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Fancis Hagerman abt 1743-1820

Fancis Hagerman Sr
son of
born abt 1743 in NJ
died 16 Jan 1820  
 Abigail Thorne 
daughter of
Born 1745 
 Died 22 Nov 1815 

9 children - 4 boys, 5 girls, according to deeds

Catrina Hagerman 1772 – 
Francis Hagerman 
Joseph Hagerman 1776 – 1823
Elizabeth Hagerman 1779  - Died before 1780
Elizabeth Hagerman 1780 – married Unknown Force
William Hagerman 1781 – 1840 Married Sarah
Anna Hagerman 1783 – 1868 married James Brugler
Mary Hagerman 1785 
Rebecca Hagerman 1795 – 

1742 - Francis Hagerman Born
13 Feb
Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York, United States

Baptized/Christnd: 1 Feb 1742/43, By Johannes Casparus Fryemoet, VDM of Minisink; Sponsors-Frans & Aneke Hegemondt.

Occupation: "The pioneer tavern-keeper was Francis Hegeman, who built and kept the tavern afterwards kept by Mr. Blair.".
Occupation(s): Carpenter.

1766 - Marriage to Abigail Thorne
Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York, United States

Abigail Thorn, b. ca.1745, d. 22 Nov. 1815, aged 70 years, a member of the family of Samuel Thorn, of Cortlandt Manor. She was possibly related in some way to her husband’s stepmother, Catharine (Van Wyck) (Ter Boss) Hegeman, whose mother was a Thorne.

1766 Abigail listed in Church Records as wife of Frans Hegeman
“Abigail Thorn, wife of Frans Hegeman Jr.,” is listed as a member of the Poughkeepsie Dutch Church in March 1766

1771 - Sponsors for Baptistm of Stephen Monfort
16 June 1771, Dutch Church of Poughkeepsie
“Frenck Hegeman” and “Ebbe Thorn” served as sponsors at the baptism of Stephen, son of Peter and Ann (Thorn) Monfort

1772- Daughter Catherine Baptized
6 Jan. 1772 
in the Poughkeepsie Dutch Church
Catharina Hegeman
no sponsors named in the record. 

Francis Hageman” appears in all the surviving tax lists of Rombout Precinct 

1775- Signed the Association Test
15 Aug. 1775  

1778 - Sponsors for baptism of Joseph Palen
19 April 1778 in the Dutch Church of New Hackensack. 
“Francis Hagemen and his wife,” at that of Joseph, son of Ezekiel and Phoebe (Thorn) Palen

1779 - First Daughter Elizabeth Born
Elizabeth Hegeman
bapt. 7 Feb. 1779
Dutch Church of New Hackensack, Wappinger Tp., Dutchess Co. 
no sponsors named
Died by 1780, when another daughter was given the same name

Child: Elizabeth Reference ID: 529
Bapt. Date: 7 Feb 1779
Parents: Francis hegeman; Abigail Thorne
Source: Records of the reformed Dutch Church of new hackensack

1780- Second Daughter Elizabeth Born

Child: Elizabeth Reference ID: 559
Bapt. Date: 6 feb 1780
Francis hegeman; Abigail Thorne

1790 - No Census Records
1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1890 Federal Census for NJ--
The NJ census for these years were lost or destroyed. 
The 1790 Census was destroyed during the British attack on Washington during the War of 1812. 
Source: Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of new Hackensack.

Is the date correct?
Pvt. Brinkerhoff Regiment - Brower Company
Served in Revolutionary War in Hazen's Regiment, but deserted on Sept. 9th

Hazen's Regiment

· Robert Campbell
· Noah Lee
· David Fellows
· William Baker
· Saml Cochran
· Frederick Trief
· Patrick Mc Gee
· Wm Kearns
· Isaac Wright
· John Barber
· Wm Bedir
· Ephraim Bennit
· Ebenezer Bracket
· Reuben Clemments
· Isaac Deming
· Francis Dapish
· Edward Davis
· Benjamin Davison
· Eber Griswold
· Henry Peron
· Francis Clearno
· Jacob Parrish
· Adam Teelinger
· Francis Mulit
· Rona Shepell
· Peter Jelet
· John Roberts
· Israel Stockings
· Barnabas Potter
· Cato Mumford
· Abraham Sprague
· Richard Nichols
· John Railing
· Francis Hagerman
· James Pecker
· Michl Whatkins The Hunterdon County New Jersey Militia, 1792 [database on-line]. Provo, UT: Operations Inc, 2004.
Original data: Deats, Hiram Edmund,. The Hunterdon County New Jersey Militia, 1792. Flemington, N.J.: H.E. Deats, 1983.

