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Adam Fertig

Paternal Line

Adam Fertig
son of 
Died before 1830
daughter of

Sarah Fertig 1807 - 1878 m. Henry Brouse

1807-  Daughter Sarah Fertig is  Born
I do not find a record of her birth or baptism in the Zion German Lutheran Church records, where many other Fertigs are found.

Floyd's History of North'd County lists Sarah's last name as Frederick - a mistake.

Henry Geise, son of Samuel, was born Jan. 15, 1818, in Ohio, whither his father had emigrated from Mahanoy township, making the trip by wagon. The family remained in that State only one year, however, returning to Pennsylvania and settling in Snyder county. Mr. Geise passed his earlier years in Snyder and Union counties, operating gristmills, and about 1850 came to Point township, Northumberland county, where he engaged in farming and passed the remainder of his long life, dying July 9, 1900. He is buried at Northumberland. He owned his own farm of eighty-one aire-, which he cultivated until his retirement, being succeeded there by his son Samuel, who is now deceased. In religion Mr. Geise was a  Lutheran. His wife, Susanna, was a daughter of Henry and Sarah (Frederick) Brouse, of Kratzerville, Snyder county, and they were the parents of two children, Samuel and Henry F. The former  was a farmer in Point township; his children were  William. Dora. Harvey, Amnion, and Anna (deceased ).

1830- Estate Settled

12 April 1830.  Henry Brouse and his wife Sarah received $204.57.  - History of the Brouse Family


In Sarah's find a grave listing, Adam Fertig 1776-1839 is linked as her father.  If that is correct, than the date his estate was settled is incorrect, which is possible.

This is not the Adam Fertig who married Elizabeth Klein.  Information them can be found here:

Cited on several Ancestry trees that Adam died in 1815, son of
HANS JOHANNES (John) FERTIG 1736 – 1831

ELIZABETH DIHM 1739 – 1812
(no sources found )

possible - Adam Fertig died about l8l4 in present day Snyder Co. then still North'd Co. Pa. He was the earliest Fertig in this area and possibly the grandfather of the one you are after.  (But could it really take 15 years to settle his estate?) - this website concentrates on a fertig line that didn't arrive here until 1837.  

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