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Isaac Confer 1848-1910

Heather's 2nd Great Grandfather, Maternal Side

Isaac Confer
Born September 5 1847
Died April 30 1910
Married in 1874
Lydia Jane Crossley
Born August 27 1855
Died March 18 1927

Sarah Ann Confer 1873 – 1874
Jacob Wellington Confer 1876 – 1963 m. Frances Forney
Charles Arthur Confer 1878 –1927 m. Martha "Mattie" Hughes
George Orville Confer 1880 – m. Lillian Bell Ross
Montgomery E. Confer 1882 – 1961 m. Daisy Yeager
Laura M Confer 1890 – 1958 m. Oscar Elroy Karns
Pierce Alvin Confer 1895 – 1896

"father" = Isaac Confer
"Mother" = Lydia (Crossley) Confer

1847 - Issac Is Born
source - death certificate, census, tombstone
son of Jacob & Martha (Andes) Confer

1850 - Residence of Isaac
Name Isaac Kooufer
Age 3
Birth Year abt 1847
Birthplace Pennsylvania
Home in 1850 Moreland, Lycoming, Pennsylvania
Gender Male
Family Number 1322
Household Members
Name Age
Jacob Kooufer 26
July Ann Kooufer 23
Isaac Kooufer 3
Rosanna Kooufer 2

1854 - Lydia Crossley Born
Daughter of Jacob & Anna (Wertman) Crossley
source  - 

1860 - Residence of Isaac
Name: Isaac Coonfer
Age in 1860: 13
Birth Year: abt 1847
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1860: Madison, Columbia, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Post Office: Jerseytown
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Jacob Coonfer 35
July A Coonfer 34
Isaac Coonfer 13
Rosanna Coonfer 11
Daniel Coonfer 8
Franklin Coonfer 7
John Coonfer 6
Henry Coonfer 4
Jefferson Coonfer 3
Peter Coonfer 7/12

Residence of Lydia Jane Crossley
Name: Jane Crossly
Age in 1870: 16
Birth Year: abt 1854
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1870: West Hemlock, Montour, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Female
Post Office: Washingtonville
Value of Real Estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Jacob Crossly 44
Annie Crossly 38
Jane Crossly 16
Sarah Crossly 12
Ellen Crossly 7
William Crossly 5
Hannah Crossly 2

1870  - Residence of Isaac
Name: Isaac Confer
Birth Year: abt 1848
Age in 1870: 22
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1870: Valley, Montour, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
William Pursell 38
Maggie Pursell 35
Isaac Confer 22
Mary Paul 18

Residence of Lydia Crossley
Name Lidia Crossley
Age 7
Birth Year abt 1853
Gender Female
Home in 1860 West Hemlock, Montour, Pennsylvania
Post Office Danville
Family Number 596
Household Members
Name Age
Jacob Crossley 34
Ann Crossley 34
Noah Crossley 8
Lidia Crossley 7
Catharine Crossley 5

1873 - Married Lydia Jane Crossley
     The 1900 census says they married in 1874, but Sarah was born November 1873.  

1873 - Daughter Sarah Ann Confer was Born
November 7 1873
her tombstone is found at Longs cemetery with her parents.

She died April 22 1874 - 5 months old

1876 - Son Jacob W. Confer is born
March 6 1876
He married Frances Marion Forney.
Jacob & Frances are Heather's great grandparents, you can read more about them here:
Died December 18 1963 in the Pleasant View Convalescent Home,Northumberland Pa.

Jacob & Frances (Forney) Confer

1877 - Son Charles Arthur Confer Born
December 24 1877 - source, death certificate

Charles Married Martha Hughes. No children are listed in his obituary.
In 1900 Charles is in the household of John Hughes, listed as son in law.
In 1910 he's in Danville,a waterman at the Rolling Mill.  No children are listed with him and Martha.
Death Certificate reads:
"Found dead at silk mill after having general time Mikeys(?)  No evidence of any violence.  Acute alcoholism.  Occupation - Electrician

