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Our Keller Line through Nina Lumbard

Johann Peter Keller
Anna Maria -1782

Barbara Judith Bigler

Anna Maria Keller

Henry Goehring Kurtz
Sarah Bauman

Ann Elizabeth Kurtz
Joseph A. Lumbard


Nina Ridge

Nina Lumbard
Carl Sulouff



The Keller's Of Lancaster
Book Title: Pennsylvania Genealogies : Index of Surnames
Title : Pennsylvania Genealogies : Index of Surnames
Source Information: Ancestry.com. North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2016.

Bios: Johann Peter Keller descendants: Lancaster/Dauphin Cos, PA

1. Johann Peter Keller a native of Germany, emigrated to America prior to
 1760, and settled in Lancaster county, PA., where he died; his wife Anna
 Maria, b. Germany, died in the town of Lancaster on the 6th of January, 1782.
 They  had two children born in Germany;
 (2.)    i. Carl Andrew, b. July 14, 1750; m. Barbra Judith Bigler.
        ii. Johann Adam; nothing further is known of him.

 2. Carl Andrew Keller, (Johann Peter ) b. July 14,1750, in Germany; d.
 February 21, 1803, at Lancaster, PA; m. April, 1774, at Lancaster, Barbra
 Judith Bigler, b. August 9, 1755; d. August 15, 1831, at Lancaster, PA. They
 had issue:
 (3.)    i. John Peter, b.September 28, 1776; m., first, Catharine Schaeffer;
 secondly Mrs. Rachel Cochran.
 (4.)   ii. Adam, b. December 7, 1784; m. Elizabeth Schaeffer.
 (5.)  iii. John, m. Susanna Nye
 (6.)   iv. Andrew m. _____Stahl.
 (7.)    v. Jacob, m. First (unknown name), second; Catharine Heisley.
 (8.)   vi. Sophia, m. First, David Kauffman; second, Samuel Kling.
 (9.)  vii. Anna Maria, m. William Kurtz.
 (10.)viii. Rev. Benjamin, m. First Eliza Craver Schaeffer; secondly, Maria
        ix. Jeremiah,  d.s.p.
 (11.)   x. Michael, b. June 17, 1790; m. First Margaret Schaeffer; second;
 Barbara Margaret Schaeffer.

