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Johan Daniel Angst 1723-1803

Dan's 6th Great Grandfather (Maternal Line)
Our Concise Aunkst Line

Johan Daniel Angst 
son of
Birth 26 Apr 1723 
Death 22 Nov 1803    

1st Maria Elizabeth Stroers
daughter of Johann Nicholas and Eva Maria Stroeher
Birth 23 Mar 1724 in Zell, Bergstrasse, Hessen, Germany
Death  1766 in East Hanover, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, United States

married Nov. 10, 1765
2nd Magdalene Fisher
 daughter-of George Ulrich Fisher
Born Sept.20, 1737
Died: Sept. 2, 1803 

To First Wife:
Anna Elizabeth Angst 1748 – 1750 m. Jacob Schock
Daniel Johann Angst 1750 – 1815 m. Elizabeth Hamma
Maria Margaret Aungst 1751 – 1803 m. John Zerbe
George Angst 1760 – 1823
John Nicholas Angst 1762 – 1826 m.2nd Catharine Lepkighler
Michael Angst 1762 – 1792 (never married, Served Rev. War)

To Second Wife:
Peter Angst 1767 – 1829  m. Anna Maria
Catharine Angst – m. John Burkey
Christian Aungst  1769 – 1849

Children listed in will - 


For the full article written by Straub Aunkst and appearing in the Pennsylvania Dutchman, see the post on our Concise Aunkst Line, here:

1723 - Johan Daniel Angst Born
26 Apr
Enkirch, Bernkastel-Wittlich, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

July 5, 1744  - Married
While still in Germany, on July 5, 1744, Daniel Angst, the immigrant, married in Enkirch Evangelical Lutheran Church, Marie Elizabeth Stroeher  Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kleinach, Germany,  baptized March 23, 1725, daughter of Johann Nicholas and Eva Maria Stroeher

1748 - Arrival
Age: 25
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sept. 15, 1748  Immigrated on ship Two Brothers 
   Name: Daniel Angst.
   Captain:  THOMAS ARNOTT
   Date: SEPT. 15, 1748

Daughter Susanna Elizabeth was born the same year.

Why would Daniel have chose to immigrate to America?
In the 1680s William Penn, a leader of the Quakers, received a charter from the king of England and wanted to populate his lands with productive farmers and his towns with skilled artisans. Penn soon became the foremost salesman for his province. By 1685, about eight thousand Quakers from England, Wales and Ireland had already immigrated to Pennsylvania. From an earlier journey to Holland and Germany in 1677, he had first-hand knowledge of the desperate situations of his fellow Christians as far up the Rhine as Mannheim. His promotional tracts, also published in Dutch and German, appealed to thousands of Germans from the Rhienland Palatinate. The promise of religious freedom and the opportunity to own their own land was an answer to prayer to these masses who had suffered for centuries at the hands of the ruling dukes, princes, emperors and archbishops in their homeland. His pamphlets promised an exciting adventure to all, with a government in which "the people and governor have a legislative power, so that no law can be made, nor money raised but by the peoples consent."
(no idea exactly why Daniel left, but this gives some historical context.. )

1748 - Residence
Age: 25
Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA

1756 - Residence
Age: 33
East End Of Hanover PA

1766 - Maria Elizabeth Died
sometime before November 10 1766

1766- Marriage to Magdalena Fischer
11 Nov 1766
Age: 43
Hanover and Tulpehocken, Pennsylvania, USA

Name: Daniel Angst
Event Type: Marriage
Marriage Date: 10 Nov 1766
Marriage Place: Gettysburg, Adams, Pennsylvania, USA
Spouse Name: Magdalena Kisherin
Denomination: Lutheran
Organization Name: Gettysburg Theological Seminary

Name: Daniel Angst
Event Type: Marriage
Marriage Date: 10 Nov 1766
Marriage Place: Gettysburg, Adams, Pennsylvania, USA
Spouse Name: Magdalena Fischerin
Denomination: Lutheran
Organization Name: Gettysburg Theological Seminary

