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Our Aunkst Line Through Patsy Ann Smith

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Simon Angst 1580-1647
Margaretha 1585-1647

Burkhard Angst (Burcschards Angsten) 1613-1687
Catharina Mueller 1620-1687
      Hans Daniel Angst 1650-1710
Eva Christine Krampen
Maria Dorthea Junker 1693-1733
 Magdela Fischer 1737-1803
Elizabeth Hamma 1774—?

Mary Zweyer 1792-1850

David Aunkst 1822-1898
Esther McKean 1826-1915

Alice Arney b. 1856

 Margaret Esther Aunkst b.1879 
Marian Lucille Smith
Lloyd William Smith

Patsy Ann Smith
Charles Frederick Truckenmiller

Daniel Truckenmiller
Heather Sulouff

I came across this article in the Pennsylvania Dutchman, 1949
Full image is followed by enlarge, readable, sections - 

Written and compiled by Straub Aunkst

The Angst--Aungst-—Aunkst family of Lancaster, Lycoming,Berks, Al1egheny, DauphinLebanonSchuylkill, Northumberland, Northampton, C1inton, Montgomery,
and Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania, and states of 0hio,New York, Michigan, New Jersey and Illinois, stems originally from Daniel Angst, immigrant forefather who was born April 26,1725 in the village of Enkirch, Moselle Valley or the Rhineland in-Germany, and died in Annville Township, Dauphin County (now Lebanon County), Pa. His will was proved at HarrisburgPa.Nov. 22, 1803

 Many of the descendants of Daniel Angst, the immigrant, have distinguished themselves in the Church, Army, Navy, and legal profession; industrialists and merchants.


The Angsts were long residents in the Enkirch area. Daniel Angst, the immigrant, was the son of Johann Daniel Angst, (b. July 2, 1686, d. l740, both in Enkirch) who married in Enkirch, Nov. 26, 1720, Maria Dorothea Junker [b, Nov. 1, 1695, d. March 17, 1735, the daughter of Johann Conrad Junker-b. 1655, d.Sept. 15, 1716- son of Zecharias Junker, d. 1695).

Johann Conrad Junker was married at Niedersohren on Jan.27, 1695, to Maria  Margaretha Matthes (b, March 16, 1670, d. March 25, 1738) the daughter of Thomas·
Matthes. Johann Daniel Angst, the immigrant was the grandson of Johann Daniel Angst, (b. Aug. 2,  1650, d. 1710; married Jan. 16, 1677, Eva Christine Kramp (b.
.1646, d. Enkiroh, Oct. 17, 1725); the great grandson of Burkhard Angst {b. Enkirch 1613,d. may 11, 1668; married to Katherine Mueller (b. 1615, d. Enkirch,
Nov. 5,16B7); the great great grandson of Simon Angst (b.1585; married Margaretha, d. Feb. 23, 1647), Of the latter marriage, there was also a son Caspar, brother of Burkhard.

In Siebmacher's Wappenbuch (Coat of Arms Manuel) Section VII, page 74, plate 78, appears hausemake of Simon and Caspar Angst, Enikirch, Germany, 1662. In the Historish Biographishes, Lexilcon, Der  Schweiz, page 378, appears the Coat of Arms of the Swiss branch of the Angst family. They resided in Eglisau and Regensberg, Canton- of Zurich. Branches resided in Andelfingen, Engadin, Parrish Raffz, and
IJiederwyl, S¤·Jitzerland, before their removal to Germany and America. While still in Germany, on July 5, 1744, Daniel angst, the immigrant, married in Irmanach Evangelical Lutheran Church, Marie Elizabeth Stroeher [h.Horbruch,Ge1·man3r, Bapt. Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kleinach, Germany, liarch 23, 1725, daughter of Johann Nicholas and Eva Maria Stroeher)  Ha married {2), Nov. ll, 1765 Magdalene Fisher (b. Sept.20, 1737, d. Sept. 2, 1803; daughter-of George Ulrich Fisher of Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. 

