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John Michael Long Sr 1718-1786

Dan's 7th great grandfather (Maternal Line)

John Michael Long
Born 1718
Died Dec 1786
Maria Barbara LaBar
Daughter of
Born Abt. 1720
Died aft 1786

Elisabeth Long 1738-1800 m. William Labar
 Anna Margretha Long 1741-1808 m. John Dietrich
John Michael Long 1739-1786
Catherine Long m. Elias Dietrich
Elias Long
Joseph Long
William Long died  after 1786 without issue
Jacob Long M. Elizabeth
Abraham Long
Sarah Long 1759-1805 M. Philip Weidman
Barbary (Maria Barbara) Long 1765-1847  m. William Rymal

Children's spouses are from the settling of the estate - 
Elias Long, Joseph Long, and John Dietterich; left his estate to his children,

John, Jacob, Catherine, wf of Elias Dieterich, Elias, Abraham, Mary wf of Abraham LaBar, Joseph, Elisabeth, wf of William LaBar, Sarah, wf of Philip Weitman, William, Margaret, wf of John Dietrich, Barbara (Barbary) wf of William Reimell.

Both Sarah & Barbara married men from Upper Bethel twp, then moved to Canada after the American Revolution.  "United Empire Loyalists (or "Loyalists") is an honorific given in 1789 by Lord Dorchester, the governor of Quebec and Governor-general of British North America, to American Loyalists who resettled in British North America during or after the American Revolution."
William REIMILL /RYMAL m. to a (Maria) Barbara LONG were neighbors of Jacob & John LONG in the (Barton)/Hamilton area of (Upper) Canada in the early 1800's. 

Margaret & Catherine Long both married Dietrich brothers.
"Johannes Dietrich (John Dietrich, Sr.), married Anna Margaretha Long (1741-1808), and Johann Elias Dietrich (1738-1795???) who married Catharine Long (b.1746) were both sons of Elias Dietrich, and married Long sisters (see John Long, Sr. will of 1786). Much of the confusion stems from Mina Vliet's DAR genealogy, kind of flawed, but which has been regurgitated many times.The account in RhoadsLehigh County book also does not compare favorably with old Elias's will"

Timeline :

1718 John Michael Long Is Born
He is the son of Elias Long, he is mentioned in Elias' will.
Source for year of birth??

Abt. 1720  Maria Barbara Labar Is Born
Was she born in Germany, or America?  I'm not sure.
John Michael Long came from Germany to America in 1735, we think.

Barbara is thought to be the daughter of Father: Daniel LABARRE b: 1670 in Barbelroth.,Pfalz.,Bavaria.,Germany  & Mother: Judith ROSSIGNAL b: 1670 in Germany

1735  Immigration

John Michael Lang was born in Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, Germany and came to US about 1735 with his father Elias Lang. Name was changed to Long. Married Maria Barbara LaBar. He and several of his sons fought in the Northampton County Militia in the Revolutionary War. Source = "Grossgarten, Wuerttemberg to PA, Some Early Colonial Immigrants" by Annette K. Burgert

The John Long that married Maria Barbara Labar was not born in Northampton Co., PA. He was a wagon crafter from Germany that immigrated in the early 1700's through Philadelphia. 

I'm sorting through a lot of opinions and records.  It appears that every researcher has different documentation/opinions on when John arrived here. Some list him as born here, some list him as coming from Scotland, some from Germany, and some from England.  This might take some time to sort out.
You can see some of my research/weeding out at the bottom of this post.

