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Jacob Zettlemoyer 1706-1775

Johan Jacob Zettlemoyer
Son of Hans George & Anna Margaretha (Dorffler) Sedlemohr 
Born: 1706
Died: 1775
Margaretha Barbara 

John George Zettlemoyer 1735 –
Anna Margaretha Zettelmeyer 1739 –
Adam Zettelmeyer 1745 –
Anna Maria Zettlemoyer 1750 –
Gottfrit Zettlemoyer 1751 –
Godfrey Zettlemoyer 1752 – 1842
George Adam Settlemire 1752 – 1836
Jacob Zettlemoyer 1752 – 1813
Hans Adam Zettlemoyer 1755 – 1794
Hans Adam Zettlemoyer 1755 – 1836
Martin Johann Zettlemoyer 1757 – 1845
Elizabeth Zettlemoyer 1760 –

  • 1706 7 Dec
  • Birth Dorf Erbach, Odenwaldkreis, Hessen, Germany
    Johann Jacob Zettelmeyer, born 7 Dec 1706 in Dorf Erbach, Hesse, Germany, was the last documented child of Hans Georg Zettelmeyer. Georg was about 70 years old when Jacob was born and he died shortly after Jacob reached age 7.

  • 1726 13 Aug Age: 19
  • Marriage to Anna Margaretha Eichelbauer Stadt, Diepholz, Niedersachsen, Germany 
    On 13 Aug 1726 Master Johann Jacob Zettelmeyer, shoemaker in König, legitimate son of the deceased Beysitzer Georg Zettelmeyer in Dorf Erbach, and Anna Margaretha Barbara, legitimate left-behind daughter of Johannes Eichelbauer deceased, formerly a miller.

  • 1751 Age: 45
  • Arrival Pennsylvania 
    Apparently after Georg died, his widow took the children from Dorf Erbach back to her home of Bad König (known at that time simply as "König").

    Ship Neptune, Rotterdam, Netherlands and Cowes, England to Philadelphia, PA. Sept. 24, 1751
    Complete Ship list at the bottom of this post.

    Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s about Jacob Zettelmeyer
    Name: Jacob Zettelmeyer
    Year: 1751
    Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Source Publication Code: 9041
    Primary Immigrant: Zettelmeyer, Jacob
    Annotation: Contains 29,800 names, with annotations written by Krebs (see no. 4203). Various references to the names in Strassburger will be found in other listings, mostly where authors have attempted to line up their information with that in Strassburger. This work
    Source Bibliography: STRASSBURGER, RALPH BEAVER. Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Edited by William John Hinke. Norristown [PA]: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934. 3 vols. Vols. 1 and 3 reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1964. Repr. 1983. Vol. 1. 1727-1775. 776p.
    Page: 468

  • 1775 5 Jan Age: 68
  • Death Windsor, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA 
  • Religion
    Although his father was Catholic, Jacob was raised as a Lutheran. Apparently after Georg died, his widow took the children from Dorf Erbach back to her home of Bad König (known at that time simply as "König"). There she must have resumed her old faith.

  • Occupation
    master shoemaker

this is a picture from Harry Wilson from his visit to Berks County to see the Zettlemoyer farm

Although his father was Catholic, Jacob was raised as a Lutheran. Apparently after Georg died, his widow took the children from Dorf Erbach back to her home of Bad König (known at that time simply as "König"). There she must have resumed her old faith and brought up her children in the Lutheran church as well
Jacob married in Bad König on 13 Aug 1726 to Anna Margaretha Barbara Eichelbauer. The marriage record tells that he was a master shoemaker. It also mentions that the father of each had already died:
Jacob and Anna Margaretha Barbara's first recorded child was Johann Georg Zettelmeyer, who was born 3 Sep 1735 in König. While it is likely that there were other children born after his 1726 marriage but before this child in 1735, we have no record of them at this time. This record tells us that Jacob had relocated from Erbach to König.
The König church records disclose the names of eight children born to Jacob and Anna Margaretha Barbara:


" Jacob was a master shoemaker. His father was a Beysitzer. In the birth records for two of his daughters, Georg was referred to as a Beysass and as a Kessler. The same wording was used in his marriage record to Anna Maria Dörffler [his second wife and Jacobs mother]. The words Beysitzer and Beysass mean the same thing, which can be a member of the local court or jury member, or a landless peasant who rents from someone else. A Kessler is an iron worker or a tinker, usually someone who makes and mends iron pots and pans. On Jacobs birth record [7 Dec 1706], Georg was described as a Kesselflicher, which means that he repaired iron pots. Tinkers probably traveled around in their work and were sometimes gone for months at a time. No death date was located, so he must have died while away from home. In 1722, Anna Maria Dörffler Zettelmeyer remarried to Hans Philipp Hess in Hetsbach." [Dora Kamalu]


Photos of his will can be downloaded here - 

Our Connection - Thelma Clara Brown/Harvey Brown/Henry Brown & Lydia Zettlemoyer/John 1806/John 1787/Martin 1757/Johan Jacob Zettlemoyer 1706-1775

