Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Brown Line through Thelma Clara Brown Truckenmiller

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Our Direct Line

Daniel Brown abt 1814-1854

Married Sarah Miller 1819-1906

Henry Brown abt 1842- 1886
Lydia Zettlemoyer 1844-1896


Thelma Clara Brown 1908-1992

Charles Frederick Truckenmiller 
Patsy Ann Smith (Living)

Daniel Ward Truckenmiller 
Heather Alice Sulouff (adopted by a Gehrer)

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Research Notes:
John Brown & Elizabeth Linnaberry

Cover of: The descendants of James Brown, 1716-1922 by John Jordan Brown

The descendants of James Brown, 1716-1922 
by John Jordan Brown of Bloomsburg, Pa.

Written in English.

You can download it here, in a variety of formats, including epub, mobi, and pdf

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