 3. John Peter Keller, (Carl Andrew,Johann Peter), b. September 28,1776, in
 Lancaster, PA.; d. October 1, 1850, at Harrisburg, PA; learned the trade of a
 Brass founder, located at Harrisburg in 1796. In 1801 he established himself
 in business as brass-founder and rope maker, which proved successful, and
 afterwards in general merchandising. He was a member of the borough council
 almost continuously from 1810-1824, and was quite prominent and influential
 in the public affairs of his day. He was identified with with nearly all the
 early enterprises of the town, such as the Harrisburg Bridge Company,
 Harrisburg and Middletown Turnpike Company, and at his death was the last
 survivor of the original board of directors of the Harrisburg Bank. He was a
 gentleman of thrift, industry, and indomitable energy, upright, honest, and
 as decided and influential as a Christian, being one of the founders of the
 Lutheran Church in Harrisburg. He was twice married; 
 first Catherine Schaeffer, b. November 6, 1774; d. October 1, 1859, at
 Harrisburg. They had issue;
        i. Frederick, b. February, 1796; d. 1797
       ii. George, b. 1798;D. 1800
      iii. Rev. Emanuel, b. September 30, 1801; d. April 11, 1837 at Mechanicsburg,
 PA; buried in Trindle Spring Church Graveyard; he was educated in the schools
 and Academy of Harrisburg, and pursued his classical studies under the
 direction of of his Uncle, the Rev. Benjamin Keller. He subsequently entered
 Dickinson College, where he remained two years, when he began the study of 
 theology with the Rev. Dr. Lochman, of Harrisburg. In 1826 he was licensed by the
 Lutheran Synod of Pennsylvannia, and the same year began his ministerial
 labors at Manchester, MD. Thence he removed to Mechanicsburg, PA. Where he
 continued in the pastorate until a short period before his death, his
 enfeebled health obliging him to resign his charge. The Rev. Mr. Keller
 married, April 4, 1825, Sabina Selzer and had Ann Victoria,  and other
       iv. Eliza,b. June 12, 1803; m. James Boyd.
 (12.)  v. Maria, b. February 17, 1805; Lewis Plitt.
       vi. Catharibne, b. November 4, 1806;d. November 15,1836; m. James Gilliard;
           had issue; John Peter Gilliard.
 (13.)vii. John Peter, b. February 25, 1808; m. Lydia Kunkel.
     viii. Sophia, b. May 20, 1810; d. August 24 1840, at Harrisburg; m. Thomas Montgomery.
       ix. William C., b. January 24,  1812, at Harrisburg; m Camilla Lochman, and
           had Charles, d.s.p., and Annie, m. N.R. Miller, d. November 27,1892.
        x. Frederick George, b.September 14, 1814; d. At the age of sixteen years,
           having become blind.
       xi. Benjamin b.April 6, 1816, d.s.p.
      xii. Peter Charles, b. April 16, 1817, at Harrisburg;
           d. December 30, 1875, at Quincy, Ill.; engaged in life in the
           mercantile business at Harrisburg, PA., subsequently removing to
           Philadelphia, where he remained until 1874; at that time he went 
           west and located in Quincy Ill., where he became quite prominent,
           enjoying the confidence and respect of the people of that city;
           m. Eliza Wells; and had :
           Elvey, m. Robert Lockwood, Levi, and Lemuel.
     xiii. Charles Andrew, b. July 26, 1819; d. October 21, 1871, at Harrisburg;
           m. First Matilda Calder; and had, William C. who m. ____ Patterson
           and had Olie; 
           Charles Andrew secondly married Rachel Compton; and had 
           Charles C. M. who married and had a Charles.

 3. Mr.John Peter Keller married, secondly Rachel Cochran, widow of William
 Cochran, formerly sheriff of Dauphin county, who survived him thirteen years.

 4. Adam Keller, (Carl-Andrew-Johann Peter), b. December 7, 1784, at Lancaster,
 PA.; d. January 30, 1863; m. Elizabeth Schaeffer, b. June 15, 1786; d. January
 30, 1854; she was the cousin of John Peter Kellers wife. They had issue:
        i. Barbara, m. William Frick; and had; Rev. William Keller, m. Louisa Klump,
 who had William, Lillian, Norman, and Raymond.
 (14). ii. Johna Andrew, m. Herriet Tressler.
      iii. Adam, d. October 6, 1813.
       iv. Benjamin, d. At the age of nineteen years.
        v. Emanuel, m. Harriet Sharpe; and had Julia, John, and Mary.
       vi. Elizabeth,d.s.p.
      vii. Sophia, m.Frederick William Bates; and had issue; William Adama, Anna
 Maria, Edward Keller, Elizabeth Caroline, d.s.p., James Frederick, Louisa
 Catharine, and Emily Sophia, d.s.p.
     viii. Anna Maria.
       ix.  Adam Schaeffer, m. First Mary     ; m., secondly, Mary Elizabeth Snyder; and
            had issue; Adam & Elizabeth; both deceased.
        x. Louisa, d.s.p.
       xi. Margaretta, m. William E. Heinitish; and had issue; Sigmund William,
 Charles Luther,d.,Lizzie Keller, d., Walter Aguatua, William Edward, d. Margie
 Keller, John Frederick, and Louisa Keller, d.
      xii. Louisa, d. Unm.
     xiii. Samuel,d.s.p.