The Morning News
(Danville, Pennsylvania)
5 Apr 1927, Tue • Page 1 

Family genealogy says that Charles was "murdered in Allentown" - but I do not think he was murdered. The man who sold him the alcohol was charged, because it was in the middle of Prohibition.  (Note that the Johnson Hotel was owned by Anheuser Busch - it is now the Doyle Hotel)

1880 - Son George Orville Confer is Born
March 15 1880
George married Lillian Bell Ross
In 1910 his occupation is given as threshing on a farm.
   They have 2 daughters, (Catherine) Edith & Margaret.
In 1930 he's still listed as a thresherman.  Now they have children: Catherine, Margaret May, Marie, John Rudolph, Gordner & George Orville. 
George's son John Rudolph died age 15, of pneumonia. His daughter Margaret died age 15 of heart problems. George Orville Confer II died age 1, from the flu. In 1921, a son was born stillborn, 2 months premature. They are all buried in the Jerseytown Cemetery, according to their death certificates.
His wife Lilian died August 27 1883 of a cerebral hemorrhage, age 43.  Her death certificate is signed by Catherine Welliver, her daughter.

 November 1900, Danville Morning News
I'm not certain the above is the correct George, but he is listed as a thresherman all of his life, so it's very possible.  Howard is about an hour away from Jerseytown.  George's son died in Scranton, which is also an hour away - I am not sure what he was doing there, age 15.  Geisinger was much closer if they needed a hospital, I doubt they traveled there because he was sick.

Must be the home of Catharine (Confer) Welliver.

I can find no record of George's death - no cemetery listing, no SS record, no death certificate...  I'll check Jerseytown Cemetery, he's most likely buried there.

1880 - Residence
1880 census
Name: Isaac Confer
Home in 1880: Derry, Montour, Pennsylvania
Age: 32
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1848
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head)
Spouse's Name: Lydia J. Confer
Father's birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's birthplace: Pennsylvania
Neighbors: View others on page
Occupation: Farmer
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members:
Name Age
Isaac Confer 32
Lydia J. Confer 26
Jacob W. Confer 4
Charles A. Confer 2
George O. Confer 3m

1882 - Son Montgomery Confer is born
December 27 1882
Montgomery married Daisy Yeager.  In 1910 he was a farmer, and they had children Elsie E., Mae V, & Della J.
In 1920 they have added a son, Charles A.
Montgomery died December 30 1961
Montgomery and Daisy are buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery in Danville.

1890 - Daughter Laura Confer is born
Born January 27 1890
She married first, Dewey Parks.
Second, about 1913, she married Oscar Karns, and had sons Jesse Carlton, John Clayton, and Harold Eugene.
They lived in Montgomery,  Lycoming County PA
In 1927 Laura lived in Williamsport Pa.  Her mother lived with her.-
Oscar's draft registration tells us that he had lost a leg, and that Laura's middle name was May.
In 1940 Oscar has a new wife -Blanche E, and a son Charles.  Oscar died in 1965 in Florida.

1900 - Residence
 1900 - census
Name: Isaac Confer
[Isaac Comper] 
Home in 1900: West Hemlock, Montour, Pennsylvania
[West Hemlock, Montour, Pennsylvania] 
Age: 52
Birth Date: Sep 1847
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relationship to head-of-house: Head
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Spouse's Name: Lydia Confer
Marriage year: 1874
Marital Status: Married
Years married: 26
Household Members:
Name Age
Isaac Confer 52
Lydia Confer 44
George Confer 20
Mont Confer 17
Laura Confer 10

1903- Isaac "Overseer Of The Poor"
The Morning News
(Danville, Pennsylvania)

21 Jan 1944, Fri • Page 4

1904 - son Montgomery Confer m. Daisy Yeager
Name Mont E Confer
Spouse Daisy I Yeager
Marriage 20 Apr 1904 - Danville, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

1910 - Residence
1910 United States Federal Census about Isaac Confer
Name: Isaac Confer
Age in 1910: 62
Estimated Birth Year: 1848
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Relation to Head of House: Head
[Self (Head)] 
Father's Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Spouse's Name: Jane L Confer
Home in 1910: Madison, Columbia, Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members:
Name Age
Isaac Confer 62
Jane L Confer 56
Laura M Confer 20