1792 -  Mentioned in the Will of his Father

1792--Will. Honeyman, A. Van Doren, ed. "Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey." Somerville, NJ: The Unionist-Gazette Association, Printers, 1928. Volume IV- 1761-1770, page 156.
1792, Aug. 24. Hagaman, Joseph, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co., Will of. Wife, Eleanor, and sister, Secenute Hagaman, use of plantation and movables during their lives. Grandson, Joseph McCluchon (after decease of wife and sister), plantation and moveables; he paying following bequests. Sons, Joseph, Francis and Cornelius, each 5 shillings. Grandson, Joseph Hagaman (son of Joseph), 7 pounds. Grandson, Joseph Hagaman (son of Francis), 7 pounds. Grandson Joseph Robins, 7 pounds. Daughter Cathrina Hagaman, loom she weaves on. Daughter, Tonake Hagaman, 5 shillings. Executors--wife Eleanor, and Joseph McCluchon. Witnesses--Samuel Johnston, Lawrence Updike. Lib. 34, p. 229.
Proved Oct. 1, 1792. 1792, Sept. 26. Inventory, 182.16.6 pounds; made by Samuel Johnston and Lawrence Updike. File 1609J.

1793 - Residence
Name: Francis Hagerman
State: NJ
County: Essex County
Township: Armwell
Year: 1793
Record Type: June Tax List

Database: NJ Tax Lists Index 1772-1822

1802 - Francis Hagaman of Knowlton Twp., Sussex Co. and Henry Dills of North Hampton Co., PA were fellowbondsmen on Will of Philip Apple of Knowlton Twp

Francis son Joshua married Henry's daughter Susanna

"Francis Hagaman of Knowlton Twp., Sussex Co. and Henry Dills of North Hampton Co., PA were fellowbondsmen on Will of Philip Apple of Knowlton Twp., Sussex Co., NJ. On Oct. 11, 1802 Francis and Peter Bellis made inventory--$2,967.80. On March 7, 1803 Francis Hagaman and Joseph Gardner did additional inventory--$58.06. Int. Administrators were David Bidleman, Henry Brugler (both of Knowlton Twp.), and John Apple of North Hampton Co., PA"

NJ Archives Documents," NJ Colonial Documents, vol. X 1801-1805, 1st Series Vol. XXXIX, Trenton: MacCrellish & Quigley Co., 1946, page 14 (Book available at James V. Brown Library, Williamsport, PA).

1815 - Abigail Died
22 Nov
Age: 70
Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York, United States

Likely that she died while visiting one of her daughters, who lived in NY

1820 - Francis Hagerman Died
16 Jan
Age: 77

Knowlton, Warren, New Jersey, United States

1820 - Died Intestate
1820--Sussex Co., NJ Court House in Newton, NJ (formed 1803-4),
 File No. 4547 Surrogate File (Up on the wall in the green files)
 shows estate records for Francis Hagerman of Knowlton Twp.
 Francis Hagerman (son) and James Brugler (son-in-law) were Administrators. 
May Term 1821, dated 18 Jan 1820. $1,000
 Died intestate

Orphan's Court Records
Warren Co. Orphan's Court Minutes, Vol. 1, page 19 Real estate of Francis Hagerman, dec'd. "The commissioners appointed to make partition of the real estate of Francis Hagerman deceased, late of the Township of Knowlton in said company having at this term reported that this court that they have made partition thereof among the heir of said dec'd. as specified in said decree. The court do thereupon approve of the said report and order and decree that the said report together with the map accompanying the same be recorded. On motion for the heirs of said dec'd."