Along with other Rhinelanders, the Angsts to America, embarking at Rotterdam in the British sailing ship, The Two Brothersy landing at Philadelphia, Sept, 15, 174.8. They settled in East Hanover Township, Lancaster (now Lebanon) County, Pa. A few years later they moved across the Blue mountains to Pine Grove Township, Berks (now Schuylkill) County, Pa.: here they purchased a 380 acre tract of uncultivated land from Timothy Horsefield. In a few years a considerable clearing was made, and Daniel Angst: Sr., and his sons established a grist and saw mill. Numerous descendants still reside in this locality. Daniel Angst, Sr., and his two wives, Maria Elizabeth Stroeher and Magdalena Fisher, had issue ten children as follows:

[1] Suzanne Elizabeth, b. Jan. 27, 1749; no further data,

[2]- Johann Daniel Angst, Jr., b. East Hanover Township, Lancaster (now Lebanon) Co., Pa., Dec. l4, 1750, .d. Pine Grove, Schuylkill C0., Ee., July ll, 1815; interred Jacob's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Edna Grove Township; married 1774 Elizabeth Hamma. Issue: Juliana, Elizabeth, William, Jacob, Jenn, Daniel——my great grandfather and onhern. Home of the baptismal registers appear in St. Inul Ref-
ormed Church, sometimes called Kloppe·Church, Bethel Twp., Lebanon Co., Ia., and Jacob's Lutheran Church, Fine Grove, Schuylkill Co.,

 Daniel Angst, Jr.,
Agriculturist and Miller, served in Capt. Bretz* Co.
6th Bn., Berks Co., Militia 1777—I779, of Pine Grove
Twp. (now Schuylkill Co., In.)

[3] Johann Nicholas Angst,(b. East Hanover Twp.Lebanon County, PA., Nev. 1754; d. Pine Grove Twp.
Schuylkill Go.,Pa.June 21,1825; married twice, name of first wife unknown;second wife was Catherine Lepkigler,or Liebkuegrin, d.Jan. l7l8 , Served four years in the American Revolution;was with Wash-
ington at battle of Yorktown.Nicholas and Catherine had nine children. One of the sons, Daniel
(b.Oct, 19, 1799, in Pine Grove Twp. Schuylkill Co., Ia.) married Margaretha Bonawitz; they had five children. Upon her death, Daniel moved to Delaware Twp. Northumberland Co., PA., there he
married,secondly, the widow Keefer, nee Catherine Bronn.They had a number of children. One son, Emanuel Jackson Angst,b.1842, married Elizabeth Schook. They had a son George Henry Aunkst ( b.
1869,  d.l941;married Jennie Mae Beck}. They had a son, William Herman Aunkst {b. June 12, 1892,
d.June 29, 1948; married Margaret Elizabeth Schiebener). They had a daughter Hazel Aunkst,married
Harvey Auten, who resides in WilliamsportPA.

[4] Johann George Angst, b. 1750, married(1) unknown; (2) Katherine Hoover; they had a large family.

[5] Johann Michael Angst, b.1752, d.l792; unmarried; served in the Am. Rev.

[6] Christian Angst--no date,

[7] Peter Angst, married Anna Maria Hufnagel or Witameyer. Had one son Daniel, a daughter Catherine
and other children. 

[8] Anna Elizabeth Angst, married May 14, 1765 Jacob Shock, and had a large family.

[9] Margaetha Angst married John Zerbe, the son of George and had a large family.

[10] Catherine Angst, married John Burkey or Rirkey, and had a large family.

A number of the baptismal records of the children of Daniel Angst, Sr., the immigrant, appear in the private pastoral records of the Reverend Johann Caspar Stover, Evangelical Lutheran pastor of Hill  Church near Annville, Lebanon Co., Pa., and in the records of the Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, Pa.

