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James Brown 1716-1793

James Brown
son of
Born November 2, 1716
Died August 9, 1784
Sarah Allison

John Brown  1746 – 1819
James Brown  1750 –
Martha Brown  1753 – 1831
Sarah Brown  1757 –
Daniel Brown  1763 –
Charity Brown 1765 –

JAMES Brown the founder of our family in America was born in England, November 2, 1716. Our knowledge of his progenitors comes from Gustave Anjou the Secretary of the British Record Society. The name is found as early as the eleventh century. It is carried down to the emigration period. From the middle of the fifteenth century the line is clearly shown and fully proved. A blazon of the armorial bearings is given from official sources. When James Brown came to America he settled on Long Island. In his Bible he wrote this fact," England is my nation, Long Island is my home". This Bible is still in the possession of the family of the late John L. Brown, of Delaware, New Jersey. The inscription was written in 1752, when he was thirty-six years of age. Subsequently he purchased from Joseph Pancoast three hundred acres of land in northern New Jersey. It was lo cated in what is now Warren County in the valley of the Tockhockonetcong river. This stream is now called the Paulins Kill. The land is between the Delaware River and near the village of Hainesburg. At a later period he pur- chased three hundred acres more, adjoining the original tract. Traveling along the main road leading from Columbia to Hainesburg a point is reached where the road passes through a concrete subway under the crossing of the Dela- ware Lackawanna Railroad. To the right of this a few rods, near the banks of the stream, is a two story stone house. This is the place where James Brown built his New Jersey home. Two railroads pass through these lands. The well known "cut off" of the Delaware Lackawanna and Western, and the New York, Susquehanna and Western. A few miles in the distance towards the west, and distinctly visible is the celebrated Delaware Water Gap. There are no available records giving the date of Mr. Brown's emigration to this locality. On the 25th day of July 1745, James Brown married Miss Sarah Allison. He was 29 years of age, she 24. The children of James and Sarah Allison Brown were: John, born June 25, 1746, died September 24, 1819. James, born May 5, 1750. Martha, born November 15, 1753 died April 23, 1831. Sarah, born April 10, 1757. Daniel, born May 3, 1762. Charity, born April 15, 1765. Two hundred years ago educational advantages were meagre. The penmanship in his Bible indicates that James Brown's education was not neglected. The greater part of his life was spent in the land of his adoption. This was in the pre-revolutionary period. His closing days witnessed the triumph of the Colonies and the establishment of American independence. The date of his death is unknown. On October 16, 1793 his will was recorded. It is printed in full in the latter pages of this book. It was written April 8, 1775. His wife Sarah, died August 9, 1784. The bodies of James and Sarah Brown, rest on the brow of the hill in the cemetery at Hainesburg, New Jersey. Adjoining these graves is that of the wife of their son John, Mary Brugler Brown, who died October 3, 1793. The graves of James and Sarah Allison Brown were marked by native slate tombstones. These were disintegrated by the frosts of scores of years. Now there is nothing remaining to mark their location.

Will of James Brown, written April 8, 1775.

 In the Name of God Amen I James Brown of Knowlton in the County of Sussex and Western Division of the Province of New Jersey being in good State of Health and of sound Memory blessed be God and being mindful of the Uncertainty of this Transitory Life Do the Eighth day of April Anno One Thousand seven hundred and seventy five make and publish this my last Will and Testament in Man ner following that is to say And Touching such worldly Estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to bestow upon me I dispose of in the follow Manner Imprimis 1 will an ordain that all my just Debts and Funeral Charges be fully paid and Satisfied by my Executors hereinafter named Imprimis

 I Give and Devise unto my Eldest Son John Brown and Ids heirs and Assigns forever All that lot of Land Surveyed unto him whereon he now lives Situate in Knowlton afore- said Being part of the Plantation Purchased of Joseph Pan- coast Distinguished in the Map Lot X 1 Beginning at Coxes Corner near the great road thence along the great road to Henry Brughlars stone Corner along his lines to An Hickory Tree Standing at Tocconetcong River thence extending to the Midle of the said river thence up the Midle thereof to the Coxes Line thence along the same to the place of beginning Containing fifty three acres and an half

 Also I give and devise unto my son James Brown to his heirs and assigns forever All that Lot X. 2 Beginning in Tocconet- cong at the Line of William Xices Mill Lot thence along the several courses of the old Servey supposed to bound upon Cadwalladers Tract to a Corner the same being Corner of Lot No. 4 thence along the Partion Line of Lot X. 4 to the River thence up the Midle thereof to the place of be ginning Containing fifty three acres and a half Also I give and devise unto my Daughter Martha wife of Henry Bruglars and to her heirs and assigns forever All Lot X T . 3 Beginning at John Brown hiccory corner thence extending to the Midle of the River thence down the same to opnoset a Button wood 'Free mark for a Corner thence along the Lines of Lot X. 5 to a Corner in the old field thence X 27 degrees ; West to Coxes Line thence along Coxes line to John Browns Stone Corner then along his other line to the aforesaid hiccory Corner, Also a Lot of Meadow opposite the same upon the south side of the River marked in the Ma]> X- 3 And fronting along the River, the two Lotts Con- taining Fifty three acres and a half including the Two Acres of Meadow