 5. John Keller (Carl-Andrew, Johann Peter). B. In Lancaster, PA.; d. At
 Harrisburg in 1816; m. Susanna Nye, b. March 6, 1777; d. February 7, 1855, at
 Easton, PA., daughter of Johannes and Maria Magdelena Nye, of Lancaster. They
 had issue:
        i. Henry, d. At Easton, PA.; had five children.
       ii. Andrew, d. At Easton, PA.
      iii. Barbara Ann, b. 1807, Reading; m. Charles A. Snyder; and had seven children.
       iv. John, b. At Reading; drowned at Harrisburg.
        v. Susan, b. At Harrisburg; d. At Easton, m.        Abel.

 6. Andrew Keller, (Carl-Andrew, Johann Peter).b. in Lancaster, PA. Where he
     died; m.      Stahl. They had issue:
        i. George, m. Catharine Strine; and had Mary, m. Mr. Fordney; Andrew, d.s.p.,
           Adam, d.s.p., George, m. Miss Vondersmith; had Kate, m. Herry Diller.
       ii. Maria, m. Charles Demuth; and had; Annie, m. Peter Regenaus, Josephine, m.
 William E. Kreider; Emma, m. Dr. William Tabaret, Caorline, d.s.p., Amelia, m.
 Oliver Sturges, Maria, m. Albert Zahm; and William, d. Unm.

 7.Jacob Keller, (Carl-Andrew, Johann Peter).b. in Lancaster, PA.; d. At
 Frederick, MD.; was twice married-by first wife he had;
        i. Sophia, m. Rev. Harper
       ii. Elizabeth, m. Rev, James Harkley.

 Jacob Keller secondly married Catharine Heisley, b. April, 22, 1797; d. At
 Frederick, MD; daughter of Frederick Heisley and Catharine Julian Hoff. They
        i. Charles, m. Miss Hunt.
       ii. Frederick.
      iii. Benjamin
       iv. Caroline, m. Henry Handshue.
        v. Jacob.
       vi. Muhlenburg.

 8.  Sophia Keller, (Carl-Andrew, Johann Peter).b. in Lancaster, PA.; was twice
     married; first to David Kauffman. They had issue;
        i. Rosanna, m. Samuel Brumbaugh. Had issue:
                a. Wihlemina, m. Spencer Barrett.
                b. Mary, m. John Thomas, had issue: Elvin and William.
                c. Samuel.
                d. Emma, m. George J. Bolton and had issue: Jennie-E., Roas, George J.,
                    Monroe K., and Emma Gertrude.
       ii. William, m. Ann McClone; had William.
      iii. David.
       iv. Benjamin, m. Had nine children.
        v. Sophia, d.s.p.
           Sophia married, secondly, Samuel Kling. They had issue;
       vi. Susanna B. m. John D. Miller; and had issue:
                a. Samuel Carroll, m. Henrietta Zahm Killough.
                b. Eugene Jasper, m. Nellie Schram.
                C. Ella Frances, m. George Allbright.
      vii. Eliza K., resides at Harrisburg, PA. M. Joseph Jackson, d. October 18, 1858.
     viii. Mary, m. William Halfman had; George, Frank and seven others.
       ix. Henrietta, m. William M. Buchanan, had; John Chambers, Martha Weir, Anna
 Eliza, Augusta, David.
        x. Lydia, d.s.p.
       xi. Louisa, m. Jesse I. Kays; ha
na Maria Keller, (Carl Andrew, Johann Peter). B. In Lancaster, PA.; m.
           William Kurtz. They had issue (and several died in in infancy):
        i. William,m. Ellen McCue and had: Mary ann, Margaretta and three sons.
       ii. George, m. Mary Vandivender.
      iii. Goehring, m. Sarah Bowman.
       iv. Anthony, m.first Susan Kauffman-no children, Secondly Miss Holzworth had;
           Wesly, m. Ann Baunn, Martin Anthony, Frank, m. Miss Hubley, Susan, Annie,
           Keller, and a son who died at Pittsburgh.
        v. Israel, m. Caroline Oswald.
       vi. Rev. Michael was twice married and had Sarah Ann,Emma d.s.p., Thomas,
           William, M-Olin, Alexander, and Edwin, d.s.p.
      vii. Harriet, m. Andrew Porter and had: Mary, Charles, Nellie and Scott.
     viii. Sarah, m. Simon Young had; Emma, Eliza, Mary, Henrietta, Sarah, William
           and Baker.
       ix. Sophia, m.   Seibert; and had issue; Edward William, John, Emma, Ann, Mary.
        x. Maria, m. First, Mr. Mansfeild; secondly Mr. Rossiter and had issue.

