Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mary Alice (Oberdorf) Aikey 1894-1977

Heather's Great Grandmother

Known as "Grammy Mook". Typically I include the wife with her husband and keep all of the family in one blog post, but I have so many photos and extras for Grammy Mook, that she got her own page.  For census records and additional information on her family, see the post on Paul Aikey.

Mary Alice Oberdorf
Born 1894
Died 1977
Born 1889
Died 1935
Son of Elias & Elizabeth (Lytle) Mook
Born 1867
Died 1947
John's first wife was Sarah Aikey, a cousin of Paul Aikey.

Mary on the far right, but I do not know who the others are

 John Mook
John Mook

 Mary (Oberdorf) Mook with  Jacob Wellington Confer

Mary (Oberdorf) Mook with Sally Oberdorf

Mary Mook with Catherine, who was not related, but a live in help.  I remember visiting Catherine when I was very young, and when she died, she left me everything (she did not own much) in her will.  My mom was the executor.  Catherine had a son in the mental institution, I remember hearing rumors that he was the result of incest, and he died while still young - around age 12 I think.

Mother of Freda Francis (Aikey) Confer, my grandmother.  She married Paul Aikey, and after his death, married John Mook.  She is buried beside Paul Aikey.


  1. I love the photo. I get the impression she was a strong, independent woman.