Between 1775-1883
U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications
1889-1970 about Daniel Angst 1st
Name: Daniel Angst 1st
SAR Membership: 66456
Birth Date: 1722
Death Date: 22 Nov 1803
Mar Elizabeth 
Daniel Angst 

1781 - Residence
Age: 58
Pine Grove, Berks, Pennsylvania

1785 - Residence
Age: 62
Pine Grove, Berks, Pennsylvania

1788 - Residence
Age: 65
Pine Grove, Berks, Pennsylvania
Found on Tax List, Along with Daniel Jr.

Angst, Danl
   250 (acres?)
    2 horses
    2 cows

Angst Danl Jr
     80 (acres?)
      1 horse

1790 Census, Berks Co PA
Name: Danl Angst
Township: Pine Grove
County: Berks
State: Pennsylvania
Number of Free White Males Under 16: 4
Number of Free White Males 16 and Over: 1
Number of Free White Females: 2
Number of Household Members: 7

1798 - Residence
Age: 75
Pinegrove, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States

1800 - Residence
Age: 77
Pinegrove, Berks, Pennsylvania

1800 Census, Berks Co PA

Name: Daniel Angst
Township: Pinegrove
County: Berks
State: Pennsylvania
Free White Males 45 and Over : 1
Free White Females 45 and Over : 1
Number of Household Members Over 25 : 2
Number of Household Members: 2

1803 - Wrote Will
30 Sep
Age: 80
Anvil Twp., Dauphin County PA

Will of Daniel Angst

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, the 30th of September 1803 Daniel Angst in Anvil Twp., Dauphin County. At present very weak on my body but of a good memory Thanks be therefore Unto God Almighty because it is
appointed for all men once to die so I do make and order my Last Will and Testament.

First and for all I recommend my soul into the hand of the merciful God. Hopefully He will Take me in grace and forgive me all my sins for  Jesus Christ sake. Concerning the worldly Goods, wherewith it has  blessed God to bless me in this life, I assign and command as follows. It is my Will and I ordain that my hereafter-named Executors shall pay all my costs after my death As soon as conveniently. Item I give and bequeath unto my son-in-law John Perkey my two hundred Acres of land in Beindgroff Twp. Berks County, boarding on Jacob Steins and other land, with the Dwelling house and all that is upon the land, forever, him or his heirs, and therefore he shall pay Four hundred pounds
silver or gold yearly fifteen pounds till it is paid. After my death he shall Inhabit it for three years without any payment but when John Berkey will not take it so than shall My hereafter-named executors sell it for the highest price and I authorize my hereafter named Executors to give the purchaser a good bill document.
Item I promise and bequeath unto my son Christian the Bible before all.

Item my daughter Catharina shall have ten pounds in money, one convertible, her bed, and one Iron kettle, one iron pot, one turn churn and one spinning wheel, before all my children are on the Number those, Daniel, Nicholaus, George, Christian, Peter, Annalisabeta, Margrata, Catharina Shall have their shares as follows. Daniel's children shall have his share and John, Nicholaus, And George's children shall have their shares and my daughter Annalisabeta shall have only five Shillings. Further it is my will my named executors after my death shall sell all my movables And I do hereby to name,  choose and confirm trusted friend Valintin Boger and my beloved Son in law John Perkey as executors in my last Will and Testament and do hereby disannul And invalid all other Wills, testaments made from me
and confirm and ratify this and no others As my last Will and Testament, signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared from me Daniel Angst the testator as my Last Will and Testament, by these present witnesses.