 10. Rev. Benjamin Keller, D.D. (Carl Andrew, Johann Peter), was twice married;
 m, first, Catharine Eliza (Craver) Schaeffer. Widow of Frederick Schaeffer,
 D.D. They had issue;
        i. Mary Ann Barbara, d.s.p.
       ii. Rev. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, b. April 28, 1819 at 
           Carlisle, PA.; d. March 18,1864, in Reading, PA. Educated at
           Pennsylvannia College, Gettysburg, from which he graduated in 1838; 
           studied theology, and licensed to preach in 1840; founded St. James
           Lutheran Church at Reading, serving it until his death; during the
           war for the Union he was in service; m. In 1848, Susan Hunter 
           and had issue:
           Charles H, and Sarah.
 (15.)iii. Anna Cecelia, m. Herman Haupt.
       iv. Mary Elizabeth, m. Charles C. Norton; and had issue William Benjamin
           d.s.p., Anna Cecelia, m. John Henry Hensel; Mr. Norton had by a
           former wife, Charles d., m. Maggie S. Brown, and had Mary Ada.
        v. Frederick Emanuel, d.s.p.
 (16.) vi. Louisa Caroline, m. Lewis Haupt.
      vii. Peter Paul, (twin), b. October 25, 1830; d. April 29, 1880; m. September, 1857
           Emma Hassal and had: Joseph Henry, Pierre Paul and Paul Hassal.
     viii. Paul Peter; (twin), b. October 25, 1830; m. May 15, 1855, 
           Cornelia M. Morris, of Philadelphia; and had Jane Morris, d.s.p.
       ix. Catharine Elizabeth, n. Henry W. Knauff; had issue Sarah Emily and
           Muhlenberg Keller.

    Rev. Benjamin Keller, D.D. married secondly, Maria Stroup with no issue.

 11. Michael Keller (Carl Andrew, Johann Peter) b. June 24, 1790 in Lancaster
     PA, d. August 21 1861, in Washington DC; was twice married; first Margaret
     Schaeffer, who was the sister of John Peter Kelleršs wife. They had issue;
        i. Rosannah, b. June 8, 1812; d. August 29, 1848; m. William P. Hays. 
 (17.) ii. Harriet, b. September 9, 1814; m. Samuel D. Finckle.
      iii. George F., b. December 11, 1814 d. May 16, 1855, and had Michael, d.s.p.,
           Ann, d.s.p., Samuel, John and Anna.
       iv. Caroline, b. December 29,1818, m. Samuel Berlin; and had issue; Emma.
        v. Mary Ann, d.s.p.

 Michael Keller married secondly, Barbra Margaret Schaeffer and they had issue;
       vi. Luther, d.s.p.
      vii. Louisa, d.s.p.
     viii. Margaret, b. October 20, 1827; m. Noble D. Larner; and had issue;
           Harry, John, Charles, and Philip.
       ix. Adaline, d.s.p.
        x. Philip, b. July 1, 1831; m. Sarah M. Davy and had Ella, Robert and Gertrude.
       xi. Cecelia, d. Unm.
      xii. Anna Mary, m. John P. Stone; and had issue John, d.s.p.

