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Henry Dills 1745-1819

 Henry Dills
son of  William & Rachel Dills
Born 1745
Died Jul. 28, 1819
daughter of

In the 88th year of his age
 Note: AKA Henry Dilts.
Old School Baptist Cemetery, Locktown, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA

Dills Ferry



 Page 253

 The Columbia and Delaware Bridge Company erected, in 1869, a wooden arch
bridge, across the Delaware, a few rods north of the depot. This also
furnishes another business inlet to a considerable number of inhabitants
living on the opposite aide of the river.

  The bridge is even hundred and ninety-six feet long and eighteen feet
wide in the clear, inside, constructed in four spans of about two hundred
feet each, supported by three stone piers, standing twenty-seven feet above
low water mark, and the whole costing about $40,000, of which $37,550 is
capital stock, a little more than two-thirds of which is held on the
Pennsylvania side.

  For many years previous to the erection of this bridge the inhabitants
crossed the river by the ferry, a few rods north of where the bridge now
stands. It is said that a Mr. Smith owned the first ferry right at this
place, but there are no records to corroborate this statement. Mr. Dill was
probably the first ferryman, about 1780.

  About this date he had erected a log tavern on the hill opposite the
ferry.  This has long since been demolished. The subsequent ferrymen at
this place have been as follows:
Alexander Decker
Jacob Lamb
James Decker
Michael Weller
George Decker
John Ott, who relinquished the ferry at the completion of the Delaware
Bridge, in 1869.
Portland Portland the most northerly of the boroughs of Northampton county is situated in the Delaware river about five miles north of the Delaware Water Gap The borough was first known as Dill's Ferry for the reason that Henry Dill in 1817 kept a tavern and operated a ferry in that locality The piers for a bridge across the Delaware river were first built in 1817 but collapsed and it was not until 1868 that a bridge was completed connecting Portland with the other side of the Delaware river 

History of Northampton County [Pennsylvania] and the Grand Valley of the ...

 By American Historical Society
page 521

Chapter XII The Dills of New Jersey contains extensive history on the Dills, including:

“At some undetermined date, probably in the neighborhood of 1736, the Dills emigrated from Germany and settled in Huntindon County, New Jersey.  It is rather difficult to determine just who were in the party but among the younger people was a boy William, and a girl, Rachel, probably brother and sister.  The girl married a man by the name of Snyder and died at Easton, Pennsylvania.  The boy became William, Sr., and moved to Knowlton, New Jersey, where he founded the Dills family of that locality.  Many of the Dills remained in Huntindon County and this makes plausible the supposition that with the parents of William, Sr., came several of his uncles.  We find wills of Henry Dils of Amswell, N. J., 1788; John Dills of Amswell, N. J., 1786; Peter Dills of Amswell, N. J., 1760; Christopher Dills of Kingswood, N. J., 1812; Jacob Dilts of Amswell, N. J., 1827.  These are all no doubt related to the Knowlton branch of the family.
William Dils, Sr., was born in Germany in 1711 and emigrated with his parents about 1736.  He married Rachel, who was born in 1721.  He bought a large amount of land at Knowlton and also across the Delaware River at what is now called Portland  but which was then called Dill's Ferry.  He made his will on the 17th of June, 1793, and died the following year.  His will, on record at the office of the Secretary of State at Trenton, N. J.,, shows that he left his wife Rachel (who evidently died shortly after the will was made in 1793) 200 pounds, and the estate finally to e divided among the children equally except that Henry was to have 20 pounds more than the other children.  The sons, John, Adam and William were to be the executors.
William, Sr., and his wife, Rachel, had five sons and one daughter.  The daughter , who was, of course, called Rachel, married George Ribble.  The sons were John, born 1742; Adam, born 1743; Henry, born 1745; William (date of birth unknown) and Samuel, born 1765.”

 “Henry, son of William Sr., was known in later life as Henry Sr.  He was born in 1745 and died in 1817 in Dill's Ferry.  On the 16th of May 1783 he was elected Lieutenant of the 3rd Co., 5th Battalion of the Northampton Co. Militia under Col. Jacob Stroud, proof of service  being given in the Pennsylvania Archives, Series 5, Vol. 8, p. 623.”

by David Henry Keller, M.D. 1922

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