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Daniel Weidman 1758-1841

Daniel Weidman
son of

Born 26 October 1758 
Died 5 Oct 1841

Married about 1786
Anna Margaret Labar

Born 29 Apr 1766
Died 20 Dec 1844 

Children :
Anna Maria "Mary" Weidman 1787 – 1874 m. Jacob Rotzel
John Weidman 1789 – 1854 m. Sarah Zeisloft
Philip Weidman 1791 – 1875 m. Catherine Emerich
Anna Margaretha Weidman 1793 –  m. Tobias Morey
Martha Magdalena Weidman 1794 – 1886 m. Jacob Zeisloft
Henry Weidman 1797 – 
Abraham Weidman 1799 – 1803
Catharine Weidman 1802 –1893  m. Samuel Reichard
Ludwig Weidman 1805 – 1880
Daniel Weidman 1807 – m. Elizabeth Johnson
Sarah Weidman 1810 – 1887 m. John J. Oyer
Joseph Weidman 1813 – 1855 m. Mary Magdalena Oyer

1758  - Daniel Weidman is born
October 26 1758
Daniel Weidman, the son of Henry and Anna Maria Weidman, is born on October 26, 1758

1766 - Anna Margaret Labar is born
29 September 1766
Source - Find A Grave
The will of Abraham Labar mentions his daughter Anna Margaret, who is married to Daniel Weidman.

October 7 1781  Daniel is the sponsor at the baptism of Daniel Dilden, the son of Andrew and Maria Dilden.

1782 - Military Service
Daniel Weidman serves as a member of the Northampton County Militia during the American Revolutionary War. He is listed as a private, 8th class, 5th Bn. on the Class Report filed by Capt. John Long on May 1, 1782

His pension application was rejected, as he was not found on the rolls:
Name:Daniel Wedeman
Location:Providence Tp., Luzerne
Reason:Name not on the rolls of the New York line--no proof of service.
His burial card shows him as a veteran:

Note that this card shows him as dying june 11, 1842
His tombstone says Oct 5 1841

August 30 1783 Daniel is a sponsor at the baptism of his nephew, Daniel Wiedtman, son of Philip and Sarah Wiedman.

September 17 1786   Daniel Weidman and Margaret Labar are the sponsors at the baptism of Elizabeth Beck, the daughter of Jacob and Anna Maria Beck. 

Between 1786 & 1787, He married Margaret LaBar
Daniel Weidman and Margaret LaBar are sponsors at a baptism in Upper Mount Bethel in 1786. Their daughter Anna Maria is confirmed at age 19 on April 4, 1806, thus placing her birth in 1787. The marriage had to have occurred between 1786 and 1787

1788 Federal Tax List
Age: 30
Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northampton, PA, USA
Even though he owns no land, no horses, and no cattle, Daniel Weidman owes the Federal government 1 shilling in taxes.

1789 - Son John Weidman is Born
Baptised August 2 1789
Christ Lutheran Church, Upper Mt. Bethel, Northampton County Pa
Record of Baptism for son Johannes

February 20 1795 Land Warrant
Land Passed from Henry Weidman to sons Phillip & Daniel-.Daniel and Philip Weidman receive a PA Land Warrant for 112 5/8's acres of land in Mount Bethel Township, Northampton County

1797 24 Feb - Receives Second Land Warrant
Age: 38
Northampton County, PA
Daniel and Philip receive a second Land Warrant. This time it is for 180 acres, 90 perches of land in Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northampton County.

1789 - 1813 - Baptisms 
Age: 31
Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northampton, PA, USA
The baptismal record of every child born to Daniel and Anna Margaret Weidman can be found in the Church Records of the Lutheran and Reformed Church, every child that is, except for their first born, Anna Maria "Mary" Weidman.

25 Jan 1798 - Purchase of Property
Age: 39
Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northampton, PA, USA
In his Will, Henry Weidman states his sons or sons-in-law can purchase his farm for the appraised value. None does. The land is then sold to Christian Snyder. The very next day, Daniel buys "Peru," which includes 99 acres, 17 perches.

Jan 28, 1814 - mentioned in the will of his father in law Abraham Labar

From the Will of AbrahamLabar
Henry F. Marx (Librarian of Easton Public Library) "Abstracts of Wills, Northampton Co., PA 1752-1840" (in 16 volumes), 1935. Available at Easton Library, Marx Room H929.3 PA NI N869wM
Name: Labar, Abraham Yeoman
Residence: Upper Mt. Bethel Twsp
Wife: Anna Maria (Mary)
Children: Joseph, eldest son, Anna Margaret w. Daniel Weidman
Date of Will:
Inventory: Jan 28, 1814 Conrad Kiser & Owen Owens. Settlement Apr 10, 1815. Book accounts against heirs--Joseph Labar, Abraham Labar, John Labar, Cath. Bartholomew, John Fenner.
Administrators: Jan 24, 1814 Daniel Weidman, yeoman, Joseph Labar and John Labar, yeoman, all of Up. Mt. Bethel.
Miscellaneous Information: Daniel Weidman intermarried with Anna Margaret one of daus. of dec'd. Jan. 24, 1814 widow Mary Labor, and Joseph Labar, eldest son of dec'd. both of Up. Mt. Beth., ren.rt. to admin. in favor of Daniel Weidman.
File No. 2983, Vol. , p. , year: 1814

Jan 24 1814 - Northampton County Courthouse, Easton, Northampton, PA, USA

Adminstrative Bond to the Commonwealth of PA
Daniel Weidman, Joseph Labar, and John Labar sign the Administrative Bond to the Commonwealth of PA and are now held and bound to the state in the sum of $5,000.00.