                                  Adam Berth and Adam Heilman

Dauphin County Will Book C page 190
Probated November 22, 1803

1803 - J. Daniel Angst Died
22 Nov
Age: 80
Annville, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA
Age: 81

Jacobs Church

Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots about Daniel Angst
Name: Daniel Angst
Cemetery: Jacob's Ch
Location: Pine Grove Twp PA 49
Reference: Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.1, p.  Serial: 11393; Volume: 3

Name: Daniel Angst
Birth Date: 26 Apr 1723
Birth Place: Enkirch, Bernkastel-Wittlicher Landkreis, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Death Date: 22 Nov 1803
Death Place: Annville, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, USA
Cemetery: Jacobs Lutheran Church Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Pine Grove, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, USA
Has Bio?: N

[1] Suzanne Elizabeth, b. Jan. 27, 1749; no further data,
[2]- Johann Daniel Angst, Jr., b. East Hanover Township, Lancaster (now Lebanon) Co., Pa., Dec. l4, 1750, .d. Pine Grove, Schuylkill Co., PA., July 11, 1815; interred Jacob's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Edna Grove Township; married 1774 Elizabeth Hamma. 
[3] Johann Nicholas Angst,(b. East Hanover Twp.Lebanon County, PA., Nev. 1754; d. Pine Grove Twp. Schuylkill Go.,Pa., June 21,1825; married twice, name of first wife unknown;second wife was Catherine Lepkigler,or Liebkuegrin, d.Jan. l7l8 , Served four years in the American Revolution;was with Wash-
ington at battle of Yorktown.Nicholas and Catherine had nine children. One of the sons, Daniel
(b.Oct, 19, 1799, in Pine Grove Twp. Schuylkill Co., Ia.) married Margaretha Bonawitz; they had five children. Upon her death, Daniel moved to Delaware Twp. Northumberland Co., PA., there he married,secondly, the widow Keefer, nee Catherine Bronn.They had a number of children. One son, Emanuel Jackson Angst,b.1842, married Elizabeth Schook. They had a son George Henry Aunkst ( b. 1869,  d.l941;married Jennie Mae Beck}. 
They had a son, William Herman Aunkst {b. June 12, 1892d.June 29, 1948; married Margaret Elizabeth Schiebener). 
They had a daughter Hazel Aunkst,married
Harvey Auten, who resides in Williamsport, PA.

[4] Johann George Angst, b. 1750, married(1) unknown; (2) Katherine Hoover; they had a large family.

[5] Johann Michael Angst, b.1752, d.l792; unmarried; served in the Am. Rev.

[6] Christian Angst--no date,

[7] Peter Angst, married Anna Maria Hufnagel or Witameyer. Had one son Daniel, a daughter Catherine
and other children. 

[8] Anna Elizabeth Angst, married May 14, 1765 Jacob Shock, and had a large family.

[9] Margaetha Angst married John Zerbe, the son of George and had a large family.

[10] Catherine Angst, married John Burkey or Rirkey, and had a large family.


The year 1756 witnessed a scene of terror on the frontiers of the Province which at this day would be difficult to imagine. The inroads of the treacherous Delawares and perfidious Shawanees with tomahawk and seal ping - knife stained with the life - blood of their helpless victims spread dismay and horror into the border settlements of Hanover. A silent witness of these terrible times is the original assessment lists of the East and West Ends of the Township tor 1756 which are before us. On these herewith presented, those marked with an asterisk () have written before them "fled." We give the orthograghy. as in the original, w. h. e West End of Hanover Assessment, Provincial Tax 1756.