 Daniel Angst III, grandson of Daniel Angst, Sr. the immigrant (b.l786 in Pine Grove Twp. Schuylkill
Co., Pa., d. Jan. 28,1865, Delaware Northumberland Co . ,Pa., interred in St. John's Union Lutheran
and Reformed Church Cemetery, sometimes called the River and Delaware Run Church, which with the graveyard adjoins his farm in Delaware Twp.).

He was an agriculturalist and metalsmith, In the early deeds of Northumberland Co., Pa., his name was  spelled Angst or "Aungst" or"Aunkst”. 

He served in Captain Robert McGuigon's Company, l23rd Reg. PM., 2nd Brig.,9th
Division,. Northumberland Co., Pa., War of 1812.

 He moved from Berks Co., PA., to Delaware Twp. in 1812, where, Dec.5, 1819, he purchased his farm from David Watson near Dewart, Pa.

 While still residing in Berks Co., Pa., Daniel Angst, married Mary Zweyer on Aug. 22, 1809, in St. Paul's  Roman Catholic Church, now the Church of the
Blessed Sacrament, Bally, Berks Co. Pa. The marriage record, as it appears in the Goshenhoppen Registers
Church of the Blessed Sacrament, reads: "8-22-1809; Angst-Zweyer, Daniel, son of Daniel and Elizabeth Angst, and Mary, daughter of Joseph and Catherine Zweyer; witnesses: David Stewart and Catherine Zweyer. David Stewart married Juliana Zweyer, sister of Mary Zweyer Angst."  
 The baptismal records of a number of the children of Joseph and Catherine Zweyer ; of David and
Julianne Stewart appear in these church Registers.

Mary Zweyer (Zweier, Sweir), (b. Rockland Twp. Berks Co., PA., Feb.l4,1784; d. Delaware Twp.,Northumberlend Co., PA., circa 1850), was the daughter of Joseph Zweyer 9b. circa l755, d, ante 1814), and Cath- erine Scharg Zweyer (b. July 25, l759), Joseph Zweyer - who married April 11,1779, Catherine Scharg, was the son of George Zweger ( d. Dec,30, 1769, ”a very old man") and Mary Julianne Zweyer (d. July 20,1796) of Rockland and Ruscomb Manor Twp.,Berks Co.,PA.  Their farm was situated in these two townships.  

Catherine Scharg (Shark, Schorch), b, July 25, 1759, was the  daughter of Ludwig and Catherine (Schmitt) Scharg of Williams Twp., Northampton Go.PA
.Ludwig Scharg and family came to America in the ship Two Brothers landed Phila. Pa., Sept.28,1753. Joseph Zweyer served in the Am.Rev., under Capt. Folk's Co., lst BN, Berks County Militia.

George Zweyer and his wife, Mary Julianne, and several of his children came to America from Baden,
Germany on the ship "Janet”, on Oct. 7, 175l; landed Phila.,PA.; settled in Berks CountyPa. The proved
wills of George and Mary Julianne Zweyer are deposited in the Court House, Reading, Berks Go., PA.

CHILDREN OF DANIEL III AND MARY ZWEYER                                           
They had twelve children as follows: 

