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Johann Conrad Junker 1633-1718

Our Junker Line

Johann Conrad Junker
 son of Zecharius Junker 
Born 1633
Died 1718
            married Jan 27 1695, at Niedersohren
    Maria Margaretha Matthes
     daughter of Thomas Matthes
    born March 16 1670
    died March 25 1738 

   From  the Notes of Straub Aunkst

The Angsts were long residents in the Enkirch area. Daniel Angst, the immigrant, was the son of Johann Daniel Angst, (b. July 2, 1686, d. l740, both in Enkirch) who married in Enkirch, Nov. 26, 1720, Maria Dorothea Junker [b, Nov. 1, 1695, d. March 17, 1735, the daughter of Johann Conrad Junker-b. 1655, d.Sept. 15, 1716- son of Zecharias Junker, d. 1695).

Johann Conrad Junker was married at Niedersohren on Jan.27, 1695, to Maria  Margaretha Matthes (b, March 16, 1670, d. March 25, 1738) the daughter of Thomas Matthes. Johann Daniel Angst, the immigrant was the grandson of Johann Daniel Angst, (b. Aug. 2, 1650, d. 1710; married Jan. 16, 1677, Eva Christine Kramp (b. .1646, d. Enkiroh, Oct. 17, 1725); the great grandson of Burkhard Angst {b. Enkirch 1613,d. may 11, 1668; married to Katherine Mueller (b. 1615, d. Enkirch, Nov. 5,16B7); the great great grandson of Simon Angst (b.1585; married Margaretha, d. Feb. 23, 1647), Of the latter marriage, there was also a son Caspar, brother of Burkhard. 

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