 Matthew Snoddy, Joseph Wilson, Jno. M'Cormick, Henry M'Cormick, Adam Hanager, Lorrance Rahlan, John Gordon Wm. Roger, Jno. Brown, James M'Carver, Robert Porterfield, Widow Parker, Allx. Muclehenny, Samuel Robinsen, James Finney, Richard Johnston, David M'Clenaehan. Thos. French. Alex. Barned, Thos. Sharp, Jno. MacNeelly, Jas. French, Thos. Finny, Jno. Sharp. Phillip Robinson, Jno. Hill, Robert Snodgrass, Thos. Bell, Robert Love, Hugh M'Neet, Sam'l Young, Jas. Beard, Daniel Shaw, Wm. Thompson, Jno. Woods, Wm. Trousdell, Andrew Wood, Mathew Thornton, Charles M'Clure, Francis M'Clure, Jno. Taylor, Thos. Maguire, Jno. Hutchinson, Wm. M'Cord, Daniel Brown, Robert Huston, Wm. Leard, Benjamin Wallice, Widow Rodger, Wm. Barnett, Seth Rodger, Bartholomy Hain, Samuel Staret, John Swan, Hugh Roger, Jas. Bannon, Wm. Roger, Wm. M'Clure, Thos. M'Clure, Andrew Wallis Wm. Wallis. John TTenrv Jain Johnston. Kill'd, & boy token. james male, Jas. Ridle, jr., John Coopper, Wm. Coopper, Widow Coopper, John Thomson, David Fargison, Wm. Allen, John M'Clure, Wm. Galbreath, James Wright, Widow Dearmin, Thos. Robinson, (mil - Henry Hart, ler Robert Stuart, Jas. Robinson, John Stuart. Michael M'Neelly, Thos. MacMullen, John Miller, Robert Martin, Samuel Stuart, James Wilson, James Park. Jvon Strean. James Rippetr, Robt Wallis, James Willson, Samuel Barnett, Matthew Taylor, James Brown, Kill'd, Widow M' Carvin, Samuel Brown, Thos. Hill, Hugh Wilson, Henry Smith. John Dixon, Coll'rofthe West End of Hanover. East End of Hanover Assessment for ye irrovvncxai Tax, 1756. Dorst Braghbill, Andrew Karsnits John Foster, John Young, Martin Light, Wm. Young. Andrew Berrihill, James Williams, kill'd, Daniel Angst, Joseph Hoff, John Slone, Samuel Sloan, James Clark, " Mathias Poor, John Stuart, Isaac Williams. .Tameo V,. John Gilliland Mn Ar,i' John MaCollogh. Robt. Kirkwood waiter Magtaw log, Volentine Stofelbain Wm. Robinson, Rud. Fry, Adam Cleaman Jrh Peter Walmor Mnun James Rafter, IkeBrooner Adam Reed, Esq.. Jacob Moser, Fredrick Noah. kill'd. Rarnpri Phillip Mour, Ty ce Bashore, ' Jacob Bashore, Wm. MaCullough Benia. Clark. John Va Geo. Tittle, Phillip Colp, John Tups, RudyHouk, John Weaver, . Anthoney Rosen - Jacob Toons. John Dibbin, jun., Geo. Sheffer. jonn lJiDbm, sen., Dayvolt Angony, Wm. Clark, Casper Yost, Peter Hedrirk . Nicholas Winer, Adam Harper, James Stuart, Lazarus Stuart, a John M'Clure, John Anderson, Patrick Brown, John Coningham,' " Widow Coningham, Henry Weever, Stophel Seess, ' Thos. Shurly, Samuel Graime, Adam MacNeely, Jacob Rigard, James Grame, Samuel Endworth's son taken, Barnett MacNett, Andrew Brown, John Brown, - Wm. Brown,; Andrew MacMag - Thos. Hume, hen, Christophel Henry, ' Thos. Strean, Peter Wolf, John Kreag, kill'd, & wife & Boy taken captive. Henry Cuntz, John Gream, John Crawford, Wm. Watson, John Stuart, John Hume, David Strean, John Porterfield, Wm. G reams, John Strean, Alex. Martin, Wm. Thomson, Anthony MaCraight,John Mire, Walter Bell, James Dixon, . . Samuel Tod, , Wm. Woods. Brice Innis, Christophel Plaulz, Isaac Sharp, Geo. Miller, Jno. Jacob Stover, Jacob Stover, John Thompson, James MaCurry, Joseph Willson, John Dixon, Conrad Rice, Wm. James, Alex. Swan, Thos. Priece, Isaac Sharp, " 


The Pennsylvania Dutch spoken by the Amish in the United States is (among other dialects) derived from the German dialect spoken in the Rhineland-Palatinate, which many Palatine refugees brought to the colony in the early decades of the 18th century. - Wikipedia