About 1739 - Son John Michael Long is born
I am basing this on this baptism record:
Name: John Michael Lang
Event: Baptism
Baptism Date: 28 Oct 1739
Baptism Place: Lancaster Co., PA
Church: First Reformed Congregation at Lancaster, PA
Role: Baptized
Household Members:
Name Role
Maria Barbara Graff Mother
John Michael Lang Baptized
John Michael Lang Father
Maria Barbara Lang Mother

John Batholomew Rieger Reverend

This record lists his mother as Maria Barbara Graff?  It is merely a transcription of the record, I canno tsee the original, and there are two mothers listed.  Is one a maiden name, or is the top one from another record and this is a transcription error?  I can't tell from this record.  The date and location are vaguely correct - but this isn't proof, I haven't spent a lot of time checking this out, as John Michael jr is not direct line.  

May 14 1747 - Land Warrant
John Long, a miller from Mount Bethel, gains possession of Hugh Patterson's warrant involving 50 acres of land in the township. A warrant for the same property had been issued to Hugh Patterson on May 19, 1747.

1759 - Daughter Sarah Long is born
Sarah's tombstone tells us she was born Mar. 30, 1759.  She died in 1805.
Sarah Long married Philip Weidman (weidman is another name we see frequently in this line. The Weidman's, Long's, and Labars intermarried frequently) and after the American Revolution, they also went to Canada (along with Barbara and her husband William Ryall)

12 March 1764 - Listed in His Father's Will
 "first I give and bequeath unto my eldest Son John Michael Long and to his Heirs and Assigns the full Sum of Ten Pounds of lawful money of Pennsylvania before out and then I give and bequeath all the Remainder of my said Estate unto my nine children..."  see the full Will of Elias Lang here: http://heathersgen.blogspot.com/2014/01/elias-lang-1764.html

1764 - Daughter Barbara is Born
The will of John Long tells us that his daughter married William Rymal.  Her find a grave entry tells us "Emigrated to Upper Canada following the American Revolution. United Empire Loyalist"
Birth: Feb. 2, 1765 Upper Mount Bethel Township Northampton County Pennsylvania, USA
Death: Dec. 28, 1847 Ontario, Canada
Saint Peters Cemetery HamiltonHamilton MunicipalityOntario, Canada

Plot: Row 1, west of centre (by the bushes/fence), Stone 12

February 24 1773 - John Long Writes Will

Will was handwritten in 1773 and signed by John with his mark. John Long Jr. was named executor, and estate was left to his wife Maria and all of his 12 children. The six male children were to receive ten pounds more than the six females. A codicil made several years later removed John Jr. as executor. John died in 1786 and the will was proven then. This will is on file in the Northampton County Court House Annex, and was viewed and photographed by Janet Long and Jody Miller on 9 June 2012.

John Long, a miller from "Montbethel" Township, begins his Last Will and Testament by claiming to "being Partly in my Health ordinary full of sound mind understanding and memory." He wishes to be buried in a "Christian Manner Decently."

"I do...give and Bequeath unto my Beloved wife Mary Long all my moveable and Immoveable Estate real and Personal whatsoever to be and Remain under her Duridiction [sic] for her only use...during all the term of her Natural Life That is to say, "all my land and Plantation situated in Montbethel about five Hundred acres...Together with all the Cleared Land and all and Every Appurtenance...Chattles household good and Tools."Mount Bethel Township, Northampton, PA, USAHowever, should she remarry, "She Shall have an Equal Share with one of my Children." 

After her death or remarriage, "all my...Estate...is to be Divided amongst my [twelve] Children."The 6 boys are to receive 10 pounds more than the 6 girls. "Farther it is my Will that if any child dies before marrying that their share shall be divided equally amongst the rest." [A]fter my Decease...the Children shall have full power to Sell and dispose of my Estate but not until after Mary's death or Marriage." Money "already lent...shall be added to the Estate before division be Made [and be] accounted part of their share."

John appoints his son John and Henry Dildine "to be my sole Executors." He then sign his Will with his "X." 

The witnesses to this signing are John Long, Henry Dildine, and Michael Whn:Masterson.

John includes a list of the names of his 12 children: 

Barbary (Maria Barbara)

Should any child want to keep the Estate, the property must be appraised and "the rest shall wait for their parts" until one year after John and Mary's deaths. The oldest gets his share first. A year later, the next oldest gets his share, etc.