(1) Mary Casa Aunkst b.Feb. I5, 1810;·baptised May l4, 1810; sponsors David and Julianne Zweyer Stewert of Rockland Twp., Berks Co.,PA.; married, lst, Joseph Welsh, Sr.; married, 2nd, Jacob Hoffman.  Issue, by first marriage, one child:
        1. Joseph M. Welsh, Jr., b. Feb. 27, 1855Delaware Twp., Northumberland Co., PA.; d. Feb. 6,1910; married Anne (Nancy) Rohland,b. Lewisburg, Pa., d. Williamsport, PA., Dec. 24, 1910. Issue, five children; 
                  1. Ida Welsh, b. LewisburgIa.; married Mr. Reber. One son, Earl Reber, ` 
                  2. Clara Ethel Welsh, b. Lewisburg, d..Feb.. 1925 in Washington, D.G.; interred Williamsport Pa. , Cemetery; married Sept, 8, 1883, Phila.Pa., Isaac Lesher Dunkle, b. July 5,1862, Berks Co., Pa.; d. April 25, 1900. Issue, two daughters:
                              1. Effie Anna Dunkle, b. hug. 10, 1884,at WilliamsportPa., d. Hey 21, 1949, at
Phila.. Pa.; married April 20, 1904, at Camden,N.J., Frank Mullins ,b. July 25, 1860, BirminghamEngland;  . Oct. 22, 1919. Issue, one son: 
                                        1. Sidney Joseph Mullins, b.Aug.4,1905, EmsworthPa., married Feb.12, 1939 Phila, Pa., Ruth Elizabeth Anderson, b. Jan. 5, 1909, Phila. Pa. Issue:
                                                  1. Sidney Joseph-Mullins, Jr., b. Nov. 15, 1939
                                                   2. Robert Eugene Mullins, b. March 19, 1942.
                              2. Ida Olga Dunkle, b. June 1886, married lst, Salvadore DesioWashington; 2nd, Oscar Kronndmger in ChicoCalifornia,

               3. Auguste Welsh, married Sherman Bousch.One daughter, Ruth Bousch.
               4. Clyde Welsh. 
               5. Lee Walsh.

(2) Catherine Aunkst, b. Sept. 10, 1811; .d. 1853; married Reuben Stewart, b. June 12, 1810,son of
David and Julianne Zwzeyer Stewart.

(3) Elizabeth Aunkst, b. 1815, married Jacob Groh (Groe]. Issue, one daughter:
             1. -Sarsh Groh, married Josiah Stewart, Watsontown, Pa., son of Joseph Stewart and brother of the above Reuben Stewart. 

(4) Rebecca Aunkst, married John Menges

(5) Anne Aunkst, married John Walters, Lewisburg Pa

(6) Mary Aunkst, married, as 2nd wife, John Walters

(7) William Aunkst, married Frances Meixell, a daughter of Jacob Meixell.

(8) David Aunkst, married Esther McKean, daughter of John McKean. 

(9) Christine Aunkst, married Jacob Spar.
(10) Matilda Aunkst, married Jerry or Elias Hammer.

(11) Sarah Aunkst—-no data

(12) Julia Aunkst-no data.

David Aunkst, the above eighth child, b, Delaware Twp., Northumberland Co., PA., Dec. 14, 1822 , `. there May 11, 1898; interred in St. John Union Lutheran and Reformed Church Graveyard, adjoining his farm; married Sept.21,1848, in the house of the bride by Rev. David Hu1l, Presbyterian Pastor, Esther McKean, b. Delaware Twp., June 10, 1826, d. Sept. 25 1915; daughter of John McKean, b.Apri1 25,1790, in Ireland. Feb.21, 1858; interred in Union Baptist Cemetery. Delaware Twp.; and wife Mary Hart, b. March 25, 1799, Delaware Twp., d. may 15, 1869, daughter of Matthew Hart, b. Ireland, about 1760.  Letters of administration on the estate of Matthew Hart issued to Matthews wife Mary Hart and Robert McKee in Jan. 1825. Matthew Hart married Mary Hutchinsen, b. June 15, 1765 in Dauphin Co Pa d. ante 1825 in Delaware Twp

David Aunkst served in Civil War, enlisted Oct. 1862; hon. discharge July 1,1865; served under Capt. James B. Rooney, Co. B., 172 Reg. Ea. Vol.

John McKean, above, b. PA., 1790, was the son of James McKean, b. Ireland, circa 1760-61; Presbyterian; d. Delaware Twp., Sept. 27, 1825; and wife, Mary (Jones) Hutchinson McKean, b. circa 1766-67, d. Delaware Twp., June 17, 1845.