Will of Jacob Zettelmeyer, 1774, Berks Co PA
This 22nd of December 1774, I Jacob Zettelmeiyer considering that Man is mortal have therefore made an Order for the Direction of my Wife and Children after my Decease as to my Estate and thereto have chosen and appointed my Wife Margaretha Barbara as Executor to administer the same according to my Last Will and Testament as follows:
1. Firstly. I Jacob Zettelmeiyer devise to my Son George Adam Zettelmeiyer my Dwelling Estate with 212 I say Two hundred and 12 Acres of Land as his Inheritance with all my Right and Title to dispose thereof as his own But out of this Dwelling Estate and above mentioned Land he must provide the necessary Support for his Mother  and give therewith to his Brothers & Sisters as further follows.
2. Secondly. Jacob Zettelmeiyer will that my wife Margaretha Barbara shall have her Abode in my Dwelling House, which I dwelt in myself and devised to my Son George Adam, during her Life and further he shall give for our Support while I yet live with her every year 30 Bushels of Grain to wit 24 Bushels of Rye and 6 Bushels of Wheat so long as I live and after my Death for her only 15 Bushels 12 Bushels of Rye and 3 Bushels of Wheat.
Further my Son George Adam Zettelmeiyer or whoever lives on the Place shall give her every Year Land for Potatoes that is dunged or manured 10 Rods long and 2 Rods further, the Hemp Patch by the Creek and that dunged, further shall be given my wife every Year a Milch Cow for her Use whichsoever she chooses for one Year.
Further George Adam Zettelmeiyer must fit up the new Room in my Dwelling House for my Wife Margaretha Barbara and put an Iron Stove in it and bring the Fire Wood and put as much as she wants to the House and cut it as small as usual and must carry the Grain to the Mill for her and the Meal to the House again and must give her the Strip of Garden at the Front Corner of the House to the Front Corner of Stable dunged for her Use and plough and harrow the above mentioned Land which she has in Use.
Further, George Adam Zettelmeiyer shall allow my Wife at all Times during her Life the 4 rows of Apple Trees from the Hill with their Fruit.
Further, He shall give her every Year 3 Pounds of Wool.
Further, He shall give her every Year 100 and 50 Hens Eggs.
Further, I Jacob Zettelmeiyer give to my Wife Margaretha all the Household Goods what Iron & Pewter Utensils there are to her Use so long as she lives and all Casks and Tubs that are here.
Further, my Son George Adam Zettelmeiyer shall give to my wife a Fat Hog at one hundred Weight more one Bushel of Salt yearly. Further, I bequeath her the Chest and what is therein and if my Wife should be sickly or bedridden my Son George Adam or whoever lives on the Place shall give her proper Attendance.
Whereas in this Devise or rather Sale to my Son George Adam Zettelmeiyer I Jacob Zettel-meiyer have sold him the 2 hundred and 12 Acres with the House and Land and all my Right & Title Therefore my Son George Adam Zettelmeiyer must provide the above mentioned Maintenance for me & his Mother on the aforementioned House & Land and also pay 70 I say seventy Pounds to his Brothers & Sisters as follows.
1. Firstly. My Son George Adam Zettelmeiyer must pay £ 10 I say ten Pounds to his Mother as Executor the 27th Day of November in the Year 1776.
2. George Adam Zettelmeiyer must pay £ 15 I say fifteen Pounds on or before the 27th Day of November in the Year 1777 to his Mother.
3. Thirdly. George Adam Zettelmeiyer must pay £ 15 I say fifteen Pounds on or before the 27th Day of November in the Year 1778 to his Mother.
4. Fourthly. George Adam Zettelmeiyer must pay £ 15 I say fifteen Pounds on or before the 27th Day of November in the Year 1779 to his Mother.
5. George Adam Zettelmeiyer must pay £ 15 I say fifteen Pounds on or before the 27th Day of November in the Year 1780 to his Mother.
6. My Son Jacob Zettelmeiyer has an hundred Acres off my Land which I Jacob Zettelmeiyer his Father sold him for £ 30 I say thirty Pounds lying towards Heinrich Bolender and he must still, after Deducting his Portion, pay his Mother ten Pounds on the 27th day of November in the Year 1776.
This is my last will and Testament in good Understanding and witnessed with my own Hand and Seal. Done this 22 December 1774.

s/ Henrich Bolender
s/ Martin 
1. The Children shall be thus provided for - John George shall receive his Share from his Mother in the Year 1776 the 27th November 22 Pounds and this is his whole Portion.
2. Martin Zettelmeiyer shall receive 20 Pounds in the Year 1777 the 27 November of his Mother.
3. Elisabetha Zettelmeiyer shall receive 20 Pounds on the 27 Day of November in the Year 1778 of her Mother.
4. Godfrey Zettelmeiyer shall receive 20 Pounds the 27 Day of November in the Year 1779 of his Mother.
5. Anna Maria Sebolt is bequeathed by her Father in the Will an English Shilling.
Will Book 2, page 90, Berks Co PA Register of Wills