The History of Enkirch
"Enkirch was founded on settlements with origins stretching back into the Stone Age. During the reign of the Celts and then the Romans, the area was well populated and an important economic centre, as is evidenced by archaeological findings of the grave of a likely Celtic princess and later Roman temples. The first mention of Enkirch dates back to 733 A. D. under the Celtic name “ANCHRIRIACUM” in a deed of donation from Adela, a noble maiden. In 1248 the locality received its official certification of independence from the local landowner, the “Earl of Sponheim-Starkenburg”, which contained the following concessions, none of which were particularly common for the time: The abolition of serfdom, the establishment of a weekly market, the foundation of a justice system independent of the Earl and the voluntary construction of a fortification wall around the village. From this point on the area boomed significantly both in handcrafts and trade. This additionally resulted in Enkirch’s population rising to 2,400 residents during the heyday of handcrafts. Along with handcrafts, winegrowing had always been a prominent economic factor since the days of the Romans, and winegrowing and tourism continue today as the cornerstones of the local economy."

The Ship Two Brothers
Two Brothers” was a three-masted merchant ship with a burden rating of 250 tons that carried 14 guns with a crew of 14 in addition to the captain.  It was capable of transporting about 300 passengers and the necessary supplies, food, water, & etc. for those passengers as well as the crew from Europe to Philadelphia.

Contemporary accounts of the cost of passage from Rotterdam to Philadelphia in 1750 say the fare was £10 (sixty florins) per person, with children five to ten years old charged half-price. 

"The ship lists kept in Philadelphia indicate that beginning in 1747 and continuing through 1753 the “Two Brothers” captained by Thomas Arnot arrived annually in Philadelphia in August, September or October with German speaking immigrants from the Rhineland. 

Then it would proceed in November and December to Charlestown, South Carolina after a short stay of a month or two in Philadelphia.  It transported a variety of agricultural products including bread, apples, flour, beer, butter, cheese, potatoes and household items like candles and soap on this leg of its annual circuitous journey.  Passengers were also accepted on the trip from Philadelphia to Charlestown.

After spending the winter months in Charlestown, South Carolina, the ship “Two Brothers” would sail back to England carrying the major commodities produced in the region of Charlestown including rice and indigo.  Once these goods were delivered to ports in southern England including Cowes and Portsmouth, the “Two Brothers” would sail on to Rotterdam at the mouth of the Rhine in Holland.  There it would pick up another ship full of German speaking immigrants in the late summer months for another voyage to Philadelphia stopping in Cowes or Portsmouth in England on the way.

This then was the three legged circuit followed by the ship “Two Brothers” each year beginning in 1747 and continuing successfully through 1753.  However, in 1754 tragedy struck.  The following article appeared in the Pennsylvania Journal, issue #616 dated September 26, 1754:

August 5.  A few Days since Capt Arnot bound from Rotterdam for Philadelphia, with upwards of 300 Palatine Passengers on Board, in her Passage struck on the Sand called the Galloper, which beat off the Rudder, soon after which she foundered.  A Dutchman who was in Sight, and ‘tis judg’d could not be insensible of their Distress, thought proper to continue his Course, and left preserving upwards of eighty Souls out of the above Number, to Capt. Henderson, bound for the Cost of Guiney, who took them on board, and landed them on Thursday Se’nnight at Helvoetsluys, and then proceeded on his journey.” "

"To summarize, the ship “Two Brothers” which brought Johann Paul Jünger to Philadelphia from the Rhineland in 1748 would, in subsequent years, become one of the most frequently used vessels involved in the business of transporting Germanic immigrants to the “promised land” of Pennsylvania in the 18th century.  In like manner the captain of that ship, Thomas Arnot, went on to distinguish himself as the most experienced captain of ships bringing German speaking immigrants to America. "
For MUCH more info on the Two Brothers Ship -

William Penn himself made the following statement about the time it would take to sail from England to his Province of Pennsylvania in his prospectus literature he distributed throughout Europe in the 1680s:

“The Passage is not to be set by any man; for Ships will be quicker and slower, some have been four months, and some but one and as often.  Generally between six and nine weeks.  One Year, of four and twenty Sayl, I think, there was not three above nine, and there was one or two under six weeks in the passage.

