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Parents of Daniel Ward Truckenmiller:
Charles F. Truckenmiller & Patsy A. Smith

 Index Of Surnames From Dan's Paternal Line:
Links lead to the Concise Direct Line Summaries, where available

Berger    Beyer    Brown  Cooper  Hein   Henninger  Hoagland
Kauffman Kerchner  Kohler Kreider  Leinbach Leith Lotz 
Mauser  Miller  Ohl   *Schmeck  Schmidt  Schwartz  Sechler 
Stumpff  Truckenmiller   Weis     Welsh     Wertman    Yeakel   Zettlemoyer   

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Paternal Lines - through Charles F. Truckenmiller:
Lines in pale red are Brick Walls
@ Designates Immigrant Ancestor

Ward Welsh Truckenmiller & Thelma Clara Brown

Great Grandparents:

Edward Truckenmiller & Hattie Welsh
Harvey Jacob Brown & Minnie Luberta Hein

(2x) Great Great Grandparents:

Daniel Truckenmiller & Mary Berger
William Eli Welsh & Margaret Hougland
Henry Brown & Lydia Zettlemoyer
David Hein & Sarah Mauser 

(3x) Great, Great, Great Grandparents: 

Edmund Truckenmiller & Mary Schmeck
Peter Berger & Maria Kauffman
John Welsh & Lydia Whitmoyer
Abraham Hougland & Rebecca
Daniel Brown & Sarah Miller
John Zettlemoyer & Catherina Schneider
Daniel Hein & Maria Yeakel 
John Mauser & Lydia Wertman

(4x) Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents:

Solomon Truckenmiller & Eva Mary Schwartz
Johannes Schemck & Magdalena Leinbach
Jacob Berger & Catherina Cooper
Jacob Kauffman & Elizabeth Stumpff
Unknown Parents of Daniel Brown
Unknown Parents of Sarah Miller
Martin Zettlemoyer & Margaretha Unknown
Unknown parents of Catherina Schneider
Johannes Hein & Catherina Stumpf
David Yeakel & Anna Kreider
Christian Mauser & Catherine Sechler
Unknown Parents of Lydia Wertman

(5x) Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents:

Jacob Truckenmiller & Anna Maria Kerchner
Unknown Parents of Eva Mary Schwartz
Henry Heinbach Schmeck & Anna Maria Schmidt
Unknown Parents of Magdalena Leinbach
Unknown Parents of Jacob Berger
Unknown Parents of Catherina Cooper
Unknown Parents of Jacob Kauffman
Unknown Parents of Elizabeth Stumpf
Unknown Parents of Catherina Leith
@ Johan Jacob Zettlemoyer & Margartha Barbara Eichelbauer
Johannes Hein & Elizabeth Lotz
Unknown Parents of Catherina Stump
@ Abraham Jaekel (Yeakel) & Anna Maria Beyer (Schwenkenfelder Immigrants)
Unknown Parents of Anna Kreider
@ Nicholas Mauser & Chatarina Henninger
Joseph Sechler & Elizabeth Stump

(6x) Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents:

Sebastian Truckenmiller & Catherina Schambauch
Unknown Parents of Anna Kerchner
Johannes Schmeck & Elisabeth Sheefer
Unknown Parents of Anna Maria Schmidt
Hans George Sedelmohr & Anna Maria Dorffler
Unknown Parents of Johannes Hein
Unknown Parents of Elizabeth Lotz
Abraham Jaekel & Unknown, in Silesia Germany
Abraham Beyer & Rosina Jaekel
Hans Michael Mauser & Agathia Gomminger
Unknown Parents of Chatarina Henninger
Johannes Sechler & Anna Maria Maurer

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