Isaac Confer died in his home at Eversgrove Saturday.  His death was due to Brights disease.  He was aged 67 years, and live in that vicinity a long time.
His widow and these children survive: Jacob and George, of Jerseytown; Montgomery, of Miltonl and Charles of Danville; and Laura, residing at home.
Funeral Tuesday morning, meeting at the house at 5 o'clock, with services at Long's church, in West Hemplock township, the Rev. Mr Logan of Millville, officiating.  Interment in the cemetery nearby.
Danville Sentinel
May 3 1910

Father - Jacob Confer, born in PA
Mother -  Julia Ande born in Pa

1910 - Party at Montgomery's House

1912 Daughter Laura Confer married Oscar Karns
"Grampap had one sister - Laura, married a Karns, had two children, one died after falling off a wagon onto a pitchfork, other names Carlton Karns. Then She married a Parks, no children."

So far I cannot verify that story.  Laura's brother Montgomery fell off a wagon and was injured (see story of the corn husking bee in 1916) but there is no mention in the papers of a child falling.  In the death certificates for Laura's children, one died of bronchitis, and one died "acute cardiac dilation
secondary to syphyilitic myoarditis Duration - 1 year myloid degen liver & spleen syphilitic".  

1916 - Son Montgomery Recovering, Corn Husking Bee Held to Help Him Out

The Wilkes-Barre Record
(Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)
27 Oct 1916, Fri • Page 21

grandson John Clayton Karnes Died
acute cardiac dilation
secondary to syphyilitic myoarditis
Duration - 1 year

myloid degen liver & spleen syphilitic
(is this the child that fell off the wagon onto a pitchfork??)

1927- Lydia Jane (Crossley) Confer Died
The Morning News
(Danville, Pennsylvania)

21 Mar 1927, Mon • Page 1

Lydia Jane Confer
Born Aug 27 1855
Died Mar 18 1927
Mrs Jane Confer
Father Jacob Crossley

1929 - Daughter Laura Married Dewey Park
According to the 1930 census she married at age 39, she was 40 in the 1930 census.  But her husband is not listed with her in the 1930 census, she is listed as the head of household, her son Carlton is with her.


Possible, but why from Beaver County?  No mention of his service in Obit.
1861 Military =
Isaac Confer
Enlistment Date:
22 Jul 1861
Side Served:
State Served:
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Private on 22 July 1861.
Enlisted in Company K, 62nd Infantry Regiment Pennsylvaniaon 22 Jul 1861.
Received a disability discharge from Company K, 62nd Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on 13 Feb 1863.

History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865
Beaver County, PA Cemeteries List
unit, but not sick or disabled enough to be sent home. 

Isaac Confer listed under privates
(Mustered in on 22 July 1861, except where noted.) 
" Discharged on Surgeon's certificate "

Bates, Samuel Penniman. History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5. Volume III. Harrisburg: B. Singerly, state printer, 1869-71; reprinted Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot, 1993. 

Centennial anniversary of the founding of Monongahela City, Pa. : celebrated November 15th, 1892. Monongahela City : C. W. Hazzard, 1895. Available online through the Historic Pittsburgh Full Text Collection.       ;
       62d Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company K (Allegheny County)
Company Origins        
Recruited in Allegheny County, but included a sizable number from Washington County. Company mustered in on 22 July 1861. Company K was filled from two sources. Eighth Ward Guards was a home guard unit that was the first company to join the 62d Pennsylvania, responding to Colonel Black's call on the 4th of July. The Eighth Ward Guards was large enough that not all of its number could fit into one company -- only 100 soldiers were allowed in a company in the Union Army. Most of the home guard unit became Company F, but the remaining members were assigned to Company K. The rest of Company K came from a unit called the Tower Zouaves that was recruited by Captain Alvin S. King in the city of Monongahela (Washington County). It was was originally going to serve in a loyal Virginia regiment. But after being sent to Wheeling, perhaps because it was only 35 in number, it was ordered to report to Pittsburg and merge into Company K. Alvin S. King accepted a demotion as First Lieutenant to the consolidated company. As a side note: the Monongahela City Council voted to appropriate $25 to assist defraying expenses of the Zouaves as it prepared to leave for Virginia, but only if it mustered 40 or more volunteers. Since it fell short of that number, the money was withheld. The Centennial identifies the following individuals as members of "The Battalion from Monongahela City": Alvin King (1st Lt.), James A. McGrew (Sgt), Moses Arthurs, John Boyd, John B. Baker, Thomas Canfield, Elijah Crall, Joseph W. Flenneken, Joshua Fox, Charles Gibbs, William Gibbs, Meshech Haywood, James Maloy, Robert Milby, Theodore McCain, Jefferson McClean, Thomas McElroy, William Stoops, Thomas Orr Scott, Carr Truxall, Lewis Workman, Cyrus Workman. [Note: this source incorrectly identifies Company K as Company D, so I don't know how trustworthy it is on the names of individuals.].The Veteran Reserve Corps, originally called the Invalid Corps, was the military body to which soldiers were transferred when they were not healthy enough to be sent back to their original unit, but not sick or disabled enough to be sent home.

