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Elias Lang 1691-1764

Dan's Maternal 8th Great Grandfather

Elias Long
son of 
Born 1691 in Germany
Died Dec Aug 1764
Anna Margareth Deer
Daughter of
Born 1695 in Germany

 Elias Long,
John Ludwig Long, 
George Philip Long
 John Jacob Long
 Anna Mary, now the wife of John Martin Reyer,
 Mary Magdalena, now the wife of Jacob Shneider 
 Anna Sarah, now the wife of John Adam Shneider 

His will says "my nine children as to my six sons" and later "three daughters" - but only 5 sons and three daughters are named?
Child "Anna Magdalena" came over on the ship with her parents - is that Anna Mary, or Mary Magdalena? 
  Also a question on the dates.  There is a baptismal record for Maria Magdalena daughter of Elias, in 1723.  

1715 - Marriage to Anna Margaretha Deer
U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 about Elias Lang
Name: Elias Lang
Gender: Male
Birth Year: 1691
Spouse Name: Anna Margaretha Deer
Spouse Birth Year: 1695
Year: 1715

Number Pages: 1

Baptism of Maria Magdalena Lang: 1732, April 9. Maria Magdalena, parents, Elias LANG and wife. Witnesses, Maria Magdalena, wife of Ludwig Schlosser, and Anna Maria, wife of Georg Philip Schuman. Source: John T. Humphrey, Pennsylvania Births 1682-1800. Humphrey Publications, Washington, DC. 1993 p. 271. 

1734 - Arrival In America
this cannot be correct, if the baptismal record in 1732 is correct. Name: Anna Margaretha Deer Lang
Arrival year: 1734
Arrival Place: Pennsylvania
Family Members: Wife Anna Margaretha Deer; Child Anna Magdalena
Source Publication Code: 3569
Primary Immigrant: Lang, Elias
Annotation: Date of arrival with port or place of settlement, a few are date and place of first mention of residence in New World. Listings of mostly Mennonite German immigrants, the majority were from Baden-Durlach in the Palatinate.
Source Bibliography: JOHNSON, MRS. ARTA F., editor. "Immigrant Ancestors." In The Palatine Immigrant. Vol. 4:1 (Summer 1978), pp. 25-26; vol. 4:2 (Fall 1978), pp. 65-67; vol. 4:3 (Winter 1979), pp. 102-105; vol. 4:4 (Spring 1979), pp. 152-155.
Page: 102

There is also this that contradicts it:
The Commenorative History Of Montgomery County:
Among other early settlers were John Henry Sprogell, who bought a large tract of land before 1709 near what is now Pottstown.  Isaac Schaeffer was a large landholder in Plymouth, in 1702.  John Schrank settled in Providence in 1717.  John F. Hillegas, in Upper Hanover in 1727.  Before 1728 John George Gankler, Elias Long, John Henry Beer, George John Wiker and John Martin Derr and the patriotic Heister family (whose old brick mansion, built in 1757, is still standing) settled in the vicinity of Salford.

1734 Land Warrants
In the fall of 1734, we find two land warrants for Elias Long, both for property adjoining Christopher Smith.

Name: Elias Long
Acreage: 100
Warrant Date: 10 Sep 1734
Warrant Location: Philadelphia

Name: Elias Long
Warrant Date: 30 Oct 1734

Warrant Place: New Goshenhoppen, Philadelphia

30 Aug 1741 - Naturalized
in Philad'a Co.

July 12 1749 - Land Warrant
Age: 58
Marlboro Township, Philadelphia PA
50 acres adjoining the land of Thomas Mayberry

1751- Daughter Married in his home - 
Records of the Lutheran Congregation at old Goshenhoppen, Upper Salford Township, Montgomery Co. PA. 1751-1937, Adams Apple Press, Bedminster, PA 18910 (C) 1996: Marriages by Rev. Lucas Raus, Upper Salford Township, Montgomery County: Johann Jacob Schneider, Ref. single, son of Christian Schneider, and Maria Magdalena Lang, also single, Luth., daughter of Elias Lang. Proclaimed: I, at Indienfield, Nov. 3, II at Toheka, Nov. 10. Married in the house of Elias Lang, the bride's father, Nov. 12, 1751.

1751 -   church elder
    - Old Goshenhoppen Church, Upper Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., Penn.