Mary Hutchinson Hart, b. 1765, was the daughter of Joseph Hutchinson, J. (b. Dauphin Co., PA., 1740, d. Delaware Twp., 1804, . and wife Margaret “Hutchinson" Hutchinson, b. 1741, d. Delaware Twp., 1813, was the sister of Elizabeth`  ”Hutchinson” Jackson, mother of Andrew Jackson; the  granddaughter of Joseph Hutchinson, Sr., whose will was proved at Lancaster Co., Pa., April 1747, whose `wife was Mary…..?

Donation deed dated March 6, 1789; Joseph and Margaret ”Hutchinson” Hutchinson, Warrior Run, Northumberland Co., Pa., present to the Warrior Run Presbyterian Congregation 2 1/2 acres of their property for a church and Graveyard.

This Warrior Run Presbyterian Church and Graveyard became an historical possession the State of Pennsylvania on May 26, 1949 through the efforts `of the D. A. R.

Joseph Hutchinson, Jr Served in Capt. James Rodger's Co. of Militia.  Col. Timothy Green's Han-
over Rifle Bn., Lancaster Co. Associators1776

David and Esther [McKean] Aunkst were the parents of nine children as follows:

(1) Hampton Brady Aunkst, b. Delaware Twp., Northumberland Co. Pa., Sept. 6,1849, d. Williamsport Lycoming Co., Pa., July15, 1915; interred Harmony Cemetery, Milton, Pa. was an inventor and merchant. H. B. Aunkst & Co., dealers in agricultural implements, was a large and well known firm in Central Pa. He married Dec.·30, 1882, in the house of his uncle and aunt William and Anna  Straub, White Pine, Cogan House Twp., Lycoming Co. Pa., by the Rev. JA Patton, Methodist Minister to Esther Catherine D'Aubert Bower, born Selinsgrove, Snyder Co. PA April l, 1854 d. WillimsportPa., Jan. l, 1951; interred Harmony Cemetery, Milton PA. She was the only child of Lydia Zerne and Henry D'Aubert. After the separation of her father and mother, her name was changed to Bower when her mother married George William Bower.

                                                                       Issue, three children:
              1. Straub Baker Aunkst, b. Selinsgrove Pa, Oct.27,1883; unmarried; attended Phila. Pa. High   School, Peter Cooper Institute in New York City; F.I.A.C.. (life), awarded Certificate of Merit in Genealogy I.A.G.; member of National adi Harris Ferry Chapter (Pa, Soc.), S.A.R., Genealogical Society of PA, National Genealogical Society, H. German Society, General Society of the War of l8l2, S.U.V. of  Civil War, Angst-Aungst-Aunkst Family Association of Pa. (secretary); Historian of the Hutchinson, McKean, Hart, D'Aubert:, Zweyer and Aunkst families.

             2.  Warren Freeman Aunkst, b. MiltonPa., April 18, 1888, d. Williamsport, Pa., Nov. 8, 1948;
married Dec.9, 1909, Mary Elsie McCoy.  Issue two children:

                                      1. Hampton Leroy Aunkst b. Williamposrt Pa Sept 8, 1910; served in US Army, World War II South Pactific, three years.  Marrried Nov. 13 1945 Anna Wanda Zubuski.  Issue, two children:
                                                1. Warren Stanley Aunkst b. Feb.8, 1948  d. June 26, 1948
                                                2. Cheryl Ann Aunkst, b. april 29, 1951

                                      2. Mary Kathryn Aunkst, b. Oct 15, 1913 d. Jan 27 1946; married Sept 14 1938 Charles Ashley Morgan. Two Children:
                                                1. Robert Ashley b. Aug 24, 1939
                                                2. David Morgan b. Feb 21, 1941 

            3. Homer Crain Aunkst b. Dec 1 1839 d. Dec 13 1890

(2) Wilson Albert Aunkst b. Delaware Twp (Delaware Run) Northumberland Co. Pa, March 15 1851 d. Watsontown Pa May 29 1915; married Dec 1 1880 Ida Jane Sterner, b. May 17 1855 d. Sept 28 1912; daughter of Abraham and Rebecca (Beeber) Sterner; grandaughter of Valentine and Elizabeth (Shaffer) Beeber.  Issue one child:

