Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Truckenmiller Mill

in the Watsontown Record and Star Silver Anniversary Edition.
Picture below the mill is Valentine Truckenmiller

The Truckenmiller Mill Dam in 1910

   Daniel Vincent, from Essex county, New Jersey, built a mill on
Warrior run, one of the first mills in the northern part of the county.
This was a log building, and was replaced in 1792 by a stone structure.
The Truckenmiller mill and the old Wilson mill, also on Warrior run,
were established at a later date. Alexander Guffy had a distillery in
operation prior to 1800, and several establishments of a similar
character have since been conducted by different individuals. An
equally important industry was the ashery of a Mr. Harrison, where
potash, soda, and other products of ashes were manufactured. The
proprietor opened a road from his establishment to the Susquehanna
river; it received the name of "the Potash road," which still retains
local significance. In recent years a tannery was operated by Jacob
Stitzel, but at the present time, so far as the industrial interests of
the township are concerned, Delaware is best described as an agricultural

From: History of Northumberland Co., PA - Chapters 27-32
CHAPTER 32 - Pages 752-764

Q:341 Rec 29 Apr 1811: Jacob TRUCKENMILLER purchased mill from David Hunter & his wife Issabella 25 Apr 1811, both of Turbot Twp. Land situated on Warrior Run in Turbot Twp. Land recovered in Court of Commons by Alexander Stephan 03 Jan 1797, a parcel of 300+ acres, land formerly owned by Wm. Shae, Evan Rive Evans? Book K p.319 : 06 Apr /30 Jan 1805? Judgement was not settle the Shireff sold to David Hants Deed Book N:239 Evan Rice Evans & David Watts 08 June 1810, granted to David Hunter Book Q:140 Jacob TRUCKENMILLER paid $11054.50. Land by Evan R. Evans & David Watts, John Quigly, David W. Knight, Hezehial Morris, Henry Thunchweiler, John Cathcarts, Containing 239 Acres 145 perches. Witness" Isaac Vincent & David Rittenhouse. Northumberland County, Pa.


  1. Hi! I am researching my Vincent and Watson families of Watsontown, Northumberland County. Currently, I've been trying to find records of their service in the War of 1812. Isaac Vincent, who you have mentioned on the last line of this post, served in a cavalry, under a David Rittenhouse, also mentioned on that line.

    I'm wondering if you have any other records that might mention my Vincent or Watson family members? Are the pages you are showing from a Truckenmiller book?

    Thank you! And, thanks for sharing this information.

    1. I do not know why I often miss these messages - and I hope that you can see my reply, even though it's over a year late! There is no Truckenmiller book that I am aware of, although I'm working on one. Everything here is just assorted research.