Thursday, August 2, 2012

Having the Family Bible Restored

Below are the pics I took of the Oberdorf Family bible, for restoration estimates.

For a rough idea of costs:

The best online Quote/Estimate Form:

A Pennsylvania Book Binding Company (shipping will be very costly, in addition to the restoration cost!)

a scan of this news article can be seen here:
Mark Anniversary
Mr. John Oberdorf's children had a birthday dinner at Spruce Run camp for thier father.  Twenty-Four at dinner and supper.  Mrs. Charles Frederick baked the birthday cake.  We had lots to eat.  Mr. Oberdorf was 79 years old April 12.  He has 44 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren. - A GUEST

handwritten under it:
April 14, 1934
Mrs John Oberdorf born 26 day of Nov
Dec 6 1926 45 grand children one grate grand child

Mary Mook
 Paul ask me for it
 Given to me by Mother Oberdorf

The spine says there are 2,000 illustrations in here.  It really is a neat book

A fold out page.

Empty photo pages in the back

The blank family record pages

One of the torn pages

It's in rough shape.  

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