Administrator Signs the Administrative Bond
Daniel Weidman appears before Nathaniel Michler, Register of Wills, and declares that his father-in-law died intestate. Daniel then vows to "well and truly administer" to the settling of all matters regarding the Estate.

"An Appraisement of the Goods and Chattles of Abraham Labar"
Conrad Riser and Owen Owens conduct the I and A. Items on the list include 1 Bedstead and bedding, 1 Bull, 2 Heffers, 6 Sheep, 9 Hogs, Barrel with Cider, Tea Kettle, Bake Iron, Wall Stove, 11 Spoons, Rifle, 9 Chairs, Numerous Borrowers' Notes, etc.

April 10 1815 -The Final Account Statement
Daniel Weitman, who signs his name with an "X," submits his final account, which shows a balance of $555.99.

5 Jul 1841 Sale Of Property
Age: 82
Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northampton, PA, USA
Daniel and Margaret sell 5 acres, 88 perches of land in the township to Abraham Phillips for $1,100.00 The tract is part of a larger tract of 99 acres, 17 perches which Daniel acquired from Christian Snyder on 1/25/1798.
Abraham Philips is the husband of his granddaughter Margaret Weidman.

1841 5 Oct - Daniel Died
Age: 82
Northampton Co. PA
Age: 83 Tombstone says October 5th 1841, veterans burial card says June 11 1842. I think the tombstone is correct.
He was buried in the Christ Evangelical Lutheran (Stone Church) Church cemetery.
Tombstone Inscription:
SACRED/ in the memory of / DANIEL WEITMAN / who was born / October 26, AD 1758 / and departed this life / October 5 AD 1811/ Aged 82 years / 11 months 10 days/

Property Sales following Daniel's Death:
(I do not know who did all of this research - I found it on  It is well documented.)

April 1 1843
Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northampton, PA, USA

Via Attorney John Weidman, the heirs of Daniel Weidman sell 115 acres, 22 perches of land to Joseph W. and John Oyer for $2,245.18. The land is part of the Real Estate conveyed to Daniel by C. Snyder (1798), The Campbells (1812), and M. Wallace (1825).

The heirs sell 8 acres, 119 perches of land to Jacob Reimer, a yeoman from the township, for $127.22. The land is part of a 75 acre tract that was granted to Daniel by Moses Wallace, Executor of the Estate of the late Alexander Campbell, on 4/15/1825.

The heirs of Daniel Weidman sell 33 acres, 120 perches to Ludwig Bartholomew for $843.75. The land is part of the larger tract which Daniel acquired from Christian Snyder on Janary 25, 1798.

Son Philip purchases 18 acres and 42 perches of land from the heirs of the Estate for $620.92. Daniel had purchased this land from Elias and Daniel and Elizabeth Labar on June 17, 1815.

The heirs sell George Beck 64 acres, 135 perches of land for $1,527.07. The land covers sections of tracts purchased by Daniel from Moses Wallace and from Christian Snyder.

The heirs sell 2 lots of timberland (15 acres, 85 perches and 5 acres, 6 perches) to son-in-law Samuel Reichert for $326.68.

The heirs sell 12 acres and 155 perches of timberland to Christian Fulmer of Lower Mount Bethel Township for $317.73.

Son-in-law Tobias Morey buys 5 acres, 25 perches of timberland from the heirs of the Estate for $123.75. The land is part of the larger tract of 45 acres which Daniel purchased from Christian Snyder.

After Daniel's death, his Real Estate is sold. Part of the money goes into the Estate as a whole to pay expenses and debts. Any money remaining after all expenses have been is to divided among the surviving children. (At the time of Daniel's death, two of his children have preceded him in death: Abraham and Henry.) 

Part of the money from the sale of all this property goes into the Widow's Dower, an account of money set aside for Margaret's use.

 The breakdown goes as follows:
 Sale of land to Joseph and John Oyer = $2,245.18.
            The Widow's Dower gets $748.39. 
Sale of land to Jacob Reimer = $127.22. 
           The Widow's Dower gets $42.41.
 Sale of land to Ludwig Bartholomew = $843.75.
           The Widow's Dower get $281.25. 
Sale of land to Philip Weidman = $620.92. 
            The Widow's Dower gets $206.97.
 Sale of land to George Beck = $1,527.07. 
          The Widow's Dower gets $509.12. 
Sale of land to Samuel Reichert = $326.68. 
          The Widow's Dower gets $108.89. 
Sale of land to Christian Fulmer = $317.73. 
          The Widow's Dower gets $105.91. 
Sale of land to Tobias Morey = $123.75. 
          The Widow's Dower gets $41.25. 
In total, Margaret receives $2044.09, or approximately 33%. 
[Deed Books A-7, pp. 330 - 332; B-7, pp. 136 - 138; C-7, pp. 119 - 120; D-7, pp. 14 - 16; D-7, pp. 410 - 412; F-8, pp. 439 - 441; G-8, pp. 751 - 752; C-9,pp. 786 - 787]

1844 - Anna Margaret Died

Burials - 

Christ Evangelical Lutheran (Stone Church) Church cemetery


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