1826--Orphans Court Records
February Term Orphans Court, Warren Co., NJ, Vol. 1, pp. 31-35, Minutes pp. 13-14, Folios 13, 14, 19, File D6, Packet 47. (See also LDS Batch No. 7218227 Serial Sheet 12)

"Application here of been made to this court by Francis Hagaman, dec'd. late of Township Knowlton, in the County of Warren New Jersey died intestate leaving considerable real estate; situated in said township containing seventy-five acres more or less bounded by lands of the heirs of William Cool, Sr., dec'd., Peter Snyder and others by reason whereof the said real estate hath descended to your Petitioner--Francis Hagaman, Joseph Hagaman, Joshua Hagaman, Susan Force and Benjamin Force children and heirs at law of Elizabeth Force deceased so was the wife of John Force, Anna Brugler wife of James Brugler, William Hagaman, Rebeccah Hagaman, Hannah Force wife of John Force, and Mary Cool wife of William Cool son of William his only heirs at law. That the said Benjamin Force and all the heirs at law of the said Joseph Hagaman who hath died since the said Francis Hagaman, Sr. dec'd. are minors under age of twenty one years: - That your Petitioners are the owners by purchase of William Hagaman of his equal undivided ninth part of the said real estate, and of John Force and Hannah his wife of their equal ninth part of the said real estate. On a therefore swaying that the said court would decree a division of the said real estate between the said heirs at law of said deceased by meter and bounds to be held in severalty in manner prescribed by law. - And whereas the said several matters as stated what court appear to be true. Therefore on the said application It is Ordered and Decreed by Court that William Ribble Esq., George Armstrong, and David Brands, being thee indifferent persons be appointed by this court, and they are hereby appointed accordingly to made division of the said real estate of the said Francis Hagaman, Sr. deceased situated at Centreville in the township of Knowlton in said county, containing seventy-five acres more or less, bounded by lands of the heirs of William Cool, Sr. dec'd., Peter Snyder and others, by meters and bounds, between the said Francis Hagaman, Joshua Hagaman, the heirs at law of Joseph Hagaman deceased, Susan Force and Benjamin Force children of Elizabeth Force deceased, Anne Brugler wife of James Brugler, William Hagaman, Rebeccah Hagaman, Hannah Force wife of John Force, and Mary Cool wife of William Cool (son of William) as their legal representatives, being nine equal parts or shares, according to the proportions directed by an act of the legislature entitled "an act directive- the descent of real estates" passed the 20th day of January 1807. And Together ordered that the report of the said William Ribble Esq., George Armstrong, and David Brands, or any two of them made in writing to the rest or any subsequent Orphans Court of said county after the division made and approved by the said court, shall be conclusions to all parties concerned. And whereas we the said William Ribble Esquire, George Armstrong. and David Brand commissioners being appointed as aforesaid, having first been notified to proceed and execute the duties required of us, died on the 17th day of April, in the year of our 'Lord 1826 meet on the premises intended to be divided; and having been duly sworn that we would honestly, faithfully, and impartially make the partition intended by the said order, of the real estate of Francis Hagaman, Sr. dec'd., and perform the duties required of us, and the surveyor and chain space of time cause the same to be surveyed and divided into nine equal parts or shares in value as near as may be, according to the best of our skill, knowledge, and understanding, and we have agreed and set off, and marked by notes and bounds for...": On annexed map
Francis Hagaman-- Lot No. 2 (50/100th acre) and lot No. 12 (1 56/100th acres)
Joshua Hagaman-- Lot No. 4 (7 37/100th acres)
Joseph Hagaman, dec'd.-- Lot No. 7 (12 73/100ths acre), Lot No. 10 (2 25/100th acre), and Lot No. 15 (1 acre)
Susan Force and Benjamin Force, children of Elizabeth Force, dec'd-- Lot No. 8 (14 89/100ths acre), Lot No. 14 (1 acre)
Anna Brugler wife of James Brugler-- Lot No. 5 (3 75/100ths acre), Lot No. 13 (5 acres)
William Hagaman-- Lot No. 9 (12 acres 50/100th acres)
Rebeccah Hagaman-- Lot No. 1 (73/100th acre), Lot No. 11 (2 25/100th acres)
Hannah Force wife of John Force-- Lot No. 3 (7 37/100th acres)
Mary Cool wife of William Cool-- Lot No. 6 (5 20/100th acres), Lot No. 16 (5 69/100th acres)


Town of Fishkill, Dutchess County

Found in the Church Records -New Hackensack reformed Dutch Church; 1757-1906; denomination Reformed Dutch,

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  1. No doubt you have seen my research. I consider Francis Hagerman, Sr.'s ancestors yet a mystery. I was just over to Sussex and Hunterdon Co. a week ago. I have confirmed where he lived at in Centerville/Knowlton. When is the last you were researching him?