·                                            1. George Boyd Aunkst, b. July 29, 1882 d, Oct 21 1952; married (1)March 5 1905 Mabel Edith Waldron b. April 3 1883 d. Aug 28 1921, the daughter of John Calvin and Mary Etta (Kerr) Waldron.  Issue 4 Children:
                                                          1. Paul Waldron Aunkst b. 12/16/1905 married (1) Bernadine Kennedy Kimble No issue.  Married (2) Helen Mae Cronrath Issue 3 children
                                                                          1. Nancy Bea Aunkst 6/3/1936
                                                                          2. Paul Waldron Aunkst 4/27/1940
                                                                          3. Paulette Aunkst 4/27/1940 (Twin)
                                                          2. Wilson Boyd Aunkst 3/19/1914 married Maude Evelyn Perrin.  two children:
                                                                          1. Thomas Aunkst 8/3/1941
                                                                          2. Mary Ann Aunkst 2/27/1946
                                                          3. Margaret Ida Aunkst 11/22/1916 married Gilbert Preston Balliet Issue 3 children:
                                                                          1. Gilbert William 9/28/1935
                                                                          2. Margaret Louise 10/10/1937
                                                                          3. George Boyd 7/8/1942   
                                                          4. Mary Louise Aunkst 4/25/1920 married Harold Eugene Dewald.  Three Children:
                                                                          1. Wilson Eugene 3/18/1942
                                                                          2. Nell Louise 4/17/1947
                                                                          3. Larry Allen 8/14/1948 

(3) John McKean Aunkst, b. Delaware twp 1853 d. there 1904; married Alice Elizabeth Arney, b. Sept 12, 1856 d. 1935.  Issue 7 children:
                        1. Thomas LeRoy Aunkst b. July 29 1875, married Harriet Lerkins
                        2. Oscar Elias Aunkst b. April 1 1877, d 1829; married Bertha Eva Shoemaker
                        3. Margaret Esther Aunkst b. Feb 22, 1879; married Howard Smith
                       4. Anna Straub Aunkst b. June 8 1885; married Charles Taylor
                       5. Cloyd Aunkst  - no date
                       6. Harley Garfield Aunkst  b. Oct 9, 1890
                       7. Murray Aunkst  b. May 9, 1896, married Ella Toole

(4) Daniel Emera Aunkst b Delaware Twp 1855. died Milton Pa 1917, unmarried.
          pages 12.5-16 of the Straub Aunkst research are missing here.  I left off typing here - but included the rest of the 9 children without their details, until I get back to typing the rest of this document.

(5) William Horace Aunkst

(6) Perry Oswald Aunkst

(7) Mary Margaret Aunkst

(8) Joseph Edman Aunkst

(9) David Moody Aunkst

Jacob Zerns (who died near Selinsgrove Pa 1825) and married Mary Allison Serns b. Chester Co Pa., d. Snyder Co., PA post 1830.  Mary was the daughter of Aaron Allison, d. Brandywine twp, Chester County Pa, ante Jan 31 1820.  Aaron Allison was a soldier with the American Revolution (married Christ Church Phila, Pa Oct 19 1774, Elizabeth Phipps); was a son of robert Allison d. Uwchalan twp, Cheter Co, Pa, ante Jan 19 1796; was a Lt, in the French and Indian Warl and married Mary Helsby.