A Codacil is Written

February 10 1784

If any child dies without issue or before the issue reaches the age of 21, their share is to be divided among the surviving sons and daughters and their heirs.

John discharges his previously appointed Executors and replaces them with sons Elias and Joseph Long and his son-in-law John Dietreck. 

John signs the Codacil with Christopher Bowman and Hugh Paterson as witnesses.1786 23 NovNorthampton County Courthouse, Easton, Northampton, PA, USAChristopher Bowman and Hugh Paterson appear before the Register of Wills to swear they witnessed John Long write and sign his Codacil. So, John Long, Sr. has died prior to 11/23/1786?

1775 - Witnesses for their grandson's Baptism

REcord located in the Marx Room, Easton Public Library
Son of John Jr. and Anna Maria Long. Witnessed by the baby's grandparents John Sr. and Maria Barbara Long. Found in church records of the Lutheran and Reformed Church of Mt. Bethel, Northampton County, PA.

1786 - John Long Died

Will abstract from Northampton, PA
 Written in 1773. Probated in 1786
LONG, John Sr. Mt. BETHEL miller
24-2-1773 - 8-12-1786
wife Mary
Children: Elizabeth, Margaret, John, Catherine, Elias, Mary, Joseph, William, Jacob, Abraham, Sarah, Barbary, son in law John DIETRICH
Ex son Elias, son Joseph and son in law John DIETRICH
Wit: Henry DILDINE, John LONG and Michael-William MASTERSON codicil
Wit: Hugh PATTERSON and Benjamin DEPUE.

 Release, 21 May 1788, for 5s subject to arrearage of purchase money, interest, fees due.
Grantors; John Long, Lower Smithfield twp. 
Grantors; Elias Long, Joseph Long, Jacob Long, William (Wilhelm) LaBar and wf. Elizabeth, John (Johannes Dietterich and wf Margaret (Anna Margreta), Abraham LaBar and wf Mary, Philip Weitman and wf Sarah and William Reimell and wf. Barbara, all of Upper Mt. Bethel twp.

 Land Warrant History; 
1) 19 May 1747, warrant issued to Hugh Patterson, John Long, Mt. Bethel, miller, gained possession of Patterson’s warrant
2) 24 Jan 1753, warrant issued to Edward Robeson
3) 12 June 1753 warrant issued to John Long
4) 26 June 1776 John Long made application for another 100 acres
5) 24 Feb 1773 John Long wrote his will; added a codicil on 17 Feb 1784, exrs/
Elias Long, Joseph Long, and John Dietterich; left his estate to his children,
John, Jacob, Catherine, wf of Elias Dieterich, Elias, Abraham, Mary wf of Abraham LaBar, Joseph, Elisabeth, wf of William LaBar, Sarah, wf of Philip Weitman, William, Margaret, wf of John Dietrich, Barbara (Barbary) wf of William Reimell.
6) son William died after his father, without issue, his share went to his siblings