From Harry Wilson's site -

Ship Neptune
Rotterdam, Netherlands and Cowes, England to Philadelphia, PA 
Sept. 24, 1751

[List 172 C]At the Court House at Philadelphia, Tuesday the 24th September 1751. Present: William Peters, Esqr. The foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Neptune, John Mason, Commander, from Rotterdam & last from Cowes, did this day take the usual Qualifications & subscribe them. By List 144. Whole Freights 300. Messrs Shoemaker.
Johannes Laurenzius Schmidt,Med. et Chirg. Doct.
Joh. Pietersz
Christian Armbruster
Matheis Armbruster
Conrad (X) Newmeyer
Henderick Boors
Jacob (X) Sheyer
Fieliepp Klinger
Jean Pierre Arnoul
Abraham Pons
Leonhart Mentzinger
Hans Gerog Anstein
Johannes Horing (umlaut over o in Horing)
Johannes (+) Hering
Johann Ludwig Horing (umlaut over o in Horing)
Henrich (+) Lautenschlager
Johan Leonhart Gotz (umlaut over o in Gotz)
Johannes Adam Winckaus
Johannes Saum
Johanes (+) Redig
Johann Adam Wirdeberger
J. Adam (X) Ewig
Melchior (X) Trautman
Johann Georg Erhardt (umlaut over o in Georg)
Bernhart (+) Jagel
Adam (X) Pfeiffer
Christoph (X) Cotz
Jurg ( ) Klinbach, sick
Michael (X) Link
George (X) Crope
Johan Philipp Meyer
Johannes Hinsch [?]
Frans Horn
David (X) Maisheller
Johanes Gessner
Elias (X) Emminger
Conradt Schmidt
J. Michael (+) Kurtz
Jacob Walter (X) Wagner
Jacob Tritsch
Jacob ( ) Cnuber, sick on board
Conrad Schepfnit
Johan Wilhelm Grell
Johan Georg Schafer (umlaut over a in Schafer)
Conrad ( ) Rawher, sick on board
Balsatzar (X) Hess
Georg Kimmel
Johann Peter Schindel
Johannes ( ) Hock, sick
Johann Adam Geis
Johannes Geiss
Martin (MH) Hekenturm
Daniel ( ) Erhart, sick on board
Peter Klinger
Johann Georg Eisenbeis
Wilhelm Gottman (umlaut over o)
Andres Druschel (umlaut over u)
Andereas Miller
Hans Georg (X) Heysy
Hans Jerg Spohn
Casper ( ) Spann, sick
Johann Adam Heist
Johan Georg Heist
Tobias Daumiller
Jacob Bogus
Johann Petter Trautmann
Christoph (X) Hollebach
Henry ( ) Deutch, sick on board
Clementz Frey
Jacob (+) Summer
Ludwig Knoll
Nickelaus Schey
J. Adam (O) Issener
Andereas (O) Reybold
Friederik (X) Zimmerman
Jacob (Z) Zettelmeyer
Georg ( ) Zettelmeyer, on board
Georg Adam (XX) Weys
Aadam (++) Weys
Casper (X) Kesseler
Johannes Welte
Jacob Nagel
Johannes Schnuringer (umlaut over u)
Lorentz Schniringer
Johann Georg Vollert
Henrich Eysenmenger
Christoph Schropp
Johann Michael Hag
Johann Georg Heist
Johannes Vetter
Johan Ludwig Bilger
Steffan Herth
Henrich Hall
Johann Jacob Gottwalt
Antonias Lamprecht
Johann Jacob Arzt
Joh. Daniel Scharmann
Johan Jacob Schneider
Casper Hoffman
Casper (H) Hoffman, Junior
Christian ( ) Hoffman, sick on board
Jacob Bucs
Jacob Buchs
Jacob Horn
Conrat Selhoff
Christoph (X) Vanterbourg
J.Conrad (+) Essy
Johanis Werner
Georg Scholl (umlaut over o in Scholl)
Martin Schankel (umlaut over a in Schankel)
Andereas (X) Berlib
Conrad (X) Bower
Josebh Lehmann
Ewald (X) Trummaner
Jacob (++) Frey
Albrecht (XX) Shleppy
Baltes Laub
Johs Jerg Must
Joseph Zugmeyr
Philip (X) Mallycoat
Jean Couttiez
George (++) Creesh
Johann Lenhard Schaffer (umlaut over a in Schaffer)
Conrad ( ) Shaffer, on board (umlaut over a in Shaffer)
Johann Wilhelm Muller (umlaut over u)
Johann Peder Klump
Sigmund Copia
Johann Ulrich Durr (umlaut over u in Durr)
Johan George (+) Hummer
Benedict (+) Ewig
Henry (X) Shroder (umlaut over o)
Michael Sattler
Uhllerich (+) Schwenckel
Ludewig Klemmer
Fredeik (X) Sullinger
David Kulling
Jacob (X) Petermen
Peter (X) Klases
Hans Jeorg Stehle
Michael Hahn
Martin Kogel
Jacob Appenzeller

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