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Andrew Ridge 1860-bef 1919

Third Great Grandparents of Heather, Paternal Line
Cherokee Indians

 Andrew Ridge
(possibly William Andrew Ridge, but on his son's passport, he is listed simply as Andrew Ridge)
Born: 1860
Died: before 1919
Lalonnie Or Sun Su Say
Possibly - Morning Star, Sonsuaray

William Andrew Ridge 1886-1958 m. Ethel Linderborn

At a family reunion held at Half Way Dam, family members recounted visiting and seeing their grandmother, Sun Su Say, in full Indian garb, with long braids, and buckskin boots.

The only record I have of the existence of Andrew is on his son's passport application, in 1919.

Bef. 1916 - Andrew Died
In son William's passport application in 1916, he lists his father as deceased.

Research Notes:

Research from the Eastern Cherokee Applications
There is an excellent article here about these applications, and how to search them. They are a great source of information!  But unfortunately, I could find nothing on our family in them.  

There is no Andrew, William (except one William J. from Tennessee), LaLonnie, or SunSuSay in the Eastern Cherokee Applications.  I also looked under the spelling Wridge, but there were no Wridges found at all.  These records are from 1906.

I browsed the records to see if maybe there was another spelling, and did find a William Riggs from Oklahoma:
William Riggs application tells us he was born in Arkansas, and the relatives listed on his application rule him out as any possible match.  He states that his father was white, and that his grandmother, his mothers mother, was an Indian.

I did read through most of the Ridge applications, particularly those listed in Indian Territory.  Although they were fascinating to read, I could find no link to our Andrew Ridge in any of them.

The Guion Miller Roll is a list of those who were eligible for funds after filling out the Eastern Cherokee Application - so since our family is not found on the Eastern Cheroke Applications,they will not be ont he Guion Miller Roll.
The Dawes Rolls
There is a great article here on the Dawes Rolls, and how to research them on Fold 3 -
"In 1893, an act of Congress approved the establishment of a commission to negotiate agreements with the Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Seminole, and Cherokee Indian tribes. The commission became known as the Dawes commission. The commission was to divide tribal land into plots, which were then divided among the members of the tribe. The Commission either accepted or rejected applicants for tribal membership based on whether the tribal government had previously recognized the applicant as a member of the tribe. Applicants were categorized as Citizens by Blood, Citizens by Marriage, Minor Citizens by Blood, New Born Citizens by Blood, Freedmen (African Americans formerly enslaved by tribal members,) New Born Freedmen, and Minor Freedman."

The first records this site recommends searching for Dawes Packet Numbers is:

U.S., Native American Applications for Enrollment in Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914

There were no results for Andrew Ridge. There were 4 results for Andrew Reed, one born in 1860, 3 born in 1858.

Name: Andrew Reed

Birth Date: abt 1860
Application Date: 14 Feb 1902
Age: 42
Place: Muskogee, Indian Territory, USA
Tribe: Cherokee
Enrollment Category: Cherokee by Blood
Census Card Number: 4349

All 4 had the same age, place& tribe.The only difference was the census card number.

Census Card Number: 572
Census Card Number: 370

Census Card Number: 1123

Searches on Lalonnie, Sonsuaray, and Sun Su Say, returned no results.

Next I searched the 1896 Applications For Enrollment

There were no results for Andrew Ridge.  The only Ridges listed were:

But at some point, I did find a Dawes Roll Census Entry:
Andrew Ridge 25 Male Full Card #1570 Cherokee by Blood Roll #4204
When I go to the Dawes Roll for Cherokees by Blood #4204, it takes me to a record for James Blythe. BUT the first card, #1570, IS for Andrew Ridge.

Almost no information is given on Andrew. I have no way of knowing if this is our Andrew or not.  The next page does list his parents, but it says nothing about his children, or a wife - no links to our family.
This Andrew claims to be 23 in 1900, making his birth year approximately 1877.  The Andrew we are looking for had a son William Andrew Ridge born in 1886. So I view this as unlikely, but with no confirmation to be sure that the age he gives here is accurate, it's still a possibility.  An unlikely one, but still a possibility.

1. WILLIAM ANDREW1 RIDGE1 was born in Indian Territory. He married LALONNIE1.
Oklahoma territory did not keep records, look for records in Missouri
Records under Rich Hill, Mo


Occupation: Cherokee indian chief1
Residence: Oklahoma Territory1
Notes for LALONNIE:
Name means "Morning Star"
Full blood cherokee indian.

Oklahoma territory did not keep records, look for records in Missouri
Look for Records under Rich Hill, Mo
"His grandparents were from N.C. ( we believe) and were on the Trail of Tears. My Gr-aunt told me her father had told her that when he was a boy of about 10, Buffalo Soldiers came to the village and killed many woman, children and old people. This was "on the Strip". She said it was hard to get him to talk. This is about all I know." Rhonda
Wife - Lalonnie Name means "Morning Star"
Full blood cherokee indian.

William Ridge (Running Bear)
b.1860 in Oklahoma City OK
married LaLonnie Ridge (Morning Star, Sonsuaray)
b. 1865 Oklahoma City OK

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