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Jacob Crossley 1826-1897

Jacob Crossley 
son of George & Leah (Welliver) Crossley
Born May 16 1826
Died Dec 23 1897
daughter of
Born Oct 28 1831 
Died  Feb 28 1876
(Died 4 days after her last child was born)

one researcher lists Anna's last name as Workman, but I cannot find any source for that.

*Noah John Crossley 1852 – 1869
Lydia Jane Crossley 1855 – 1927 m. Isaac Confer
Sarah Catherine Crossley 1858 –1926 m. Wilson Bloomer 
Margaret Crossley 1860-
Ellen Crossley 1863 – 
William Henry Crossley 1865 – 1901
Hannah D. Crossley 1868 – 1886 M. Israel T. Milheim
*George Dallas Crossley 1870 – 1878
Charles A. Crossley 1874 – 
Hiram Elmer Crossley 1875 –1943 m. Mira Hendershot

*Buried At Longs Cemetery, Montour County PA
** See Notes under the 1860 Census.

Name: Jacob Crossley
Age: 24
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1826
Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Home in 1850 (City,County,State): West Hemlock, Montour, Pennsylvania
Family Number: 20
Household Members:
Name Age
Geo Crossley 46
Leah Crossley 42
Jacob Crossley 24
Eli Crossley 17
Mary Crossley 22
Hannah Crossley 14
Esther Crossley 11
Sarah Crossley 7
Rebecca Crossley 5
John D Crossley 2
Geo W Crossley

About 1851 - Married Annie 
    Source: 1900 Census

In 1860, 
Name: Jacob Crossley
Age in 1860: 34
Birth Year: abt 1826
Home in 1860: West Hemlock, Montour, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Post Office: Danville
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Jacob Crossley 34
Ann Crossley 34
Noah Crossley 8
Lidia Crossley 7
Catharine Crossley 5
Margaret Crossley 4/12
John Barnhart 17

This is the only time I find Catherine listed.  Noah's year of birth appears to be correct - it is the same as on his tombstone.  Lydia's tombstone says she was born August 27 1855.  That would make her age 5 in this census - not age 7.  So are the birth years for her and Catherine switched in this census?  In 1870, there is a Sarah age 12 that does not appear here in 1870 - my best guess is that Sarah & Catherine are one and the same.  Note that in 1860 Lydia Jane is listed as Lidia, in 1870 she is listed as Jane - so it's likely Sarah was listed by one name in one year, and the other in the other year, the same as Lydia.

Margaret also disappears in 1870, and does not appear  in the Longs Cemetery.  Ellen appears in 1870, age 7.  In 1880 I find her age 18, Ellen M. Crossley.  If her age is off by a few years - it's possible Ellen & Margaret are one and the same.

21 Oct 1861 - 21 Oct 1864 - Served In Civil War
Jacob Crossley served for the Union in the 9th PA Cavalry (92nd Colunteers) Company F as a private. The 1890 Veterans Schedule lists him in Watsontown Pa, and under disabilities tells us that  he has "little use of his left arm, wounded in left shoulder.  Part of Shell remains in wound." It also tells us that he enlisted on October 21 1861 and was discharged October 21 1864.

To order his pension file (and if you do, please share it!) go here.

Question - is this for certain our Jacob?  Watsontown is right on the other side of the Montour County line, so that address does not rule him out - but in the 1880 Census he is listed as a lime burner - is that possible with little use of his left arm?  Perhaps - but I wish I knew more.

1864 Tax List
U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918 about Jacob Crossley
Name: Jacob Crossley
State: Pennsylvania
Tax Year: 1864
Roll Title: District 13; Monthly and Special Lists; Jan-Dec 1864
NARA Series: M787
NARA Roll: 61

Name: Jacob Crossly
Birth Year: abt 1826
Age in 1870: 44
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1870: West Hemlock, Montour, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Household Members:
Name Age
Jacob Crossly 44
Annie Crossly 38
Jane Crossly 16
Sarah Crossly 12
Ellen Crossly 7
William Crossly 5
Hannah Crossly 2

Note - I'm pretty certain the Sarah here is the Catherine in 1860.  See my note under the 1860 census.

Name: Jacob Crosley
Home in 1880: Valley, Montour, Pennsylvania
Age: 54
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1826
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head)
Father's birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's birthplace: Pennsylvania
Neighbors: View others on page
Occupation: Lime Burner
Marital Status: Widower
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members:
Name Age
Jacob Crosley 54
Hannah D. Crosley 12
Wm. H. Crosley 14
Chas. A. Crosley 6
Hiram E. Crosley 5

Occupation - Lime Burner
Burned lime (a powder) was the chief component of plaster and was widely sought after by the building industry. Lime kilns were used to burn the lime rock. Kilns were stone towers from 28 to 36 feet high and about 8 feet in diameter on the inside. There were usually three flues extending up the tower. Near the bottom was a hopper with an iron door. To charge a kiln, a cord or more of wood is first placed in the bottom, and then the lime rock is thrown in from the top till the kiln is full. The fires are then lighted in the flues which are kept continually full of wood. The heat expels the carbonic acid from the rock, leaving the lime. Every six hours the lime, which continually falls down into the hopper, is drawn out through the iron door by means of long iron rods bent into a hook at the end and is immediately put into casks and headed up ready for shipment. The kilns are ranged along a side [hill], so they can be approached on the upper side by teams, cars, etc. for the purpose of charging them at the top, while on the lower side immense sheds are erected, reaching about two thirds of the height of the kiln, and under these sheds the lime is drawn, put into casks, and stored till time for shipping. The kilns are kept running night and day, Sundays as well as week days from February till December, and 12 hours is a day’s work. Good wages are paid but the work is arduous, and the confinement close and continuous. It takes about six men to a kiln, and a kiln on the average will burn 20,000 casks of lime a year and one cord of wood will burn 20 casks of lime. (Industrial Journal, Aug. 8, 1890)

Buried In Long's Cemetery, Montour County PA

Annie Crossley born Oct 28 1831 died Feb 28 1876


Longs Methodist Episcopal Church 
Location: Columbia Hill Road
Municipality: West Hemlock township
    From PA 42, on the west edge of Bloomsburg between US 11 and I-80, go west on Frosty Valley Road 6.5 miles to Columbia Hill Road.  Turn right on Columbia Hill Road and go 2 miles.  The site is on the left, just past Welliver Road, in front of the cemetery.
Historic Conference:
    Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church         
Journal references:
Brief History:
      Long's Church was erected in 1869.  For most of its existence it was on the Buckhorn charge ― whose May 17, 1927, quarterly conference authorized the sale of the building.  Some reports indicate this structure was also known as the Frosty Valley Church, but it is believed that the Frosty Valley building was on Frosty Valley Road in Columbia Vounty.
Final disposition:
      The building was sold to a John Arnwine on August 20, 1928.  It was used as the West Hemlock Township Community Hall for many years until 2008, when the township erected a new building to the north and tore down the old church.  The old church stood in the parking lot in front of the cemetery and to the left of the present township building.

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