Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day - Our Ancestors Who Died In Service

I'm in the process of compiling a list of all of our ancestors who died in service.

Three Of My 3rd great Aikey Uncles Died in the Civil War - 

Lewis Aikey, my 4th great grandfather, & veteran of the War of 1812, had 2 sons, 1 son in law, & 6 grandsons, who served in the civil war. Three of his grandsons were killed.

His grandson Robert, so of Adam, was mortally wounded at Battle of Shiloh on 6 April & died in the Regimental Hospital 3 days later from a gunshot wound, just 3 months after enlisting.
His grandson William Henry, son of Robart, enlisted in August of 1862.  He was killed at Fredericksburg in December of 1862.  "I sent a faithful detail in search of our lost comrades.  Lieutenant Kepler was left in command and I accompanied Lieutenant Fichthorn with a detail.  Privates William H. Aikey, George W. Lashells, and Henry Stees were known to have fallen, and many others were sorely wounded.  We failed to find Aikey; but several days after we returned to the old camp, when we continued our searched, we found his grave plainly marked with name, company, and regiment, in a field hospital burial ground, near the river, not far from Fredericksburg.  He was doubtless taken up and carried to the rear by our faithful ambulance corps." 
William's Uncle Lewis Aikey, my 3rd great grandfather, also was at Fredericksburg when William was killed.  On February 22, 1864, just over a year after their Williams death,  William's brothers Jeremiah & Zachary enlisted
Jeremiah was captured in august of 1864, and sent a prison in Andersonille Georgia.  In December he was moved to Millen Georgia, where he died from his injuries.

This link will take you to a page where I am compiling a list of all the direct line veterans in our lines.  This list is all who served in each war.

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