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Joseph Hagerman III 1719-1792

Joseph Hagerman III
Born Abt. 1719
 died Bet. 24 Aug - 1 Oct 1792 in Bethlehem Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ.
married abt 1740
 Eleanor "Neeltje" Waldron
daughter of Francis Waldron and Catherine Brunneal

Francis 1743-1820
Joseph 1744-
Hagaman, Joseph Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co. Married Eleanor; sister Secenute
1792--History. "NJ Archives."


1792--Will. Honeyman, A. Van Doren, ed. "Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey," 1st Series, vol. XXXVII. Somerville, NJ: The Unionist-Gazette Association, Printers, 1928. Volume IV- 1761-1770, page 156; vol. VIII, page 156 of Calendar of Wills. Also in 1792--History. "Archives of the State of NJ." 1st Series, vol. XXXVII, vol. VIII, page 156 of Calendar of Wills. Available at James V. Brown Library, Williamsport, PA and Columbia Co. Historical Library, Bloomsburg, PA.
1792, Aug. 24. Hagaman, Joseph, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co., Will of. Wife, Eleanor, and sister, Secenute Hagaman, use of plantation and movables during their lives. Grandson, Joseph McCluchon (after decease of wife and sister), plantation and moveables; he paying following bequests. Sons, Joseph, Francis and Cornelius, each 5 shillings. Grandson, Joseph Hagaman (son of Joseph), 7 pounds. Grandson, Joseph Hagaman (son of Francis), 7 pounds. Grandson Joseph Robins, 7 pounds. Daughter Cathrina Hagaman, loom she weaves on. Daughter, Tonake Hagaman, 5 shillings. Executors--wife Eleanor, and Joseph McCluchon. Witnesses--Samuel Johnston, Lawrence Updike. Lib. 34, p. 229.
Proved Oct. 1, 1792. 1792, Sept. 26. Inventory, 182.16.6 pounds; made by Samuel Johnston and Lawrence Updike. File 1609J.


Research of Dorothy Koenig.

The only child I could find a record of baptism for for Joseph and Neeltje was the baptism of their son, Joseph, on 16 Oct 1744 in the Harlingen Reformed Dutch Church, Montgomery Township, Somerset County, NJ. (This was published on page 13 of volume 16 of the "Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey). The parents were "Joseph Hegeman and Neeltje Waldron" and the sponsors (i.e. godparents) were "Joseph Hegeman, Sr. and Arientje Van Wyck, his wife". I am sure that this is the baptism of a first-born son being named for his paternal grandfather and the grandparents were present at the baptism to be godparents. I suspect, then, that *your* FRANCIS was the next-born son of Joseph and Neeltje, but we don't know where he was baptized. If Joseph and Neeltje (nickname for "Eleanor") named their children according to Dutch tradition, Joseph was named for the paternal grandfather, and Francis was named for the maternal grandfather -- Francis Waldron. It makes sense, too, that your Francis would have moved to Sussex County sometime after the death of his father in 1792. (Sussex County didn't become Warren County until 20 November 1824.) It all hangs together!

page 460 Joseph Hageman, 1771 Town Committe member of Bethlehem Tp., Hunterdon Co., NJ
page 457 The first settlers were Hollanders. Germans came later. Compiled. "History of Hunterdon andSomerset Counties, New Jersey with Illustratitions and Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers." Philadelphia: Everts & Peck, 1881

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  1. Heather. I believe that Joseph and Eleanor had a daughter, Tamar, b. Nov 13, 1759. She married Jonathan Robbins/Robins of Bethelem Twp, Hunterdon Co., NJ.

    Here are my sources:
    1. Their son Joseph Hagaman Robins (b. May 10, 1787 - d. Mar 20, 1869) is mentioned in Joseph's will as
    his "Grandson Joseph Robins).
    2. Mary Robbins Golder (daughter of Jonathan & Tamar) includes for Tamar "d/o Joseph 19 April 1721 - 27 Aug 1792 & Nelly ? 24 July 1724 - 31 Dec 1795)