Problematic Research - Other John's

Christina marries Wilhelm Stober

Wilhelm Stober, the eldest son of Valentine and Eva Elizabeth Stober, was born in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. His birth was recorded at the Lutheran Church at Brickerville as April 29, 1746. Linn's "History of Centre and Clinton Counties, Pennsylvania" states that William Stover married Christina, daughter of John Michael Long, and had one daughter, Catherine, born on August 25, 1777, in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. John Michael Long emigrated from Germany on March 16, 1752, with his wife and two children. Immigration records show that he arrived in Philadelphia on the "Beulah" on September 10, 1753. The records of the Hill Church in Pike Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, show that Anna Christina was born February 15, 1754, to Michael Lang and wife Christina. The records of the Brickerville Reformed Church confirm that Catherina was born August 25, 1777, to Wilhelm and Christina Stover of the Lutheran religion. Sponsors at the baptism the following month were sister Margretha Muller and her husband, Leonard. Another daughter, Christina, born January 9, 1780, must have died, if the statement in Linn (above) is correct. (Indeed the 1790 census of Cocalico shows William with only one child.) Linn continues that "William Stover was twice drafted during the Revolution, and was with the militia at Trenton in 1776, and at Brandywine and Germantown in 1777. He removed first to Centre Township, now Snyder County, and thence, in 1810, with his family and four grandchildren, to the oil - mill farm in Haines Township, now John Haines', where he died. He had over fourteen hundred dollars of Continental money, which proved a total loss to him." Records show that Lt. George Stober and privates Valentine and William Stober were in Captain John Jones Company of the Lancaster Militia on August 15, 1776. Wilhelm Stober died in 1824 according to his tombstone in Wolf's Chapel Cemetery in Haines Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. Christina Stober was born February, 1754, and died June 19, 1827, according to her tombstone in the same cemetery. Their daughter, Catherina, married Johan Graf.


There is no Christina listed in John Michael Long's will.  John Michael Long was married to Margaretha, not Christina & and our John Michael Long could not have arrived here in 1753, there are land warrants issued to him here before that date.

So there must be at least two John Michael Long's?

John died in Northampton County, Pa. Church records of the St. Pauls Lutheran church, Red Hill, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania list that John Michael Lang and wife Maria Barbara had Anna Sara on March 20, 1759. What a discovery as Sara married Philip Weidman and moved to Ontario in 1801. At the Ottawa archives, in Ontario, I found the Philip Weidmann family bible pages that are in german script and they say that Anna Sara Langin was born March 20, 1759


Read The History Of The Long Family In Pa by William Gabriel Long, online here:http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=wu.89061956058;view=1up;seq=5

No Mention Of Our John Michael Long in the above book.

Seeking information about a Jacob LONG and his family (parents and children) from Pennsylvania - possibly Northampton County in the early, mid & late 1700's. A Jacob descendant (grandson William) was married in Wentworth County, (Upper) Canada in the 1840's and a witness at that marriage was a David LABAR. There is info on-line about LONG/LABAR marriagies in Pennsylvania in the 1700's.Also, William REIMILL /RYMAL m. to a (Maria) Barbara LONG were neighbors of Jacob & John LONG in the (Barton)/Hamilton area of (Upper) Canada in the early 1800's. Plus, John (a son of William LONG)named one his childrenBarbar Rymal LONG.
Is there anyone who knows of, oris connected to this LONG family?

  • ID: I510972791
  • Name: Maria Barbara LABARRE
  • Given Name: Maria Barbara
  • Surname: Labarre
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: 1720 in Pfalz.,Bavaria.,Germany
  • Death: 16 Apr 1788 in Upper Mount Bethel Twp.,Northampton Co.,Pennslyvania
  • Change Date: 28 Dec 2002

    Father: Daniel LABARRE b: 1670 in Barbelroth.,Pfalz.,Bavaria.,Germany 
    Mother: Judith ROSSIGNAL b: 1670 in Germany

    Marriage 1 John LONG
    • Note: _STATMARRIED
    1. Anna Maria (Mary) LONG b: 1756 in Upper Mount Bethel Twp.,Nothampton.,Pennslyvania
  • ========================================================

    Adding this for further reference - no connection that I am aware of, the William son of Michael had no issue, so this would not be him - but it's possible he is a grandson of this Michael?

    I’m searching for the Pennsylvania link to my WILLIAM LONG (b.1782 Pennsylvania – d. 1858, E. Flamborough Twp., Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada).  And, since I posted those years ago I have been working on some additional information I thought I would send your way.

