Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Maryland Lines & Research

As new records are released, I find it helpful to have all of my research grouped by location so that I know which names I should be looking for.  For example, today I read that Family Search has indexed Maryland Marriage Records.  Having this list will make it easier to check those records for our family members from Maryland.

Heather's Paternal Line

John Mitchell 1805-1845
Margaret (McLaughlin) Orem 1803-1866
Margaret was a widow when she married John, she first married John Orem
This line is mostly unsourced and I am not confident in my research to this point, I'm relying heavily on what another researcher has posted.  I don't have enough records to be sure, but the family appears to have lived in died in Maryland.

Albert C. Simms 1835-1883
Clara Louise Mitchell 1841-1900
Albert was born in Virginia, and died in Maryland.
Albert & Clara's daughters Clara & Beulah moved to Snyder County Pa, where they lived near each other. I don't know if they moved to Pa and then met their husbands, or if they met their husbands and then moved to PA.

William Andrew Ridge 1886-1958
Ethel Emma Linderborn 1890-1959
William was born in Rich Hill Missouri, and Ethel was born in NJ. 
Ethel met William while he was in the Navy, and they were married in New Jersey.
This family moved around a lot, with Andrews job, but settled in Maryland prior to 1919, and both died there.

Peter Trachsel 1691-1766

Research Sources:

Maryland Marriages 1666-1970

Maryland Records at Ancestry.com

Maryland Genealogy Group on Facebook

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