Wednesday, March 29, 2017

First In America - Our Ancestors Who Immigrated Here

Heather's Maternal Ancestors:
Pierre Jaudon
Daniel Jaudon fled France immediately after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, with his son Pierre. They settled in Bristol England.  Pierre came to America before 1711.

Andreas Dierolf

came from Germany

Heather's Paternal Ancestors:
Johannes Zulauff
Came from Germany as a Hessian Soldier

Johannes Scharf
A clock maker from Switzerland, he came through the Netherlands to PA arriving in 1817

He had arrived at Philadelphia on the Ship Glascow, qualifying 9 SEP 1738, aged 20.

Henry Zeller
From France to America in 1710

Dan's Maternal Ancestors

William Dills 
came from Germay

Johan Daniel Angst
came from Germany

George Zweyer
came from France

people moved in and out of the area. Sometimes it was controlled by Germany & sometimes by France. Hans is German for John...  so he was likely German

Dan's Paternal Ancestors:
Several of Dan's paternal ancestors were Schwenkfelder Immigrants:

Abraham Yeakel

Olive Tree Genealogy Ship Lists - 

National Archives Immigration Records

The 1900 census lists year of immigration for immigrants

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