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Adriaen Hagaman 1624-1672

*Adriaen Hagaman 
born Abt. 1624 in Elburg, Gelderland, The Netherlands
died Abt. 1 Apr 1672 in Flatbush, Kings Co., Long Island, NY
married 7 Mar 1648/49 in Sloten (near Amsterdam), North Holland, The Netherlands
Cathrine Margits
daughter of Joseph Margits and Anna Jans van Waardenburg.

  •  Hendricus Hegeman (1649-1710) was born in Holland. He married Adriaentje Bloetgoet on April 26, 1685.
  • Capt. Joseph Hegeman (1651-1745) was born in Holland. He married Femmetje Rems Van Der Beeck on Oct. 21, 1677.
  • Jacobus Hegeman (b.1652) was born in New Amsterdam. He married Jannetje Ariaense on Oct. 14, 1683.
  • Issac Hegeman (1656-1700) was born in Flatbush, NY. He married Marritje Schenck.
  • Denuyse "Denys" Hegeman was born in Flatbush, NY in 1658.
  • He married Luccretia "Grace" Dollen who was born in Permaquid, Maine.
  • Benjamin Hegeman (1659-1710) was born in Flatbush, NY. He married Barentje Jans of New Albany, NY on April 9, 1688. She was most likely the sister of Geertruy Jans who married his brother Abraham Hegeman.
  • Abraham Hegeman 
  • Elisabeth Hegeman (b.1663) was born in Flatbush, NY. She married Tobias Ten Eyck the son of Conradt Ten Eyck. She became his second wife on April 27, 1684. after the death of Tobias, Elisabeth married Jacobus Hercks Kranckeyt, the brother-in-law of her first husband. she lived on Manhattan Island.
  • Peter Hegeman (b.1667).

Title: [Peter Stuyvesant deed conveying land to Adriaen Hegeman]
Date: April 12, 1661
Creator: Stuyvesant, Peter, 1592-1672
Adriaen Hegeman
This 1661 deed, signed by Peter Stuyvesant, Director-General of New Netherlands, conveyed a plot of land in the village of Vlack Bos (Flatbush) to Adriaen Hegeman, an early Dutch settler. In 1784, Peter Lefferts (1753-1791) married Femmetie Hegeman (1760-1847), an ancestor of Adriaen. After their marriage, Peter arranged to purchase 100 acres of the original Hegeman plot, thus enlarging the Lefferts family’s Flatbush homestead. After this transaction, the original deed passed into the hands of the Lefferts family.

Format: deed

Peter Stuyvesant deed conveying land to Adriaen Hegeman, April 12, 1661; Lefferts family papers, ARC.145, box OS1; Brooklyn Historical Society.

From Find A Grave:

Birth: 1625, Holland (Defunct)
Death: 1672
Kings County
New York, USA

Adrian Hegeman was born in Vorchten, Holland in 1625. He married Catharina Margetts in Sloten, Amsterdam on March 7, 1649. He emigrated to New Amsterdam (New York City) in 1650 from Elsburg, Holland where he was working as a silk weaver on Egelantier Street. 
He helped settle Flatbush (Midwout) Kings County, Long Island, NY. Adrian Hegeman, during his lifetime, aquired more than 350 acres of land and became the largest property owner in the Village of Flatbush.
Adrian Hegeman also helped to establish the Old Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church and School. A bronze plaque honoring him as a teacher is attached to Erasmus Hall High School in the general area of where the old school once stood. Erasmus Hall High School is located across the street from the church and cemetery on Flatbush Ave. A public elementary school is named in his honor as well. He also served as the first "shout" or Mayor of the five villages which would eventually become Brooklyn.

Adrian Hegeman was the son of Rev. Hendrick Hegaman (1595-1637) and Martigen Van Marle. Rev. Hendrick Hegeman was born in Harderwijk, Holland. He graduated from the University of Franeker in Holland and served as the minister of the Vorchten Dutch Reformed Church from 1624 until his death in 1637. shortly after Hendrick's death, his widow remarried the new minister of the church and young Adrian was sent to Elburg to live with relatives on Egalantier Street. In addition to his early schooling, Adrian was trained as a silk weaver. The trade was passed down through successive generations of Hegemans/Hagamans. 
Adrian Hegeman was the grandson of Jacob Hegeman (1575-1625) from Harderwijk, Holland (1575-1625) and Antigen Feith. 
Adrian was the great grandson of Lambert Hegeman (1545-1611) from Harderwijk, Holland and Erewetije Hoecolm. Lambert Hegeman was the brother of Col. Wolter Hegeman, the hero of the Seige of Bronkhorst.
Adrian Hegeman was the great-great grandson of Hon. Jacob Hegeman (1520-1570) from Harderwijk, Holland who was an Alderman as well as the Burgemeester (Mayor) of Harderwijk, Holland. Elsgen Cornelisse was his great-great grandmother. 

