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John Hurst 1713-1789

Heather's Paternal 7th great grandparents

John Hurst
son of John & Rebecca (Sheely) Hurst
Born 1713
Died 1789
1st Elizabeth
daughter of
2nd Sybil Moxley
daughter of

See list of children in will - 
Children to Elizabeth:

Children to Sybil:

1789  - Will Of John Hurst -

[Will of John Hurst, Fairfax Co., Virginia, 1787/1789]

In the name of God Amen I John Hurst of Fairfax County and State of
Virginia, being in Perfect sense and Memory do constitute this my last
Will and Testament in order following (that is to say) I give and
recommend my Soul and my Body unto the hands of God that gave it, and my
body I recommend to the Earth to be decently Intered at the discretion
of my Executrix, and Executors, I desire that all my Just Debts should
be Paid And according to my worldly Effects I bequeath in the following

Imprimis Item. my desire is that my loving wife Sybil Hurst should have
the Plantation and Land whereon I live during her life and also one
Negro Woman called Sarah and a Negro Boy called Jack induring her life
And a Negro Man called Cato enduring her Widowhood and two Beds and
furniture, and two Horses, one Woman Saddle, one large chest, one trunk,
one Oval Table two Cows and Calves, two Sows and Pigs, Eight the best
killable Hogs, a Looking Glass and one large Bible and at her decease
its my desire that the Said [land] whereon I live, and negroes, Stock
and furniture, be equally divided among all my children.  

Item,  I give and bequeath unto my Son James Hurst the land I purchased
of William and James Saunders; Negro Suk’s children and their
Increase to him and his Heirs and assigns forever, But it is my Will and
desire that my Son James Hurst should not turn off William Follin from
the Plantation whereon he now lives nor ask, or demand rent of him for
the Space of Seven Years after my decease.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my Son William Hurst the Land I Purchased
of George Thrift, also one Negroe Man named Will, one Negroe Woman named 
Lame, or Doll, and her Increase to him his Heirs, forever and for want
of such Heirs to be equally divided among all my Children, and my second
best Bed and furniture, Two Horses, all my wearing apparel, one Trunk,
Two Cows and Calves, Six killable Hogs.

Item  I give and bequeath to my Daughter Jane Williams one Negroe Woman
named Phebe, and all her Children and their Increase to her and her
Heirs and Assigns forever, one Cow and Calf.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my Daughter Susanna Fenley, the Land I
Purchased of John Gunnell, to her and her Heirs and Assigns forever,
also one Negroe Woman Named Binah and her two youngest Children and
their Increase.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter Elizabeth Marshal one
Negroe Girl named Minny, and her Increase to her and her Heirs and
Assigns forever.

Whereas I have Purchased a warrant for one Thousand Acres of land to be
hereafter Laid in some of the Back Country, It is my desire, that my
Interest in the said Warrant, or the Land If ever it should be secured,
be equally divided between my son James Hurst, my son William my
daughter Jane Williams and my Daughter Susannah Fenley to them and their
Heirs and Assigns for ever.

Item.  I give and bequeath to to my Daughter Elizabeth Thrift, one
Negroe Girl named Jemima and her Increase to her and her Heirs and
Assigns forever.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Dulin, one Negro Girl
named Betty and her Increase to her and her Heirs and assigns forever.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Bathsheba Follin one Negroe
Woman named Yanniree and her oldest Child Dennis and her Increase
after this Date to her and her Heirs and Assigns forever.  

Also it is my will and desire that the Sugar Lands and the Plantation
whereon Joseph Thompson lives may be rented out and the rents equally
divided amongst my Children.

Item.  It is my Will and desire that all the rest of my Estate both real
and Personal, not yet bequeathed and mentioned to be sold at Publick
Sale, and the money arising thereby, to be equally Divided amongst My
Wife and all my Children (that is) my Wife to have a part equal to any
one of my Children and no more.  And I do hereby appoint my Wife Sybil 
Hurst my Executrix and my Son James Hurst and Jeremiah Williams
Executors of this my last Will and Testament.  In Witness whereof I have
hereunto set my hand and Seal this 10th Day of March, one Thousand Seven
hundred and Eighty Seven.

Signed Sealed Published and declared by the above named John Hurst as
and for his last Will and Testament In Presence of us, who have hereunto
Subscribed our Names, as Witnesses thereto In the Presence of the
Testator, and in the Presence of each other.

Levi Lewis (x) 
Aaron (his A mark) Ally 
Mary (her X mark) Sewell

                                   John (his I mark) Hurst (seal)

At a Court held for the County of Fairfax 2nd December 1789 This Will
was Presented in Court by James Hurst one of the Executors herein named
who made Oath thereto and the same being Proved by the Oaths of Levi
Lewis and Aaron Ally two of the Witnesses admitted to record and the
said Executor having Performed what the Law requires a Certificate is
granted him for Obtaining a Probate thereof in due form.

M. Ball c.c.

J. (Hacourts)?

From: Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine, July 1919, "Group of Northern Neck Families", pg. 170

E. Hurst

I. John Hurst (d. 1747), undoubtedly a representative of the family of that name which is found also in Wicominco Parish in Northumberland (Bishop Meade, ii 132), secured in 1719 from the proprietors of the Northern Neck a grant of 312 acres on the lands of Thomas Norman, Robert Carter, Esq., and Capt. Edward Mountjoy,(Northern Neck Land Grants, v. 200), and there he died in 1747.(Overwharton Parish Register.) Doubtless he was the voter in the Fairfax election of 1744, but it may have been his son. He was, apparently the father of Thomas and James Hurst who register their marriages and births of their children in Overwharton Parish, and , bt family tradition, certainly the father of John Hurst 2.

II. John Hurst (d. 1789) of Accotink, who first appears in the records in 1747 as the lessee from Daniel McCarty of lands on Sugarland Run, the lease naming also his first wife Elizabeth and son James (born 1744). This John 2 lived out a long life, prospering steadily and dying in 1789. His will dated March 10, 1787, and proved December 21, 1789 (Fairfax Liber E1, fo . 349), devises various tracts of land then in his possession in Fairfax and Louden, and a warrant for 1,000 acres "to be hereafter laid in some of the back Countries."
He names his (second) wife Sibyl (probably Sibyl Moxley, called Burk in the Will of Willima Moxley. See B), his sons James and William, and daughters Jane Williams, Susanna Fenley, Elizabeth Thrift, Sarah Dulin, Bathsheba Fallin, and a granddaughter Elizabeth White, Wife of James Marshall. On the Settlement of the estate appeared another daughter Ann Floyd. 

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