 Also 1 give and devise unto my Daughter Sarah the Wife of Ralph Brughlar and to her heirs & Assigns forever All Lot Number 4 Beginning at my son James Browns Corner in Cadwalladers Line thence along The old Lines the several Courses to Scotts Line thence along the same to Tocconetcong to the Middle thereof thence up the same to a Button wood tree standing near the lower Corner of Meadow the same being Corner of Lot X. 6 Thence along the rear of Lot X 6: and X 5, X X 3 meadow lots to the River thence extending to the Midle therof and up the several corses thereof to James Browns lower Corner thence along his line to the Beginning Containing Fifty three Acres and a half Also I give and Devise unto my Daughter Charity all the Lots N 5, Beginning at Coxes Corner in Kikindahls Line thence along Coxes Line to Henry Brughlars Corner thence along the Lines of Lot N 3. the Several Courses in the Ala]) to the Buttonwood Cor- ner standing upon the west side of the River thence extend- ing into the middle of the stream to Opposet an hiccory Saplin thence along the Line of Lott Number 6 to a Cor- ner in the Field thence, South about 42 degrees: West to Kikindals Line Thence to continue along the same to the place of beginning Containing Fifty one Acres and also a Meadow Lot of Two Acres upon other side of the River and by Lot N6 N3 Meadow Lots & X 4 Containing fifty three Acres half in both lotts. 

Also I give and Devise unto my son Daniel all the Homested Lot X 6 Bounded or Beginning at the Corner in Kikindahls line thence along the Line of X 5, to the hiccory Corner thence to the Midle of the River And the several courses thereof to a Corner nearly opposit the Corner Buttonwood thence near east to an hic- cory Saplin thence along the Lines of Lot X 3 nearly as the fence stands but to continue as the courses are in the Map to a Buttonwood Tree standing near the point of Meadow at the River and extending therefrom to the Middle there- of and down the stream to Kikindahls Line Thence along the s ne to the place of Beginning Containing fifty three acres and a half which said Lot I will and Devise unto my said son Daniel and to his heirs and Assigns, forever,

 my dearly beloved wife to enjoy the same during her Lifetime, All the above Lots are to be confirmed according to the above mentioned Map by my Executors And if it should happen that any part of the above Lots should be herafter Claimed by any prior survey or otherwise that all the Legatees above mentioned shall bear their proportions of securing the same & other division made in equal & share. 

Also I give and devise the Lott purchased of Thomas Farns worth unto John Brown, James Brown Martha Bruglar Sarah Bruglar Daniel Brown and Charity Brown, to them their heirs and assigns in the following proportions To John Brown Twenty Five Acres to be laid out off the upper part or Fast end and the Remaining fifty nine Acres to be Equaly divided among my other Five Children Separately Also the hot lately purchased of John Bray I Give and Devise the one half part of that Lot Containing two hun- dred acres to be divided between Henry Brughlar & my son James Brown which two shares shall be laid forth upon the Westwardly part Beginning at a Maple Saplin near a Small Run of water from thence North eighty five degrees West to the Back Line, And ye other half to be equally be equally divided between my son & Daughter Daniel Brown & Charity Brown Daniel Brown and Charity Brown, by Executors, as soon as convenient after my decease, and for the better Explanation of this my last will and Testa- ment my Express will is that if any of my said children die leaving no Issue that then such Case such Child or Childrens share or part shall be divided among the Sur- vivors share and share alike And lastly Give unto my be- loved wife Sarah during her life the full use and benefit of Lot Number 4, X 5 and Number 6, and to live in my new dwelling house upon Lot Number 6 during her widowhood And I ordain my son Daniel & Charity live along with their mother until they arrive to full age, unless my Ex- ecutors may think proper to put Daniel to a Trade Also 1 give unto my wife all my household Goods Catle and Horses & Sheep & other things of whatsoever Denomin- ation (the Lands excepted to her only proper Use during her widowhood and no longer And in case my Widow marry a Second Time the Children Yizt Sarah Bruglar and Daniel and Charity Brown are from thenceforth to have the profits and fully enjoy the incomes of their Re- spective Lots herein devised anything herein Contained to the Contrary thereof any ways Notwithstanding And my widow shall have The amount of Sixty pounds Given to her in a Convenient time after her second marriage and the remainder of my Estate whether Goods Chatels Catle Horses or Sheep or ready money Out standing Debts shall be equally divided amongst my children then living by my Executors Whom I do hereby Authorize to Give all re- quiset Conveyance & Acquitances that may may be need- full, to execute for the purposes herein intended Also I give unto my son John Brown over and above his share and Proportion the sum of twenty shillings as being my Primo Genitur or first begotten Son And I hereby disanul all former and other wills at any Time heretofore by me made, And I make Constitute and Ordain my said Loving wife Sarah Executrix and my trusty friend and Kinsman Robert Ellison Executors of this my last will & Testament According to the true Intent and meaning hereof In Wit- ness whereof I the James Brown have to this my last Will and Testament Set my hand and seal the day and year above written James Brown (Seal) Signed Sealed & delivered by the said James Brown as and for his last will and Testament in the presence of us who were present at the signing & sealing thereof. John King William Stringer Wm. Rea Probated at Newton 16th Oct. 1793 before me Thos. Anderson Surrogate

 Recorded in Liber 33 of Wills page 333 

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