An old plan of the city of Elburg, birthplace of Adriaen Hegeman, held in the Streekarchivariaat Elburg-Ermelo-Nunspeet-Oldebroek

A map showing the Flat Brush area of New York

The bronze plaque reads:

On this site

Was opened
The first public school in Midwout
Now Flatbush
By the authority of the Director
General and Council of New Netherlands
January 29, 1658
Adrian Hegeman, teacher

Catherine Margetts married Adrian Hegeman in Sloten, Holland on March 7, 1649. She was the daughter of Joseph Margetts and Annetje Wardenburgh.

Adrian and Catherine Margetts Hegeman had the following children:

Myers, Carol M. "Early NY State Census Records 1663-1772." Gardena, CA: RAM Publ., 2nd ed., 1965. 
1687--Kings Co. Oath of Allegiance Sept 26-30, 1687 The following Hegeman's:
Hendrickus 36y off
Isaack native flackbuch
Jacobus 36 jeare
Joseph 37y 
1698--Census. Flatbush Town als Midwout. Freeholders, wives, children, apprentices, and slaves. The following Hegeman's:
Abraham 1 men 2 women 3 children 0 apprentices 1 slave
Benjamin 1 2 2 0 0
Denys 1 1 5 0 0
Isaac 1 1 3 0 0
Jacobus 1 1 3 0 0
Joseph 1 1 4 0 0
1714--Dutchess Co. List of Inhabitants & Slaves --No Hegemans
1738--Bookland Twp., Kings Co. List of Inhabitants, p. 41
Joseph Hegeman 1 male under 10y, 2 males 10 or over
3 females under 10, 2 females 10 or over
0 black males, 2 black females (1 under, 1 over 10y)
1738--Flatbush Twp., Kings Co., NY The following Hegeman's:
Males Females Blacks
>10y 10y or over >10y 10y or over M<10 M>10 F
Adrayonn 3 2 1 1 0 0 0
Abraham 2 0 2 0 1 0 0
Adan 2 0 2 1 0 0 0
Denija 1 0 2 0 0 0 0
Elbert 3 0 5 0 0 0 0
Isaac 2 0 1 0 0 0 0
Joseph 3 1 3 3 0 0 0
Rem 4 1 2 1 1 0 1

1914. Cuyler Reynolds, Compiler. "Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the Hudson River Valley," New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1914, Volume I, pages 505-506 and 1441-1444. Available at Tioga Co. Historical Library, 120 Main St., Wellsboro, PA.
This thick volume contains to different articles on Adriaen, his family, and speculation on his roots.
Adriaen HEGEMAN. 2.HTM - P4778Born in 1623/1624 in Elburg, Gelderland, Netherlands. Adriaen died about 1 Apr 1672 in Midwout--Flatbush, Long Island, New York. Immigrated in 1652 to Emigrated from Amsterdam, Holland to New Amsterdam and lived there for a time. Made a purchase in 1661 in Purchased 118 acres of land in Flatbush. Occupation: silk merchant, schepen (judge), auctioneer, administrator, and farmer. Religion: Dutch Reform Church. Alias/AKA: Adrien Hageman.
Bergen has the following entry for Adriaen in Early Settlers, p. 135:5 

Adriaen, the common ancestor of the family, emigrated about 1650 or '51 from Amsterdam; m. Catharine (???); d. Apl. 1672. About 1653 he resided in N. A., and Apl. 25, 1661, he obtained a patent for 50 morgens, with plain and meadow land in addition, in Flh, to which he removed. This patent is entered Feb. 2, 1670, on p. 2 of Lib. A of Flh rec. as a double lot on the E. side of the road, to the N. of land of Willem Jacobse (Van Boerum), and to the S. of that of Jan Seubringh, stretching W., a little southerly; broad 50 rods and 1 ft.; in length 600 rods; containing 50 morgens and 60 rods: 2 pieces of salt meadows, the one No. 12, broad 8 rods, containing 2 morgens; the other No. 4, broad 12 rods, cong. 3 morgens, stretching from the woods southerly to the sea: and 2 pieces of plain land, Nos. 24 and 25, broad taken together 48 rods 4 ft., stretching southerly from the road to the woods, cong. 5 morgens. Of this patent his heirs, Aug. 26, 1693, after his death conveyed, as per p. 200 of Lib. A of Flh rec. (on which page the patent is entered) a piece of 37 1/2 rods broad and 600 rods in length, cong. 37 1/2 morgens, to his s. Abraham. He also appears to have obtained a patent for another plantation of 24 morgens in Flh. He was a mag. of Flh in 1654, '55, '56, '57, '58, '60, and '63; schout fiscaal of the five Dutch towns in 1661; secretary of Flh and Flds, 1659 to 1661; of Flh, Flds, Brn, and N. U., 1662 to 1665; secretary of Flh in 1671; and auctioneer. Apl. 29, 1688, Catharine his wid. joined the R. D. ch. of N. Y., to which place she appears to have removed. Issue:--Joseph; Hendricus; Jacobus, bp. Mar. 9, 1653, in N. A.; Abraham; Denyse; Isaac; Benjamin; Elizabeth, who m. Apl. 12, 1684, Tobias Ten Eyck; and John. Signed his name "Adriaen Hegeman." 
On 7 Mar 1648/49 Adriaen married Catharina MARGITS, in Village of Sloten near Amsterdam, Holland.
They had the following children:
i. Joseph5 (1648-1725)
8 ii. Hendricus (1649-~1710)
iii. Jacobus (1652-~1741)
iv. Denyse (~1655-1702)
v. Abraham (~1660->1714)
vi. Benjamin (~1661->1710)
vii. Elizabeth (~1663-)
viii. John (~1665-)
ix. Isaac5 (1666-~1700)
x. Peter5