Officers, Commissioned and Non-Commissioned

Name        Remarks (Mustered in on 22 July 1861, except where noted.)        

*******Isaac Confer
       Discharged on Surgeon's certificate


Jacob from Jerseytown and Strawberry Ridge Area.  

Burial: lewisburg cemetary by Bucknell
Residence: 1920, Gearhart, Northumberland, Pennsylvania8

Francis from Danville - worked in big  hotel in Danville by Riverside Bridge.

Burial: lewisburg cemetary by Bucknell


Grandpap (Jacob) was married twice.  First time for about six weeks,  wife would not leave home so divorced her.

ii. CHARLES CONFER, b. 1878; d. Murdered in Allentown; m. MARTHA HUGHES; b. 1877.

murdered in allentown?  Lived in allentown in 1910.  No children.

iii. GEORGE O. CONFER, b. Mar 1880; d. Aft. 1910; m. UNKNOWN.
iv. MONTGOMERY CONFER, b. Dec 1882; d. Dec 1961; m. DAISY YEAGER; b. 01 Jan 1884; d. Mar 1976.

Burial: Odd Fellows Cemetery in Danville

Burial: Odd Fellows Cemetery in Danville

v. LAURA M. CONFER, b. Jan 1890; d. 1910, Eyergrove; m. UNKNOWN KARNS.

Notes for LAURA M. CONFER:
Grampap (Jacob) had one sister - Laura, married a karns, had two children, one died after falling off a wagon onto a pitchfork, other names Carlton Karns, possibly still living - then she married a Parks, no children.  Laura lost her hand or arm somehow.  Grampap had three brothers - George, Charles, Monty


Adoption: 1876

vii. PIERCY A. CONFER, d. 28 May, Infancy.

Burial: longs Church cemetery W. Hemlock

viii. SARAH A. CONFER, b. 07 Nov 1874; d. 22 Apr 1875.

Burial: longs Church cemetery W. Hemlock

4.  FRANKLIN PIERCE10 CONFER (JACOB9, FREDERICK8, PHILIP7, JOHANN MICHAEL6, JOHANN HENRICH5 CONVERS, PHILIP MORITZ4 CONVER, MAURICE3, JEAN JACQUES2, GUILLAUME1) was born 24 Apr 1852 in Pennsylvania, and died 22 Feb 1939.  He married MARY E..  She was born Jun 1853 in Pennsylvania.

Census: 1900, Also lists one servant.  Warriors Mark, Huntingdon Co. PA
Residence: 1900, Warriors Mark, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania9

Children of FRANKLIN CONFER and MARY E. are:
i. LOYD E.11 CONFER, b. Mar 1875, Pennsylvania.
ii. HARRY T. CONFER, b. May 1877, Pennsylvania.
iii. CHARLES E. CONFER, b. May 1883, Pennsylvania.

5.  JEFFERSON10 CONFER (JACOB9, FREDERICK8, PHILIP7, JOHANN MICHAEL6, JOHANN HENRICH5 CONVERS, PHILIP MORITZ4 CONVER, MAURICE3, JEAN JACQUES2, GUILLAUME1) was born 01 Nov 1856, and died 14 Jul 1937.  He married HARRIET LOUISE CROUP Abt. 1875.  She was born 30 Jan 1856, and died 08 Jan 1933.