Esther Gemberling Zerns (above) was the daughter of Philip Gemberling, b. Schafferstown Lebanon Co., Pa, July 27, 1773 d. Selinsgrove Pa Oct 13 1859; and his wife Judith Fetter Gemberling b. Dec 10 1794; married 1815; d. near Selinsgrove Pa, Aug 28 1862. Philip Gemberling, was the son of Jacob Gemberling Jr, b Germany 1733 or 1736, d. Snyder Co., Pa 1824; was Private in 5th Company of Capt Nicholas Lutz 3d BN. Of Lancaster Co, Pa, Militia during the Revolutionary War.  He married Catherine Wolfersberger, b. Schafferstown, Lebananon Co., Pa.  She was the daughter of Frederick Wolfersberger (b. Lebananon Co., Pa, ante 1764,and Elizabeth his wife); granddaughter of John Adams Wolfersberger, b. Germany d. Lebanon Co., Pa., ante 1761; married Margaret b. Sept 21 1697, d. Lebanon Co., Pa Dec 1 1775. Jacob Gemberling Sr, and Jacob Gemberling Jr, wife and several of their elder children came to America in the ship Polly and landed in Phila. Pa., Aug 24 1765.  His was the fourth family to settle in Snyder Co. Pa, after residing a number of years in Shafferstown, Pa.

Snyder county history mentions Jacob Zerns (as above) as the proprietor of a large paper mill in Beaver Twp, Snyder Co, Pa, in 1799.  he was the 11th member admitted to the Selinsgrove PA Masonic Lodge in 1824.

Jacob Gemberling Jr. was a tavernkeeper in Schafferstown during the American Revolution.  He was married twice. He had 21 children.  Ten by his first wife, Eva Glass, and eleven by his second wife, Judith Fetter.

Heinrich der Aungst, Bamberg, 1305 

Ref. German Fami1y Names, Heintz and Casorbi 

Wolfgang Angst b. Alsace—Lorraine 1517, Phi1sopher, 
writer, poet and teacher. Ref. Deutsche Biographie p. 4151 

Eliezer Angst, Frankfurt on the Oder, 1686. Ref'. Peter Von Gebhart

New Citizens in Frankfurt 1580-1699 

Angst Families residing in ZurichSwitzerland 

Hans Heinrich Angst1665-1746, Von Eglisau

Hans Kasper Angst, 1687-1752

Heinrich Angst 1696-1777, brother of Kasper, Johannes Angst 1728 

Angst-Burkhardt, geb. 18, IX. B9. Hisorisch Biographisches Lexicon, Vol. 1, A to B 

Early Angst emigrants from Germany 

Strasshurger , Penne. German Pioneers: 

Johanna Daniel Angst,ship Two Brothers ,Sept. 15,17-18 

Mark Angst, ship EdinburgSept. 14, 1753 

 Johann Jacob Angst., ship PhoenixOct. 1, 1754  

Benjamin Angst, Brig. Mary, Nov. 1795 

Phillip George Angst, from Zweibruchcn, circa 1750; see ReadingPa.  Probate Records for his estate 

Swiss Emigrants - - Faust:

Adam Angst, Parish Andelfingen, 1738

. Hans Henry (Ulrich} Angst, Parish, Raffz, landed in Philadelphia Pa Feb 7, 1739

Heinrich Angst and sister Elizabeth, parish Andelingen  landed Phila. Pa.,ship Mary, Nov. 1745 
Pa. Archives, ser. 5, vol. 5, p 478-483-492

7th Co. of the lst Battn. of Chester Co., Ph., Militia, commanded by Lt,Co1, John Gardner, Capt. 
John Scott 's Co. 7th District, 8th Class, Aaron on Allison 

History of Chester Co., Pa., Futhey & Cope, p. 50 

Uwchlan Township Associators 
A Reg. was organized principally in the Twp. of E.&  . W.Nantmea1, Uwchlan, W. Cain, commissioners were  granted officers Feb. 8, 1747 

The Associators War was declared by England against France March 29, 1744. Lt. Robert Allison

See Penna. Arvhices ser.2, vo1.2, p. 5O6; ser·.5, vol.   
1, p. 20, 21, 22., LT Robert Allison

NOT Verified, other then where noted below..

