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Andreas Dierolf 1735 – 1804

Andreas Dierolf 
January 6 1735 
December 6 1804
married October 18, 1761
Catharina Fertig 

Peter; Henry; Adam; John; Abraham;  Elizabeth, wife of Philip Endi; Catharine, wife of John Faver; and Christina


1735 6 Jan- Birth

1754 22 Oct - Arrival
Age: 19
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Turolf is the spelling on the ship listing of the " Henrietta" which was qualified in Philadelphia on October 22, 1754

When the Henrietta arrived in port, many of the passengers were "ill of fevers" and all were held under quarantine some days on board ship. The fever with which these People are affected is of the Putrid Kind, arising from corrupted Air and Bad Dyet, but is not accompanied with the usual Symptoms of a high Degree of Virulence, and we are of the opinion if the sick were taken out of the Vessel and put in separate Lodgings, there would be little Danger of their communicating any infection and that the Ship might afterwards with Safety to the Inhabitants of the City be permitted to come up to it". This was the first ship from which any danger was suspected

[List 226 A] Foreigners imported in the Ship Henrietta, Capt. John Ross, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, Qualified 22 October, 1754.
Johannes Nieb                        Leo. Ritlinger, bd.
Everhard Metchar, board              Bernhard Russe
Christn. Swartzwild                  Louis Hagel
Jacob Liebolt                        Rynhard Saur
Christn. Spring                      John Danl. Pier
Jacob Koltman                        Johannes Pier
Peter Dieterich                      Peter Henry Pier
George Stor                          Philip Bladdell
Jacob Knibler                        Johann Geo. Reed
Joh. Adam Lintz, bd.                 Jacob Shifferdecker
Jacob Folmer                         Geroge Fetter
John Hartman Raus                    George Frank
Hans Geo. Erbst                      Johannes Heysler, dead
Jn. Eberhard Bintz, bd.              Albertus Swynfurth
George Adam Glee                     Elias Thom
John Michael Sner                    Michael Thom
Fredk. Keyser                        Andreas Kryner, bd.
Jacob Etsner                         Michael Rieb, dead **
Peter Stro                           Albertus Rose
Heny Swalbach                        Peter Franck
Simon Heidell                        Johann Keynert
Philip Gross                         Jeremiah Eckert
Johann Styntryser                    Jean Wolf Kryer
Johann Starts, dead **               George Hygas
Conrad Bole                          Geo. Fredk Stuger
Conrad Pope                          Fredk. Stuger, Jr., under age
Jno. Geo. Pater                      Fredk. Shallin, bd.
David Firlinge                       Ludwig Zieger
Antho. Graff                         Andreas Turolf
Hans Geo. Neuman                     Jno. Henry Kinder
Jacob Kurtz, bd.                     Michael Kun
Simon Lible                          Jos. Smith
Heny. Buck                           Philip Eygle, bd., under 16
Michael Jeder                        Henry Smith, under 16
Johan Roteburger                     Johannes Koch
Andreas Haller, bd.                  Bernhard Speck
Jno. Geo. Snyder                     Jacob Eyler
Johannes Karg                        Philip Beyerly
George Frank                         Joh. Jacob Meyer
Baltes Tieringer                     Christoph Philip Smith, bd. **
Conrad Slimmer                       Joh. Geo. Reit
Christoph Syder                      Jacob Sner
Christoph Hysler                     George Eyle
Jno. Adam Roeland                    Godfrey Lodwig
** Name crossed out

1761 18 Oct  - Marriage to Catharina Fertig
Age: 26
New Hanover, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA 
Rev. Melchior Muhlenberg; Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Trappe.

1780 - Residence
Age: 45
Western District, Berks, Pennsylvania 

1790 - Residence
Age: 55
Earl, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States 

1790 United States Federal Census about Andw Dirolff
Name: Andw Dirolff
[Andw Dirolft] 
Home in 1790 (City, County, State): Earl, Berks, Pennsylvania
Free White Persons - Males - Under 16: 1
Free White Persons - Males - 16 and over: 4
Free White Persons - Females: 1
Number of Household Members: 6

1795 - Residence
Age: 60
Amity, Berks, Pennsylvania 

1800 - Residence
Age: 65
Earl, Berks, Pennsylvania 

1800 United States Federal Census about Andrew Derolf
Name: Andrew Derolf
Home in 1800 (City, County, State): Earl, Berks, Pennsylvania
Free White Persons - Males - 45 and over: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 45 and over: 1
Number of Household Members Over 25: 2
Number of Household Members: 2

Pennsylvania, Septennial Census, 1779-1863 about Andrew Dirolf
Name: Andrew Dirolf
Residence Year: 1800
Residence Place: Earl, Berks, Pennsylvania

1803 10 Jan - Made Will
Age: 68
Berks County Courthouse, Reading PA 
His will which he made Jan 10,1803 is on record in will book 4 pg 262
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1804 6 Dec - Death
Age: 69
Earl, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA 
Buried at Oley Cemetery, Spangsville, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Tombstone for Catherina (Fertig) Dierolf
Oley Cemetery 
Berks County
Pennsylvania, USA


Andreas Dierolf (turolf is the spelling on the ship listing of the " Henrietta" which was quilified in Philadlphia on October 22, 1754. There is a letter included with this ship listing indicating that many of the passengers were ill upon their arrival. These documents may be found in the Pa German Society series of books, the book entitled Pa. german immagrants.

