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Our Gregson Family Line To Heather Truckenmiller

Nicholas Gregson was our immigrating ancestor.  After his arrival in America, I can trace our family with records here.  Before his arrival in America, I am completely relying on the research of others, and choosing to believe them when they state that they have seen the records in the canons for themselves.  I have a lot more information, including some questions on the reliability of this, on the post about the Gregson Coat Of Arms found here:

Below are three pages listing our genealogy, compiled by Robert M. Reid.  The last page explains his research.  Immediately below, I continue the list of our line.

I think we descend from #23 on the last page, Nicholas Gregson, and our line continues as:

Nicholas Gregson 1798-1850
Mary Bowles 1801-1850

Mary Gregson 1833-1910

Amanda Getz Smith 1866-

Ethel Emma Linderborn 1890-1959

Nina (Maria) Francis Ridge 1918–1990

Nina Lumbard
Carl Sulouff



But there is this - which names Nicholas' parents as Richard & Prudence Gregson?


Research -

Falkenburg Genealogy
scroll down on the left and there is a pdf file labeled the Gregson family
This family connects only Waaaaaaayyyyyyy back, at #7 above, Arthur Gregorysonne.  But there is some very good research in the first few pages.

Reid, who compiled the above 3 pages, references the "32 typed pages" of The History of The Gregson Family of Whalley, Lancashire.  This is available on ancestry, if you have subscriptions that includes England.  Fortunately, I had access and was able to download all the pages - which are actually 64, although only 32 are numbered.  (every other page is not numbered)  I've compiled them into a pdf file - email me and I'll gladly send it to you, especially if you are willing to help me interpret it all and sort it all out!  :-)

The Gregson Family DNA Project

The Gregson Family Coat Of Arms

The visitation of Yorkshire in the years 1563 and 1564
by Flower, William, ca. 1498-1588; Norcliffe, Charles Best; Harleian Society
Call number 31833030855727

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