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Johannes Trachsel 1689-1750

Johannes Trachsel
son of Jacob & Margaret (Bringel) Trachsel
Born Oct 1689
Died abt 1750
Anna Maria Hunsecker
daughter of
Died before 1750

Johan Peter Troxell  1719 – 1799
Johan Nicholas Troxel 1721 – 1797
Johan Michael Trachsel 1721 – 1772
Catarina Trachsel 1728 – 1777

Nicholas & Michael were TWINS born on Christmas day 1721
Peter built the Troxell-Stecker house that still stands, and is on the National Historical Register,  in Lehigh County Pa


1689, Oct - Birth
Lenk, Berne Canton, Switzerland 

1689, 4 Oct - Baptism
Reformed Church, Lenk, Berne Canton, Switzerland 
RH Volume III page 1331

1718 - Marriage to Anna Maria Hunsecker
Age: 29
Lenk, Simmental, Bern Canton, Switzerland 

1737, 18 Jan  - Property
Age: 47
Bucks County PA 
100 acres of land warranted to Johannes, who had not arrived in america yet. This land must have been warranted by his brother Peter in his name so that he would have a residence upon arrival.

1737 30 Aug - Immigration
Age: 47
Philadelphia Pa 
"Johannes Draschel" Emigrated to America on the Ship "Samuel"

1737, 28 Oct - Property
Age: 48
200 acres warranted to John Troxell. Johannes died before he could satisfy the requirements to secure a patent on either piece of land, his sons secured the patents after his death.

1739 30 Sep -In the History of the Egypt Reformed Church
Age: 49
Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, USA 
John Traxel, whose wife was a sponsor, came to America in 1737. His son, John Peter Traxel, built in 1756, the house in which the congregation frequently worshipped.

1750 Marriage to Anna Magdalena Roth
Age: 61
After death of Mary, he married the widow of Jakob Schreiber - Anna Magdalena (Roth) Schreiber. He died between 1750 and 1751.

1750 - Death
Age: 61
Egypt, Lehigh, Pennsylvania 


The Troxell Family 929.2 LCHS
Anniversary History of Lehigh County PA Vol III 974.827 R LCHS

The Troxell Family 929.2 LCHS
Anniversary History of Lehigh County PA Vol III 974.827 R LCHS

The family came from Lenk Switzerland to Wolfersheeim Germany.

Hans Trachsel married Elizabeth Gungsel (Gunset)
Jacob Traschel married Margaret Brengel
Johannes Traschel married Anna Maria ----------
   Johannes came to America with son Peter
   All of his children were born in Germany
Johan Nicholas Troxell married Catherine Reeder,
   Catherine is the daughter of Henry & wife Ann
   Catherine was baptized Feb 8 1761 as an adult wife of Nicholas
   Nicholas born Dec 25 1721 in Germany Died April 27 1797 in Pennsylvania
   Nicholas was baptized December 26 1721 in Walcheim/Blies Germany
         Sponsor Michel Sieber, Athony Freydinger, John Mickel & Margaretha Henseckel
   Nicholas emigrated to America with his parents in 1737, and was naturalized April 10 1761
          He lived in Whitehall Northhampton County PA, where he farmed land he owned lying N. of Egypt
   Nicholas was a carpenter, the 3rd son of Johannes & Anna Maria
   Nicholas and Catherine had 9 children
   Nicholas and Catherine belonged to the Egypt Reformed Church

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