Based on Penn’s prospectus, it was indeed possible for a ship to sail from England to Philadelphia in only one month although this was the very least amount of time required based on his observation.

With all of these factors considered it seems fair to conclude that August to September of 1748 was a very favorable time for ships to sail across the Atlantic from England to Philadelphia.  Perhaps this was because of favorable winds or currents.  Maybe serious storms were absent during this period in the Atlantic Ocean.  At any rate the potential hardships of such a long trip were proportionately reduced when the journey was relatively shorter in duration than many other trips.

Passenger List 


Philadelphia, Sept. 15th, 1748. Thoams Arnot, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Portsmouth
Johann Casper Apfel                     Johann Burkhard Braun
Johann Daniel Kreutz                    Peter Bier
Peter Bier, Jr.                         Ewald Gunter
Johannes Herrmann                       Johan Joerg Messerschmid
Johann Peter Denig                      Johannes Achtung
Siegmund Bassermann                     Johannes Waltz
Johannes Knecht                         Johanes Peter Anthony
J. Friedrich Hoetz                      Johann Nicklas Kind
Goerg Carl Hoetz                        Johannes Gessner
Casper Kiefer                           Matthias Dieder
Abraham Kiefer                          Johannes Deys
Abraham Kiefer, Jr.                     Johann Jost Doerr
Johan Kasper Engel                      Egidius Meffert
Johan Jacob Scherer                     Johann Peter Meffert
Johann Philip Steffan                   Johannes Holtz
Johannes Eberth                         Jacob Girardin
Christoffel Heck                        Peter Girardin
Johann Jost Runckel                     Johannes Schlegel
Johann Conrad Viehman                   Johannes Schlegel, Jr.
Johan Conrad Rauch                      Peter Ernst
Johannes Woerner                        Conrad Keller
Johann Jost Eberth                      Conrad Keller, Jr.
Johann Baltzer Schaefer                 Jacob Reichart
Johannes Laubach                        Johann Joerg Fass
Johann Peter Engel                      Michael Hasler
Johan Matthias Otto                     Johann Daniel Schneider
Johann Caspar Kraemer                   Henrich Frantz
Henrich Kremer                          Eitel Engel
Johannes Neun                           Johann Wilhelm Engel
Johannes Huntzeker                      Johan Henrich Engel
Hans Jacob Kendel                       Johannes Weiand
Johan Jacob Hoeck                       Peter Dauber
Johann Friedrich Weber                  Jacob Nies
Michael Guenter                         Dominicus (or Magnus) Presser
Conrad Guenter                          Johannes Mueller
Johan Paul Junger                       Ludwig David Ruepfel
Johannes Eckkart                        Daniel Kober
Philippus Stein                         Nicolaus Kuntz
Michael Reiffsnyder                     Peter Felte
Johannes Keller                         Michael Berges
Conrad Koehler                          Johannes Neuhaus
Johannes Schlegel                       Carl Marth
Johann Juerg Keller                     Philip Grimm
Jacob Bretzius                          Mathias Huetwohl
Johan Wilhelmus Mueller                 Johannes Adam Stroeher
Johannes Stoehr                         Johann Mattes Stroeher
Philipps Jacob Schaefer                 Daniel Angst
Johann Philippus Schwob                 Michel Christman
Johann Henrich Spicker                  Johannes Mathes Stroeher
Johann Michael Brucker                  Johan Fuelleps
Jeremias Runckel                        Johannes Sumerlauter
Johann Jost Runckel
Nicklaus Clementz
Johann Peter Lenhart
Ulrich Wirth

Another online copy of the ships list can be found here

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