on another)
*Hans Traschel Married Elizabeth Gungsel (8th on one line, 9th on another)

(9x) Great, Great, Great,Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents

*Hans Traschel Married Elizabeth Gungsel (8th on one line, 9th on another)

*To see the Troxell Chart to see how they are both 7 & 8x, and 8&9x great grandparents, go here: http://heathersgen.blogspot.com/search/label/Troxell

Zecharius Junker

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