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Ishi McCloughan 1810-1862

Heather's 3rd great grandfather, maternal line

Ishi McCloughan
son of 
Born April 30 1810
Died Sept 14 1862
Daughter of
Born 1832
Died July 16 1894

James Boyd McLoughan 1851–1931 
Louisa Maria McLoughan 1852–1897 m. Samuel R. Forney
Emma R. McCloughan 1855- 1899 m. Henry Moore
George W McCloughan 1857–1857
Rachel Elizabeth McCloughan 1858–1881
Mary C McCloughan 1860–1868

There is an Elizabeth McCloughan age 3 in the 1860 census. I suspect Rachel's middle name might be Elizabeth? The girls seem to flip between their first and middle names in the census. In 1870 there is a Maria L. McLoughlan age 17 (1853) - that would be Louisa,who is age 7 in the 1860 census.  

30 Apr 1810 • Ishi Is Born
Source - Census, Find A Grave Entry

On Emma's Marriage certificate his name is listed as Asher!  Everywhere else it is listed as Ishi..  Is Ishi possibly a nickname for Asher? 

Possibly the son of Samuel B. McLoughland and Mary Blackford

1832 Birth Of Susan Salter
Find A Grave record lists her maiden name as Salter, but her son, James Boyd Mclaughan's death certificate lists her name as Sussan Miller.  

 "I have Meiser's Vol. II in my hands: Ishi's wife is listed as Susan (SALTER) 2/1/1832-8/16/1894. Among those identified as their kids are James B. m. Celestial E. (PERSING), Louisa, George W., Rachel E., and Mary C. Listed as James B. & Celestia's child is Percy who m. Mary E. (MOORE). 

One man was six years older than Ishi so may be a brother: William McCLOUGHAN 1804-1866 m. Lydia (___), who had Samuel B. m. to Amelia (KEEFER); and Charles P., m. to Jennie H. (METTLER). 

The "other" Susan O. (McCLOUGHAN) listed lived 1871-1965, and m. William F. SALTER 1863-1936. (No other SALTERs at this cem.) The only McCLOUGHANs not already named are John 8/23/1828-9/18/1895, J. Marshall 6/16/1858-7/14/1901, Anna O. 1866-1867, and S. Hudson 1877-1907 who m. Rose (FINNEGAN)."

1835-36 Fought in the War For Texas Independence

Ishi age 25-26

This card is for Ishi born 1810 - it is NOT for revolutionary war service. There is a GAR marker on his stone, but I do not know that he fought in the civil war. The  inscription under his name reads "Soldier For Texas Independence".  I do not know why this card lists his date of service as 1780 - he is the only Ishi McLoughan in this cemetery.

I can find no record of him here -

"Very few of the 189 men at the Alamo were actually natives of Texas. A great number of them were from Southern states, such as Tennessee, Kentucky and the Carolinas. At least 32, in fact, came from Tennessee. Some northerners from Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York also stood their ground in the mission. But Europeans were also well represented. At least ten of the patriots were natives of England, and another 11 were from Ireland, a country that knew well the struggle for liberty against oppression. Of the thirty-plus Europeans, some also came from Germany, Denmark, Scotland and Wales.

At the time of the battle, as many as eighty of the Alamo defenders were actually documented residents of Texas, but others had traveled to the fort from various states, volunteering their services for the revolution. Of the estimated 189 men who died in the Alamo, only six were actually born in Texas:"

(He does not appear on the list of those who defended the Alamo.)

Before 1850 - Married Susan
Ishi about age 39
Susan about age 21

Source - The 1850 census shows that they were married within the year.