    Searching for the parents of William LONG:

    According to the Aldershot Branch of Women's Institute, Tweedsmuir History*, Volume 1  (written about 1950):
          "Among many other pioneer families in Wentworth County the Long Family ranks with the earliest of the originals, since the living generation can trace its' paternal lineage back to its establishment there in the 18th century.  At that time the forebears of the family reached the county from the area now comprising the state of Pennsylvania.  They were of Dutch United Empire Loylaist extraction, and the father of William Long (1782 - 1858) originally settled on what is now Lot No. 12 of 130 acres stretching between the third and fourth Concessions about half mile west of the village of Waterdown."

    There is no indication in this article as to the name of William’s father or mother.

    The first person of record to petition for Lot 12 Con 3, E. Flamborough Twp., Wentworth Co., Upper Canada (now Ontario, Canada) was JACOB LONG (then Yeoman of Whitchurch Twp., York Co., Upper Canada) who offered a JOSEP[H LONG, farmer, of Whitchurch Twp, as a surety. The petition was filed in 1809 but no action was taken at that time because JACOB had not provided an Oath of Allegiance nor a Certification of Character.

              (On the same day a JOSEPH LONG of Whitchurch Farmer petitioned for L 9  Con 3, E. Flamborough and offered a Jacob LONG of              Whitchurch Yeoman as a surety.  JOSEPH was granted to right to Lease this piece of property but lost it because of) the fraudulent actions of others.)

    The second individual to petition for Lot 12  Con 3, E. Flamborough Twp. was  my WILLIAM LONG, in 1811.  WILLIAM described himself as Yeoman, E. Flamboro.  He provided a Certificate of Character and was granted the right to Lease this property (a Clergy Reserve) which he did; and he lived there for many, many years.
    The Certificate of  Character was signed by a Richard Hatt who said he known WILLIAM LONG for (what looks like) ten years.  Richard Hatt immigrated to Upper Canada from England; therefore WILLIAM must have been in the Flamborough area since at least c. 1801.
    WILLIAM purchased this property from the government in 1836.

    Early the following year (1812) a Jacob LONG “of the Township of Flamboro (East) Yeoman, who unlike the others signed with his mark) and amongst other things said he had served as a private soldier under the British Standardmoved into the Provinnce before the year 1798.  He offered a Certificate of Oath and Certificates of Character by
    It was noted that he was already in possession of 200 acres in Whitchurch and had a brother named Elias.

      Who are these LONGs to each other?

    Put together it seems that the JACOB LONG who petitioned in 1796 – may have received land in Whitchurch and be the JACOB LONG, Whitchurch, Yeoman who petitioned for Lot 12 Con 3 in E. Flamborough Twp. In 1811 and due to a lack of documents did not get that property petitioned for a 2nd time in 1812 .

    And he is a different Jacob LONG than aother Jacob LONG IN bARTON AND IN   

    And who are the Jacob & Elias LONGs who also petitioned for this lot in. (the ones I noted in my posting)

    *Tweedsmuir Community History Books (or Tweedsmuirs as they are commonly known) uniquely capture and preserve local community history. They vary in form from a simple scrapbook to an elaborate series of volumes bound in leather, wood or a more formal blue-and-gold cover. Tweedsmuirs are comprised of a variety of information and often include a history of the: 
    • Local Women's Institute Branch
    • Earliest settlers in an area
    • Agricultural practices and individual farms
    • Industries that formed the basis of the local economy
    • Social institutions and public buildings, such as churches, schools and community centers
    • Local personalities, such as war veterans
    • And much, much more!
    The idea of WI members writing the histories of farms, buildings and places of interest at the local level began in the mid-1920s.

    They are not primary sources.

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    1. Yes, there was another John Jr Long in Upper Mount Bethel, the son of John Adam (1688-1789—101 yrs old) who moved from Swatara, Lebanon, to Rowan NC. John stayed behing while the rest of the family moved on to NC. John Jr (1718) arrived in Phila in 1733, I’m doing deep research in Bethel. Soon, I’ll be able to separete them, the rwo John Jr in Bethel. I’ll keep you informed.