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Daniel Hermann 1681-1744

Dan's Paternal 7th Great Grandfather

Daniel Hermann
Son of Christophus & Maria (Verheyden) Herman
Born 1681 in Germany
Died 1744 in Pa
Mary Elizabeth Catherine Obermuller
Daughter of
Born 1685, in West Earl, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

Salome Johanna Herman m. Johnann Heinrich Leinbach

1710 - Immigrated to America
Daniel and family immigrated about 1710, settled on Pequea Creek about 1715.
     Sources seem to indicate his wife died on ship, he married Catherine Obermuller in Pennsylvania.

Daniel Harman received two tracts of land from the Penns.
Dec 30, 1717, he rec'd 450a (Phila deed A-5-275) this land originally listed as Strasburg Twp but twp lines were redrawn in 1729 and this land was now in East Lampeter Twp. In 1739 he gave one half of this farm to son Emanuel. His son Daniel inherited the rest of this farm.
March 1718
Daughter (Johanna) Salome is born
"I have Johanna (Salome) (Herman) Leinbach mentioned in Moravian records when she was baptized as the daughter of Daniel and Maria Catharina Elizabeth (Obermuller) Herman.
Daniel Herman was among the 1709's (as was Maria Catharina Elizabeth Obermuller) and was married at that time to another woman who died either aboard ship or shortly after arrival to the U.S.. He had one son by his first marriage and three sons by his second. Perhaps your family comes from one of these sons. Wish I could give you more information." - ancestry message boards

March 30, 1733

he rec'd 618 a (Phila A-6-288), in West Earl, on Conestoga Creek. The West Earl land of 618a was divided and given to sons Christian & Nicholas:
Deed Q-122, Daniel, Sr. & Mary, on 16 Dec 1739, gave 308a to son Nicholas for love.
Deed Q-124, on 16 April 1754, Nicholas & Eva sold 298a for £970 to John Rupp.
Daniel Harman on 17 Aug 1722, deeded water rights to Emanuel Hare, deed S-398.
Deed _____, Daniel, Sr. & Mary, on 16 Dec 1739, gave 308a to son Christian for love.
Deed O-9, Christian, Sr & Mary Elizabeth, for £200, sold 130a to son ChristianJr
on 17 Dec 1764. 
On 24 Dec 1731, Daniel Herman, Sr. bought 100a of land from Wm Evans
On 17 July 1735, Daniel Herman, Sr. bought 50a from James Webb

15 Feb 1739
Daniel Herman, Sr & Mary gave the above 150a plus 150 of the 450a
to son Emanuel Herman, see deed B-599.
The rest of the 450a tract went to son Daniel, Jr. in 1748, see deed B-562 
Emanuel & Mary sold 107a of their land to brother Daniel, Jr. on 18 Jan 1748 (B-595)
and on 8 May 1749, they sold Dan, Jr another 146a (A-48). 
Therefore Dan, Jr had 300a + 107a + 146a = 553a by 1749.
On 7 May 1751, Daniel, Jr. & Elizabeth sold 146a to Jacob Light for £600, deed C-63.

1752 - Will Probated
Lancaster will A-200, signed 12 Nov 1744, probated 8 Jan 1752.

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  1. I believe Daniel was my 6th great-grandfather