Concise Direct Line - Aunkst
With notes on sources and confirmations

1. Simon Angst 1580-1647 married Margaretha 1585-1647

2. Burkhard Angst (Burcschards Angsten)1613-1687
                               married Catharina Mueller 1620-1687
            See birth record below, for son Hans Daniel
3. Hans Daniel Angst 1650-1710 married Eva Christine Krampen
          marriage record—family search
                indexing project (batch) number:M98275-1 system origin:Germany-ODM source film number:492985
          See birth record below, for son Johan Daniel

4.Johan Daniel Angst 1686 married Maria Dorthea Junker 1693-1733
  marriage record, Family Search.
            indexing project (batch) number:M98275-2 system origin:Germany-ODM source film number:492984
             Birth Record, Family Search  - confirms J. Daniel & Eva Christina as parents
                    indexing project (batch) number:C98275-1 system origin:Germany-ODM source film number:492985

5.*Johan Daniel Angst 1723-    married Magdela Fischer 1737-1803
  Will (pg14) on file in Dauphin Co. Pa

6. Daniel Angst 1750-1815 married Elizabeth Hamma 1774—?

7.Daniel Angst 1786-1866  -   married Mary Zweyer 1792-1850

8.David Aunkst 1822-1890 married Esther McKean 1826-1915
  Tombstone Photographed
          David Ungst in 1850 census
9. John McKean Aunkst  b.1853 married Alice Arney b. 1856
  Listed on back of Fathers tombstone
10. Margaret Esther Aunkst b.1879 married Howard Smith b.1876
11.Marian Lucille Smith married Lloyd William Smith

* Immigrating Ancestor—came from Enkirch Germany to America in 1748


Letter from  Danny D. Aungst, of Fullerton, California, died November 18, 2007, age 70 years. 

" far as I know Christian Aungst changed the name by adding the "u" to it, taking the harshness out of it. The name is spelled many ways now. Angst - Aungst - Aunkst - Ongst - Anngst -- Onkst are a few of them.

The immigrant, Daniel Angst, is the son of Johann Daniel Angst, [b. July 2, 1686, d. 1740].

 The immigrant's grandfather, also named Johann Daniel Angst [b.August 2, 1650, d.1710; m. January 16, 1677 to Eva Christine Kramp].

 The great grandfather of the immigrant was Burkhard Angst [b. 1613, d. May 11, 1688; m.Katherine Mueller].

 His great great grandfather was Simon Angst [b. about 1585; m.Margaretha, d. February 23, 1647]. 

There was also a son Caspar, brother of Burkhard.
In Siebmacher's Wappenbuch [Coat of Arms manual] Section VII, page 74, plate 78, appears the house-make of Simon and Casper Angst, Enkirch, Germany, 1662. In the Historish Biographisches, Lexikon, Der Schweiz, page 378, appears the Coat of Arms of the Swiss branch of the Angst family. They resided in Eglisau and Regensberg, Canton of Zurich. Branches resided in Andelfingen, Engadin, Parrish Raffz, and Niederwyl, Switzerland, before their removal to Germany and America.

While still in Germany, on July 3, 1744, Daniel Angst, the immigrant, married in Irmenach Evangelical Lutheran Church, Marie Elizabeth Stroeher [b.Horbruch, German Bapt. Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kleinach, Germany, March 23, 1725, daughter of Johann Nicholas and Eva Maria Stroeher]. He married [2], November 11, 1766, Magdalene Fisher [b.September 20, 1737, d. September 2, 1803; daughter of George Ulrich Fisher of Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. 

Along with other Rhinelanders, the Angst came to America, embarking at Rotterdam in the British sailing ship, "The Two Brothers," landing  at Philadelphia, September 15, 1748. They settled in East Hanover Township, Lancaster [now Lebanon] County, PA. A few years later they moved across the Blue Mountains to Pine Grove Township, Berks [now Schuylkill] County, PA., where they purchased 380 acre tracts of uncultivated land from Timothy Horsefield. In a few years a considerable clearing was made, and Daniel Angst Sr. and his sons established a grist and saw mill. Numerous descendants still reside in this locality. ..."

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