In Andreas' will the last name is spelled Dearolf. The orginal will was located at the Berks County Court House in Reading, Pa.

p. 489
Jeremiah Dierolf, burgess and one of the leading citizens of Bechtelsville, PA., was born in Pike township, Berks county, on Sept. 23, 1851, son of George, grandson of Adam, and great-grandson of Andraes.
(I) Andraes Dierolf, the ancestor of the family in America, is found in 1782 already settled in Earl township, Berks county, where he probably located during the Revolution. His will, which he made Jan. 10, 1803, is on record in Will Book 4, page 262, in the Berks county court-house. Andraes Dierolf died in December 1804. His children were as follows: Peter; Henry; Adam; John; Abraham; Abraham; Elizabeth, wife of Philip Endi; Catharine, wife of John Faver; and Christina, who died before her father, her child, Elizabeth, being mentioned in Andraes Dierolf's will. The executors of the will were Peter Dierolf and John Faver.
(II) Adam Dierolf lived in Pike township, back of the Hill Church, where he is buried. He was a Lutheran member of that church. He was born Nov. 1, 1770, and died Jan 13, 1847. His wife, Margaret, was born in 1771, and died in 1841, in her seventieth year. They had these children: Rebecca m. George Fraunheiser; Maricha m. John Moyer; Betzy m. Adam Shenkel; Adam; George; Andrew had children as follows--John, Levi, William, Abraham and Caroline; and Charles had children as follows--James, Adam, Charles, Lizzie, Mary and another daughter.
(III) George Dierolf, son of Adam and father of Jeremiah, was born Dec. 1, 1803, lived near Hill Church in Pike township, and was a shoemaker by trade, also cultivating his own small tract of land. He died Sept. 23, 1884, and is buried in the cemetery at Hill Church. His wife was Elizabeth Fraunheiser, daughter of John Fraunheiser. She was born in 1812 an died in 1890. They had these children: John F.; Polly, widow of Wendel Bassinger, a native of Germany; Elizabeth, widow of Percival Heydt; Jeremiah; Jacob; Samuel; Adam and Catharine.
(III) Adam Dierolf, son of Adam and brother of George, married Polly Moyer, of Pike township, and they had the following children: Adam, John, Jacob, Mary, Kate and Sally. Shortly after his marriage, Adam Dierolf moved to Clarion county, Pennsylvania.
(IV) Jeremiah Dierolf son of George, was reared in the township in which he was born, and attended the district schools, until twenty. He early became acquainted with farm life, and learned all its details. About 1887 he embarked in a tailoring business at Bechtelsville, and followed it twenty years. He employed as many as thirty people, having a pay roll larger than that of any other man in Bechtelsville. He manufactured trousers, his goods being cut by houses in Philadelphia and made up in Bechtelsville, but returned to Philadelphia. Mr. Dierolf was very successful in this business. He has a fine peach orchard covering seven acres in Colebrookdale township, and one of nine acres in Washington township. The family residence is on Spring street in Bechtelsville borough, of which he is the leading citizen, and most influential man. In politics he is a Democrat, and served the borough as school director for a number of years, being treasurer of the board the greater portion of the time. He is chief burgess of Bechtelsville and is interested in the best enterprises of the town. Fraternally he is a member of Landisville Council. No. 1007, O. of I. A. He and his family are consistent members of the Lutheran denomination of Hill Church, where many of the Dierolfs are buried.
On July 14, 1877, Mr. Dierolf was married to Mary Ann Fry, daughter of the late Isaac and Maria (Dotterer) Fry, of District township. Their children are: Harvey is a farmer in Washington township; Annie married Charles Moyer, and lives at Bechtelsville; Gertrude married Rev. Aaron L. Brumbach, of Spring Grove, PA; Claire died in infancy; and John is an operator for the Pennsylvania Railroad. The family are well and favorably known throughout Berks county, and Mr. Dierolf can well be proud of what he has accomplished in his long and useful life.
(IV) John F. Dierolf, son of George and brother of Jeremiah, was born April 29, 1832, at Kummers Mill in Washington township, and now resides in Colebrookdale township. He was reared to farm life, and is a laborer. He makes his home with his son John H., in Colebrookdale township. He and his family are all members of Hill Church. He married Leah Heydt, daughter of Jacob Heydt, of Washington township. She died in 1906, aged seventy-four years, four months and fifteen days, and is buried at Hill church. Their children were: John J.; Amanda m. Henry Meitzler; Jacob resides at Reading; Dianah m. Addion Muther, of Boyertown; and Mary Ann, Elizabeth and George are all three deceased.

taken from
Biographies from Historical and Biographical Annals by Morton Montgomery

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