 Adriaen Hegemanwas born circa 1624 atElburg, Gelderland.1 He was the son of Rev.Hendrick Hegeman.2Adriaen Hegeman was silk-worker (syreder) in 1649 at Egelantier Straet, Elburgh, Netherlands.1 He lived in 1649 at Oudesyts Achterburgwall, Amsterdam, Netherlands.1 He married Catharina Margetts on 7 March 1649 at Sloten, nr. Amsterdam, Netherlands.1 The couple left for New Netherland in 1652, settling at Midwout (modern Flatbush), on the west end of Long Island.1 Adriaen Hegeman was appointed sheriff (schout) of four of the "five Dutch towns" (Flatlands, Brooklyn, Flatbush, and New Utrecht) in Kings County circa 1654 at Kings, New York.2 He died between 27 September 1671 and 28 May 1672.1
Hegeman Ancestry by John Blythe Dobson, online, Last revised 14 June 2003

Generation I

Adriaen Hegeman, * ca. 1624 at Elburg, Gelderland, † between 27 Sept. 1671 and 28 May 1672 in New Netherland, presumably at Midwout (now Flatbush), Kings Co., Long Island. He ¥ 7 March 1649 at Sloten, by banns proclaimed 29 Jan. preceding at Amsterdam, Catharina Margetts, bapt. 4 Feb. 1625 in the Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, † 1690, before 16 April, and buried from the Dutch Church of Midwout, daughter of Joseph Margetts, of Utrecht and Amsterdam, diamond cutter, by his first wife, Anna van Weerdenburch. At the time of his marriage in 1649 he was a silk-worker (syreder), of Egelantier Straet, Amsterdam, and his wife was of the Oudezijds Achterburgwall (Evidences, no. V). They were still in Amsterdam on 15 January 1651, when their second son Joseph was baptized in the North Church, but were in New Netherland before 9 March 1653, when their third son, Jacob, was baptized in the New York Dutch Church. The only known document mentioning Adriaen Hegeman between these dates, drawn 21 Feb. 1652 at Elburg, and published by Melssen, states that “Dionys Hegeman, acting for himself and for his brother Adriaen Hegeman by notarial proxy given at Amsterdam, provide[s] a guaranty for the estate of the late Gualtherus Hegeman, in his life minister of Doornspijk [in the municipality of Elburg], in favor of his creditors”; this document, unfortunately, is not explicit regarding Adriaen’s place of residence at the time. But given the unlikelihood of a transatlantic voyage with a pregnant wife in the winter of 1652-1653, we may infer that in all probability the passage was made no later than 1652.
  1.    Following their emigration Adriaen Hegeman settled with his family at Midwout (now Flatbush), on the west end of Long Island, where he was appointed sheriff (schout) of four of the “five Dutch towns” in Kings County, the four towns being Flatlands, Brooklyn, Flatbush, and New Utrecht. He and his wife were the ancestors of most of the Hegemans of New York and New Jersey.
  2. Literature: Teunis G. Bergen, The Bergen Family; or, the descendants of Hans Hansen Bergen, one of the early settlers of New York and Brooklyn, L.I., 1st ed. (New York, 1866), p. 166 n; 2nd ed. (Albany, 1876), p. 406 n.; the same author’s Register … of the early settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N.Y. … (New York, 1881), 134-9 (a good account of Adriaen Hegeman, but badly garbled in respect of his children); “Hegeman,” De Nederlandsche Leeuw 15 (1897): col. 208; J.C. Gijsberti Hodenpijl van Hodenpijl, “Hegeman,” De Nederlandsche Leeuw 17 (1899): cols. 46-48; 18 (1900): col. 255; William A. Eardeley, Chronology and Ancestry of Chauncey M. Depew; with fifty-four other affiliated families, [and] … an appendix on the Hegeman ancestry (New York, 1918), 187-96; Rosalie Fellows Bailey, “Signatures of Flatbush, L.I., Settlers,” pt. 2, De Halve Maen, 38, no. 2 (July 1963), 11-12, 14-15, at p. 15; J.Th.M. Melssen, “De Familie Hegeman,” Jaarboek van het Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie 28 (1974): 28-45, at pp. 39-40; “The Ancestry of Adriaen Hageman [sic] of New Netherland,” De Halve Maen, 58, no. 4 (Feb. 1985), 1-3, 21; John Blythe Dobson, “The Amsterdam years of Joseph Margetts, father-in-law of Adriaen Hegeman of New Netherland,” NYGBR 130 (1999): 174-80.

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