1850 - Residence
Name: Ashi McClaugher
Age: 40
Birth Year: abt 1810
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1850: Rush, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Gender: Male
Family Number: 125
Household Members:
Name Age
Ashi McClaugher 40
Susan McClaugher 22

Occupation - Carpenter

In the 1850 census, Ishi's name is spelled Aishi McLaugher.  There's another "McClaugher" family in Rush Twp in 1850 - 
e: William McClaugher
[William McClaughan] 
Age: 47
Birth Year: abt 1803
Birthplace: New Jersey
Home in 1850: Rush, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Gender: Male
Family Number: 105
Household Members:
Name Age
William McClaugher 47
Lydia McClaugher 37
Susannah McClaugher 18
John McClaugher 17
Samuel McClaugher 9
Martha McClaugher 7
Mahala McClaugher 3
Harriet Eveland 19

William's wife is Lydia Fulper, and you can find the Fulper family in the 1850 census in Rush Twp Too.  William's daughter Susan McCloughlan married William Salter, son of Michael & Lucy Salter

1851 -  Son James Boyd McLoughan is Born
26 Jan 1851 • Pennsylvania
Source - Death certificate

1852 - Birth of Daughter Louisa M. McLoughan
(1852–1897) (My great grandmother)
1852 • Pennsylvania
Age 41
source - My grandmother's records, census, tombstone& findagrave

1852 Appears On List of Petit Jurors
March 13 1852
Sunbury American (Sunbury, Pennsylvania) 13 Mar 1852, Sat • First Edition
Age 41

1855 - Daughter Emma McCloughan Is Born

Name Henry C Moore
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 24 Nov 1887
Event Place , Northumberland, Pennsylvania, United States
Age 42
Birth Year (Estimated) 1845
Father's Name Michael Moore
Mother's Name Esther Moore
Spouse's Name Emma Mccloughan
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1855
Spouse's Father's Name Asher Mccloughan
Spouse's Mother's Name Susan Mccloughan

1857 Son  George W McCloughan is born (and died)
8 January 1857
Ishi Age 46
Source - Census & Find A Grave Entry -

1858 - Daughter Rachel E McCloughan is born
22 April 1858
Ishi Age 47
Source:Census & Find A Grave Entry

1860 • Residence
Rush, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, United States
1 Source
Age 50

Name: Ishi McCloughan
Age: 50
Birth Year: abt 1810
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Home in 1860: Rush, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Post Office: Rushtown
Family Number: 74
Value of Real Estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Ishi McCloughan 50
Susan McCloughan 29
Boyd McCloughan 9
Lousia McCloughan 7
Emma McCloughan 5
Elizabeth McCloughan 3

1860 Birth of Child Mary C McCloughan
24 August 1860
Ishi Age 50

1862 Death of Ishi
14 September 1862
Age 52

Letter Of Administration
November 1862, Northumberland County Pa

Northumberland, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA
Name: Ishi McCloughan
Birth Date: 30 Apr 1810
Death Date: 14 Sep 1862
Cemetery: Rush Presbyterian Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Northumberland, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA
Has Bio?: Y
Spouse: Susan McCloughan
Children: George W McCloughan 
Rachel E McCloughan 
Mary C McCloughan


1870 -Residence
Name: Susan Mccloughan
Age in 1870: 39
Birth Year: abt 1831
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1870: Rush, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Female
Post Office: Rushtown
Value of Real Estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Susan Mccloughan 39
James B Mccloughan 19
Maria L Mccloughan 17
Emma R Mccloughan 15
Rachel E Mccloughan 12

(a transcription error adds an Andrew Fry to this record on, but if you look at the census image, he is actually listed in the household before the McCloughans. )

1880- Residence of Susan
Name: S. Mcloughan
Age: 48
Birth Year: abt 1832
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1880: Rush, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Widowed
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Neighbors: View others on page
Occupation: Farmer
Household Members:
Name Age
S. Mcloughan 48
Lizzie Mcloughan 22
Emma Mcloughan 25
Boyd Mcloughan 29

1880 • Rush, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Marital Status: Widowed; Relation to Head of House: Self

Susan Age 48

1894 - Susan Died
Name Susan McCloughan
Birth Date 1 Feb 1832
Death Date 16 Jul 1894
Cemetery Rush Presbyterian Cemetery

Burial or Cremation Place Northumberland, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA

The Will of Susan McCloughan- 

"First I give to my grandson Robert Forney my horse. Second I give to my daughter Maria L. McCloughan during the period of her natural life, the entire ---- use and management of the real estate on which I now live and all the crops that may be stored in the buildings there on, or growing there on. Third - after the death of my said daughter my real estate shall be given to my said grandson Robert Forney his heirs and assigns providing he complies with and fulfills the following conditions: 1. my said grandson shall within two months after my death pay my son James B Mcloughlan the sun of seven hundred and fifty dollars and in a like period of time (two months) after the death of my said daughter, pay the sum of one hundred and eighty seven dollars to each of my three grandchildren, Marion F. Forney, Harry O. Forney and Emma R Forney. Fourth the life insurance that may be due my heirs after my death I direct to be distributed as follows: the Sum of fifteen hundred dollars to be given to my said son James McLoughan, the sun of five hundred dollars to be given to my daughter Maria L. McLoughan, and the sum of one thousand dollars to my said grandson Robert Forney. Fifth the residue of my estate I direct to be divided equally between my said son and daughter if the ---- can not -- by their satisfactorily divided it shall then be divided by two disinterested person, one of whom shall be chosen by my son and the other by my daughter and divisions so made by these shall be final and conclusive and either of -- said children refusing to accept the part soset for him or her shall forfeit their right to any of the said residue. Sixth I appoint my son James B McLoughan to be the executor ......"

See our Forney line here - Robert, who was to receive most of her inheritance, was the brother of my great great grandmother, Marion Frances  Forney.


1931 - Obituary of Ishi's son, James Boyd McCloughan

Several trees list Samuel as the father of Ishi - but they offer no sources.

Samuel McCloughan
Born 1780

Marriage Records of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 1795-1875

McCloughan, Samuel and Mary Blackwell (not Blackford), Mar. 41802, (-1-62) (docket 2)(Egbert J.P.)


"This farm has been the birthplace of a number of generations of Keefers, 
among whom were William, David, Eliza (wife of Joseph Wolverton), Benjamin F., 
Charles and Joseph, all of whom are deceased, and surviving are Mrs. George W. 
Stroh, of Sunbury; Amelia McCloughan, of Rushtown; Peter Keefer, of Danville, 
and Jacob, who now owns and occupies the old homestead. The fourth generation 
is living in the house, which was built by Christopher Reed, who bought the 
land at sheriff sale in 1789, making it one of the oldest houses in this 
section of country." 

"John Keefer, one of the sons of Peter Keefer, who came from Berks county, 
was born in Berks county in 1801, and died Aug. 7, 1882, aged eighty years, 
nine months, two days. By his first wife, Mary (Martz), who died young, he had 
two children, David and William. His second wife, Susan (Martz), a sister of 
the first, died July 7, 1875, aged sixty-six years. To this union were born 
children as follows: Eliza, who married Joseph Wolverton, of Snydertown; Sarah, 
Mrs. George W. Stroh; Benjamin F.; Jacob J.; Amelia, wife of Samuel McCloughan, 
of Rushtown; Charles, of Sunbury; Joseph, of Sunbury; and Peter, of Danville, 
Pa. Jacob J. and Peter are now (1911) the only survivors. "

I visited Rush Presbyterian Cemetery. The McLoughan stones are all close together, with Louisa Forney & her 3 year old daughter Sarah near Louisa's father, Ishi.  (her husband Sam Forney is buried in  Mt Vernon Cemetery, Riverside PA.   (there is record of Samuel remarrying after Louisa died.)

The first row in this photo is Samuel & Amelia (Keefer) McCloughan family.  Samuel was born in 1833 and my guess is that he may be the nephew of Ishi McCloughan.  Ishi's stone, and his family, is the tall one in the center of this photo. Two rows back, almost directly behind Samuel's stone in this photo,is the stone for James Boyd McCloughan, Ishi's son. Although I did not see the stone when I was there, find a grave lists William McCloughan, 1804-1866 & his wife Lydia buried here.  I suspect William and Lydia are the parents of Samuel & that William was the brother of Ishi.  But that's all speculation at this time.

In 1820, the first census of Rush Township Northumberland County was taken.Among the "pioneers" of this township,according to Bell's history, is "Samuel
McLanghlin", which could actually be a McCloughan.  There is no Ishi.

Wesley Bowman Fairchild - "He is now farming in Rush township Northumberland county He married Alice Salter daughter of Michael Salter who was born in New England and Lucy Gillinger Salter of Northumberland county Michael was a soldier in the Union army and was wounded while in the service "

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