 13. John Peter Keller (John Peter, Carl Andrew, Johann Peter) c. February 25,
     1808, at Harrisburg, PA; d. December 13, 1837. M. May 6, 1830, Lydia Kunkel,
      b. November 9, 1811; d. February 9, 1866. (See Kunkel record). They had issue;
        i. John Peter, b. February 20, 1831; eductated in the public schools and
 Harrisburg Academy; studied dentistry with Dr. J.C. Stouch; resides in
 Harrisburg, PA. M. June 21, 1861, Emaline Hannah Croll, daughter of John Croll
 and Eliza Lauman, of Middletown PA, and had issue: John Peter, Croll, Helen
 Lydia, Christian Kunkel, and William Lauman.
       ii. Christian Kunkel, b. October 1, 1832; educated in public schools of
 Harrisburg and Pennsylvania College; by profession, a drugust, residing in
      iii. Ann Ellen, d.s.p.
       iv. Emily Clarissa, d.s.p.

 14. John Andrew Keller, (Adam, Carl Andrew, Johann Peter) m. Harriet
     Tressler; both lived and died in Lancaster, PA. They had issue:
        i. Samuel, d.s.p.
       ii. Benjamin Schaeffer, m. Miss Leiby; all deceased.
      iii. William Augustus, m. Mary Smith and had Paul, William, d.s.p. Maggie,
           d.s.p., Lillian and Harry.
       iv. Clara, d. Unm.
        v. John Adam, m. Annie Garrigan
       vi. Lizzie, m. John Frederick Sener and had Frank & Rosa.
      vii. Kate, d. Unm.
     viii. Harriet Maria
       ix. Ella, m. David Early and had issue; Leah, Harriet, Lizzie, Benjamin and
        x. Emanuel, d.s.p.
       xi. Charles Butcher. M. Harriet Leech; had two children.

 15. Anna Cecelia Keller (Rev. Benjamin, Carl Andrew, Johann Peter) m. Herman
 Haupt; was a celebrated civil engineer on the Pennsylvania railroad during
 its original construction. They had issue;
        i. John Stenger, d.s.p.
       ii. Jacob Benjamin, m. Mary E. Zeigler and had issue; Charles Zeigler,
           Edward, Kate and Anna Cecelia.
      iii. Louis Muhlenberg, m. Belle C. Cromwell.
       iv. Mary Cecelia
        v. Ella Catharine, m. Frank Chapman; and had issue Herman, Lucy Lord and
           Marion Norton.
       vi. Herman
      vii. Adelaide, d.s.p.
     viii. Charles Edgar, m. Mary Griffiths
       ix. Frank Spangler
        x. Alexander James Derbyshire
       xi. Grace Hermania, d.s.p.

 16. Louisa Caroline Keller, (Rev. Benjamin, Carl Andrew, Johann Peter). M.
 Lewis Haupt, by profession a civil engineer; resided in the city of
 Philadelphia. They had issue;
        i. A son who died in infancy.
       ii. Rev. Charles Elvin, m. Mary M. Geissinger and had issue Charles Elvin and
           David Gerald.
      iii. Henry Eugene, m. Melli H. White.
       iv. William Keller.
        v. A son who died in infancy.
       vi. Fannie Gertrude
      vii. Mary Louisa, m. Richard Cannarow.

 17. Harriet Keller (Michael, Carl Andrew, Johann Peter) b. September 9, 1814,
     at Harrisburg PA; m. In 1832 Rev. Samuel D. Finckle, D.D., b. February 11,
     1811; d. February 13, 1873 in Washington DC; a minister of the Lutheran
     Church; had charge of the congregation at Middletown, PA, and for upwards of
     twenty years pastor of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Washington
     city; for many years occupied an honourable and responsible position in the
     Government while serving his congregation; his life was one of incessant
     labor and usefulness in church and State. They had issue:
        i. Caroline
       ii. George
      iii. Louisa
       iv. Annie-deceased.
        v. Rev. Samuel G., b. February 22,1845, In Cumberland, MD.
       vi. William
      vii. Luther
     viii. Ruth-deceased
       ix. Lillie-deceased
        x. Frank
       xi. Henrietta, d.s.p.
      xii. Ezra, d.s.p.

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