Burial: Strawberry Ridge, Derry Twnsp, Trinity United Church Of Christ

Burial: Strawberry Ridge, Derry Twnsp, Trinity United Church Of Christ

i. VERNIE OLIVE11 CONFER, d. 1900.
ii. EDWIN CLYDE CONFER, b. 28 Oct 1876; d. 28 Feb 1962; m. LULU DIEFFENBACH, 17 Apr 1906; b. 16 May 1878; d. 23 Dec 1964.
iii. KATHRYN ELIZABETH CONFER, b. 13 Feb 1880; d. 26 Aug 1962; m. GUY B. FOGELMAN, Apr 1914; b. 06 Jun 1887; d. 18 Oct 1966.
iv. INFANT CONFER, b. 1880; d. 1880.
v. DORA MAE CONFER, b. 19 Nov 1884; d. May 1974; m. GEORGE A. TARPLEY; b. 1876; d. 1944.
vi. MARY GERTRUDE CONFER, b. 24 Nov 1886; m. JOHN EDWARD FOGELMAN, 02 Aug 1910; b. 1880.
viii. EDITH PRISCILLA CONFER, b. 07 Dec 1894; d. 27 Jun 1974; m. FRED CARIKER.
ix. MIRIAM C. CONFER, b. 22 Mar 1899; d. 22 Feb 1947; m. GROVER C. SNYDER, 29 May 1922; b. 1893.

Notes from Merry Ann - 
(I need to find a copy of that obituary she is referencing!)
Isaac was one of fourteen children! (according to his father's obit)  I
have 14, but am not sure of the last one - he doesn't 'feel' right.

Anyway here they are:

Rosanna (my gr grandmother) b.4-4-1847
Isaac b.9-5-1847 - I know the dates are too close, so something's not
right but.. both her and his obits, and death certificates say the same,
also say the same parents. ?   
Daniel  b.11-?-1949
Franklin b.1852
John b.1854
Jefferson b.11-1-1856 (confirmed)
Henry  b.1856
Emma b.1858
Peter  b.1860
Martha  b.11-?-1862
Malinda  b.1864
Lucinda  b.1867
Philip  b.3-?-1870
and the 'iffy' one - John b.1876

Their parents were Jacob b.8-12-1824 and Julie Ann Ande/Andy
b.2-26-1827.  Jacob's death certificate signed my Malinda says that her
grandfather was Peter. (grandmother unknown)  I've been told (with no
proof) that Jacob's parents were Philip Confer and Margaretha Haines.  

So was Malinda wrong or did Philip also go by Peter???  Philip has a
son, Peter, supposedly born abt 1810 - could've been earlier, could've
been a young father - unlikely, but still possible.  I haven't had the
time, to really get back any further - I try to fill in as much as I can
about what I know before jumping to the next generation.

On Isaac:  He and Lydia are both buried in Longs Church cemetery
W.Hemlock.  Besides the the three you have, they also had:

Montgomery b.12-?-1881, d.12-?-1961, married to Daisy Yeager b.1-1-1884,
d.3-?-1976 (both buried in the Odd Fellows Cemeterry in Danville.

Laura b.1-?-1890 - in 1910, she was single and in Eyersgrove

and this one is iffy:  James, supposedly adopted, b.abt 1876

on Charles A. b.abt 1878  - he was married to Martha Hughes b.abt 1877.
Supossedly he was murdered in Allentown, when, I don't know, but in 1910
he was in Allentown.  They had no children.

George O. b.3-?-1880, d. aft 1910 was married, but she's unknown, and
had a daughter named Marie.

Oh, and on the info you listed for Isaac on the message board about his
military - I also had the same thing, but after going thru my '?''s
folder, I found a print out that said that that Isaac was 22 when he
enlisted in 1861 at Pittsburgh, and lived in Beaver County.  The age
thing would have been ok, as the men lied about their age to join, but
Beaver County...??
Merry Ann 

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