1764 - Tax List

March 12 1764  - Wrote Will
Will Of Elias Lang
This surname appears as both "Long" and "Lang". Elias Long wrote his will 12 March 1764. It was probated 15 Aug. 1764. His daughter Mary Magdalena, is named: "now the wife of Jacob Shneider". And daughter Anna Sarah, "now the wife of John Adam Shneider." 
"In the name of God Amen Whereas I Elias Long of Marlborough Township in the County of Philadelphia and Province of Pennsylvania Yeoman do find myself sick and weak in body but of sound mind understanding and memory Thanks be to God therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do on this twelfth day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and sixty four make public and ordain this my last will and testament and first of all I recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and do order that after my death my body be buried in a Christian like and decent manner and as touching to such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in the life I do hereby dispose of the same in the following manner that is to say Imprimis it is my will and I do hereby give devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Anna Margareth Long all my moveable and immovable real and personal estate whatsoever to be and remain and in her direction and for her only use and Behoof during all the time of her temporal life that is to say that all my Land and Plantation situate in the said Township of Marlborough and County of Philadelphia containing about Two hundred and thirty Acres of Proprietary Land be the same more or less with all the cattle, household goods and tools whatsoever shall be and remain for the only use and under the Care and Direction of my said Wife Anna Margareth during her lifetime But further it is my Will that after her Death all my abovesaid Real and Personal Estate is to be divided among all my children in the following Manner as first I give and bequeath unto my eldest Son John Michael Long and to his Heirs and Assigns the full Sum of Ten Pounds of lawful money of Pennsylvania before out and then I give and bequeath all the Remainder of my said Estate unto my nine children as to my six sons, namely John Michael Long, Elias Long, Ludwig Long, George Philip Long and John Jacob Long and to my three Daughters as Anna Mary, now the wife of John Martin Reyer, and Mary Magdalena, now the wife of Jacob Shneider and Anna Sarah, now the wife of John Adam Shneider and to their Heirs and Assigns forever as to each of them the equal Ninth part thereof to be then equally divided between and among them that is to say all my said Estate that I now have in Marlborough Township consisting in my Plantation which consists in Four Tracts of Land that were surveyed unto me by four different Warrants granted unto me by the Honourable Proprietaries of this Province but as yet have no Patent got out for the same together with all land every other Chattels Moveables Household Goods whatsoever and further do I hereby give devise and bequeath unto my above named Six Sons and Three Daughters and to their Heirs and Assigns forever a certain Messuage Plantation and improvements situate in Tinickam Township in the County of Bucks containing about One hundred and seventy five acres of land be the same more or less which is part of a tract commonly called Strepers Tract it being the same that I purchased of George Creisman by virtue of an Agreement dated the tenth Day of January annoque Domini One thousand seven hundred and fifty nine which said Tract was formerly taken up by David Wiley who also had paid the Sum of Five Pounds of lawful money aforesaid unto Richard Peters Esquire then Secretary for this Province as in part of the Consideration for the same As by the Receipt thereof dated the 25th day of November Anno 1742 may appear with all and singular the Appurtenances whatsoever as to each of my said Children the equal Ninth part thereof with full Power and Authority to divide or to sell the same at their own Discretion and to divide the whole said Estate among themselves at any Time after my Decease as Share and Share alike according to the true Intent and Meaning of this my Last Will and Testament and further it is my Will that any such Sum or Sums of Money as I already have lent unto any of my above named Children shall be added to my Estate before Division be made and then be accounted as part of their Hereditary Share and Portion of all my above mentioned Estate And I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my beloved Son Elias Long and my Son in Law Martin Reyer to be the sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament and do hereby desire that all may be done and performed according to the True Intent and Meaning of this my Last Will and Testament In Witness whereof and Confirmation whereof, I the said Elias Long Senior have hereunto set my Hand and Seal on the Day and Year as first above written Elias Long [Seal] Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the said Elias Long as his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us the Subscribers Henry Heist, Nicholas Wolffard.

Philadelphia August 15, 1764 then personally appeared Henry Heist and Nicholas Wolfard the witnesses to the foregoing Will and on Oath did declare they saw and heard Elias Long the Testator therein mentioned sign seal publish and declare the same Will for and as his Last Will and Testament and that at the doing thereto he was of sound Mind Memory and Understanding to the best of their knowledge. Coram Wm. Plumstead Registrar General.

Be it remembered on the 15th day of August 1764 the Last Will and Testament of Elias Long, deceased, in due Form of Law was proved and probate & Letters Testamentary were granted to Elias Long and Martin Reyer, Executors in the said Will named, being duly sworn well and truly to administer the said deceased estate and bring an inventory thereof into the Register General's Office in Philad. On or before the 15th day of September next and render a true and just accompt when thereunto legally required Given under the seal of said office. Coram Wm. Plumstead, Registrar General."
Source: Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Research Notes:

SAR Application 
National Number 63760

State Number 3714
(Elias's grandson Peter served in the Revolutionary War)

Pages below are from:
Sweet Land of Liberty: The Ordeal of the American Revolution in Northampton County, Pennsylvania

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